Juan Orlando Hernández

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Juan Orlando Hernández in 2015

Juan Orlando Hernández (born 28 October 1968) is a Honduran politician, currently serving since 27 January 2014 as the 55th and current president of Honduras.


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  • The stakes are higher for Hernández than perhaps any other world leader. Not only are the political and economic fortunes of his country inextricably linked to the United States but Hernández is one of the few sitting presidents ever to be implicated in drug trafficking by the U.S. Justice Department. He has not been charged, but prosecutors have described evidence against him in multiple indictments.... Every year, thousands of pounds of cocaine transit through Honduras on the way to the United States. According to the Justice Department, some of that cargo is trafficked by Honduran officials — an allegation the Trump administration mostly ignored while officials praised Hernández’s counternarcotics and anti-migration efforts.

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