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Kate & Leopold is a movie released in 2001, with Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman acting in it. The movie is directed by James Mangold, written by Steven Rogers (story) and James Mangold himself (screenplay).


  • Are you suggesting that there exists a law compelling gentlemen to lay hold of canine bowel movements?
  • I'm accustomed to stand when a woman leaves the table.
  • No one wants to be romanced by a buffoon.
  • I warn you, scoundrel, I was trained to ride at the King's Academy, and schooled in weaponry by the Palace Guard; you stand no chance. When you run, I shall ride, and when you stop, the steel of this strap shall be lodged in your brain!


  • I haven't been your girlfriend for a whole month now. You can tell me the truth.
  • You know something? Nobody gives a rat's ass that you have to push the toast down twice! You know why? Because EVERYBODY pushes their toast down twice!


  • Theoretically, if you go to the past in the future, then your future lies in the past. This is a picture of you in the future - in the past.

[while at dinner, JJ has been quoting Boheme to Kate. As Leopold leaves, he decides to correct JJ's errors] Leopold: By the way. There is no "Andre" in Boheme. It's Rodolfo. And though it takes place in France, it is rarely played in French as it is written in Italian. Goodnight, Kate. [he leaves. Charlie grins at JJ and Kate and then follows]


Leopold: As I see it, Patrice has not an inkling of your affections, and it's no wonder. You, Charles, are a merry-andrew.
Charlie: A what?
Leopold: Everything plays a farce to you. Women respond to sincerity. No-one wants to be romanced by a buffoon.
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