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Joseph: King of Dreams is a DreamWorks direct-to-video drama film based on the story of Joseph in chapters 37-50 of the Book of Genesis in the bible. It is a prequel of sorts, to The Prince of Egypt.

Directed by Rob LaDuca and Robert C. Ramirez. Written by Eugenia Bostwick-Singer, Raymond Singer, Joe Stillman, and Marshall Goldberg.


  • I've had enough of this stupid game!
  • You think this is funny? Well, father won't be laughing when he hears, who are you?
  • And when you're free, tell Pharaoh about my gift. Please. Promise me.
  • You're not tired because you got up early. It's because you were out all night.
  • My brothers. They betrayed me!
  • No! Please? Please, I did nothin' wrong!?


  • Because I will not make my father suffer... again.


  • We are family. All of us. If we break apart, we'll have nothing left.
  • Jacob, even God rested on the seventh day. He'll find his future soon enough. Let him be with his brothers.


  • Because you are a miracle child. For you, things are different.


  • [giggling] I don't think you want my aunt seeing you like this... that's better.


Simeon: [referring to Joseph's dream] Yes, who did the wolf get this time?
Joseph: You can laugh, but this time it was about all of you.
Judah: Oh, please. You must tell us our future, great Joseph.
Simeon: [sarcastic] Should I be scared?

Butler: [explaining his dream] I was back at Pharaoh's palace in a garden of grapes that had three old vines. A tear fell from my eye, and the vines drank it it. They became so thick with grapes, that I squeezed them into a cup and served it to Pharaoh.
Baker: That is quite a dream.
Joseph: I know what your dream means?
Butler: You do? How... How could you?
Joseph: I just do. It's some kind of gift. The three vines signify three days. In three days, Pharaoh will bring you back to the palace, a free man.
Butler: If only it were true.
Joseph: It is true. And when you're free, tell Pharaoh about my gift. Please, promise me.

Baker: [explaining his dream] I'm taking three baskets of bread to Pharaoh, one on top of the other, and the baskets fall. I go to pick up the bread, then suddenly a swarm of birds come out of nowhere and attack me. They keep pecking at me in the face and the eyes! What does it mean?
Joseph: I don't know.
Baker: Yes, you do. Tell me. [grabs Joseph] TELL ME!
Joseph: [sighs] The three baskets also signify three day. In three days, Pharaoh will behead you, and birds will feed on your flesh.
Baker: [terrified] What? You're lying! YOU'RE LYING!! [tries to choke Joseph, but Butler pulls him back]
Butler: Stop it! Don't pay any attention to him. We're not going anywhere.

Pharaoh: I'm told you only need to hear a dream and you can explain it.
Joseph: Not me, Your Excellency. The explanation comes from God.

Joseph: Will you forgive me, for thinking I was some miracle from God?
Judah: But you are a miracle. God sent you to save our family and all of Egypt. And you did.

Joseph: Judah! Simeon! Levi! Reuben! Where are you?
Judah: Joseph isn't fit to lead the sheep.
Levi: I agree.
Reuben: But he's our brother.
Simeon: Half brother. Said so himself. Judah is the one who should take over for Father.
Reuben: Yes, but...
Judah: Do you want a spoiled brat giving you orders?
Reuben: No.
Simeon: Can we all agree that something has to be done about Joseph?
Judah: Absolutely.
Reuben: Yes. I agree.
Joseph: [gasps]
Levi: [grabs Joseph] Hey, everybody! The little spy is back!
Joseph: I didn't spy. I just wanted to...
Levi: Did Father tell you to check up on us?
Joseph: No! Maybe this was a mistake. I just want to...
Judah: Report on us to father?
Simeon: You're his favorite.
Joseph: No.
Judah: You look at scrolls all day while we're covered in sweat. Why is that, Joseph? Is it because we don't have pretty coats like you?
Simeon: [takes his coat off of Joseph] I have mine.
Joseph: [gasps] That's my coat!
Simeon: Step aside, brothers. I'm the new head of the family. Bow before me, you sheaves of wheat!
Levi: Oh, yes, master Joseph, ruler of the world.
Joseph: Give it back now!
Simeon: If you want your coat, why don't you go get it? [tosses the coat around]
Reuben: Levi's got it.
Levi: No, I don't. Judah does.
Man: Come on! I've got it! [Simeon tears up Joseph's coat, yelling, laying on the ground, laughing]
Joseph: I've had enough of this stupid game!
Judah: Joseph! Who says this is a game? [the brothers take Joseph to a pit]
Joseph': What are you doing? Leave me alone! No! Stop it! Uh-oh. Oh-no. [walks backwards to a pit, falling into the pit, getting up, coughing]
Levi: What do we do now?
Judah: Are we just going to leave him down there?
Reuben: What are we going to tell father?
Joseph: Somebody! Please!
Judah: Just get out of here. [throws a coat to Joseph]
Simeon: Maybe he can dream his way out.
[the coat lands on Joseph]
Joseph: Don't leave me here alone! [sighs]

Issachar: [when Joseph wants to help with the sheep] Wait, you have to be very careful. You might cut your hands on the soft fur.
Joseph: [playfully] Get away! [the rest of Joseph's brothers laugh]

Jacob: This is how you take charge? I trusted you to watch after Joseph. But you abandoned my son, *my son!*
Judah: Aren't we your sons too?

Potiphar: You there! Have you cleaned this entire courtyard by yourself?
Joseph: Yes.
Potiphar's Wife: He's a hard worker. [whispering to Potiphar] Maybe we could put him to better use at the banquet hall.
Potiphar: My wife thinks you should work for her. What do you say?
Joseph: I cannot say. A slave is not his own master.
Potiphar: Well said.

Joseph: [to Asenath] They're my brothers.
Asenath: [shocked] What?
Joseph: They sold me. They sold me into slavery. They took me away from my home. I never got to say goodbye to my mother. I never got to see my father grow old. [almost in tears]
Asenath: Joseph, I didn't know. You're here now. You have a home. A wife who loves you. Everything you could want.
Joseph: No. Not everything.


  • The best movie premiering on video this year.
  • An instant classic!
  • Epic and grand!
  • Storytelling at its best.
  • A story that will live forever.
  • The film the entire family can enjoy.


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