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Jessica Minh Anh in 2020

Jessica Minh Anh (born 19 June 1988) is a Vietnamese supermodel.







  • I personally don't carry a lot of equipment (when traveling to do fashion show catwalk), but I do travel with my makeup artists, hairstylists and photographers who have the coolest advanced gadgets. In our latest trip to the Maldives, my hairstylist prepared wired hair structures for my looks which resulted in a bit of a surprise at the airport scanning counter.


  • I believe fashion shows should be more than just being visually attractive. They should convey a meaningful message or a call for a better future. We are living in a special time when sustainable practices must be implemented to protect our future and the future of the younger generation. There are different ways to stimulate global mindsets toward green living - I chose the creative approach. And it's helped me promote everything from solar power, hydro power and wind power to recycling, upcycling, and now the sustainable supply chain, which is a big part of the fashion industry.
  • Effectively pitching my ideas to the decision makers is definitely one of my strengths (to be able to persuade authorities to stage shows at iconic locations). I combine a bulletproof plan, which includes A to Z logistics and global PR (public relations) strategies, with a talented team of specialists and advisors. With my current proven track record of staging iconic catwalks, one would think I am more confident now about transforming dreams into reality. But I've always been that girl who's sure enough of her abilities such that others in the room can see it too. You've got to believe in yourself for others to believe in you.
  • People thought I was crazy (for having fashion show in various unusual places). To me, the more challenging a project, the more fun it is. What is the one place that people won't be able to do a show at? I choose that one.


  • This particular moment in history (having fashion show catwalk onboard LNG-powered cruise ship Costa Toscana) provides an opportunity for a sustainable 'restart' of our society. Costa Toscana (cruise ship) aligns perfectly with my mission of highlighting sustainability in a visually attractive way. It runs on liquefied natural gas, one of the most advanced technologies to reduce emissions right now. It represents a breakthrough in the travel industry. I am honored to celebrate the resurgence of business and style on such a unique ship.

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