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Jerzy Vetulani
Creativity is an integral part of our personality.

Jerzy Vetulani (born January 21, 1936) is a Polish neuroscientist and pharmacologist, one of the most frequently cited Polish scientists in the field of biomedicine after 1965.


  • Cannabis, just like morphine, has its usage in medicine. It's unpardonable that authorities forbid sick people access to this medicament and in majesty of law permit to sell cigarettes.
  • Functioning brain is essential for expressing soul.
    • Mózg i Świadomość. Prace Komisji Filozofii Nauk Przyrodniczych PAU 2008, 2, pages 37–62.
  • I'd like to live in a society in which we could go to the cafe and smoke a joint, just as nowadays we eat cake, which may have negative influence on our health as well.
    • Gdybym miał plantację marihuany, „Przekrój”, December 3, 2012 (interview).
  • It's a great question about what is our mind. Undoubtedly a creation of our brain.
    • Stań się dobrym. To się opłaca (interview), „Gazeta Wyborcza”, 24–26 December 2011.
  • Life is an ulcer on the body of universe.
    • Starość okiem przyrodnika, „Psychogeriatria polska”, 2007; 4(3), pages 109–138.
  • My father taught me that in scientific work even the most brilliant intelligence won't be useful if it won't be supported by a long, hard work.
    • Adam Vetulani. 1901–1976. Kraków: Polish Acadcemy of Learning, 2005, page 77.
  • Sexual intercourse consumes time, requires much effort, absorbs a huge part of energy. But it gives such dose of pleasure, that all of these defects don't matter.
    • Mózg, seks i nagrody, „Charaktery” 2008, nr 1(5), pages 41–43.
  • The worst thing happens when ideologists are trying to analyse scientific researches.
    • Neurobiologia inteligencji, „Wiedza i Życie” 2008, nr 2, pages 14–19.
  • Religion as such is advantageous for human kind. People became religious in the progress of evolution. Although it is believed that it is religion that teaches us what's right and what's wrong, I think religion evolved to substantiate our morality. Brain likes to validate our beheviors.
    • Olga Woźniak: Stań się dobrym. To się opłaca (interview), „Gazeta Wyborcza”, December 24, 2011.

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