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Knowing it's real means you gotta make a decision. One, keep denying it. Or two... do something about it.

Marvel's Jessica Jones, or simply Jessica Jones, is an American web television series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Set in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, it follows Jessica Jones, a former superheroine turned private investigator.

Season 1


AKA Ladies Night [1.01]

Luke Cage: Lot of booze for such a small woman.
Jessica Jones: I don't get asked on a lot of second dates.

Jessica: Again, I don't flirt. I just say what I want.
Luke: And what do you want?
[Cut to scene of Jessica and Luke having sex]

Jessica: [about Hope] She's either an idiot in love, or she's being conned. Which amount to pretty much the same thing.

Malcolm Ducasse: You look bad.
Jessica: I need money.
Malcolm: You can have my TV.
Jessica: Thanks, Malcolm. You keep it.
Malcolm: I stole it.
Jessica: I figured.

Jessica: Knowing it's real means you gotta make a decision. One, keep denying it. Or two... do something about it.

AKA Crush Syndrome [1.02]

[Luke uses a power saw to demonstrate his ability to Jessica]
Luke: You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable.

Jessica: You know why I live alone?
Ruben: People don't like you?
Jessica: People distract me.

Robyn: You’re all alone so you have to pick away at other people’s happiness.
Jessica: Lady, you’re a very perceptive asshole.

Jessica: God didn’t do this. The devil did, and I’m going to find him.

Jessica: My greatest weakness? Occasionally, I give a damn.

AKA It's Called Whiskey [1.03]

Portuguese Repairman's Son: This is a very broken door.
Jessica: Thank you for the diagnosis.

Luke: Sweet Christmas.
Jessica: Yeah. I think.

Jessica: More?
Luke: Nah. I'm full.
Jessica: I wasn't talking about the food.

Malcolm: You're a good person, Jessica Jones.
Jessica: You're high.

Trish Walker: I hate feeling this way, I don't know how you handle it.
Jessica: It's called whiskey.

AKA 99 Friends [1.04]

Jeri Hogarth: You need to pull yourself together. You are coming across distinctly paranoid.
Jessica: Everyone keeps saying that. It's like a conspiracy.

Jessica: You good?
Malcolm: You care?
Jessica: Just don't wanna be another reason for you to get high.
Malcolm: Don't need a reason.

Jeri: You starting a support group? Will you be participating?
Jessica: Like I’d waste my time circle-jerking with a bunch of whiners.
Jeri: Yes, you are a paragon of mental health.

Trish: He isn’t here now.
Jessica: [points to her head.] Yeah, well, he’s always here.

[When Jessica discovers that Audrey Eastman and her husband set her up]
Jessica: Look, you're obviously pissed off about something, but I'm pretty sure for the first time this has nothing to do with Kilgrave - he's smarter than you two.
Audrey: [sharply] Kilgrave? Who's Kilgrave? Is he another one of you people? How many more are there like you?!
Jessica: How many more what, private eyes?
Audrey: "Gifted". [scoffs] Stupid word. It's like... calling someone "special" - You're not "special", you're retarded. You're not "gifted", you're a freak.
Jessica: What have we, or the mentally challenged, ever done to you?
Audrey: "You saved the city." That's what the newspapers said; "You were heroes."
Jessica: [bewildered] Not me...
Audrey: "The city was saved"... But I was there. I saw what really happened... I saw my mother crushed to death under a building that you people destroyed.
Jessica: ...In the incident?
Audrey: I was trying to pull my mother out from the rubble, watching her bleed to death... [sniffs] While all around me, you people were raining down hell!
Jessica: [angry] So go after the big green guy, or the flag waver - I wasn't even there!
Audrey: Consider it a preventative measure for next time!
[Audrey advances towards Jessica, who immediately pulls the plastic sheet from under her, causing her to fall to the ground]
Jessica: [livid] You think you're the only ones who've lost people?! [Carlo tries to reach for the gun, but Jessica shoves him away] You think you're the only ones with pain?! [throws the gun into the wall] You think you can take your shit and dump it on me?! [the Eastmans huddle into a corner as Jessica throws a chair next to them] You don't get to do that! So you take your goddamn pain and live with it, assholes! [slams her fists into a mirror, causing Audrey to scream] You lost your parents? Welcome to the goddamn club! I lost mine in some random accident! Do you see me trying to kill every shitty driver?! No! [violently upends the bed] Because I don't work my shit out on other people! [lifts up heater] So keep your goddamn feelings to YOURSELF! [throws heater through the double doors] [long pause, calmer] Ninety-nine. You wanted to know how many of us there are? The last time I counted, I had ninety-nine Gifted friends in this borough alone. And now, every single one of them is going to know about the shit you tried to pull... And they hate attempted murder, they really do. The cops hate it too, you know, because it's against the law.

AKA The Sandwich Saved Me [1.05]

Jessica: It's 5 o’clock somewhere and I need to update my resume. Would you put "day drinking" under experience or special abilities?

Trish: You could use your abilities for something more useful. I mean, you can fly... well, jump.
Jessica: It's more like guided falling. [pauses] Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you put on a cape and go run around New York?
Trish: You know I would if I could.
Jessica: I don't get you. You have money, looks, a radio show, creepy, if not adoring, fans and you're a freaking household name. What more do you want?
Trish: To save the world, of course.
Jessica: You wanna be a hero? I'll show you how to be a hero. [to everybody] Shots on Trish Walker, everybody!

Trish: [upon unveiling Jessica's costume] Jewel is a great superhero name!
Jessica: Jewel is a stripper's name. A really slutty stripper, and if I wear that thing you're going to have to call me Camel Toe.

Malcolm: Kilgrave will find me. I'll be dead anyway. Please just give me my goddamn drugs. Just give me... Just give me my goddamn drugs!
Jessica: You're right. I can't save you. The whole time he had me, there was some part of me that fought. There was some tiny corner of my brain that tried to get out. And I'm still fighting. I won't stop fighting. But if you give up... I lose. Do you get that? He did this to you to get at me. To isolate me. To make me feel like an infection, one more person dead or dying because of me. So why don't you remember how to be a goddamn human being again instead of this self-pitying piece of shit that he turned you into, and save me for once? [throws the envelope of drugs at him] You choose.

[Kilgrave calls Jessica while recuperating from being knocked out with sufentanil]
Kilgrave: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. So rare for me to feel powerless. Well, I would have felt it, had I been conscious. But in retrospect, it's exhilarating. My life was literally in your hands. And I have the bruise to prove it. Which proves that you want me alive. Tell me why. I could just turn up on your doorstep and make you tell me. [beat] Oh, you're mad about the junkie, aren't you. That is completely unfair! I didn't make him do anything he didn't want to do. He was... He was an addict waiting to happen! Come on, Jessica. Come on. Don't play the hero with me. Fine, fine. Pretend you saved the junkie, but we both know that was down to me. [no response] I tell you what, I will let him go down his own self-destructive path. I won't come near him, if... you do his job for him. Keep the pictures coming. Say, one a day, at 10:00 A.M.? Don't forget to smile. Hmm? Send the picture, save the junkie. Sounds like an ad campaign. [chuckles] Let's start... um, now. Come on, Jessica. Tell me we have a deal. Let me hear your voice.

AKA You're A Winner! [1.06]

[Kilgrave is playing poker with some other men. One of them goes to light his cigar]
Kilgrave: If you light that thing, I'll make you put it out in your eye.
Harvey: I'd like to see you try.
Kilgrave: Arseholes try. I just do. Put that out. [Harvey puts his cigar and match in his drink]
[The dealer passes out cards]
Dealer: Okay, gentlemen, who's feeling lucky?
Kilgrave: [takes his cards] All righty! What do we have this time? [Kilgrave looks at his cards]
Harvey: You might want to work on that poker face.
Kilgrave: What the hell? I'm all in. [places all of his cash in the middle of the table]
Harvey: Frickin' weirdo. I'm out. [places his cards in the center]
Kilgrave: What? Where are your balls?! Don't we all have balls here? [to the other women in the room] Ladies, tell us we all have balls.
Ladies: [in unison] You all have balls!
Kilgrave: See? You have balls, Harvey! So go all-in! [Kilgrave gives a death stare to Harvey. Harvey relents and pushes his money into the center] Man knows how to live. Tell you what, let's take a walk on the wild side. Let's have everybody go all-in. That all right? [All of the other players push their stacks of cash in] Yeeeeah! [drumrolls on the table] Now it's getting interesting! [to the dealer] Best estimate, where's the pot right now?
Dealer: Just over a million dollars.
Kilgrave: Yeah, that should do it. Let's make it really crazy: everybody, fold.
[All of the players except for Kilgrave promptly slide their cards into the center]
Kilgrave: Oh! I guess that makes me the winner! [shows his cards: a seven of clubs and a two of hearts] And me with a deuce and a seven! [to an attendant] Will you pack this money for me? You'll be dining out on this story for years: the night you lost a million dollars to the worst hand you had ever seen. [laughs and gets up]
Donald: You're leaving? [Kilgrave tosses one of the stacks of money to the dealer]
Kilgrave: For the luck. Thank you!
[Kilgrave leaves the table with his money. As he's walking out, Harvey steps in his way]
Harvey: I don't know what just happened there. But you're gonna sit down and give us a shot to win our money back.
Kilgrave: I've got a better idea: let's see how long it takes you to put your head through that post. Go on. [Kilgrave leaves while Harvey starts banging his head against the wall]

Malcolm: The beauty of what he does is that nobody knows how he does this. It can't be explained, so it can't be believed.
Jessica: It doesn't matter how he does it. It matters where, so I can catch him.

Luke: Are you high?
Malcolm: I wish.

Luke: You slept with me.
Jessica: I didn't plan that. It just happened.

Jessica: I prefer repression.
Malcolm: And self-medication.

AKA Top Shelf Perverts [1.07]

[Jessica walks out into the precinct proper. All the cops have guns trained on each other. Kilgrave stands on the other side of the room.]
Kilgrave: Oh, everyone, calm down! You're killing the mood! ...Jessica. You're not surprised to see me. You had to know I'd come for you. Not this fast? [pause] I'll admit to keeping eyes on you. Spies are easy to come by for me.
Jessica: Do whatever you're going to do to me, but let them go. Control me, but let them go.
Kilgrave: I have absolutely no intention of controlling you. I want you to act on your own accord.
Jessica: Act how? Suicide? Is that why you've been torturing me?
Kilgrave: Oh, my god. Jessica, I knew you were insecure, but that's just sad. I'm not torturing you. Why would I? I love you.
Jessica: You have been ruining my life...
Kilgrave: You didn't have a life.
Jessica: a demented declaration of love?
Kilgrave: I was trying to show you what I see. I'm the only one who matches you. Who challenges you. Who'll do anything for you.
Jessica: [scoffs] This is a sick joke. You have killed innocent people.
Kilgrave: That milquetoast little man-boy? He interrupted me while I was leaving you a present, which, apparently, you didn't even find...Come on! You can't pretend he didn't irritate you, too. I wanted to slap him after thirty seconds! [pause] I know. I realize this will take time. But I'm gonna prove it to you.
[A cell phone begins ringing]
Kilgrave: [irritated] Whose is that? [cell phone continues to ring] Whose phone is that?!
[Kilgrave approaches Detective Clemmons, the source of the ringing. Upon getting a silent confirmation that yes, this is his phone, Kilgrave takes Clemmons' phone and throws it at a wall, shattering it into pieces]
Kilgrave: THE NEXT PERSON WHOSE PHONE RINGS HAS TO EAT IT!!! [Kilgrave begins pacing around the room and rubbing his hands over his face, trying to calm himself down] Crappy fluorescent lights and cockroaches and loud cell phones and the smell of piss! I AM TRYING TO PROFESS ETERNAL LOVE HERE, PEOPLE!
Jessica: I'll come with you. To protect them. Not out of choice. You know me well. We can work out the rest.
Kilgrave: Oh, please! I am new to love, but I do know what it looks like! I do watch television.
Jessica: You're a deranged prick. You've never loved anyone in your repulsive life.
Kilgrave: Do not presume to know! Before I met you, I got everything I ever wanted. And I didn't realize how unsatisfactory that was until you left me to die. You are the first thing - excuse me, person - that I wanted that walked away from me. You made me feel something I never had before. Yearning. I actually missed you.
Jessica: Well, you've got me.
Kilgrave: No, I don't. I'm hoping you'll choose me like I've chosen you. I believe that you will discover the same thing I did. That we're inevitable.

Roy Healy: You know what happens when you burn a bridge? You gotta learn to swim. Or fly.

[Jessica pays Dorothy Walker a visit at her talent agency]
Dorothy Walker: So! To what do I owe the pleasure?
Jessica Jones: It's about Trish.
Dorothy Walker: Why? What's happened? Is she on drugs again?
Jessica Jones: She hasn't touched drugs since I dragged her away from you.
Dorothy Walker: I had no idea that doctor was over-prescribing.
Jessica Jones: Still no responsibility or remorse. I wish I could be like that.
Dorothy Walker: "No responsibility," hmm? I took you in. You were an orphan. That's gotta count for something.
Jessica Jones: You don't get credit for doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.
Dorothy Walker: I cared about-
Jessica Jones: About publicity. I was a strategic play to further the Patsy Walker brand. Trish is fine. She has security like Fort Knox and she's savvy enough not to let anyone sneak up on her, except you. She has no defenses against you.
Dorothy Walker: She doesn't need defenses. I'm her mother.
Jessica Jones: You're her pimp!
Dorothy Walker: I haven't seen her in three years.
Jessica Jones: Except for when you "accidentally" ran into her?
Dorothy Walker: It's a small city.
Jessica Jones: And leave long, drunken messages for her?
Dorothy Walker: What is it you want from me?
Jessica Jones: I want you to stick to the agreement. Because no matter where I am, even if I'm behind bars, if you try anything, I will find out. I will come for you, and it will hurt.
Dorothy Walker: People can change, Jessie.
Jessica Jones: It doesn't make the bad shit you did go away.
Dorothy Walker: I just... had a problem. I got help.
Jessica Jones: And royalty checks.
Dorothy Walker: I earned those!
Jessica Jones: If you want them to keep coming, you'll respect Trish's wishes... which I will enforce.
Dorothy Walker: "And it will hurt.” You need a better tagline.
Jessica Jones: Five hundred feet. Just like a real restraining order. Five hundred feet away from her. Do you understand?
Dorothy Walker: Yes. Taking you in was the worst decision of my life.
Jessica Jones: [sarcastically] Thanks, Mom.

Jessica: I'm a piece of shit, and shit stinks.

Jessica: Until what? Until I come home and find my landlady choked out in my bathtub? Or I find you bludgeoned to death with my vacuum cleaner?
Trish: We both know you don’t own a vacuum cleaner.

AKA WWJD? [1.08]

Kilgrave: I'm waiting to see which Jessica I’m going to get.
Jessica: When I was a kid we used to eat breakfast out here.
Kilgrave: Okay. "Trying to make an effort Jessica."
Jessica: More like trying to make a shit situation tolerable.
Kilgrave: I'll take that.

Kilgrave: We can go about our business. Move along. Move along.
Jessica: Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Kilgrave: But cooler.

Elizabeth De Luca: [about Jessica] She was the strangest tomboy. She wore princess dresses with high tops.
Kilgrave: Really? I can't get her to wear a dress for the life of me.
Jessica: I'll wear one to your funeral.

Kilgrave: What a waste of energy.
Jessica: Was it? You just saved four lives.

Kilgrave: Which part of staying in five-star hotels, eating in all the best places, doing whatever the hell you wanted, is rape?
Jessica: The part where I didn’t want to do any of it! Not only did you physically rape me, but you violated every cell in my body and every thought in my goddamn head!
Kilgrave: That’s not what I was trying to do.
Jessica: It doesn’t matter what you were trying to do. You raped me, again and again and again.
Kilgrave: How was I supposed to know?! Huh?! I never know if someone is doing what they want or what I tell them to!
Jessica: Oh, poor you.
Kilgrave: You have no idea, do you? I have to painstakingly choose every word I say! I once told a man to go screw himself. Can you even imagine?
Jessica: Jesus...
Kilgrave: I didn’t have this. A home, loving parents, a family.
Jessica: You blame bad parenting? My parents died! You don’t see me raping anyone!
Kilgrave: I hate that word.

AKA Sin Bin [1.09]

Jessica: You're not a hero. You're a murderer, Kevin.
Kilgrave: Shut up.
Jessica: Go ahead, command me again. That's a hermetically sealed room... Kevin.
Kilgrave: Kevin died in that lab.
Jessica: Granted, it is a mundane name, but "Kilgrave"? Talk about obvious. Was "murdercorpse" already taken?

Jeri: The real world is not about happy endings. It's about taking the life you have, and fighting like hell to keep it.

Jeri: What if he kills you?
Jessica: Well, then we'll have proof, won't we?

Jessica: Don't look at him, don't talk to him, and don't listen to him.
Jeri: Or he'll mind control me.
Jessica: No, because he's an asshole. His powers don't work through a mic, so you'd have to go in the room. Don't do that, either.

Jessica: So you infected him. Wow. I wish I had a Mother of the Year award so I could bludgeon you with it.

AKA 1,000 Cuts [1.10]

Jessica: You think I won't kill you because some strangers might stab themselves?
Kilgrave: Uh, poison, actually, but no. It's because you want what I have.
Jessica: A stupid name and a death wish?

Robyn: [about Reuben] He can't even tie his shoes without my permission.
Malcolm: I'm serious.
Robyn: I am too. That's why he always wears slip-ons.

Kilgrave: I'm a man of my word... if I feel like it.

Kilgrave: I have Hope. The person, not the feeling. Well, the feeling, too! I’m a hopeful man!

Kilgrave: [to Hope about Jessica] She'll never kill me. Despite her calloused, hard-bitten, and frankly poorly styled facade, despite her several problems she still hopes that, at her core, she might just be a hero. But only if she can save you. The ultimate innocent victim.

AKA I've Got the Blues [1.11]

Jessica: Humanity sucks and they don't deserve saving.

Trish: What if he took someone you love? Would you let 'em die?
Jessica: [sighs] Lucky me, I don't have too many of those.

Malcolm: Jesus, what is it with people?
Robyn: At best, they're assholes. At worst, they're... zombie assassins.
Malcolm: So what, it's just every man for himself, then, huh? Everything I learned in church, all the praying that my mom did for the sick and the dying, all the... all the community projects my dad worked on, basically, everything that they taught me... it was all bullshit? They're idiots and I'm just the only asshole in the world who didn't know?
Robyn: Yeah, you got duped, mop top.

Jessica: Purple's his favorite color and he didn't even get to give it to me. That's what they call irony.

Will Simpson: Without the blues, you'll die!

AKA Take a Bloody Number [1.12]

[Luke accosts Kilgrave on the street]
Kilgrave: Stop! Who the hell are you?!
Luke: Luke Cage.
Kilgrave: Tell me what you want. Quickly!
Luke: To kill you.
Kilgrave: Well, take a bloody number! Did Jessica tell you to do this?
Luke: No. I followed her here. I thought she might lead me to you.
Kilgrave: Oh, great. Just great. Get in the sodding car! Go on!
[Cage and Kilgrave get into a car with Kilgrave's father and a driver, and pull away from the curb]
Kilgrave: I didn't kill your silly wife! Jessica did. All I wanted was Reva's copy of that video. What was I supposed to do, allow someone to expose me?
Luke: Yes.
Kilgrave: Oh, shut up! [beat] How do you know Jessica?
Luke: We were lovers. [Kilgrave looks flabbergasted by Luke's response]
Kilgrave: What was it, a pity shag?
Luke: No. There's....something between us.
Kilgrave: But she lied to you.
Luke: Yes. Then she told me everything.
Kilgrave: [to his father] Oh, look at that, Dad. Jessica being honest with someone. [to Luke] Tell me the truth: did you bugger my chances with her?
Luke: No. You screwed that up yourself.
Kilgrave: ...I'll have to think of a fitting response to that.

Jessica: I can only fight one Big Bad at a time.

Jessica: You can't improve on an asshole by making it bigger.

Jessica: You can help yourself to... well, there's nothing.

[Robyn and Malcolm toss an iPad charger into the water near where Malcolm dumped Ruben's body]
Robyn: Goodbye, Ruben. I hope they have free express shipping in heaven.

AKA Smile [1.13]

Kilgrave: Dear God, I would do anything to see the look on her face when she realizes she's helpless. I'd make her want me. Then reject her. Devastate her over and over and over until she wants to die... No, I won't give her that, either. She'd wither away like someone dying of thirst or starvation. Be a certain ring of hell, designed specially for her... Or maybe I'll just kill her.

Claire Temple: [referring to people with powers] You don't scare me. And you're not my first.

Claire: [wanting to patch the cut on Jessica's leg] Take your pants off.
Jessica: I usually take a bit more romancing.
Claire: Don't we all?

Trish: We should have a codeword. If you say it, you're still you. Something you would never say. Like "pickle juice" or "sardines."
Jessica: Or "I love you."
Trish: [pause] Yeah. That'll work.

Kilgrave: Look, after a while, however long it takes, I know, I know you will feel what I feel. Let's start with a smile. [Jessica does so. Kilgrave laughs in triumph; he talks in her ear] Now tell me you love me.
Jessica: [while making eye contact with Trish] I love you. [turns to Kilgrave, grabs him by the face] Smile! [snaps his neck, killing him instantly]

Jessica: They say everyone's born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you're the villain. Problem is, you don't always know that you've crossed that line.

Season 2


AKA Start at the Beginning [2.01]

Jessica: You can get anything delivered in New York City. Or anyone. [takes pictures of two people making out] But you gotta be careful what you open your door to. Whatever you let in will eventually get out. Particularly with me around.

Jessica: A hero would have you locked up for soliciting murder. A vigilante would beat the shit out of you. Now which one am I?

Malcolm: Well, I say we find the adopted son.
Jessica: Nope.
Malcolm: We can afford to take a pro bono case.
Jessica: That will just attract more sob stories and nut jobs.
Malcolm: Meaning people in pain who actually need our help.
Jessica: Let it get personal and the whole case goes to shit. A good PI needs objectivity. Take the case. Take the clues. Take the cash. [Malcolm chuckles] What are you doing?
Malcolm: I'm writing that down. It was pithy.
Jessica: That wasn't a lesson.
Malcolm: Of course, because why would you help me get better at my job?
Jessica: It's my job.
Malcolm: So fire me for trying to build something with you.
Jessica: I keep trying to fire you, you keep not being fired. Why is that?

Pryce Cheng: I never take no for an answer.
Jessica: How rapey of you.

Jeri: "Pretty good for a girl." I heard that a lot as a kid. Then I became a successful female attorney, read: pretty good for a girl. But today, I see a sisterhood of founding partners. I see excellent lawyers who are stronger because we wouldn't stand for being pretty good. I see mentors raising the next generation of women, who, one day, will stand with us on a day like this, and see what we see. Women in power. Women in law. Thank you for this great honor. Thank you so much.

AKA Freak Accident [2.02]

Bartender: That whiskey say something to piss you off?
Jessica: Hit me.
Bartender: Third glass tonight.
Jessica: Put it on my tab.
Bartender: You drinking to remember or forget?
Jessica: Giving a shit won't get you a better tip.
Bartender: I give a shit if you're planning to get loaded, trash my place of work.
Jessica: I'm planning to sit here and drink, until I come up with a better plan.

Robert Coleman: Maybe you think I'm crazy, but but I was normal once. It was my 18th birthday. I I got drunk and I dove off the roof and missed the pool, then woke up in the hospital and they changed me. I was fast before, but now I'm so fast, I think it'll kill me. And it hurts. And and the dreams. I wake up screaming. And you're always saying how powers are good, but you were wrong. With great power comes great mental illness.

Trish: If anyone asks, you're a PA. Production assistant. Just like what you do for Jessica, except on a movie set.
Malcolm: You mean, getting yelled at and ignored?
Trish: Pretty much.
Malcolm: I got this

Griffin Sinclair: Now she's in trouble.
Jessica: Why do you think that?
Griffin: My balls are tingling.
Jessica: There's medication for that.
Griffin: In my line of work, you learn to trust your instincts.
Jessica: Griffin, why don't you go home? She might be there.
Griffin: Don't manage me, okay? I know she's in trouble.
Jessica: Because of your scroty-sense?
Griffin: Goddamn right!
Jessica: Look, I track people for a living. You know how strong I am. So let me get to work in finding her.
Griffin: If you hear anything...
Jessica: I will call you, first thing.

Jessica: Simpson was right, it takes a monster to stop a monster. He just wasn't the right monster.

AKA Sole Survivor [2.03]

Griffin: You found her, then.
Jessica: I forgot to call.
Griffin: Yeah, your follow-through blows.

Foggy Nelson: You're sick. Don't let them discriminate against you for it. Let me do something. Let me help you.
Jeri: You want to help me?
Foggy: We can fight this.
Jeri: Do you think we're friends?
Foggy: I'm sorry?
Jeri: Do you think because we have shared a table a handful of times in court that you have the right to involve yourself in my life? My shit? A partner? Your goddamn boss?
Foggy: I didn't mean...
Jeri: You cannot help me. You cannot do anything but your job. So, um, exercise some goddamn discretion and bury your head in the sand, because that's where it belongs, instead of up my ass.
Foggy: You're gonna need people. No one goes through something like this alone.
Jeri: Well, allow me to be the first to try.

Malcolm: How did you know he was an ex-con?
Jessica: People don't usually panic at the sight of cops unless they've ridden in the back of a cruiser.
Malcolm: So our landlord randomly replaces Alfredo with this guy?
Jessica: Who's Alfredo?
Malcolm: The old super. He was good people. His wife used to make empanadas on Sundays. Always passed them around the building. I guess not to you.
Jessica: Rare teaching moment, Malcolm: If the old super was such a gem, empanadas for days, but he still got canned...
Malcolm: Oscar's got something on our landlord.
Jessica: Pay him a visit and find out. And be nice. The nicer, the better. Eugene can be a dick.

Jessica: I didn't know that you were on parole when I brought the cops here, all right? I'm not an asshole.
Oscar Arocho: No? What kind of person takes advantage of a little kid's fantasies to get inside someone's apartment?
Jessica: I figured he'd be asleep.
Oscar: That's your excuse? That kid means everything to me, okay? He's my reason for being. Okay, do you have anyone that makes you feel like that? Or have they all run away from you? [closes and locks door]

Trish: You can just transfer any calls to my cell or text me if...
Secretary: Or e-mail or fax or send a pigeon. I got it.

AKA God Help the Hobo [2.04]

Pryce: I'm not gonna compete with a freak show.
Jeri: Oh, God. You got beat by a girl. Deal with it.
Pryce: She's not a girl. She's an aberration.
Jeri: Makes you feel better about yourself, doesn't it? Calling her names. Less than. Other. Makes you feel superior to her. Well, you're not.

Jessica: [shows a picture] We're looking for this woman. Has she come in here?
Sally: My clients value their privacy.
Trish: [takes out $100] For the wigs I tore up.
Sally: This wouldn't cover synthetic. [Trish gives her another $100] She comes in alone, no name and pays cash. Poor dear.
Jessica: Why poor dear?
Sally: She lost all her hair. Chemo, I imagine. Cancer and drag queens are half my business these days.
Trish: Anything else? [trades looks and gives Sally another $100]
Sally: No, that's all.
Trish: Now I remember why I bit her.

Pryce: You wanna help people. So that's why you're working with Jones, hoping maybe she's a hero. She's not.
Malcolm: No, I work with Jessica 'cause she's a damn good PI.
Pryce: Good at the dirty work, maybe. But at my shop, "altruism" isn't a bad word.
Malcolm: Yeah, I'm sure you guys are a bunch of saints.
Pryce: We just believe that a man can serve himself, or a man can serve humanity.
Malcolm: Okay, you did not just quote my father to me.
Pryce: I did, from his latest article.

Jessica: I've heard a lot about you. All of it nauseating.
Max: Who's this?
Jessica: Looks like your face got in the way of someone's fist. Want a replay?

Jessica: What did I do now? Read your mail? Kill your cat?
Oscar: You saved Vido's life. He told me. I can't pay you back for that. Ever. But I'm tearing up the eviction notice, and I wanted to say thank you. [places bottle of alcohol on the floor] Here. I was an asshole. I'm just scared of losing my son. I'm sorry.

AKA The Octopus [2.05]

Jessica: Find out everything she knows about her former employers and about her coworker who suddenly left the company.
Malcolm: Got it. What else?
Jessica: Everything else. At least until I can get out of this hellhole.
Malcolm: When's that gonna be?
Jessica: Depends on if I can get through this next part without losing my shit.
Malcolm: You didn't do the crime. Truth matters.
Jessica: Not if nobody wants to believe it. [sighs] You're in charge of Alias. Don't mess it up.

Detective Eddy Costa: [hands Jessica a card]Hey, listen, just in case you come up with anything else for us...
Jessica: One show-and-tell doesn't make us partners.
Costa: You want to go it alone, that's your call. But there's a lot of people on the force that wanna see you locked up.
Jessica: And you're the only white hat in a sea of black hats.
Costa: Not the only one. There's a few of us here who remember what Kilgrave did in this precinct. I had nightmares of holding my own gun to my head. The feeling of my finger on the trigger.
Jessica: I recommend hypnosis.
Costa: I didn't need that, because, uh the dreams stopped the day you took that asshole out.

Jeri: Pryce, you are embarrassing yourself.
Pryce: You're the embarrassment, Jeri. Helping her out? Huh? What was it, bribery? Perjury? I'll find out.
Jessica: Hey. Get your head out of your ass, Cheng.
Pryce: Or what? What are you gonna do, huh? Take me out, too? I've seen you in action. I've seen that look in your eye. You're a killer.
Jessica: Not today, I'm not. Today, I'm free. Do you know why? No, 'cause you're a shitty investigator. So go talk to the cops, go steal someone else's cases. You know what? Go beat off in the corner, because I don't give a dead moose's last shit. I'm gonna find the actual killer.

Jessica: You get Inez to Jeri Hogarth, at this address. Tell her you're my associate.
Malcolm: Wait, did you just promote me?
Jessica: Maybe.
Malcolm: [chuckles] Does it come with a raise?
Jessica: No. Get going.
Malcolm: Whatever you say, associate. [laughs]
Jessica: I'm instantly regretting this.

Dorothy Walker: Pats, are you here? I just spoke with Griffin. Should've known you'd find some way to mess this up.
Trish: I didn't mess anything up, Mother. This is what I want.
Dorothy: You don't know what you want. You're a different person on drugs.
Trish: I'm stone cold sober.
Dorothy: Call him. Maybe he'll take you back if you plead insanity.
Trish: [sighs] I don't want him back. I knew it as soon as I got to the roof.
Dorothy: That proposal was breathtaking.
Trish: It was heartbreaking. Because the moment I figured out what it was, that it wasn't a meeting with ZCN, all I could feel was disappointment.
Dorothy: Oh, Jesus.
Trish: That's why I said no.
Dorothy: Listen, baby, you gotta listen to me. You are making a huge mistake.
Trish: I don't want to be with Griffin. I want to be him. I want to do what he does. And that's not love, and it's not fair to either one of us.
Dorothy: You know what I see? I see a spoiled, arrogant little girl.
Trish: I'm arrogant?
Dorothy: After everything I went through with your father
Trish: Oh, God.
Dorothy: And you finally find a good man, a goddamn hero...
Trish: Don't you dare bring Dad into this!
Dorothy: Why not? He's the reason you always dated losers.
Trish: That is bullshit.
Dorothy: And when you finally find a winner, you crawl back to Max and blow him for some story. [Trish slaps her]

AKA Facetime [2.06]

Jessica: So, why the shitty day?
Oscar: [sighs] My ex. Using my kid against me.
Jessica: Well, there's a saying in my business: "Where there's an ex, there's always a why."
Oscar: I'm not one of your clients.
Jessica: You're right, it's none of my business.
Oscar: [sighs] Well I wasn't a good husband. We were too young. I fooled around on her.
Jessica: You don't have to tell me.
Oscar: It was a long time ago. It's got nothing to do with the kind of father I am today.
Jessica: Okay.
Oscar: Just trying to start again here.

[Jessica enters the office and sighs]
Malcolm: Morning.
Jessica: What is that supposed to mean?
Malcolm: I just said good morning. [chuckles] It doesn't take a PI or even a PI's associate to recognize a walk of shame. You left your phone here last night, you've got serious bedhead going on, and you're covered in paint. [Jessica sighs] Banging the super, huh?
Jessica: How about you use some of those skills I've taught you to do something useful?

Trish: How did you know he was gonna be at the club?
Jessica: It's Sunday. What else do rich assholes with private golf club memberships do? Let's go hit some balls.

[Inez pours out the medicine from Jeri's bag]
Jeri: That's my Birkin bag. You trashy little skank. After everything that I've done.
Inez Green: I know what this is prescribed for.
Jeri: That is none of your business.
Inez: Actually, it is. 'Cause that's why I'm here, isn't it? In your fancy-schmancy apartment? Why you're asking me all those questions about IGH? Because you have ALS.
Jeri: So? You want to join the Ice Bucket Challenge? Throw me a fund-raiser? Get the hell out.
Inez: I get it. I've had to be a fighter, too. No other way to survive the shit I've been through. But you reminded me I used to care about people. I used to be a nurse.

Jessica: The line keeps moving. And I keep stepping over it. How far is too far? And will there ever be a way back?

AKA I Want Your Cray Cray [2.07]

Jessica: I have class first thing in the morning.
Trish: Skip it. You won't flunk out for missing one class.
Jessica: I will if we have house parties every night.
Trish: I'll get you a goddamn tutor.
Jessica: I need to study!
Trish: You know what, Jess? I am proud of myself tonight, even if you aren't. I want to be with my friends.
Jessica: You think they're your friends? They're just leeches, sucking your money, your booze, your food...
Trish: And you're not? Why don't you pay your own goddamn tuition?
Jessica: Because you insisted.
Trish: And your own goddamn rent, instead of mooching off me.
Jessica: You think I need you? You think I can't get what I want, when I want? I don't need anything from you. [rips open an ATM and takes a wad of cash] See? All set.
Trish: That's great. That's just great.

Jessica: That was your mom?
Stirling Adams: Trying to force me to be a goddamn plumber.
Jessica: That's random.
Stirling: It's my brother's business.
Jessica: Well, did you tell her about your club?
Stirling: She shat all over the idea. My parents paid for my brother's plumbing license, but you think they'd invest in me? Hell no.
Jessica: You could always pretend they died in a car accident.
Stirling: Damn, you're dark, babe.
Jessica: Better than feeling shit on.
Stirling: Do you pretend Trish died in a car accident, too?
Jessica: Plane crash, and only when I'm tempted to call her. Pass the cereal.
Stirling: Why not just call her? Better than pretending she's dead. That's messed up.
Jessica: I'm messed up. I thought that was obvious.
Stirling: It's been a month since you've seen Trish, right?
Jessica: She doesn't need me hanging around.
Stirling: What about what you need?
Jessica: When did this become about me and Trish?
Stirling: I don't know, I mean Your sister lives just across town, and I've never even met her.
Jessica: Well, it's not like you invited me home for Sunday dinner.
Stirling: Fine. We'll go meet my parents, you'll introduce me to Trish, and we'll be one big, shitty family.

Alisa Jones: Where is she now?
Dorothy: I don't know specifically.
Alisa: You're not in contact with her?
Dorothy: Contact would require communication skills on her part.
Alisa: Um... well, she always was a moody little shit. [chuckles] So you have no idea where I could find her?
Dorothy: Well, I hear she's shacking up with some bartender, and apparently, he's bad news.
Alisa: Meaning what? Is he hurting her?
Dorothy: Honey, I'd be more worried about him.
Alisa: I'm glad she can take care of herself.
Dorothy: That's putting it mildly. You know, I gave her everything she could want, and she gave me nothing but disrespect and ingratitude.

Jessica: And everyone around me dies.
Trish: Not me. I'm gonna live forever.
Jessica: You won't if you don't get help.
Trish: I'm good.
Jessica: Yeah? I've been calling you for 24 hours. Where were you?
Trish: I was rehearsing for my tour.
Jessica: You were high.
Trish: [exhales] They're not mutually exclusive. [pause] I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. Because I was high. Because I'm an addict. [sighs and sniffles]
Jessica: Step one, eleven more to go.

Alisa: [after telling Jessica what happened to them since the car accident] I was a botched experiment, but that didn't matter because I stopped living in the real world. I didn't exist. Until now. I'm so sorry. Is there any way you could forgive me?
Jessica: No. [slaps Alisa to the ground]

AKA Ain't We Got Fun [2.08]

Jessica: Whether the cops catch him or I do, one way or another, he's gonna pay.
Alisa: Trust me, [sighs] living with me for the last 12 years, he's paid plenty.

Jeri: How did someone like you end up on the streets?
Inez: Someone like me? [chuckles]
Jeri: You're smart, capable, attractive, a professional nurse.
Inez: After IGH, I got jumpy around patients, didn't want to go near anybody for a long time. Kinda important as a nurse. [chuckles] If one job doesn't work out, you find another one. Flipped burgers at Hambone's, worked at an adult video store, other stuff. You miss rent a few times, it sorta snowballs. You'd be surprised what you can get used to. [laughs] You have no idea what I'm talking about, huh? You don't even buy your own groceries.
Jeri: I grew up in a trailer the size of this dining room with four siblings. You know what kids do to the poor kid whose clothes don't fit? They make sure that school is as much a living hell as home. Everything I have, I built from nothing.

Alisa: Our lives just weren't the storybook bullshit you seem to think they were. That's all.
Jessica: Well, there were parts of it that seemed pretty perfect to me. Christmases, Thanksgiving, that weird marshmallow thing you made with yams.
Alisa: [chuckles] Yeah, not even I can ruin what is essentially a vat of marshmallows, butter and sugar. [pause] What?
Jessica: When I look at you, I don't see my mother, but your voice makes me feel like I'm back with you in our old house, before everything.

Taxi Driver: Okay, okay. Don't get your panties in a bunch.
Alisa: Our "panties"? Grown goddamn women don't wear panties. We wear underwear!

Alisa: Just tell me what's going on in that head of yours.
Jessica: I don't know, okay? There's no manual that tells you what to do when your mother who's been dead for 17 years comes back and is a mass murderer. I'm kinda winging it. Everything inside me tells me I should turn you in.
Alisa: But you're not ready? Well, take your time. I'm in no rush to spend the rest of my life in a steel box.

AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed [2.09]

Jeri: [tracing a tattoo on Inez's back] What does this mean?
Inez: Um "Good luck" in Japanese. Yeah, one of many mistakes by an 18-year-old me.
Jeri: Have you ever been to Tokyo?
Inez: Between nursing school and being homeless? Mmm... haven't really had the chance.
Jeri: Maybe after this we could, um go on a trip. It's a great city.
Inez: I know what you're doing, Jeri.
Jeri: What? I can't ruminate about the future?
Inez: Like how fast you'll kick me out the second Shane heals you?
Jeri: [scoffs] Cynical.
Inez: You're a user. Takes one to know one, right?
Jeri: You expect me to let this go so quickly?
Inez: I don't expect anything, okay?

Jessica: That thing about having your cake and eating it, too? Whoever said that probably didn't have cake that killed people.

Alisa: Look, what I'm trying to say is... [sighs] is that if I had been driving, we would all still be alive. So it's my fault, too. That's a great role model for your daughter, right? "Shut up and sit shotgun."
Jessica: You've set worse examples.
Alisa: Never once did it cross my mind that any of this is your fault.
Jessica: Funny, 'cause it crossed mine about a million times. [Alisa flushes the "ashes" down the toilet] What are you doing?
Alisa: Closure.
Jessica: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
Alisa: Feel how you feel. You have nothing to forgive yourself for.

Trish: You clearly care about gluten very deeply. But here's the thing: it doesn't matter. Diets, hair volume, space-saving packing tips. None of it matters, when there's war, sex trafficking, elusive companies conducting illegal human research on kids, no less! I could go on.... no, no, no, I will go on. Racism, global warming, child pornography, murder, poverty, true human suffering that too many people refuse to look at. Denial is a warm bed that no one wants to get out of, and Trish Talk is the comforter on that bed. I keep you complacent, I keep your eyes down. But you know what? This show is bullshit. I've been spouting bullshit. Wake up, people! Face the truth. Bad shit happens every day, and every single goddamn person has the power to do something about it. So do something! I'm going to. Starting with throwing off the covers and getting the hell off this shitty show. I quit!

[Jessica helps Oscar stop Sonya from taking their son Vido out of the country]
Sonya: He's my son! You think he's better off with you?
Jessica: No, I think he's better off with a mother who isn't in prison.
Sonya: I got nothing left, except for him.
Jessica: You're his mother. Nothing's gonna change that.

AKA Pork Chop [2.10]

Alisa: I almost put your face through the floor. Where's your sense of self-preservation?
Jessica: You're still my mother.
Alisa: No, I just have her voice. Karl is all I've got.
Jessica: Then you're a goddamn idiot.

Jessica: The moral of my shitty story is, if your dead parent comes back to life, stick 'em back in the ground. [sighs]
Malcolm: So that woman was your mother?
Jessica: Is.
Malcolm: And you kept her here for two days and didn't tell anyone?
Trish: It can't be easy for Jess, she lost her whole family.
Jessica: You don't have to defend me.
Malcolm: No, you know what else isn't easy? Giving a crap about you when you consistently lie to me.
Jessica: I wanted to keep you out of it.
Malcolm: I work here, okay? I pretty much live here. What do I have to do to prove to you that I can handle shit?
Trish: Mal, calm down.
Jessica: "Mal"?
Malcolm: [to Trish] And you? I mean, why don't you get honest with her and tell her about that shit you've been taking? I'm so sick of being the only one who's for real around here. [leaves room, slamming the door]

Oscar: You know, the time I spent inside it wasn't easy, I'm not gonna lie. But the first Saturday of every month, I got to see Vido. Wasn't perfect, but to me, it was everything. Your mother did some bad things but she's your family. There's gotta be something good in her.
Jessica: No, she's just a selfish asshole.
Oscar: You're gonna get through this, Jessica.
Jessica: No, I won't. I'm not gonna see my mother the first Saturday of every goddamn month. She's going to some Guantanamo hellhole, and I'm never gonna see her again.

Jeri: I wanted you to meet Shane before you made any decisions about Dr. Malus. What he did was unethical, yes, but also miraculous.
Jessica: Are you kidding me?
Jeri: Jessica, your mother is alive, you and Shane have extraordinary abilities. With the proper funding and support, imagine what Dr. Malus' work could do for the world.
Jessica: You want to profit from this.
Jeri: Screw profit. [sighs] He healed me. And if it works, he's given me a second chance. And I want other people to have that same chance instead of locking it behind bars or eliminating it altogether.

Jessica: Jeri, I don't think you are changed.
Jeri: Forgiveness is hard for you, I know.
Jessica: I mean physically. You're still sick, Shane's a fraud.
Jeri: I'm sorry?
Jessica: He was never at IGH, and they never made a healer.
Jeri: But Inez–
Jessica: She lied. She used what she knew from working at IGH, and she made the whole thing up.
Jeri: I felt something when he touched me.
Jessica: Because you wanted to feel something.
Jeri: I'm not some ignorant trailer park hick. What he did to me was real. I've had no symptoms.
Jessica: In, what, two days? [sighs] You can't test for ALS, right? So you can't confirm the results. Inez is a nurse., she knew that.
Jeri: Mmm-mmm. No.
Jessica: Let me deal with them.
Jeri: No.
Jessica: Then you need to go the cops.
Jeri: No.
Jessica: Jeri, you don't deserve this. They are scum.
Jeri: You're wrong. Whoever you talked to, whatever they told you, it's wrong. Shane is real.
Jessica: Then just be careful.

AKA Three Lives and Counting [2.11]

Alisa: Um, may I make a phone call before I eat my breakfast?
Marilyn: You trying to take advantage of the substitute teacher?
Alisa: No, no. It's just, my daughter had a blind date last night. I wanna make sure she got home safe.
Marilyn: I talk to my girl every damn day, whether she wants to or not.
Alisa: You never stop being a mom, do you?

Karl Malus: Eight years of my life in this case, perfect as the day I designed it.
Trish: Then let's go.
Karl: Do you really need the gun?
Trish: Where were you gonna run?
Karl: Who's running?
Trish: With your new passports. Where were you running?
Karl: Uruguay.
Trish: Lot of cutting-edge science in Uruguay?
Karl: Hardly.
Trish: So you were just gonna go there and you were gonna read? Garden? Learn basket weaving? Or you'll just sit, smoke, wait to die alone?
Karl: You already have me at gunpoint. You don't have to crush my soul as well.
Trish: Maybe you will reflect on your life's work. Hurting people, creating a killer.
Karl: I wanted to save people. I did save people.
Trish: But the science was never harnessed, never perfected. So you failed. That's your legacy. But listen, it doesn't have to be. You wanted to be extraordinary, right? Maybe you still can be. Why don't you tell me, do I really need the gun?

[Alisa in prison recalls a memory with Karl]
Alisa: You can't send me out there alone.
Karl: I'm not sending you anywhere. I'll get us a little place by the water, somewhere safe. It'll just be you and me.
Alisa: [chuckles] I can't let you give up your life's work for me.
Karl: This is what I want. Not because I'm your doctor, not because you're the most powerful woman I've ever met–
Alisa: I can jump ten stories, but I can't grow hair. What kind of a lame-ass power is that? [laughs]
Karl: I know it's complicated. It's completely unethical.
Alisa: I'm an illegal experiment, and you're worried about ethics? Screw ethics. [kisses Karl]

Trish: How long will it take?
Karl: Jessica took 20 days, but she was near death and I've been honing the procedure ever since. On paper at least.
Trish: That's a plus.
Karl: Jessica and Alisa's abilities were a rare side effect, related to their specific DNA. I was never able to decode it.
Trish: So my DNA is a crapshoot? Just wanna know what I'm getting into.
Karl: Uh, this vaccine is a live virus. Its DNA can unlock yours. It's the first step in editing your personal genome. But it could all–
Trish: Go terribly wrong. You've said.
Karl: Are you changing your mind?
Trish: Do you know what it's like to feel powerless?
Karl: Everyone does.
Trish: Not everyone has an abusive mother and a superpowered sister. I just wanna help people who can't help themselves. [scoffs] God, I sound like an insurance commercial.
Karl: No, no, no. You sound like somebody who wants to save the world. I do, too.

Malcolm: Jess, I'm so sorry. I thought we were helping you.
Jessica: Why don't you help yourself? Because you can't, can you? So you obsess over everybody else's shit instead of dealing with your own.
Malcolm: Hey, I am dealing with my shit!
Jessica: Sticking your dick in anything that moves is the same thing as sticking a needle in your arm. But you know what? I don't give a shit what you stick where, as long as you do it far away from me.
Malcolm: Everything that I've done for you, peeling your sorry ass off the floor every single morning, working late every single night just to keep this sinking ship afloat? Why do you think I did all that?
Jessica: Because you have nowhere else to be.
Malcolm: Because I believe in you and what we could do. Maybe I've been wasting my time.
Jessica: I relied on you. I don't rely on anyone, but I relied on you.
Malcolm: It's my job.
Jessica: Not anymore. You're just some guy who lives down the hall.
Malcolm: Well, just in case you change your mind, again I quit.

AKA Pray For My Patsy [2.12]

Costa: You can either go with a police escort or make me use valuable manpower to force you. Out of respect for my partner, I'm asking you to make it easy.
Jessica: My mother is wounded.
Costa: That's not gonna slow her down.
Jessica: You know how she survived that accident? Know how she survived all those surgeries? That is sheer stubborn determination. I am the only one who can handle her.
Costa: Like you handled her when she killed Sunday? Ruth Sunday was a damn good cop. We had our differences, but she'd still be alive if I didn't trust you. It's over. Just get out of the way, let us do our job.

Trish: Where am I?
Jessica: The morgue.
Trish: Am I dead?
Jessica: No, but you should be after that stupid shit you pulled.
Trish: Why am I here?
Jessica: My mom broke out and she tried to kill you. So the cops are stashing you here in case she comes back.
Trish: Dr. Karl?
Jessica: He's gone.
Trish: He's gone? As in?
Jessica: He's dead.
Trish: [sighs] My one chance. Why couldn't you just let me have it?
Jessica: Because if that insane surgery hadn't killed you, you could've ended up like my mom.
Trish: Or I could've ended up like you.
Jessica: Why would you want that? There is a reason that my biggest expense is booze.
Trish: You're right. You don't deserve powers. All you do is piss them away when you could be out there helping people.
Jessica: You know what? I am tired of being the focus of your ridiculous insecurity. I didn't ask for any of this. Not these powers and not your goddamn judgment.

Turk Barrett: You should be careful leaving your purse out like that, some bad elements around here. Anything not nailed down is fair game.
Jeri: That Porsche, for instance?
Turk: Hey, you drive a Porsche, you can afford another Porsche.
Jeri: Careful, Turk, or you're gonna end up needing my skill set again.
Turk: Except it's you who needs my skill set right now.
Jeri: You have what I asked for?
Turk: I don't disappoint.
Jeri: Plus, a side of curly fries.
Turk: Is it for you? Probably best I don't know.
Jeri: Wise assessment.
Turk: Never took you for the type to get her hands dirty.
Jeri: Well, if it's untraceable, my hands are immaculate.
Turk: Scrubbing 'em clean is what I do.

Jeri: He's got thousands of dollars stashed somewhere.
Inez: He wouldn't keep that from me.
Jeri: Of course he would. That's who he is. He's a con artist. You were homeless, while he was using women to build his nest egg.
Inez: No, it's not like that. He needs me.
Jeri: He needs someone damaged and desperate enough to manipulate. After all the shit you've been through at IGH and on the street ... he used it to whore you out to me.
Inez: I sent him money, too. Whatever I got off the streets, I always sent him a little.
Jeri: How much longer do you think that he's going to live like this with you? He's gonna skip out on you and any other woman he's played as quick as he can.
Inez: I won't let him.
Jeri: He's gonna screw you over, Inez. Like he did me, maybe even worse. Even after everything, I, uh I don't want that to happen to you.
Inez: Asshole's gonna pay.
Jeri: Hey, wait, wait. You can't just walk in there like this. He's dangerous. He's been using you. You need to protect yourself, please.

Jessica: There is no "we."
Alisa: But there could be.
Jessica: No. You killed that possibility. Along with a cop.
Alisa: I had no choice. They were never gonna let me live.
Jessica: There is always a choice. Your brain is just too goddamn broken to ever make the right one.

AKA Playland [2.13]

Jessica: You could have crushed my skull.
Alisa: But I didn't. I held back.
Jessica: [scoffs] Is that supposed to reassure me?
Alisa: Yes! I controlled it.
Jessica: Because you love me?
Alisa: Or because I carried you inside me, or because we're both powered, or because we've both lost too much. We don't have to lose each other.
Jessica: You're insane.
Alisa: And you're my cure.
Jessica: Do not put that on me.
Alisa: And I'm yours.
Jessica: I am not the one who's sick. I help people, I have a life.
Alisa: You're drunk, 24/7. You're numbing yourself. Is that a life? You can make it better. We can be better, together.

Jessica: I won't leave Trish.
Alisa: She's destroying herself because of you.
Jessica: Thanks. Like I didn't already feel shitty enough.
Alisa: No. People will always feel "less than" around us. And that will make them either resent us or idealize us. Even Karl. [Jessica scoffs] Some days he put me on a pedestal. Others, he probably wished he never met me. Dimming our light, limping our way through life, that is not an option. Not with the gifts we have.
Jessica: If you say, "With great power comes great responsibility," I swear I'll throw up on you.
Alisa: Wouldn't be the first time, you were a barfy baby. [chuckles]

Oscar: You have us, me and Vido.
Jessica: That, right there. You connect yourself to your son with every thought. You have no idea how isolated I've been. I had no idea.
Oscar: They'll come after you.
Jessica: We'll make it, I just need the papers.

Costa: Jessica? Jessica, listen to me. We know you're helping her. That makes you an accomplice. I don't want to see you get hurt. You're one of the good ones. I believe that. But you have to prove it. Your mother's done. Do you understand what I'm saying? It doesn't matter what she does next. She crossed a line she can't come back from. But you haven't, not yet.

Jessica: What happened to being a team?
Alisa: Best dream I ever had. I have gone as far as I can go.
Jessica: No, you don't get to quit. Not after what you put me through.
Alisa: I've done a lot of damage in my life, but somehow you're standing on top of the rubble like a shining light.
Jessica: Stop talking to me like I'm your baby Jesus.
Alisa: "Hero" isn't a bad word, Jessica. It's just someone who gives a shit and does something about it.
Jessica: Well, I don't, I don't give a shit.
Alisa: Yes, you do. You do. It sucks, and it hurts, but you do. You are far more capable than I ever was. Maybe I don't have to be amazing. Maybe I just made you.

Season 3


A.K.A The Perfect Burger [3.01]

Jessica: Some things you look at and you think "perfect, there is no question, it's just... right". Other things are clearly wrong. But right and wrong aren't a P.I.'s highest priority, until she gets the bright idea to branch out and give a shit.

Jessica: Giving a shit and doing something about it. That's how my mother defined a hero, though she wasn't exactly an expert. She thought I had what it takes. I'm not so sure. She had hope. I didn't want it, but she passed it down to me like a trick elbow, and now it's the only thing I have of hers.

Jessica: Don't talk about my mother. Ever.
Dorothy: I understand, family is family. But Trish is your family too. Nothing can undo that. You have a chance to save her life.
Jessica: Been there, done that. Get out.
Dorothy: Trish was the only good thing about you!

Trish: Maybe it's better if you just stay out of the way
Jessica: Why? Because you're a hero now?
Trish: Yes.
Jessica: The world's moral compass who knows good from bad?
Trish: Maybe. And now I'm finally equipped to do something about it.
Jessica: So it was worth it then, what you did to me. Because you got what you wanted.
Trish: You don't get it, Jess. You're free. You always said you didn't ask for this, but I did. So you can stop trying and feeling guilty and inadequate. I don't need you to be a hero. Nobody does. I've got it covered.
Jessica: Your mother's looking for you. Call her so I can get paid. [leaves room]

Erik Gelden: I have an instinct for idiocy.
Jessica: Is that good or bad?
Erik: Don't know, don't care.
Jessica: Some people might say that you lack a moral compass.
Erik: I have never, not even once, given a shit about people like that.
Jessica: I wish I could say the same.
Erik: You do give a shit?
Jessica: According to my mother.
Erik: She'd know. [pause] That sucks, whatever happened.
Jessica: Who said something happened?
Erik: Something always happens. Everything is terrible. Optimism is a lie. Expect the worst.
Jessica: Jesus, thanks for the pep talk.
Erik: It's reality. I accept it and proceed accordingly.
Jessica: To low expectations. [toasts Erik]

A.K.A You're Welcome [3.02]

Jeri: I'm surprised that Jessica never warned you away from me.
Trish: She did. She called you a Prada-wearing python, but you've earned her respect. It's hard to come by.

A.K.A I Have No Spleen [3.03]

Jessica: You get used to it pretty quick. The strength. One day, you're a scrawny kid getting Ds in PE the next day, you can toss a minivan. Eventually, it's just a part of who you are. The part that no one can take away.

Dr. Purks: After a splenectomy, normal life can resume, provided one takes precaution against an increased risk of deadly infections.
Jessica: I'll start taking a multivitamin.
Dr. Purks: A rigorous immunization schedule, prophylactic antibiotic regimen, and, of course, a swift change in any reckless lifestyle behavior.
Jessica: And where would a liter a day of bourbon fall on the reckless scale?

Jessica: A hero is strong. A hero is invulnerable. A hero has a goddamn spleen.

Trish: Vengeance, not justice? That's not what a hero does.
Jessica: You've been a hero for five minutes. I've been one half my life.
Trish: You've been super, Jess. There's a difference.

Jessica: Hey, uh, what's the cheapest thing you got?
Street Vendor: Hot pretzel.
Jessica: What's the cheapest thing you got that doesn't taste like salted cardboard?
Street Vendor: Hot dog coming up.

A.K.A Customer Service is Standing By [3.04]

Erik: Cut me some slack, Sal. I always come through.
Sal: A few days late and a few grand light.
Erik: At least I’m consistent.

Jessica: There are a lot of shitty people out there. There’s no reason for us to double up. Go find your own bad guy.

Erik: Our luck is changing.
Jessica: “Yeah, if you set the bar at being drowned and stabbed.

Jessica: Say I wasn’t here and you’d found out what he was doing, what would you have done.
Erik: Asked for more money.

Jeri: A cheating, manipulative, narcissist like Peter isn’t worthy of your sympathy.
Malcolm: Says she who’s without sin, right.

A.K.A I Wish [3.05]

Jessica: I know the appeal of being a loner. But for some people, it’s just an act. Inside, they crave love and attention. No matter how many people have to die.

Jessica: Everyone needs too goddamn much from each other.

Jessica: When something dies, you bury it. If you’re me, you try to forget it ever existed. But some things just won’t stay buried.

A.K.A Sorry Face [3.06]

Malcolm: A serial killer kidnapped your brother.
Berry: What?
Malcolm: Erik might already be dead. Guess who's next?

Jessica: You should be scared. And worried. And pessimistic.

Trish: Mom, it's complicated, and actually kinda private.
Jessica: I think you should tell her.
Dorothy: Please don't tell me you're a couple.
Trish: What?
Dorothy: There are much better lesbians out there.

Jessica: I assumed that you had facial recognition software, being that you’re so well funded these days.

Dorothy: My problem with Jessica isn't her powers, it's that she's rude, violent and ungrateful.

A.K.A The Double Half-Wappinger [3.07]

Jessica: How many superheroes does it take to lock up a psycho killer? More than two, apparently."

Jessica: This is what happens when you give a shit. The world flings it back at you.

Jessica: Why do serial killers always come from small, bucolic towns?
Trish: I'm not sure that's a hard and fast rule.

Jessica: [regarding Trish's salad] You know, you don't have to eat that shit anymore. You're powered now. Your body can process a Cheeto or two.
Trish: Yeah, I'm not a fan of anything that orange.

Malcolm: I'm Malcolm Ducasse.
Gillian: The old me.

A.K.A Camera Friendly [3.08]

Jessica: [shows Dorothy a picture from the news of Trish] You recognize this pose?
Dorothy: Oh no!
Jessica: I know.
Dorothy: Her costume is a disaster.
Jessica: [sarcastically] Once again you've hit the nail on the head.
Dorothy: It should have a theme, something relatable. Like cats. The Internet is gaga over cats.

Jessica: Well, it turns out that vandalism is both fun and effective.

Trish: Black jacket, black hair. He's changing his M.O. to a proxy for you.
Gillian: Glad I haven't Single White Female'd you yet.

Costa: I'll be here processing all the women you've terrified.
Jessica: Well, maybe one of them is actually Sallinger's victim.

Jessica: I hate giving a shit.
Trish: I'm beginning to see why.

A.K.A I Did Something Today [3.09]

Jessica: We're gonna get through this. I was strong way before I gave a shit. But you gave a shit long before you were even strong. But we figured it out.
Trish: My mom would've been proud of that.
Jessica: But your mom was always proud. You are who you are because of Dorothy. I've gotta give her that.

Malcolm: Jeri, are you sure this is the way? Yes, Sallinger raises our profile, maybe brings in some new clients, but...
Jeri: You're questioning my motivation.
Malcolm: I'm saying that Sallinger is the real threat to the city. He just killed again.
Jeri: What happened to Dorothy Walker is sickening. But there is a system in place to deal with that. And what it can't and won't do is unmask a woman guilty of theft, assault and, now, attempted murder. Your assignment has not changed, Malcolm. Find her. And if I have to pay that reward because my own investigator failed, we'll have a problem.

Malcolm: Nice digs.
Trish: I guess the best places to hide out are the places no one wants to go.

Malcolm: You know, they don't always. Win. They don't always win.
Trish: They do enough that I can't do this anymore.

Jessica: There's blood on my hands. The kind that won't wash off. I did something today. I set a murderer free. Trish needed a hero. She got me.

A.K.A Hero Pants [3.10]

Jessica: Everybody's got a story. A beginning... a middle... an end. Of course, there's the story people tell you... and then there's the truth.

Jessica: [regarding the police] Don't antagonize them. I've got that part covered.

Gillian: The cops came by while I was cleaning up the mess they made. Did they apologize? They most certainly did not.
Jessica: What did you tell them?
Gillian: That I'd never personally seen you murder anyone.
Jessica: Thanks.

Malcolm: I quit.
Jessica: Got fired.
Malcolm: Both.
Jessica: Welcome back to humanity.
Malcolm: You should know, uh, working for Hogarth, I did some things, the kind that change you. You know.
Jessica: If the new you is less of a sanctimonious asshole, then it'll be an upgrade.

Jeri: Trish is going to need a good lawyer, and I'm the best. You'd be helping her by facilitating a meeting.
Jessica: Dorothy had no clue that she was about to die and even she wanted to do something good before she checked out. You know you're dying. What are you doing?

A.K.A Hellcat [3.11]

Young Trish: But... the parenthetical says "dramatic."
Dorothy: What did I tell you about parentheticals?
Young Trish: Cross 'em out.
Dorothy: Every girl is gonna be doing a goddamn fake swoon. Find something else.

Trish: Was I bothering you? Because your wife beating was bothering me.

Omar: Ms. Walker?
Trish: Omar.
Omar: I'm so sorry. She was a great lady. It happened on my watch.
Trish: There's nothing you could've done.
Omar: There's always something we can do. Satan wins when the forces of light stand idly by.
Trish: Thank you, Omar.

Trish: You blackmail guilty people.
Erik: I'm re-thinking that career path.

Erik: So I'm supposed to let you face off with a murderer alone?
Trish: I'm powered, too.
Erik: But he's armed. If you get hurt chasing my bad guy, Jessica is going to kick my face in and I'll let her.
Trish: Jessica is not my mother!

A.K.A A Lotta Worms [3.12]

[Malcolm tases Trish]
Erik: Will she be alright?
Malcolm: Yeah. I'll tase her again when she wakes up.
Erik: I'm not loving how easy this is for you.

Trish: What are you doing here?
Malcolm: My job.
Trish: [scoffs] Jessica.
Malcolm: If this was my play, you'd be in police custody.
Trish: What? Because you're all about justice? Helping Hogarth exonerate rapists and murderers?
Malcolm: You're right. I have a lot to make up for. [Trish scoffs] You know, Jessica still believes in you. Well, she believes in Trish. I'm not even sure who that is anymore.
Trish: Carl Nussbaumer killed people. Montero burned people.
Malcolm: And their reckoning was your job? That's your defense?
Trish: You know, you're not the only one with a lot to make up for. It's about... balancing the scales.

Trish: You were willing, too, once, with Kilgrave.
Jessica: And it nearly destroyed me.
Trish: But it hasn't destroyed me. Maybe that's my real power. I can carry the burden.

Trish: But I'm so angry.
Jessica: So am I. But that's the burden we have to carry.
Trish: I'm not sure I can.

Jessica: I hope it continues.
Erik: What, you and me?
Jessica: The upward swing.
Erik: Same thing.

A.K.A Everything [3.13]

Jessica: I'm supposed to fix this. Fix everything. It's my job. No wonder people just look the other way. I want to look away, too. It's all I want.

Luke: He made a decision. And forced me to make one, too.
Jessica: The only decision I'm qualified to make is bourbon or more bourbon.
Luke: Bullshit. In fact... if I ever go too far... I hope that someone gives enough of a shit about me to take me down.
Jessica: Is that a risk these days?
Luke: Going too far? Some would say it's inevitable.

Jessica: The masked vigilante has killed three people. Bad people. Maybe you're glad they're gone. Maybe you're even rooting for her. But that's not heroic, it's murder. She won't go down without a fight, but she needs to go down. So I'm asking you to help me find her. Her name is Trish Walker.
Trish: No. Shit!
Jessica: You may know her as Patsy.
Trish: She can't do this!
Jessica: She's on the run. She's holding her attorney, Jeryn Hogarth, hostage. She's dangerous. Do not approach her. Don't try to be a hero. It's a shitty job.

Jessica: Are you just sitting here in the dark?
Trish: It isn't dark for me.

Kith: How long do you have?
Jeri: It's progressing slowly. My hands, they're not mine anymore, and eventually my entire body will become a prison.


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