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What year is it?

Jumanji is a 1995 film based on Chris Van Allsburg's beloved children's book about two kids who play a magical, jungle-themed board game with a host of dangers that can only be stopped if the game is finished. It was directed by Joe Johnston.

Directed by Joe Johnston. Written by Chris Van Allsburg and Greg Taylor.
An Adventure for Those Who Seek to Find a Way to Leave Their World Behind.

Alan Parrish[edit]

In the jungle, you must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8.
I've seen things you've only seen in your nightmares. Things you can't even imagine.
  • In the jungle, you must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8.
  • I've got it! Colonel Mustard in the library with the wrench. [laughs] Clue.
  • You think monkeys, mosquitoes, and lions are bad? That's just the beginning. I've seen things you've only seen in your nightmares. Things you can't even imagine. Things you can't even see. There are things that hunt you in the night. Then something screams. Then you hear them eating, and you hope to God that you're not dessert. Afraid? You don't know what afraid is. You will not last 5 minutes without me.


  • Judy: We barely even knew our parents. They were always away. Skiing in St. Moritz, gambling in Monte Carlo, safariing in darkest Africa. We didn't even know if they loved us. But when the sheik's yacht went down, they managed to write us a really beautiful goodbye note that was found floating in a champagne bottle amongst the debris.
  • Carl: [after a jungle vine takes his car aways] FINE!! TAKE IT!!
  • Aunt Nora: Okay, that's it. I'm sick and tired of your lies, young lady. You're grounded. Not you, Peter.
  • Alan: [Judy and Peter screaming hide closet] Somebody in rolls 5 or 8?!


Aunt Nora: Okay, (you know what,) that's it. I'm sick and tired of your lies, young lady. You're grounded. Not you, little boy.
Sam: [disembodied] You know what, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT WORD ABOUT IT!
Judy: Fine, there's nowhere to go in this stupid town. And just for you information, that wasn't lie.

Alan: [Judy and Peter screaming hiding closet door] I'm back! Oh, no! My bike is missing!

Carl: [Alan jumps onto Carl's squad car in his jungle garb] Get down of my car, please. And get up on the sidewalk.
Alan: What year is it?
Carl: It was brand-new.
Alan: No. What year is it?
Judy: Uh, 1995. Remember?
Alan: 1995?
Carl: You got some ID? Oh, lemme guess, you probably left it in the other Tarzan outfit, right?
Alan: [to himself] 26 years!
Carl: Are you from around here?
Alan: I was. But I've been in Jumanji.
Judy: Indonesia. He was in the Peace Corps.
Alan: [reads Carl's nametag] Bently.
[Carl walks over to Judy and Peter]
Alan: [whispers to himself] Carl Bently, the Soleman!
Carl: [about Alan, still dressed in jungle garb] Is this man related to you?
Judy: Yes, sir. He's our... uncle.
Carl: Does he always dress like that?
Judy: Well, yeah. He's a... vegetarian.
[Alan watches as a pair of monkeys climb into Carl's squad car]
Alan: GET OUTTA THERE!!! [screeches and makes monkey noises; to Judy, Peter, and Carl] Monkeys! Monkeys!
Carl: [points at his temple] Is he all right upstairs?
Judy: Uh, he suffered a head injury a few months ago.
[Alan continues to make monkey sounds to force the monkeys out of Carl's car, only for the monkeys to fire Carl's rifle and drive off]
Carl: Hey! Hey! What the-? What? Don't you move! [he runs after his car to monkeys] Real! NOW! Freeze! HEY! Look out!
Alan: [mocking Carl] "Don't move. Don't move." [he runs off]
Carl: NOW!?
Judy: Hey, wait a minute! Where are you going?
Alan: To find my parents!
Judy: [to Peter] Come on.
[Judy and Peter follow by Alan]

Sarah: WHOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHH!! [Alan grabs Sarah's arms] Oohh! Get your hands off me!?
Alan: The game is not over yet, Sarah?!

Alan: Not the game! [Alan runs after a pelican who has the game in his beak] WHY DIDN'T YOU GRAB THE GAME, PETER?!
Sarah: Just ignore him, honey. He's a Libra. [to Alan] Where are you going?!
Alan: He'll head for water!
Sarah: Go.
Judy: Hello?
Aunt Nora: Judy, it's Nora. We're have you been?!
Judy: You have the wrong number. Wait for me!

Sarah: What happened?
Peter: I thought I could end the game myself. I was only 10 spaces away.
Judy: [reads a notice in the center of the board] A law of Jumanji having been broken, you will slip back even more than your token.
Sarah: You tried to cheat?
Peter: No! I tried to drop the dice so they'd land on 12.
Sarah: Oh, okay, honey. Well, that would be cheating.
Judy: Peter, your hands! Look at your hands! [Peter sees monkey fur growing on his hands as the penalty for cheating]

Alan: Where's Sir Sav-a-Lot?
Carl: Monroe and Elm!
Alan: The Episcopal Church.
Carl: No, it's not a church anymore. Now it's a Speedy Burger. Or at least it was. I don't know what's left of it. People in this town are goin' loopy.

Sarah: Alan, you wrestled an alligator for me.
Alan: It was a crocodile. Alligators don't have that little fringe on their hind leg.
Sarah: My mistake.

[sitting down to play the game]

Sarah: Alan, please, last time I played this game, it ruined my life.
Alan: [laughs] It ruined your life? "In the jungle, you must wait 'til the dice read five or eight."
Sarah: I was a little girl, Alan. You disappeared, and a bunch of bats surrounded me and chased me down the street. I was afraid. I'm sorry, Alan. No one believed me. I was all alone.
Alan: So was I. For 26 years, Sarah.

[Judy is reading the rules of Jumanji as Peter looks out the window to watch the remaining monkeys disperse]
Judy: [reads] Adventurers beware: do not begin unless you intend to finish. The exciting consequences of the game, will vanish only when a player has reached Jumanji and called out its name.
Peter: The monkeys are gone.
Judy: Good.

Judy: I don't like the sound of that.
Peter: Judy, someone's in here.
Judy: It's not real, Peter. It's a hallcination. Run, Peter! Run!

Van Pelt: Don't move. Stand up. What in your hand? Drop it. The end of the line, Alan. Game down Stop running!
Alan: No.
Van Pelt: Are you afraid?
Alan: I'm terrified. But, my father.
Van Pelt: The last words!
Alan: Jumanji.
Van Pelt: Huh?
Alan: It's Jumanji.
Sarah: No, Alan, no!
Alan: No, Dad. It's a new cross-trainer. It's doing fabulous. It's not a bra. It's a shoe.
Sarah: Alan, they're here.

French Girl: What's that noise?

All Crowd: [singing] We wish you a Merry Chistmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Extended Edition by 20th Century Fox co-released "Jumanji (1995)" with TriStar Pictures[edit]

Peter: Oops! It's a hippos! [hippos ate Peter]
Judy: Ahhh! What's happening to me!
Sarah: Oh, no! Hippo!


  • A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind.
  • Roll the dice and unleash the excitement!
  • It's a jungle in there!
  • Are you game?


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