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Julianna Rose Mauriello (born May 27, 1990) is an American actress best known for having played Stephanie in the Icelandic children's television series LazyTown. She has also appeared in Broadway musicals.


  • I go into the make-up chair one hour before my call. I get make up, hair, and costume all done up and then I sometimes have a bit of breakfast. We start filming, and go until around lunchtime. I am not used in every shot so when I have breaks I go in my room and do schoolwork. After lunch we go back work, I go on and off set a normal day. When we wrap for the day I go home and relax or go swimming or maybe to the movies.
  • Interviewer: What advice do you have for kids who want to follow your footsteps?
    Julianna: In what sense? My footsteps as Stephanie, or as an actress? Either way I would encourage kids to make good choices, don’t get forced into things due to peer pressure, lead a healthy and safe life, and excel in the things you love. You can be great at anything, as long as you like doing it.
    • Nicksplat: "Exclusive Interview with Julianna Rose Mauriello" (20 March 2006)

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