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Kaone Kario was born in Maun, Botswana in 1986. She won the Nokia Face of Africa modelling competition in 2005 at the age of 19.[1] Kario who is now based in South Africa has appeared in several billboards and done a number of television commercials for cosmetics brands. She aspires to motivate young people who want to choose a carrier in modelling and fashion. In 2011 she moved to New York after being offered a contract there.[2] She holds a degree in media studies.


  • I remember watching tv and just wanted to be inside it.
  • why do we feel compelled to appear beautiful?
  • Can’t beauty be defined by being comfortable in your own skin?
  • does looking beautiful come naturally, or does it entail applying layers of makeup to your face or wearing designer labels?
  • I feel like we’re in trouble as long as we live in a world where a black woman feels a need to bleach her skin
  • why do we have to wait for the west to validate our skin, our hair, and our way of life. Why are we always waiting on them to validate our blackness?
  • Blackness is not a trend!
  • The mistake I made in my young years was not knowing that modelling is a business. Your relationship with your booker is crucial, but don't forget that you are as good as your last job
  • tone is very important. How you say things matters.
  • I don't like to wander.
  • It's easy to be a peacock in a small market.
  • I don't compete with you, I compete with the voices in me
  • I do these things to prove to me that I can.
  • My hardest lesson was realising how much of my value I had attached on my work.
  • Enjoy your season and don't be apologetic about it,
  • If you're having a season of your life, run through it like you're running through a field of sunflowers

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