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The Prince of Egypt is a 1997 DreamWorks animated film based on the book of Exodus about Moses, an Egyptian prince who learns of his identity as an Israelite, and later his destiny to become the chosen deliverer of his people. The film has a direct-to-video prequel Joseph: King of Dreams released in 2000.

Directed by Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner and Simon Wells. Written by Ken Harsha, Anthony Leondis and Philip LaZebnik.
Two brothers united by friendship, divided by destiny. Taglines


  • [to Water Brigands] Hey you! Aren't these your camels?
  • [to Rameses] Goodbye, brother.


  • [after the death of his son] You...and your people...have my go. LEAVE ME!
  • [last lines] Moses! MOSES!


  • With this staff, you shall do, My wonders!


  • Look. Look at your people, Moses. They are free.


  • Moses, hear what I say. I've been a slave all my life. And God has never answered my prayers until now. God saved you from the river, He saved you in all your wanderings, and even now, He saves you from the wrath of Pharaoh. God will not abandon you. So don't you abandon us.


  • Miriam, do you want us flogged?


  • Yocheved: [singing] River, O, River / Flow gently for me / Such precious cargo you bear / Do you know somewhere he can be free? / River, deliver him there.
  • Hotep and Huy: [repeated line] By the power of Ra!
  • Overseers: [chanting] Mud...sand...water...straw. Faster! Mud...and lift...sand...and pull...water...and raise up! Straw...faster!
  • Hebrews: [singing]
With the sting of the whip on my shoulder,
With the salt of my sweat on my brow...
Elohim, God on high, can You hear Your people cry?
Help us now, this dark hour...
Deliver us, hear our call, deliver us, Lord of all!
Remember us, here in the burning sand!
Deliver us, there's a land You promised us!
Deliver us out of bondage and,
Deliver us to the promised land!


Moses: Hey, Rameses, how'd you like to have your face carved on a wall?
Rameses: Someday, yes!
Moses: How about now?! [pushes Rameses' chariot into a wall]
Rameses: You almost killed me!
Moses: Oh, come on! Where's your sense of fun?
Rameses: Oh, it's fun you want!

Rameses: Come on, Moses, admit it. You've always looked up to me.
Moses: Yes, but it's not much of a view!

Rameses: Second born, second place!
Moses: Not for long!

[Rameses and Moses just accidentally destroyed a temple during their chariot race]
Rameses: You don't think we'll get in trouble for this, do you?
Moses: No, not a chance!
[Cut to Pharaoh Seti scolding Rameses and Moses]
Seti: Why do the gods torment me with such reckless, destructive, blasphemous sons?
Rameses: Father, hear what I say-
Seti: Be still, Pharaoh speaks! I seek to build an empire, and your only thought is to amuse yourselves by tearing it down. Have I taught you nothing?
Hotep: You mustn't be so hard on yourself, Your Majesty. You're an excellent teacher.
Huy: It's not your fault your sons learned "nothing".
Hotep: Well, they learned blasphemy.
Huy: True.
[They both leave]
Moses: Father, the fault is mine. I goaded Rameses on, and so I am responsible.
Seti: Humph. "Responsible". And do you understand the meaning of that word, Rameses?
Rameses: I understand, Father.
Seti: And do you understand the task for which your birth has destined you? The ancient traditions: when I pass into the next world, then you will be the Morning and Evening Star.
Rameses: One damaged temple does not destroy centuries of tradition.
Seti: [points at Rameses] But one weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty! [the Queen relieves him. He then sighs in exasperation] You have my leave to go.
Rameses: Father...
[The Queen stops him and he leaves, frustrated]
Moses: Father, you know it was really my fault. Must you be so hard on him?
Seti: Moses, you will never have to carry a burden like the crown I will pass to Rameses. He must not allow himself to be lead astray; not even by you, my son.
Moses: All he cares about your approval. I know he will live up to your expectations. He only needs the opportunity.
Seti: Maybe, maybe so. Go now, I shall see you both tonight.

Moses: Well, that went well.
Rameses: Just go away.
Moses: Could've been worse.
Rameses: The weak link in the chain. That's what he called me.
Moses: Well, you are rather pathetic.
Rameses: Irresponsible, ignorant of the traditions. He practically accused me of bringing down the dynasty!
Moses: Yeah, I can see it now. There go the pyramids! [laughs]
Rameses: You can laugh about it.
Moses: Statues cracking and toppling over, the Nile drying up; single-handedly, you will manage to bring the greatest kingdom on Earth to ruin.
Rameses: Tell me this, Moses, tell me this: why is it that every time you start something, I'm the one who ends up in trouble?
[Moses drops a sack full of wine onto Hotep and Huy]
Hotep: Oh! Man! [spits out punch]
Huy: Oh!
Hotep: Ah! Rameses, you're in troublemaker, young man!
Huy: Rameses, get down here! I think you owe us an apology!
Hotep: Oh, my new thing!
Huy: I am so upset!
Moses: [hands Rameses a bowl of wine] You might as well.
Hotep: By the power of Ra, you'll pay for this!
Huy: We're going to tell Pharaoh!
Hotep: Yeah, we'll tell Pharaoh and then-
[Rameses dumps all the wine on Hotep and Huy]
Hotep: Oh, look at me! I'm drenched again!
Moses: Hey, I figured it out. You know what your problem is, Rameses?
Rameses: What?
Moses: You care too much.
Rameses: And your problem is that you don't care at all.
Moses: Well, in that case, I supposed that you care a lot more than I do that we're...late for the banquet, for example.
[Rameses's face suddenly lights up in alarm as we cut to Rameses and Moses rushing to the banquet]
Rameses: I'm done for! Father will kill me!
Moses: Don't worry, nobody will even notice us coming in.
[They enter, but the entire crowd sees them and cheers loudly]
Rameses: "Nobody will even notice?"
[Moses laughs nervously]
Taya: [approaches them] Ah, the young princes! [hugs her sons, then sides to her real son] Rameses, you were just named Prince Regent. You are know responsible for overseeing all the temples. I suggest you get over there and thank your father. [Rameses walks off] Apparently, Moses...someone thought he "just needed the opportunity".
Moses: [approaches Rameses and Seti] My lord, Pharaoh! I propose that the high priests offer tribute to their new Regent!
Seti: An excellent idea! Hotep! Huy!
[The priests drop the goblets]
Hotep: [Whispers] Huy?
Huy: What?
Hotep: The Midian girl...
Huy: [chuckles] Oh! Good idea!
Hotep: Go get her. [Huy runs off. He addresses the guests and performs a magic spell] By the power of Ra! We present for your delectation and delight, an exotic apparition stolen from faraway lands. [a large box-like construction rises from the floor, revealing an attractive young woman named Tzipporah, riding a camel. Huy restrains her by her hands with a rope. Moses and Rameses are enthralled] We offer you this...delicate desert flower.
[Hotep yanks the rope, and Tzipporah is dragged off her camel, screaming. The crowd shouted in wild excitement. She fights against her restraints]
Rameses: Let us inspect this "desert flower"... [Tzipporah tries to bite, his hand misses] Ehhg! More like a desert cobra.
Moses: Not much of a snake-charmer, are you?
Rameses: [pushes Moses to her] That's why I give her to you.
Moses: [tries to back away from Tzipporah] No, no, no. That's generous, but.
Tzipporah: [to Moses] I won't be given to anyone, especially an arrogant, pampered palace brat!
Rameses: [chuckles] Are you gonna let her talk to you like that?
[Tzipporah groans trying to the ropes off her wrists while Moses gets Rameses off of him]
Moses: [points at Tzipporah] You will show the proper respect for a prince of Egypt.
Tzipporah: But I am showing you all the respect you deserve. [pulls rope away from Hotep and Huy] None!
Moses: No, wait! Be still! [grabs the rope]
Tzipporah: Untie his rope, I demand you you set me free!
Moses: Be still!
Tzipporah: Let go!
Moses: [noticed the pond] As you wish. [lets go of the rope, causing Tzipporah to scream and fall backwards into the pond]
[The crowd laughs. Moses joins in, but sees the queen looking on in disgust, and stops]
Rameses: [approaches, laughing; to the servants who lead Tzipporah out of the pond] You there! Have her dried off, and sent to Prince Moses's chambers. [to Seti] If it pleases you father, my first act of Regent is to appoint Moses [places the blue ring on Moses' finger] as Royal Chief Architect!
[The crowd cheers. Moses smiles, then stares back at Tzipporah, who looks back at him in disgust, as she is led away]

[As Moses enters his chambers, he sees a silhouetted figure in his bed, and approaches]
Moses: [to himself] Well...alright...
[He pulls the curtain back, and sees the servant bound and gagged, and muffled. His two dogs tied to a pillar. Moses runs to the window, and sees several bedsheets tied tied to the pillar like a ladder. He sees Tzipporah leading her camel through the courtyard. The camel grunts]
Tzipporah: [whispers] Shh, come on.
[Moses climbs down the tied bedsheets, then sees two guards]
Moses: Guards!
Guards: Prince Moses.
Moses: [stares at Tzipporah, then he addresses the guards] There's...a man...tied up in my room. Well, look into it!
Guards: Right away, sir!
[Moses chuckles as they run off. Then he runs out of the palace, following Tzipporah into the Jewish village. He spies her at a well, talking with a now grown-up Aaron and Miriam]
Tzipporah: [Miriam] Please, I need water. I have a long journey ahead of me.
Miriam: [giving her water] May God protect you.
Tzipporah: Thank you. [climbs onto her camel] Hut-hut! [rides off]
[Moses sees Tzipporah riding out of Egypt, and is smitten. Then he hears the vase shattering, and looks down]
Miriam: [looking up] Oh, I am so sorry...I...please forgive me...I...I didn't expect to see you... [recognizing Moses] here! Of all places at our door. At last!
Moses: [confused] At last?
Miriam: [hugging Aaron] Didn't I tell you, Aaron? Didn't I tell you? He would return to us when he was ready.
Aaron: [whispers] Miriam, do you want us flogged?
Miriam: [to Moses] I knew you cared about our freedom!
Aaron: [whispers] Miriam...
Moses: Freedom? [chuckles] Why would I care about that?
Miriam: Because're our brother.
Moses: What?
Miriam: [her face fell] They...they never told you?
Moses: Who never told me what?
Miriam: [realizes that Moses didn't remember] B-But you're here! You must know. [reaches to touch his hand]
Moses: [pulling away] Be careful, slave!
Aaron: [pulls Miriam back nervously] Oh, my good, she...she's exhausted from the day's work. Not that it was too much! We...we quite enjoyed it, but-but ah, she's confused, and knows not to whom she speaks!
Miriam: [breaks his grip] I know "to whom I speak", Aaron! I know who you are, and you are not a prince of Egypt!
Aaron: Miriam-!
Moses: What did you say?!
Aaron: Your Highness, pay her no heed! C-C-Come, Miriam. May I discuss something with you?
Miriam: [fighting him] No, Aaron. No! Please, Moses, you must believe!
Aaron: That's enough.
Miriam: You were born of my mother, Yocheved!
Aaron: Stop it!
Miriam: [breaks free of Aaron] You are our brother!
Moses: Now you go too far. You should be punished!
Aaron: [throws himself on ground between them] No!? Please...uh, Your Highness...she's ill! She's very ill; we beg your forgiveness. Please, Miriam; l-let's go! [starts dragging her away]
Miriam: No, Aaron! Our mother set you adrift in a basket to save your life!
Moses: Save my life?! From who?!
Miriam: [still struggling] Ask the man that you call father!
Moses: How dare you...??
[Aaron gives up and stands beside a wall, looking away]
Miriam: God saved you to be our deliverer!
Moses: Enough of this!
Miriam: And you are, Moses. You are the deliverer.
Moses: I said enough! [grabs her arm, throws her to ground] You will regret this night.
Miriam: [weeps; singing] Hush now, my baby. Be still now. Don't cry. Sleep as you're rocked by the stream. [Moses stops walking, and hears a familiar lullaby] Sleep and remember my last lullaby. So I'll be with you when you dream.
[Moses, disturbed by the lullaby only he knows, runs away in confusion, fright, and puzzled]

[Moses discovers, to his great dismay, that the pharaoh was responsible for the butchery of thousands of Hebrew children]
Pharaoh Seti: The Hebrews grew too numerous. They might have risen against us.
Moses: [On the brink of tears] Father, tell me you didn't do this.
Pharaoh Seti: Moses, sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices must be made.
Moses: Sacrifices?
Pharaoh Seti: [Taking Moses tenderly into his arms] Oh, my son... they were only slaves.
[Moses, greatly disturbed, pulls away, running off into the darkness]

Taya: [approaches her adopted son] Moses?
Moses: Is this where you found me?
Taya: Moses, please try to understand.
Moses: So everything I thought, everything I a lie.
Taya: No! You are our son and we love you.
Moses: Why did you choose me?
Taya: We didn't, Moses. The gods did.

Moses: Stop it. Stop! Stop him! Leave the man alone!
Rameses: [looks around in surprise] Moses?
[Moses stops an overseer from whipping an old man, but accidentally pushes him out of the highest scaffold, and crashes below, dead]
Egyptian Guard: Out of my away, out of my away, move! Who did this?
Man: Up there! It's him! Up there!
[Moses looks at the Hebrews, pants, and begins to run away]
Miriam: [grabs his arm] Moses!
[Moses looks at her, but continues to run away, and rolling down the sand hill]
Rameses: [grabs him] Moses, what's going on?! [Moses pushes him out of the way] Moses!
[Moses continues to run away, and reaches the palace gate]
Rameses: [catching up to him in his chariot] Moses! [stops him] Moses!
Moses: Let me go!
Rameses: [getting off his chariot] No, wait!
Moses: You saw what happened; I just killed a man!
Rameses: We can take care of that! I-I will make it so it never happened!
Moses: Nothing you say can change what I've done?!
Rameses: I am Egypt! The Morning and the Evening Star; if I say, "day is night", it will be written! And you will be who I say you are. [places his hands on Moses' shoulders to stop him] I say you are innocent.
Moses: [shoves him away] What you say does not matter! You don't understand...I can't stay here any longer!
Rameses: Moses...
Moses: No! All I've ever known to be true is a lie! [calms down] I'm not who you think I am.
Rameses: What are you talking about?
Moses: Go ask the man I once called father. [turns, walks away]
Rameses: Moses-? [Moses pauses and turns around; on a verge of tears] Please.
Moses: [sadly] Good-bye, Brother. [turns and runs into the desert]
Rameses: Moses! MOSES!

[The Water Brigands are stealing water; Tzipporah's sisters are screaming furiously]
Ephorah: What are you doing! Help!
Ajolidoforah: Wait!
Jethrodiadah: Let our sheep drink!
[Moses sees what's happening]
Ephorah: Leave us alone!
Ajolidoforah: Get away!
[Moses takes the ropes of the camels]
Jethrodiadah: Stop it! Our Father's the High Priest of Midian, you're going to be in big trouble!
[The Water Brigands threw the girls to the side]
Moses: Hey you! Aren't these your camels? [The Water Brigands were alarmed] Hut-hut! [smacks the camels' butts, causing them to run off]
Water Brigands: [running after their camels] No, no!, No!, no! Wait! Wait, stop!
[Tzipporah's sisters were amazed. Moses rests on Jethro's well, but suddenly has fallen in. Tzipporah's sisters are trying to pull him out]
Tzipporah: What are you girls doing?
Jethrodiadah: We're trying to get the funny man out of the well!
Tzipporah: Trying to get the funny man out of the well. Well that's not I've never heard before. [looks down the well]
Moses: [from inside the well] Whoa!
Tzipporah: [gasps] Oh, my! Don't worry down there! We'll get you out! Hold on! [pulls the rope, but sees that it is Moses] You! [remembers the incident, and lets go of the rope, and sends Moses back inside the well; nods] Mm-hmm. [saunters away]
Ephorah: [to her sisters] That's why Papa says she'll never get married.

Jethrodiadah: [to Moses] Psst! Sit with me!
Moses: All right. [sits down with Tzipporah's sisters and picks up the fruit and is about to eat it]
Ajolidoforah: [to Moses] Psst! Not yet!
Moses: Oh, sorry. [puts the the fruit back into the bowl]
Jethro: My children! Let us give thanks for this bountiful food, and let us also give thanks for the presence of this brave young man whom we honor here tonight.
Moses: Please, sir, I wish you wouldn't. I've done nothing in my life worth honoring.
[Tzipporah is surprised by these words. So is Jethro]
Jethro: First you rescue Tzipporah from Egypt, [pinches Tzipporah's cheek playfully] then you defend my younger daughters from brigands. [walks over and hugs Tzipporah's sisters] You think that is nothing? It seems you do not know what is worthy of honor.

Jethrodiadah: Dance with me!
Moses: No, I don't know how.

God: [whispering] Moses...
Moses: Here I am.
God: Take the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground.
Moses: Who are You?
God: I Am that I Am.
Moses: I don't understand.
God: I am the God of your ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Miriam: [from Moses' memory] You are born of my mother Yocheved! You are our brother!
'Moses: [quickly removes his sandals and throws them behind him] What do You want with me?
God: I have seen the oppression of My people in Egypt, and have heard their cry.
[Sounds of screams and cracking whips in Moses' memory]
Moses: [from his memory] Stop it! Leave that man alone!
God: So I have come to deliver them out of slavery and bring them into a good land. A land flowing with milk and honey. And so, unto Pharaoh, I shall
Moses: Me? W-who am I to lead these people? They'll never believe me, they won't even listen.
God: I shall teach you what to say.
[Moses' words "Let my people go!" is heard in his vision]
Moses: But I was their enemy. I was the prince of Egypt, the son of the man who slaughtered...their children! You've chosen the wrong messenger! H-How can I even speak to these people?!
[The bush flame brightens and the flames spread out]
God: [angrily and loudly] Who made man's mouth?! Who made the deaf, the mute, the seeing, or the blind?! Did not I?! Now go! [Moses falls to the ground, cowering] [soothing, lifting Moses up] Oh, Moses, I will be with you when you go to the king of Egypt. But Pharaoh will not listen. So I will stretch out My hand and smite Egypt with all My wonders! Take the staff in your hand, Moses. With it, you shall do My wonders. [whispering] I shall be with you, Moses.

Hotep: So you think you've got friends in high places, with the power to put us on the run? [vanishes]
Huy: Well, forgive us these smiles on our faces. You'll know what power is when we are done, son...

Rameses: All right, Moses, I know you. What's this really about?
Moses: Rameses, look. What do you see?
Rameses: A greater Egypt than that of my father.
Moses: That is not what I see.
Rameses: [chuckles] Moses, I cannot change what you see. I have to maintain the ancient traditions. I bear the weight of my father's crown.
Moses: Do you still not understand what Seti was?
Rameses: He was a great leader.
Moses: His hands bore the blood of thousands of children.
Rameses: [scoffs] Slaves.
Moses: My people! And I can no longer hide in the desert while they your hands.
Rameses: have returned...only to free them.
Moses: [removes the ring Rameses gave him and places it on the armrest of the throne] I'm sorry.
Rameses: [picks it up and bows his head, saddened] Yes. I had hoped...that... [closes his eyes, looks up, his regret melted into cold anger, and stands up] I do not know this God, neither will I let your people go. [turns to leave]
Moses: Rameses, please! You must listen-!
Rameses: I WILL NOT BE THE WEAKNESS LINK! [opens the doors] Tell your people, as of today their work load has been doubled, thanks to your God. Or is you? [leaves]
[After Moses pleas with Rameses to free the Hebrews, Rameses instead doubles the workload of the slaves, blaming Moses.]
Old Hebrew Man: [looks up and sees Moses] It's Moses. [throws a handful of mud at Moses, which sends him to the ground]
Tzipporah: Moses!
[Aaron and several other Hebrews surround Moses, looking at him angrily]
Aaron: So, Moses, how does it feel when you get struck to the ground?
Moses: I didn't mean to cause you more pain. I'm just trying to do as God told me.
Aaron: God? When did God start caring about any of us? In fact, Moses, when did you start caring about slaves? Was it when you found out that you were one of us?
Tzipporah: Don't listen to him.
Moses: No, he's right. I did not see because I did not wish to see.
Aaron: [sarcastically and loudly] Oh, you didn't see because you didn't wish to see. Ah! Well, that makes everything fine then, doesn't it?
Miriam: [walks over and glares at her brother, unimpressed] Aaron! You shame yourself! [then sees Moses, smiling]
Moses: Miriam. I'm so sorry. [covers his face in shame]
Miriam: Moses, hear what I say. I have been a slave all of my life, and God has never answered my prayers until now. God saved you from the river, He saved you in all your wanderings, and even now, He saves you from the wrath of Pharaoh. God will not abandon you. So don't you abandon us.
[They all look at the men. Moses sees Rameses' boat on the Nile River, then grabs his staff, and walks down. Miriam follows him]
Aaron: Miriam. Where are you going? M-Miriam.
[They all walk down, then looking at a boat]
Hotep: The ball disappears. Where is it? In his hand.
[The Egyptians all laugh]
Moses: [walks over to the edge of the river] Rameses! Let my people go!
Rameses: [chuckles] Still gnawing away at that bone, are we? [to his guards] Carry on.
Moses: You cannot keep ignoring us!
Rameses: Enough. I will hear no more of this Hebrew nonsense. [to his guards] Bring him to me.
[Guards pull out their knives and jump into the Nile to retrieve Moses]
Tzipporah: [running after him] Moses!
Aaron: [holding Tzipporah back along with Miriam] No!
[Moses walks into the water, and looks up to the sky]
God: Take the staff in your hand, Moses.
[Moses follows God's command; walks into the Nile, dips staff into water; water slowly turns blood blue; guards look confused; one guard dips hand into blood water as well as Rameses's son]
Rameses's son: Father-
Miriam: It's-
Guard: BLOOD!?
[The guards run back into the boat, screaming]
Rameses: [getting splattered with blood] Hotep! Huy! Explain this to me!
Hotep: Ah!
Huy: Rest assured, Your Majesty!
Hotep: Uh, yeah, yeah, we were going to demonstrate the superior might of our gods. Uh... [puts the jug down, then collects powdered blood] By the power of Ra! [drops the powder into the water, creating the same blood]
Rameses: [dips his hand to the blood, and chuckles] Abandon this: futile mission, Moses. I've indulged you long enough! This must now be finished! [sails off]
Moses: [to himself] No, Rameses. It is only beginning.
Aaron: But, Moses, didn't you see what happened? The priests did the same thing. Pharaoh still has the power over our lives.
Moses: Yes, Aaron, it's true. Pharaoh has the power. He can take away your food, your home, your freedom. He can take away your sons and daughters. With one word, Pharaoh can take away your very lives. But there is one thing he cannot take away from you: Your faith. [Miriam smiles] Believe, for we will see God's wonders.

Moses: Once I called you brother. Once I thought the chance to make you laugh was all I ever wanted.
Chorus: I send the thunder from the sky, I send the fire raining down.
Moses: And even now, I wish that God had chose another. Serving as your foe on His behalf is the last thing that I wanted.
Chorus: I send a hail of burning ice on every field, on every town.
Moses: This was my home. All this pain and devastation, how it tortures me inside. All the innocent who suffer from your stubbornness and pride.
Chorus: I send the locusts on a wind, such as the world has never seen, on every leaf, on every stalk, until there's nothing left of green! I send my scourge, I send my sword. Thus saith The Lord!
Moses: You who I called brother, why must you call down another blow?
Chorus: I send my scourge, I send my sword.
Moses: Let my people go.
Chorus: Thus saith The Lord.
Moses and Chorus: Thus saith The Lord!
Rameses: You who I called brother. How could you have come to hate me so? Is this what you wanted?
Chorus: I send the swarm, I send the horde.
Rameses: Then let my heart be hardened, and never mind how high the cost may grow. This will still be so: I will never let your people go.
Chorus: Thus saith The Lord.
Moses and Chorus: Thus saith The Lord!
Rameses: I will not-
Moses and Rameses: LET YOUR [Moses: MY] PEOPLE GO!

Moses: Rameses?
Rameses: [sarcastically] Oh, let me guess. You want me to..."let your people go".
Moses: I...I hoped I would find you here.
Rameses: Get out! [throws a goblet at him, but misses]
Moses: Rameses, we must bring this to an end. [Rameses is silent] Rameses, please. Talk to me. We could always talk here. [pause] This many memories...I remember the time you... [chuckles] switched the heads of the gods in the Temple of Ra. [silent, starts to leave]
Rameses: If I recall correctly, you were there switching heads right along with me.
Moses: No, that was you, I didn't do that.
Rameses: Oh yes, you did. You put the hippo on the crocodile and the crocodile...
Moses: [remembers] ...on the falcon.
Rameses: Yes! And the priests thought it was a horrible omen and fasted for two months! Father was furious! You were always getting me into trouble! [pauses as his expression softens] But were always there to get me...out of trouble again. [chuckles] Why can't things be the way they were before?
Rameses' son: Father, it's so dark. I'm frightened. [Rameses walks over to son to comfort him; sees Moses] Why is he here? Isn't that the man who did all this?
Rameses: Yes. But one must wonder...why?
Moses: Because no kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves. Rameses, your stubbornness is bringing this misery upon Egypt. It would cease if only you would let the Hebrews go.
Rameses: I will not be dictated to. I will not be threatened. I am the Morning and the Evening Star. I am Pharaoh!
Moses: Something else is coming, something much worse than anything before. Please, let go of your contempt for life before it destroys everything you hold dear! Think of your son!
[Rameses' son backs away in fear]
Rameses: I do. You Hebrews have been nothing but trouble. My father had the right idea about how to deal with your people.
Moses: Rameses.
Rameses: And I think it's time I finished the job.
Moses: Rameses!
Rameses: And there shall be a great cry in all of Egypt, such as never has been or never will be again!
[Moses sees the murals of Pharaoh pointing at a baby, babies in the water, and Rameses' Son, who is still frightened. He fears for his nephew's life]
Moses: Rameses, you bring this upon yourself.

Moses: God has come to me again, saying, "Take a lamb, and with its blood...mark the lintel and posts of every door. For tonight...I shall pass through the land of Egypt...and smite all the firstborn. But when I see the blood upon your door...I will pass over you, and the plague shall not enter".

Miriam: [singing]
Many nights we've prayed with no proof anyone could hear.
In our hearts a hopeful song, we barely understood.
Now we are not afraid. Although we know there's much to fear.
We were moving mountains long before we knew we could.
There can be miracles when you believe.
Though hope is frail. It's hard to kill.
Who knows what miracles you can achieve.
When you believe somehow you will.
You will when you believe.
Tzipporah: [singing]
In this time of fear, when prayers so often proved in vain.
Hope seemed like the summer birds too swiftly flown away.
Yet now I'm standing here.
Miriam: [singing]
Now I'm standing here.
Tzipporah: [singing]
With so heart so full I can't explain.
Both: [singing]
Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say.
There can be miracles when you believe.
Miriam: [singing]
Though hope is frail. It's hard to kill.
Tzipporah: [singing]
It's hard to kill.
Both: [singing]
Who knows what miracles you can achieve.
When you believe somehow you will.
You will when you believe.
Child: [singing]
A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah.
A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah.
Mi-cha-mo-cha ba-elim adonai.
Mi-ka-mo-cha. Ne-dar ba-ko-desh.
Children: [singing]
Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha. Am zu ga-al-ta.
Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha. Am zu ga-al-ta.
A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra a-shi-ra.
A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai ki ga-oh ga-ah.
A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai ki ga-oh ga-ah.
Mi-cha-mo-cha ba-elim adonai.
Mi-ka-mo-cha ne-dar ba-ko-desh.
Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta.
Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha am zu ga-al-ta!
A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra! A-shi-ra!
Chorus: [singing]
There can be miracles when you believe!
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill!
Miriam: [singing]
It's hard to kill.
Chorus: [singing]
Who knows what miracles you can achieve.
Miriam: [singing]
You can achieve.
Chorus: [singing]
When you believe, somehow you will.
Now you will.
You will when you believe.
When you believe.
Miriam: [singing]
You will when you.
Tzipporah: [singing]
You will.
Both: [singing]

Moses: The soldiers! They're coming!
Aaron: Moses! Moses! Hurry! Hurry!


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