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Kidsongs is an American children's media franchise which includes Kidsongs Music Video Stories (1985-1998) and The Kidsongs TV Show (1987-1998) on DVD and video, CDs of favorite children’s songs, song books, sheet music, toys and an ecommerce website. Kidsongs was created by producer/writer Carol Rosenstein and director Bruce Gowers of Together Again Video Productions, who had produced and directed over 100 music videos for Warner Brothers Records and took their idea of music videos for children to the record label.

Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes[edit]

Mom: Uncle George, where's your car?
Uncle George (played by Clifford Scott): Uh, well, I, I must have left it at the park. We'll have to go back and get it.
Ashande Gravenberg: Great! The park again!
Mom: I thought you were bored of the park.
All Kids: We love it!
Mom: Uncle George, what have you been up to?!
Uncle George (played by Clifford Scott): It wasn't me! It was him! [points to Mike the Dog]

Very Silly Songs (recorded in 1989 and released in 1990)[edit]

Girl: He's Jim Along Josie?
Silly Willy: He sure is!
Owner: And he can do just about anything you ask him to!

Bre Selzter: Wow, you have a lot of animals.
Farmer Phil (played by Don Mincey): Yes, I do.
Boy: [The birds chirp] How come you have so many?
Farmer Phil (played by Don Mincey): Well, I started out wanting a cat. Things got a little out of hand. Listen up and I'll tell you all about it.

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