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Keshia Chante

Keshia Chante (born 16 June 1988) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, model and executive producer.


  • You need to love this with your heart and soul. You need to breathe music. My best advice — perform as much as you can. With every mistake, progress.
  • Don't resurrect relationships with negative people off of good memories. You will only remind yourself why they became your past in the first place.
  • How you play, is how you'll be remembered. Go Hard, follow your heart or be forgotten.
  • Sometimes your friends take you ten steps backwards for every step you take forward. Sometimes misplaced loyalty ruins your destiny.
  • Whoever said money can't buy happiness wasn't spending it helping people who needed it.
  • When you live your life acting upon your deepest intuitions, no decision you ever make in life will be feared or a risk.
  • The music game is more than just my love for singing, its a sport for me.
  • Just because we fall and slip up at times, doesn't mean it should define who we are. We fail. We're humans. It's how we heal wounds that count.
  • Your environment will become you. Surround yourself with people who have the same dream as you, who have accomplished what you want & more.
  • My life is great because I made it that way. Anything other than happiness doesn't get a pass key.
  • A business tip, you never know who's having "pillow talk" with one another. Watch what u say, who u say it to, & WHO u talk about.
  • Having Plan B is good. But if your obsessed with Plan A, u'll never need backup. Become Obsessed with ur goals, ur focus will bring results.
  • Ladies, your self-worth is like your price tag. If he's not offering what your worth, he can't have you. No bargains, no sales.

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