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Knowing it's real means you gotta make a decision. One, keep denying it. Or two... do something about it.

Marvel's Jessica Jones, or simply Jessica Jones, is an American web television series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Set in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, it follows Jessica Jones, a former superheroine turned private investigator.

Season 1[edit]

AKA Ladies Night [1.01][edit]

Luke Cage: Lot of booze for such a small woman.
Jessica Jones: I don't get asked on a lot of second dates.

Jessica: Again, I don't flirt. I just say what I want.
Luke: And what do you want?
[Cut to scene of Jessica and Luke having sex]

Jessica: [about Hope] She's either an idiot in love, or she's being conned. Which amount to pretty much the same thing.

Malcolm Ducasse: You look bad.
Jessica: I need money.
Malcolm: You can have my TV.
Jessica: Thanks, Malcolm. You keep it.
Malcolm: I stole it.
Jessica: I figured.

Jessica: Knowing it's real means you gotta make a decision. One, keep denying it. Or two... do something about it.

AKA Crush Syndrome [1.02][edit]

[Luke uses a power saw to demonstrate his ability to Jessica]
Luke: You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable.

Jessica: You know why I live alone?
Ruben: People don't like you?
Jessica: People distract me.

Robyn: You’re all alone so you have to pick away at other people’s happiness.
Jessica: Lady, you’re a very perceptive asshole.

Jessica: God didn’t do this. The devil did, and I’m going to find him.

Jessica: My greatest weakness? Occasionally, I give a damn.

AKA It's Called Whiskey [1.03][edit]

Portuguese Repairman's Son: This is a very broken door.
Jessica: Thank you for the diagnosis.

Luke: Sweet Christmas.
Jessica: Yeah. I think.

Jessica: More?
Luke: Nah. I'm full.
Jessica: I wasn't talking about the food.

Malcolm: You're a good person, Jessica Jones.
Jessica: You're high.

Trish Walker: I hate feeling this way, I don't know how you handle it.
Jessica: It's called whiskey.

AKA 99 Friends [1.04][edit]

Jeri Hogarth: You need to pull yourself together. You are coming across distinctly paranoid.
Jessica: Everyone keeps saying that. It's like a conspiracy.

Jessica: You good?
Malcolm: You care?
Jessica: Just don't wanna be another reason for you to get high.
Malcolm: Don't need a reason.

Jeri: You starting a support group? Will you be participating?
Jessica: Like I’d waste my time circle-jerking with a bunch of whiners.
Jeri: Yes, you are a paragon of mental health.

Trish: He isn’t here now.
Jessica: [points to her head.] Yeah, well, he’s always here.

[When Jessica discovers that Audrey Eastman and her husband set her up]
Jessica: Look, you're obviously pissed off about something, but I'm pretty sure for the first time this has nothing to do with Kilgrave - he's smarter than you two.
Audrey: [sharply] Kilgrave? Who's Kilgrave? Is he another one of you people? How many more are there like you?!
Jessica: How many more what, private eyes?
Audrey: "Gifted". [scoffs] Stupid word. It's like... calling someone "special" - You're not "special", you're retarded. You're not "gifted", you're a freak.
Jessica: What have we, or the mentally challenged, ever done to you?
Audrey: "You saved the city." That's what the newspapers said; "You were heroes."
Jessica: [bewildered] Not me...
Audrey: "The city was saved"... But I was there. I saw what really happened... I saw my mother crushed to death under a building that you people destroyed.
Jessica: ...In the incident?
Audrey: I was trying to pull my mother out from the rubble, watching her bleed to death... [sniffs] While all around me, you people were raining down hell!
Jessica: [angry] So go after the big green guy, or the flag waver - I wasn't even there!
Audrey: Consider it a preventative measure for next time!
[Audrey advances towards Jessica, who immediately pulls the plastic sheet from under her, causing her to fall to the ground]
Jessica: [livid] You think you're the only ones who've lost people?! [Carlo tries to reach for the gun, but Jessica shoves him away] You think you're the only ones with pain?! [throws the gun into the wall] You think you can take your shit and dump it on me?! [the Eastmans huddle into a corner as Jessica throws a chair next to them] You don't get to do that! So you take your goddamn pain and live with it, assholes! [slams her fists into a mirror, causing Audrey to scream] You lost your parents? Welcome to the goddamn club! I lost mine in some random accident! Do you see me trying to kill every shitty driver?! No! [violently upends the bed] Because I don't work my shit out on other people! [lifts up heater] So keep your goddamn feelings to YOURSELF! [throws heater through the double doors] [long pause, calmer] Ninety-nine. You wanted to know how many of us there are? The last time I counted, I had ninety-nine Gifted friends in this borough alone. And now, every single one of them is going to know about the shit you tried to pull... And they hate attempted murder, they really do. The cops hate it too, you know, because it's against the law.

AKA The Sandwich Saved Me [1.05][edit]

Jessica: It's 5 o’clock somewhere and I need to update my resume. Would you put "day drinking" under experience or special abilities?

Trish: You could use your abilities for something more useful. I mean, you can fly... well, jump.
Jessica: It's more like guided falling. [pauses] Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you put on a cape and go run around New York?
Trish: You know I would if I could.
Jessica: I don't get you. You have money, looks, a radio show, creepy, if not adoring, fans and you're a freaking household name. What more do you want?
Trish: To save the world, of course.
Jessica: You wanna be a hero? I'll show you how to be a hero. [to everybody] Shots on Trish Walker, everybody!

Trish: [upon unveiling Jessica's costume] Jewel is a great superhero name!
Jessica: Jewel is a stripper's name. A really slutty stripper, and if I wear that thing you're going to have to call me Camel Toe.

Malcolm: Kilgrave will find me. I'll be dead anyway. Please just give me my goddamn drugs. Just give me... Just give me my goddamn drugs!
Jessica: You're right. I can't save you. The whole time he had me, there was some part of me that fought. There was some tiny corner of my brain that tried to get out. And I'm still fighting. I won't stop fighting. But if you give up... I lose. Do you get that? He did this to you to get at me. To isolate me. To make me feel like an infection, one more person dead or dying because of me. So why don't you remember how to be a goddamn human being again instead of this self-pitying piece of shit that he turned you into, and save me for once? [throws the envelope of drugs at him] You choose.

Kilgrave: Send the picture, save the junkie. Sounds like an ad campaign. [chuckles] Let's start... um, now. Come on, Jessica. Tell me we have a deal. Let me hear your voice.

AKA You're A Winner! [1.06][edit]

[Kilgrave is playing poker with some other men. One of them goes to light his cigar]
Kilgrave: If you light that thing, I'll make you put it out in your eye.
Harvey: I'd like to see you try.
Kilgrave: Arseholes try. I just do. Put that out. [Harvey puts his cigar and match in his drink]
[The dealer passes out cards]
Dealer: Okay, gentlemen, who's feeling lucky?
Kilgrave: [takes his cards] All righty! What do we have this time? [Kilgrave looks at his cards]
Harvey: You might want to work on that poker face.
Kilgrave: What the hell? I'm all in. [places all of his cash in the middle of the table]
Harvey: Frickin' weirdo. I'm out. [places his cards in the center]
Kilgrave: What? Where are your balls?! Don't we all have balls here? [to the other women in the room] Ladies, tell us we all have balls.
Ladies: [in unison] You all have balls!
Kilgrave: See, you have balls, Harvey, so go all-in. [Kilgrave gives a death stare to Harvey. Harvey relents and pushes his money into the center] Man knows how to live. Tell you what, let's take a walk on the wild side. Let's have everybody go all-in. That all right? [All of the other players push their stacks of cash in] Yeeeeah! [drumrolls on the table] Now it's getting interesting! [to the dealer] Best estimate, where's the pot right now?
Dealer: Just over a million dollars.
Kilgrave: Yeah, that should do it. Let's make it really crazy: everybody fold. [All of the players except for Kilgrave promptly slide their cards into the center] Oh! I guess that makes me the winner! [shows his cards: a seven of clubs and a two of hearts] And me with a deuce and a seven! [to an attendant] Will you pack this money for me? You'll be dining out on this story for years: the night you lost a million dollars to the worst hand you had ever seen. [chuckles and gets up]
Donald: You're leaving? [Kilgrave tosses one of the stacks of money to the dealer]
Kilgrave: For the luck. Thank you!
[Kilgrave leaves the table with his money. As he's walking out, Harvey steps in his way]
Harvey: I don't know what just happened there. But you're gonna sit down and give us a shot to win our money back.
Kilgrave: I've got a better idea: let's see how long it takes you to put your head through that post. [Kilgrave leaves while Harvey starts banging his head against the wall]

Malcolm: The beauty of what he does is that nobody knows how he does this. It can't be explained, so it can't be believed.
Jessica: It doesn't matter how he does it. It matters where, so I can catch him.

Luke: Are you high?
Malcolm: I wish.

Luke: You slept with me.
Jessica: I didn't plan that. It just happened.

Jessica: I prefer repression.
Malcolm: And self-medication.

AKA Top Shelf Perverts [1.07][edit]

[Jessica walks out into the precinct proper. All the cops have guns trained on each other. Kilgrave stands on the other side of the room.]
Kilgrave: Oh, everyone, calm down! You're killing the mood! ...Jessica. You're not surprised to see me. You had to know I'd come for you. Not this fast? [pause] I'll admit to keeping eyes on you. Spies are easy to come by for me.
Jessica: Do whatever you're going to do to me, but let them go. Control me, but let them go.
Kilgrave: I have absolutely no intention of controlling you. I want you to act on your own accord.
Jessica: Act how? Suicide? Is that why you've been torturing me?
Kilgrave: Oh, my god. Jessica, I knew you were insecure, but that's just sad. I'm not torturing you. Why would I? I love you.
Jessica: You have been ruining my life...
Kilgrave: You didn't have a life.
Jessica: a demented declaration of love?
Kilgrave: I was trying to show you what I see. I'm the only one who matches you. Who challenges you. Who'll do anything for you.
Jessica: [scoffs] This is a sick joke. You have killed innocent people.
Kilgrave: That milquetoast little man-boy? He interrupted me while I was leaving you a present, which, apparently, you didn't even find...Come on! You can't pretend he didn't irritate you, too. I wanted to slap him after thirty seconds! [pause] I know. I realize this will take time. But I'm gonna prove it to you. [cell phone begins to ring] Whose is that? [cell phone continues to ring] Whose phone is that?! [Kilgrave approaches Detective Clemmons, the source of the ringing. Upon getting a silent confirmation that yes, this is his phone, Kilgrave takes Clemmons' phone and throws it at a wall, shattering it into pieces] THE NEXT PERSON WHOSE PHONE RINGS HAS TO EAT IT! Crappy fluorescent lights and cockroaches and loud cell phones and the smell of piss! I am trying to profess eternal love here, people!
Jessica: I'll come with you. To protect them. Not out of choice. You know me well. We can work out the rest.
Kilgrave: Oh, please! I am new to love, but I do know what it looks like! I do watch television.
Jessica: You're a deranged prick. You've never loved anyone in your repulsive life.
Kilgrave: Do not presume to know! Before I met you, I got everything I ever wanted. And I didn't realize how unsatisfactory that was until you left me to die. You are the first thing - excuse me, person - that I wanted that walked away from me. You made me feel something I never had before. Yearning. I actually missed you.
Jessica: Well, you've got me.
Kilgrave: No, I don't. I'm hoping you'll choose me like I've chosen you. I believe that you will discover the same thing I did. That we're inevitable.

Roy Healy: You know what happens when you burn a bridge? You gotta learn to swim. Or fly.

Jessica: No matter where I am, even if I'm behind bars, if you try anything I will find out, I will come for you, and it will hurt.

Jessica: I'm a piece of shit, and shit stinks.

Jessica: Until what? Until I come home and find my landlady choked out in my bathtub? Or I find you bludgeoned to death with my vacuum cleaner?
Trish: We both know you don’t own a vacuum cleaner.

AKA WWJD? [1.08][edit]

Kilgrave: I'm waiting to see which Jessica I’m going to get.
Jessica: When I was a kid we used to eat breakfast out here.
Kilgrave: Okay. "Trying to make an effort Jessica."
Jessica: More like trying to make a shit situation tolerable.
Kilgrave: I'll take that.

Kilgrave: We can go about our business. Move along. Move along.
Jessica: Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Kilgrave: But cooler.

Elizabeth De Luca: [about Jessica] She was the strangest tomboy. She wore princess dresses with high tops.
Kilgrave: Really? I can't get her to wear a dress for the life of me.
Jessica: I'll wear one to your funeral.

Kilgrave: What a waste of energy.
Jessica: Was it? You just saved four lives.

Kilgrave: What part of staying in five-star hotels, eating in all the best places, doing whatever the hell you wanted, is rape?
Jessica: The part where I didn’t want to do any of it! Not only did you physically rape me, but you violated every cell in my body and every thought in my goddamn head.
Kilgrave: That’s not what I was trying to do.
Jessica: It doesn’t matter what you were trying to do. You raped me, again and again and again.
Kilgrave: How was I supposed to know?! Huh?! I never know if someone is doing what they want or what I tell them to!
Jessica: Oh, poor you.
Kilgrave: You have no idea, do you? I have to painstakingly choose every word I say. I once told a man to go screw himself. Can you even imagine? I didn’t have this. A home, loving parents, a family.
Jessica: You blame bad parenting? My parents died! You don’t see me raping anyone!
Kilgrave: I hate that word.

AKA Sin Bin [1.09][edit]

Jessica: You're not a hero. You're a murderer, Kevin.
Kilgrave: Shut up.
Jessica: Go ahead, command me again. That's a hermetically sealed room... Kevin.
Kilgrave: Kevin died in that lab.
Jessica: Granted, it is a mundane name, but "Kilgrave"? Talk about obvious. Was "murdercorpse" already taken?

Jeri: The real world is not about happy endings. It's about taking the life you have, and fighting like hell to keep it.

Jeri: What if he kills you?
Jessica: Well, then we'll have proof, won't we?

Jessica: Don't look at him, don't talk to him, and don't listen to him.
Jeri: Or he'll mind control me.
Jessica: No, because he's an asshole. His powers don't work through a mic, so you'd have to go in the room. Don't do that, either.

Jessica: So you infected him. Wow. I wish I had a Mother of the Year award so I could bludgeon you with it.

AKA 1,000 Cuts [1.10][edit]

Jessica: You think I won't kill you because some strangers might stab themselves?
Kilgrave: Uh, poison, actually, but no. It's because you want what I have.
Jessica: A stupid name and a death wish?

Robyn: [about Reuben] He can't even tie his shoes without my permission.
Malcolm: I'm serious.
Robyn: I am too. That's why he always wears slip-ons.

Kilgrave: I'm a man of my word... if I feel like it.

Kilgrave: I have Hope. The person, not the feeling. Well, the feeling, too! I’m a hopeful man!

Kilgrave: [to Hope about Jessica] She'll never kill me. Despite her calloused, hard-bitten, and frankly poorly styled facade, despite her several problems she still hopes that, at her core, she might just be a hero. But only if she can save you. The ultimate innocent victim.

AKA I've Got the Blues [1.11][edit]

Jessica: Humanity sucks and they don't deserve saving.

Trish: What if he took someone you love? Would you let 'em die?
Jessica: [sighs] Lucky me, I don't have too many of those.

Malcolm: Jesus, what is it with people?
Robyn: At best, they're assholes. At worst, they're... zombie assassins.
Malcolm: So what, it's just every man for himself, then, huh? Everything I learned in church, all the praying that my mom did for the sick and the dying, all the... all the community projects my dad worked on, basically, everything that they taught me... it was all bullshit? They're idiots and I'm just the only asshole in the world who didn't know?
Robyn: Yeah, you got duped, mop top.

Jessica: Purple's his favorite color and he didn't even get to give it to me. That's what they call irony.

Will Simpson: Without the blues, you'll die!

AKA Take a Bloody Number [1.12][edit]

[Luke accosts Kilgrave on the street]
Kilgrave: Stop! Who the hell are you?!
Luke: Luke Cage.
Kilgrave: Tell me what you want. Quickly!
Luke: To kill you.
Kilgrave: Well, take a bloody number! Did Jessica tell you to do this?
Luke: No. I followed her here. I thought she might lead me to you.
Kilgrave: Oh, great. Just great. Get in the sodding car! Go on!
[Cage and Kilgrave get into a car with Kilgrave's father and a driver, and pull away from the curb]
Kilgrave: I didn't kill your silly wife! Jessica did. All I wanted was Reva's copy of that video. What was I supposed to do, allow someone to expose me?
Luke: Yes.
Kilgrave: Oh, shut up! [beat] How do you know Jessica?
Luke: We were lovers. [Kilgrave looks flabbergasted by Luke's response]
Kilgrave: What was it, a pity shag?
Luke: No. There's....something between us.
Kilgrave: But she lied to you.
Luke: Yes. Then she told me everything.
Kilgrave: [to his father] Oh, look at that, Dad. Jessica being honest with someone. [to Luke] Tell me the truth: did you bugger my chances with her?
Luke: No. You screwed that up yourself.
Kilgrave: ...I'll have to think of a fitting response to that.

Jessica: I can only fight one Big Bad at a time.

Jessica: You can't improve on an asshole by making it bigger.

Jessica: You can help yourself to... well, there's nothing.

[Robyn and Malcolm toss an iPad charger into the water near where Malcolm dumped Ruben's body]
Robyn: Goodbye, Ruben. I hope they have free express shipping in heaven.

AKA Smile [1.13][edit]

Kilgrave: Dear God, I would do anything to see the look on her face when she realizes she's helpless. I'd make her want me. Then reject her. Devastate her over and over and over until she wants to die... No, I won't give her that, either. She'd wither away like someone dying of thirst or starvation. Be a certain ring of hell, designed specially for her... Or maybe I'll just kill her.

Claire Temple: [referring to people with powers] You don't scare me. And you're not my first.

Claire: [wanting to patch the cut on Jessica's leg] Take your pants off.
Jessica: I usually take a bit more romancing.

Trish: We should have a codeword. If you say it, you're still you. Something you would never say. Like "pickle juice" or "sardines."
Jessica: Or "I love you."
Trish: [pause] Yeah. That'll work.

Kilgrave: Look, after a while, however long it takes, I know, I know you will feel what I feel. Let's start with a smile. [Jessica does so. Kilgrave laughs in triumph; he talks in her ear] Now tell me you love me.
Jessica: [while making eye contact with Trish] I love you. [turns to Kilgrave, grabs him by the face] Smile! [snaps his neck, killing him instantly]

Jessica: They say everyone's born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you're the villain. Problem is, you don't always know that you've crossed that line.

Season 2[edit]

AKA Start at the Beginning [2.01][edit]

AKA Freak Accident [2.02][edit]

AKA Sole Survivor [2.03][edit]

AKA God Help the Hobo [2.04][edit]

AKA Octopus [2.05][edit]

AKA Facetime [2.06][edit]

AKA I Want Your Cray Cray [2.07][edit]

AKA Ain't We Got Fun [2.08][edit]

AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed [2.09][edit]

AKA Porkchop [2.10][edit]

AKA Three Lives and Counting [2.11][edit]

AKA Pray For My Patsy [2.12][edit]

AKA Playland [2.13][edit]


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