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The Katha Upanishad is one of the principal Upanishads. The upanishad consists of a dialogue between Naciketas and Death (Yama).


Olivelle, Patrick (1998). The Early Upanishads. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-512435-9. 
  • This self cannot be grasped,
by teachings or by intelligence,
or even by great learning.
Only the man he chooses can grasp him,
whose body this self chooses as his own.
  • 3.1.23
  • Not by speech, not by the mind,
not by sight can he be grasped.
How else can that be perceived,
other than by saying "He is!"
  • 6.12
  • In just two ways can he be perceived:
by saying that "He is."
by affirming he's the real.
To one who perceives him as "He is."
it becomes clear that he is real.
  • 6.13
  • Then, after Naciketas received this body of knowledge,
and the entire set of yogic rules taught by Death,
He attained brahman, he became free from aging and death;
so will others who know this teaching about the self.
  • 6.18
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