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Facebook is a social networking service launched in February 2004, which since September 2012 has over one billion active users.


  • I think with all technology, people have an idea of how it will be used, but then it has a life of its own and people use it in all kinds of ways. In the same way with Facebook. I doubt when people first created Facebook they imagined it was going to help people in Egypt overthrow a dictator. So it does have a life of its own that we can’t predict.
  • Facebook has now firmly established itself as a hub on the internet, making it a destination for surfers to do multiple tasks such as communications, gaming, shopping, photo-sharing and information gathering.
  • Obviously, secrecy and social media are at odds with each other
Once we've expressed some serious interest in their application we say: Don't follow us, don't like us. And if they have, we asked them to back off a bit.
If we only hire people that are afraid of it, they're not going to be much help to us in the world or our mission. Many of the people we're dealing with -- especially the targets we're working against -- are on social media.
It's funny. People who've done that were posting in Omaha, then New York -- then they stop talking. It's going to raise suspicion. That's a clue. It's a sign that other intel services might look at.
Aspiring spies have made it all the way to a face-to-face interview, then they go online and post something like, "I interviewed with CIA! Dynamite interview!"
  • Ron Patrick [1]
  • Bullying, harassment or other abuse on Facebook is eight times more likely to be committed by people using names other than their own than by the rest of the Facebook community.
  • Alex Schultz [2]
  • I have one friend whose Facebook updates are exclusively complaining about Facebook.
    • Paul F. Tompkins (2012) Pod F. Tompkast, "EXTRASODE: Chik Tract". 31 July 2012
  • I think MySpace is doomed, I give them about two more years.... I think Facebook is the next Microsoft in both the bad and the good senses. That's an amazing company that is going to do a lot of good and bad things.
    • Jimmy Wales on tech's future, Orlando Sentinel, Nov 3, 2007.

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