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Justin and the Knights of Valour is a (Spanish: Justin y la espada del valor) is a 2013 English-language Spanish computer animated fantasy film whose working title was Goleor: The Scales and the Sword. It is the story of a boy named Justin, who wants to become a knight like his grandfather Sir Roland. It was produced, created, developed and animated by Kandor Graphics, the second of their two animated films (the first was the 2008 film, The Missing Lynx). It was produced by Antonio Banderas, Marcelino Almansa, Kerry Fulton and Ralph Kamp, and written by Matthew Jacobs and Manuel Sicilia with music by Ilan Eshkeri. It was edited by Claudio Hernández and directed by Manuel Sicilia. Sony Pictures Entertainment distributed it in Spain, and Entertainment One in the United Kingdom.

The film stars the vocal talents of Freddie Highmore and Antonio Banderas. James Cosmo, Charles Dance, Tamsin Egerton, Rupert Everett, Barry Humphries, Alfred Molina, Mark Strong, David Walliams, Julie Walters, Olivia Williams and Saoirse Ronan also lend their voice roles.


  • [Before the battle, when worrying about Talia] What I mean is, I don't want anything to happen to you.
  • This is where I live with my father. Who happens to be the most important lawyer in the kingdom. I have a big exam to get into Law School soon and I really should be studying, but... in truth... "...in truth, it wasn't the first time he faced a dragon", but this time it was different. This was Gdraf, the three headed dragon. If any of the Knights of Valour had a chance against it, it was. "Sir Roland". My grandfather!
  • Now, I'm free to my promise. I don't know why I didn't realized it before. Maybe you're too perfect as a friend to think of you in any other way. But Talia, would you do me the honour... of letting me accompany you to...
  • You never sit on the throne, my grandfather stop you then and I’ll stop you now.
  • YOU LIAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!' That sword belongs to my family!.
  • There is no honour in seizing power by force.
  • I think her family invited money.
  • He was my grandfather's... He was... he was my friend.
  • I promised to dedicate my knighthood to you, and I keep my word. My triumph is also yours.


  • [repeated twice] Hey, handsome. [whacks her opponent with a metal plate]
  • You need a sidekick?
  • [as Sota shows up at Lara's party] Clowns. I hate clowns. If you need me, I'll be at the desert table. I need something strong.
  • Next time buy your armor in the adult section.
  • See that laurel? Its leaves flow left. On all the merchandising it flows right.
  • Sir Roland killed 16 dragons. A world record. Some say 15, but they are not counting Balthazar and... But I say, one less dragon is one less dragon.
  • [shows a chicken leg] Yoo-hoo, you want me to supersize that for you? Okay, supersize it is. [hits a thug with a larger chicken leg]
  • [about Melquiades' "third eye"] You can't see anything with that eye! It's painted on.
  • Wrapped around your face if you don't stop shouting right now!
  • No, we didn't fill that form A-38, whatever that is. If you want to, you can wait for the owner, but let me do my job.
  • [at the diner table, before having desert and went home with her mother] Welcome to the circus. Chocolate. Straight.
  • So, this is working for you, is it?
  • Why would he drag her up here?
  • Fired? No, I quit!
  • [after striking Sota, cutting a feather off his hat] Stylish hat!
  • [catches Sir Clorex] Are you leaving already? Chicken!
  • [fighting Sir Clorex] I always knew you were a fake! [punches him] A fraud! [punches him again] A phoney! [punches him several more times, causing him to land under a chimney. Talia then kicks it, causing soot to fall on Sir Clorex.] And so the knight in shining armor turned out to be the Black Knight!
  • [after knocking Sota out] Nice profile.
  • Justin, I looked for you at the party but... Where are you going?
  • Real cute, Mel But he's not my type.
  • Just in case you haven't heard, Lady Lara Moneybags has been kidnapped after all. You made an oath to her, Justin.
  • Sorry. Do you think she's jealous yet?
  • You have to go. But not by yourself. With a wizard and a girl like me on your arm you'll get your princess.
  • [sweetley] You are.
  • They still do. Just look at the menu. The deep fried pig trotters burger is an adventure. And with the cod liver kebab you're definitely risking your life.
  • Can't you see I'm busy here with a real customer? You were hired to protect the bar, not to drink.
  • That's why I came here looking for a wizard. The closest thing we have to offer is... Tada! Melquiades!
  • You're funny. Good luck, hero's apprentice. You have to come back and tell me how it went.
  • Let go of me. Touch me one more time, and we'll see who's in distress. And thank you.
  • Are you in some kind of trouble? Nothing that I can't deal with myself, Sir Glance-a-lot. Oh, and don't forget to come to our costume night. There are some big prizes.
  • Great, I can't pay the rent, but at least I look better.
  • Yeah. I can see that.
  • The rat escapes.
  • You can't give up did you see us back there.
  • She said she was rich.
  • They make a perfect couple.
  • Yes, and I admire that you did.


  • [to Justin and Talia] Fine! If you won't join my army, you will face it!
  • [arrives at his fortress] Home at last! [breaks into it and makes several swashbuckling moves, imagining himself fighting royal guards] Heraclio, you're out of practice. [places a doll with a crown on a chair] My respects, my queen. I always served you faithfully and never failed you, until you failed us. With just two signatures, you and that lawyer put an end to our days of glory. That was all it took. And now after living in exile and alone. I have to join forces with the same vermin I once swore to fight. Why didn't you listen? Now I have no choice but to speak with the sword. Now you both have to die!
  • Don't make yourself comfortable, Sota. You and your half-wit brothers have a busy night tonight.
  • [rallying escaped prisoners to his cause] Hey! You are scum! Scum. Because that is what this foolish system of foolish laws has made you. But I say you are more than that. Together we can show them how weak they are. That their pathetic laws are nothing against our swords. [throws a sword] We can make them beg for their lives! If you fight by my side, I promise, those miserable people, who unfairly keep you behind bars, will pay for it. Join me, and I will train you into a fighting machine. Stick with me and you will each have a place in the new kingdom. [kicks over a treasure chest] And wealth beyond your wildest dreams!
  • Let me demonstrate. When I say thrust, I don't mean point or reach. I mean THRUST! Now, let's try again. And you, do whatever you need to do, to initiate the plan.
  • It's impossible to work with these... these people. Useless, foolishness! That's what happens when you send three charlatans, to do the work of... real soldiers. If you hadn't appeared with that girl, the whole plan would've been ruined. Tomorrow finally my army will march triumphantly into the throne room.
  • [as Justin confronts him over having killed Sir Roland] You're blaming the wrong person for his death. You and I want the same thing. Fight by my side.
  • [fighting Justin] Blucher obviously didn't teach you all his tricks. Face it, you just don't have what it takes.
  • Don't get comfortable, boy. The throne is mine. [Justin throws a crown at him, but Heraclio catches it.] Thanks, that also belongs to me. Tomorrow this land will have a new king. Who won't let anything get in his way.
  • For a knight, you think too much about riches. Ah, but of course! You must be one of those noblemen who give away their booty to the needy.
  • Now I remember. Didn't we meet at the Battle of... Burntwood?
  • You don't know me, but I knew you when you were very small, son.
  • And who exactly is going to stop us? You?
  • Your bones never WORKED because of the humidity. Even so, I managed well.
  • It's only a crocodile! Come back! [his army nonetheless escapes] Alright, old man. Just you and me, right here, right now. Getting old?
  • You got rusty in your beautiful Abbey.
  • I wanted what was best for us.
  • You move well just like him.
  • You had your chance, but now it's over, boy. Poetic justice. Your father ruined my life, and now I'll ruin his, by killing you. How sweet. You clung to your grandfather's sword until the end. But now it has to return to me. And I will use it to kill your father. [Justin grabs the sword with his free hand] What?


  • You finish the job, son.
  • Let me tell you a tale. The true tale of your grandfather and his sword. When we the defended the walls of Rhull, our King died, and the Queen was left alone, heartbroken and too troubled to govern. Your father decided that rather than following in Sir Roland's steps, he wanted to be a lawyer, and the Queen relied on him to help her rule the kingdom. But every change brings more change. Oaths and deeds invaded every part of our lives. The Queen believed this would bring an end to the kind of fighting that had killed her King. So, ignoring her heart, she signed that fateful decree and outlawed knights. All of them obeyed, save one. Sir Heraclio accused the queen, of being weak, and the lawyers of usurping her power. He lunged toward the Queen and Reginald. And that is how two knights, who had once been comrades in arms, fought to the death. Sir Roland disarmed Heraclio. He had the opportunity to kill him. But he hesitated. And so Sir Roland's sword was stained with his own blood, and the most noble hero, that this land had ever known, paid the highest price to save his son and his Kingdom. And the rest is history.
  • Finish me off, you madman. We both know you like to kill knights.
  • The whole world partied that night, but Sir Justin, simply dined with his true love. And of course they were not alone. We never are. Because up there, in the stars above, all the heroes, past, present and future, look down upon us and smile.
  • Do you really know me lad?
  • That doesn't seem like a fair fight. Looks like I'm just in time.


  • Are you lost?
  • In what, bell ringing?
  • Do I look like a ferryman?


  • Its weird.

Grandma Lily[edit]

  • You will need a quest.
  • You were a child you dreamed it was there. But now you're becoming a man.
  • What's taking him so long?
  • I told you he'd be here.
  • One day, when Reginald was little, he said to your grandad: "Dad, when I grow up I am going to be one of those men", "who makes laws. Because the world is too complicated without laws". And your grandad said: "Then son, you will be whatever you want to be". And he hugged him. I remember the king's words the day your grandad was knighted: "Carry this sword with strength", "and prepare your heart for goodness". "Never use it to do harm in anger, but always to defend the good and the just".
  • Don't you ever talk like that again. Your father was one of them. He would be ashamed to know how pig-headed and narrow minded his son has become. Talk with your son. No, better yet, listen to your son.
  • If you knew your son, you would know that there is something he wouldn't miss for the world.
  • Just as it should be.


  • Justin, you have shown courage, kindness, and you saved the kingdom. For this, you will receive the highest honour. The title of knight. But in order for it not to be illegal we have one thing to do first. The decree that bans knights must be overturned. For this we need two signatures. It is time to amend our mistake.
  • Justin, do you accept the heavy burden that knighthood entails, and swear fidelity to your kingdom? Carry this sword with strength and prepare your heart for kindness. Never use it to do harm or to offend, but use it to defend what is good and just. Receive these strikes and not others, in remembrance of the oath that you have made. Arise, Sir Justin!


  • Creatures of flames, come out of your lair! Answer my call and help us all!
  • I see the girl. In a... dark tower! But, there is something more. I see a dark army. The apocalypse is upon us! You have such little faith.
  • Oh, great! Now we're lost. Are you blaming me for being lost? Well, who else can I blame? You're the one who got us lost. Why didn't you ask somebody? Who is there to ask in this godforsaken place? A rock, you fool?
  • Ah, I see two waterfalls. Let me use my power. Between the two, I see a dark tower.
  • Okay. Telepathically or in person?
  • Yes. No. They will appear from the North. They will appear from the South. From the North. South. Just a second. I'm going to break it. Don't pull my head... hair.
  • The boy needs us. Yes, he does. I am one. Divide int more.
  • She likes him. Well... For once we agree on something.
  • No, he's fine, because you're still thinking about him. Now tell.
  • And to my next trick I need a volunteer, to send him into another dimension.
  • These plants might help. It must be put on the wound. Gently. For this spell to work, I need the hand of a magician. And the hand of a true knight.


  • You're going to law school. And that's Final.
  • The long nights, studying under the stars... And soon your diploma will hang next to mine.
  • There.
  • [Stopping Justin after seeing his best friend Talia] Better close the window
  • Now listen, knights no long exist, because we don't need them. You will be twice the hero when you learn the letter of the law.
  • Rise and shine. It's a truly splendid day.
  • My son is going to Law School. The justice officers will take care of that.
  • Son, he died in my arms. What if by signing this law, I lose you too?
  • No. My son Justin is no longer a child. If I didn't understand that, I'd really lose him.
  • This came for you. They were enthusiastic to have you.


  • What you think of this? Is it grown up enough for my coming of age party?
  • That's nice.
  • She suits you.
  • Let me go, you brute!
  • Who was he?
  • My father could have paid a hundred thousand. Maybe more. Maybe a million.
  • So, this is Sir Justin. Yes, I would be safe with you. I think daddy was right, Justin, You should go to Law School. But not with me.
  • Now that's so hot!


  • Forgive us, my lord, I got held up in town. And I took advantage of the visit to see the latest fashions and to hear the latest gossip too. Allow me to present your army!
  • Do you like my ring?
  • [repeated line] Power and style!
  • Okay, action. [nothing happens] Ugh, NOW, you pinhead!
  • Little brat! Good sword play, girl. But you should watch your rear guard.
  • Darling, a little more style in your poses, please. You are a girl, after all.
  • Ah, what perfect skin! If daddy wants his pretty little daughter to grace a beauty salon again. The ransom is 10,000 gold coins. He has 48 hours.
  • Tonight is going to be a night of spectacle, of excitement and... audience participation. I'm looking for some help. A willing victim, if you like. The amazing Miss Lara.
  • Really, Sir 'H'... We're going to get terribly healthy living here. Well, it has character. But as they say: "location, location, location". Oh, and jewellery too. Nice crown.
  • Stop dreaming, you dunderhead! Attack him! Go on, idiots!
  • Power and... You, half-wits, strike the pose. Power and Style! Power and Style! Go on, lads.
  • Hey! Come here! Imbeciles!
  • He may be a knight but he is facing three brave soldiers who are undaunted by him.
  • Boys, do as the lawyer says.
  • And besides, I'll get to meet her. She's divine. Some people just are born stylish.
  • Sire, I've got a plan to get more gold. Lord Brazenhead, is the richest man in the land. He's throwing a party for his daughter, Miss Lara. No expense spared. All the town cryers are shouting about it.

Sir Clorex[edit]

  • [Justin and Talia arrive] Hey, you, henchmen, kill them! And make it quick!
  • That's it! There is this school for little orphans, and... and they can't eat. Their little hands tremble so much that they can't hold on to their food. It breaks your heart!


Justin: [first lines; voice-over] Welcome to the kingdom of Gabylonia, once home of the bravest knights of all. But, not anymore. Ever since the knights were forced to leave the kingdom and justice officers took their place, we get a new law every day.

Sota: [typing on a paper machine doubling as a medieval laptop] Calculating the vector squared by the wind speed... You, Champ! 15 degrees south by southwest.
Champ: Huh?
Sota: [frustrated, gestures] I mean that way!

Sota: Okay, here's the plan. When we free the first group, Champ will bring them out. Copaz, you and me - [Copaz lets fly a huge belch] You've got to stay off the fizzy stuff, Copaz!
Copaz: Wait, it was...him! [gestures to his horse]
Sota: Oh yes, we are the four fantastiques.

Talia: Ready.
Justin: Wow. That looks better.
Talia: Great, I can't pay the rent, but at least I look better.
Justin: How come you fight so well?
Talia: Five older brothers.
Justin: Sounds like a lovely family.
Talia: Hey, you need a sidekick.
Justin: I'm not a knight remember.
Talia: Listen, if Sir Flippin' the Chicken-hearted in there, can pretend to be a knight,
Justin: Don't even try.
Talia: You can't give up. Did you see us back there?
Justin: I let everyone done. Even Lara.
Talia: Who's Lara?
Justin: The lady I wanted to dedicate my deeds to. I promised I would go back to her coming of age party. And give her back her sock..
Talia: Her sock.
Melquiades: Why, a sock.
Justin: It's a long story.
Melquiades: Strange boy.
Justin: I wanted to come back a knight, and I'm coming back a loser.
Talia: You have to go. But not by yourself. With a wizard and a girl like me on your arm you'll get your princess.

Copaz: Sir Clorex?! A knight?! You said there weren't any nights in the kingdom! Let's go!
Sota: No. We need the girl for the plan. He may be a knight, but he's facing three brave soldiers who are undaunted by anything- [notices that Champ and Copaz have run off] This is so unprofessional!

Melquiades: Oh great, now we’re lost.

Justin: I wish you hadn't come.
Talia: What?
Justin: No. I wish you weren't here.
Talia: Excuse me?
Justin: What I mean is....I don't want anything happen to you.
Talia: Shall we finish them off.


  • Every Kingdom needs a Hero.


  • Freddie Highmore as Justin
  • Saoirse Ronan as Talia
  • James Cosmo as Blucher
  • Charles Dance as Legantir
  • Tamsin Egerton as Lara
  • Antonio Banderas as Sir Clorex
  • Rupert Everett as Sota
  • Barry Humphries as Braulio
  • Alfred Molina as Reginald
  • Mark Strong as Heraclio
  • David Walliams as Melquiades / Karolius
  • Julie Walters as Grandma Lilly
  • Olivia Williams as the Queen of Babylonian
  • Stephen Hughes as Copas
  • Lloyd Hutchinson as Igor and Champ
  • Nigel Lambert as The 3 Justice Officers
  • Stephen Marcus as The 3 Guards
  • Tayler Marshall as The First Child
  • Niab Nathaniel as The Small Girl
  • James 'Jimmy' O'Brien as The Second Child
  • Richard O'Brien as The Innkeeper and the Baker
  • Keith Wickbam as Nicasio and the Villager
  • Matt Wilkinson as Slamski

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