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Joxe Azurmendi (born 19 March 1941) is a Basque writer, philosopher, essayist and poet.


  • Is not true that, in this world, before being paper citizens we are our mother's sons in the flesh. What is a human being in reality? To start from the beginning: What are peoples, cultures and what are then custom-houses, parliaments and states? Everybody carries a nursery rhyme in the soul, but nobody carries a passport or a custom-house in the soul.
  • Indifferent culture loves praetorian order.
  • The philosopher is not someone who has thought instead of us but rather someone who makes us think.
  • Tyranny, when they are strong, and democracies, when they are weak, can not tolerate criticism.
  • The price of freedom is to decide moral and political issues.
    • Interview in Deia (1 September 2012)
  • The Basques are Argonauts with very fragile ships.
    • Interview in Hegats 45 (2010), p. 197. ISSN 1130-2445

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