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Kim Possible is a Disney animated series about a teenage crime fighter who balances high school life with action-packed secret missions.

Season 1[edit]

Crush [1.1][edit]

Kim: A naked mole rat? Ron, ever think about getting a normal pet?
Ron: Like what?
Kim: Something... not naked.
Ron: Never be normal! That's the Ron Stoppable motto.

Ron: Tokyo! I love the French!

Kim: Doctor Drakken...
Ron: Our arch enemy!... Well, your arch enemy. I... err... ...You know, I don't think he even knows my name.

[Ron fires a grappling hook, which tears his pants off.]
Ron: AH!
Kim: Ron, stop playing around!
Ron: Okay, I'm going...
[fires a second grappling hook, which tears his shirt off.]
Ron: Oh, c-, are you kidding me?!
Kim: Very funnyǃ
Ron: The third time's the charmǃ

Drakken: So, Kim Possible, you think to thwart my plan...!
Shego: [Cuts him off] Don't stop to tell her the plan!

Mr. Possible: I do not believe it! That Dr. Drakken fellow stole the factory! It seems two employs were rescued by a famous teen girl-- Hey, Kim Possible! Nice, work, honey.

Mr. Possible: I wouldn't just give up without a fight. With Drakken, I mean. Better get back on his case, tout suite. And Kimmy Cub, let's not talk about "hotties" at breakfast anymore.
[Mrs. Possible comes in]
Mrs. Possible: Who's a hottie?
Mr. Possible: We're not talking about it!

Ron: So...Heinrich! Got any teenage daughters who might want to go to a big American dance party?
Heinrich: Nein!
Ron: Nine? One's plenty!...Well, maybe two.
Heinrich: NEIN MEANS NO!

Ron: Hey, I helped with that avalanche too, you know.
Kim: You STARTED it.

Ron: You want to steal Christmas!
Drakken: Not even close.
Kim: So this is a take-over-the-world thing, Ron.

Ron: That would be so cool if it wasn't going to hurt us.

Drakken: Why did she have to be a cheerleader?! If she was on the debate team, I would have vaporized her by now!

Ron: Kim, Drakken's in jail. Christmas was saved! What's the big?
Kim: Okay, first of all, he was not trying to steal Christmas!

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Heinrich.
Heinrich: Aw, Kim, you silly! After you saved our village from that avalanche!
Kim: No big.

Sink or Swim [1.2][edit]

Mr. Barkin: Stoppable, you know the lay of the land?
Ron: Every rock, every tree, every bloodthirsty tick... it haunts me.
Mr. Barkin: Good. Where's the phone?
8-Year-Old Ron: Mom, hey, it's me again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I just called three minutes ago. But I just wanted to ask you one more time... CAN YOU PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE?!
Ron: I seem to recall a payphone.

Ron: This place holds a lot of memories for me. Some bad, some...No. No, no, all bad.

Ron: We'll see who's the squeeb at the end of the summer when you're all wrinkled up like a prune, and I gotta a suitcase full of hand-made wallets, pot holders and lanyards.

Gill: Oh, I am no longer Gil, now I am GILL!
Ron: ...What's the difference?
Gill: I added an "L". You know, as in gill, as in, these THINGS that grew when I mutated?!

Gill: So, Ron, did you ever hear WHY they shut down the camp?
Ron: Uhhh... no.
Gill: It turns out - oh, you're gonna love this - the lake had been polluted with runoff from the Science Camp!
[Cuts to Science Camp]
Ron: I thought that was Band Camp.
Gill: No, that's Band Camp.
[Cuts to Band Camp]
Ron: Really? I thought that was Clown Camp.
Gill: No, that's Clown Camp!
[Cuts to Clown Camp]
Ron: Oh, yeah. I loved those clowns.

Kim: Gill, we can get you help. We know a lot of scientists who-
Gill: Science?! Science made me this way!
Ron: Are you sure it wasn't the clowns?

Ron: Part of me is terrified... And yet part of me is FLATTERED.

Barkin: This is sick and wrong!

Ron: Hey, Gill, maybe this is a good time to sing the Camp Wannaweep Friendship Song?


Gill: He's out on the lake? My lake? How dumb can he be?

Bonnie: You know, just because you saved us doesn't mean you're not still, you know, YOU. But it would really stink if that jerk had turned us into mutants. And you were kinda brave, and all.
Ron: [high-fives Rufus] Who rocks?
Bonnie: [sighs] You do.

Ron: Oh, Bonnie, you remind me of the cruel kids at camp - sticks and stones.
Tara: [Gasp] They called you names?
Ron: Yes, while they were pelting me with sticks and stones!

Ron: So, does that mean that I can call the shots on the next mission?
Kim: We'll see.
Ron: Oh, I know what that means!
Kim: It means: "we'll see."
Ron: No, it's code for: "not a chance."
Kim: Actually, it's code for: "ferociously unlikely."

The New Ron [1.3][edit]

Kim: I know what's best for Ron. Even if he doesn't.

Kim: Your house sucks up so much power, it's causing blackouts all over Europe.
Senor Senior, Sr.: And these people without power, they are... inconvenienced?
Kim: Very.
Senor Senior, Sr.: You see, Junior, how awful it is to be poor?

Ron: You've got doors that go – that go "whoosh"!
Senor Senior, Jr.: I always wondered about the "whoosh"...
Senor Senior, Sr.: I like the "whoosh." It's the door saying, "I am closed."

Kim: Oh, good. Missiles. I am SO glad you told him to get missiles!
Ron: Oh, so I made a few suggestions, KP - does that make it MY fault?
Kim: One hundred percent.

Ron: Oh, man, I have a zit on my nose!
Kim: Will you get over yourself, Ron?!
Ron: You do too, Kim! Right there!

Kim: Self-activating lasers! [She pulls Ron away, and they dive beneath the table. Kim looks accusingly at Ron] (Mocks Ron) throw in some traps.

Ron: Hey, on the positive side, this guy is clearly a TERRIFIC listener.

Kim: [to Ron] Never, EVER, tell anyone to go out and buy spinning tops of doom.

Senor Senior, Sr.: The piranha won't be here till Monday, but I assure you, the koi have not been fed in DAYS.

Tick Tick Tick [1.4][edit]

Mr. Barkin: Going somewhere, Miss Possible?
Kim: Mr. Barkin, I-I-I'm, er...
Mr. Barkin: A Tardy. Third time this month, yes?
Kim: Maybe. I'm not sure.
Mr. Barkin: I am. Looks like I'll be seeing you after school.
Kim: At cheerleading practice?
Mr. Barkin: [loudly] AT DETENTION, POSSIBLE!
Kim: [shocked] Detention?! [intro plays]

Drakken: Who wants to build a robot tick? I do, I do!
Shego: Er...Doctor Drakken? You do know you said that out loud, don't you?

Kim: What?
Detention Guy: Never been this close to a cheerleader. Your skin is so smooth and a baby's bottom...
Kim: Ew!

Kim: Ron, U-Turn
Ron: What? Oh gotta save your boys.

[Cut to Draken and Shego]

Shego: Ooh! We got her boys!

[Cut back to Kim and Ron]

Kim: They're not my boys!

Shego: You! Yeah, you don't touch anything.

Drakken: Enough chit-chat! My pets are famished! Perhaps you two could stay...
Kim: [Cuts him off] For lunch?
Drakken: [Quickly] I wasn't going to say that.
Ron: Oh, dude, you were SO 'for lunch.'
Drakken: Aargh! Yes! Then - stay-for-lunch!

Shego: Nano? [laughs] What's 'Nano'?
Drakken: [facepalm] Nano. Tiny. MINI.
Shego: Why don't you just say "mini" then?
Drakken: 'Cause nano sounds about a hundred times better!

Ron: Remote-control lasers! I can handle this... [glares at lasers, then slumps] I got nothing. Kim?

Barkin: Nobody escapes MY detention! Possible, you're going DOWN!

Drakken: A beep!...Is that a good beep?

Drakken: If you could just tell me what to do, I could do it.
Shego: What did we agree on?
Drakken: ...I don't touch anything.
Shego: Yeah!
Drakken: [watching Shego use the beam to tear the roof off] I could've done that.
Shego: But can you do this? [Shego somersaults into Bueno Nacho] Kim Possible has something that BELONGS to us!
Kim: Guess what? I don't want it.
Shego: It's on you? What, like, stuck?
Kim: Hello, it's not a nose ring. [pointing to the nano bug stuck on her nose]
Drakken: [to Shego] Take her whole NOSE if you have to!
Shego: Works for me!

Shego: [to Drakken] Can you not be weird? Please?

Drakken: Shego has failed?! But she never fails! Naw!

Ron: [freaking out] The tick... is in... the straw. The tick is in the straw. The tick is in the straw! What do I do?! What do I do?!

Downhill [1.5][edit]

Barkin: Sweet mother of pearl!

Barkin: ...That's a lot of plush, lady.

Barkin: Lady, you are...
DNAmy: Special?
Barkin: You are SICK, AND WRONG!

DNAmy: We could have been so cute together, Stevie. But now you'll know what it's like to be genetically fused with a hairless rodent!

Ron: Rufus, you're alright! ...And you're wearing Barkin's clothes...
Kim: ...Then what's Mr. Barkin wearing?

[Barkin appears out of the other end of the machine, torso and above, apparently naked]


Kim: Just once, I wish the bad guy's lair didn't have to blow up...

Bueno Nacho [1.6][edit]

Wade: I have bad news.
Kim: No kidding. I can NOT afford this jacket.

Ron: Is that a clip-on tie, Ned?
Ned: [clipping and unclipping tie] For quick removal in the event of a grease fire.

Ron: Oh, no... no, no, not the puppy dog pout!

Drakken: A-ha! Eat magma, Milwaukee!
[He slams his fist down on the "fire" button, but only molten cheese pours out.]
Drakken: Why isn't Milwaukee eating magma? [as molten cheese rises around his ankles] Please do not tell me that this place is actually made of cheese! I thought it was a cheese-covered building!
Sinking Tour Guide: [floating by] Oh, golly, no. You'd be surprised... [gets swamped] BLUB BLUG GLUG...

Ron: Rufus, this is a precision instrument, incredibly complex. Better mess with everything.

Ron: [over loudspeaker at Bueno Nacho] Fifty-eight, your order's great! Fifty-nine, looking fine! Sixty, um... your food's ready.

Kim: Ron. We might have a lead on Drakken. [weighing them in her hand] Drakken... nachos? I'm gonna have to go with Drakken.
Ron: Well, that kind of 'tude is narrowing the race for "employee of the month."

Kim: ...Mom, do you have me on speaker?
Kim's Mom: Sorry, honey - I've got both hands in a fifty-two-year-old male's temporal lobe.

Drakken: [to Kim] You see?! Any second now, I will strike swiftly, and without mercy...!
Shego:...Er...actually, make it more like...half hour?
Drakken: Fine, whatever.

Drakken: Excuse me... I have to go make a scene.

Kim: Ron, get to the laser drill. I'LL take care of Shego.
Ron: Great plan...! What exactly is the plan, again?

Ron: [Rufus picks up dog biscuit] Don't eat it, Rufus! It could be -
[Rufus stuffs the biscuit in Ron's mouth]
Ron: - Hmm. Mmm. Bacony.

Kim: ...What're you eating?
Ron: Taco meets Nacho. I call it: 'The Naco.'
Kim: ...I call it gross beyond reason.

Ron: I belong... I belong to Bueno Nacho! Yo amo esto lugar! ["I love this place!"]
Rufus: Si! ["Yes!"]

Ned: Your bilingual wiles will hold no sway with me, Miss Possible. I am management.

Ned: Well, well, well! Looks like you've got a choice to make, Stoppable! What's more important - Your sacred duty as assistant manager, or your pathetic role as goofy sidekick?
[Ron and Ned circle each other before coming to a halt]
Ron: Well that's no choice at all. I guess it's time to say... Buenos noches, Bueno Nacho. [Good night, Bueno Nacho]

Ron: Guess that wasn't much of a plan.
Kim: Not as great as your Bueno Nacho bathroom-break-chart.
Ron: I gooned on assitant manager power. You were right.
Kim: I did resent your superior burrito technique. You're entitled to excel. Forgive me?
Ron: Duh! Forgive me?
Kim: Totally.
Drakken: Aw, that's so sweet. Friends again. Just in time to be fried in magma.
Ron: Remind me again why I rushed over.

Drakken: [To a henchman] CAN'T YOU DRILL ANY FASTER?ǃ I'd have built an entire army of evil robots in the time it's taken YOU to penetrate the Earth's crust!

Ron: What's wrong, KP? You won.
Kim: I'm very happy. Really.
Ron: You don't sound happy.
Kim: Okay. I know this is beyond shallow but, I saved the world and I'm no closer of owning that Club Banana jacket!
Ron: Maybe, [hands Kim a Club Banana box] maybe not.
Kim: Ron!
Ron: Oh, it's no big deal. My Naco bonus was way bueno.
Kim: You are too sweet! I love it! [hugs Ron] Thanks. [Ned arrives wearing the same jacket] Ned?
Ron: Dude, what are you wearing?
Ned: Somebody left this picture over the cheese machine, and I just had to have it. Viva me!
Ron: Exchange it?
Kim: Oh yeah!

Number One [1.7][edit]

Ron: There it is - Killigan's Island. [Will and Kim stare at him] What?

Agent Will Du: I've got no time for games.
Big Daddy: That's too bad. I was going to suggest you and my friend play "Thud."
Will: "Thud"?
[Big Daddy claps; large goon emerges from the shadows; Will Du is tossed through a window.]
Big Daddy: [laughs] I love that game!

Bonnie: In case you're wondering, Kim, that's what giving 150% looks like.
Kim: Careful, Bonnie, I hear when you reach 160, you spontaneously combust.

Kim: Ron, have you been listening to a word I've said.
Ron: Bonnie has the nerve to challenge me after all I've done for the squad, after all I've done for her? I can't BELIEVE this!...Close quote. [Kim looks at him in askance] Now, were you listening to my burrito problem?

Ron: [after watching Killigan disappear through a hole beneath his feet] Suddenly, the whole world is full of holes that people just whoosh away in.

Mind Games [1.8][edit]

Kim: You make my life sound like cake.
Ron: Let's see, you're smart, athletic, pretty and popular. Sounds pretty cakey to ME.
Kim: Okay, flip mode. Playing video games, watching wrestling, and downing "snackage." It must be brutal being you.
Ron: Try the demands of raising Rufus as a single parent? Not to mention the pressures of maintaining my image. [Kim gives him a sideways glance] Okay, so I don't exactly have an image yet; but I'm working on it. And frankly, it's exhausting!

Mrs. Possible: As a board-certified neurosurgeon, I've got to say: It's just not possible to swap brains.
Ron as Kim: Point taken, Dr. P, but how else do you explain my bare midriff?

Mr. Possible: [chuckling] Chasing bad guys, switching brains... high school sure has changed since my day.

Drakken: Declare me supreme ruler of Earth, or I will neutronolize a different major city, every hour on the hour! That should do it.
Shego: What does "neutronolize" mean, anyway?
Drakken: I have no idea. But the military had it, it was top-secret, that's good enough for me.

Kim as Ron: Ron and I will distract them, while you disarm the neutronolizer...
Ron as Kim: How come, when I finally get to be you, I still end up being the distraction?

Ron: Good news, we're all back in our bods. Bad news, I think we neutranilized the Neutranilizer.
Kim: Or not. [the Neutranilizer is in one piece]
Private Dobbs: Did I neglect to mention that Neutranilizer is dang near indestructible?
Ron: I know someone like that.
Kim: Back at ya, brain-switch boy!

Attack of the Killer Bebes [1.9][edit]

Kim: There's plenty of teams and clubs out there. You could join... the Mathletes!
Ron: Yeah, right! I can't get in that kind of shape!
Kim: How about the debate team?
Ron: Look, I'm not going to argue with you, Kim!

Ron: [mocking Kim] Oh, I'm Kim Possible, I can do ANYTHING! ...Except believe in my best friend!

Bonnie: [mocking Ron's new Mad Dog mascot] This is idiotic! The entire student body will laugh at you.
Ron: But-
Bonnie: Not "with", "AT"!
Ron: Look...
Bonnie: Loudly and cruelly, they...will...laugh!
Ron: You don't deserve to get kissed by a naked mole rat.
Rufus: Yeah!

Mr. Possible: Frankly, your mother has the good advice vis-a-vis boy trouble.
Kim: This isn't about boys, Dad. It's about Ron.
Mr. Possible: Oh. Gotcha.
Kim: Everyone got down on Ron, and I don't know, maybe I should have stuck up for him.
Mr. Possible: But you didn't...
Kim: He was foaming at the mouth. I'm only human!
Mr. Possible: Well, you know, Kimmy Cub, back when I was in college, I had a group of friends, my posse, if you will. It was the night of the big science department mixer. In those days, I wasn't exactly a ladies man.

(Cue flashback to his collage days, It's the night of the science department mixer. Drew promised them dates but instead has built girl robats named bebe that are supose to obey him but they malfuction and they laugh at him)

Mr. Possible: Drew dropped out and we never saw him again. He never forgave us, and I think, in some small way, we never forgave ourselves.
Kim: For just a giggle fit?
Mr. Possible: No, no, Kimmy Cub, we laughed for days. looong and loud... with youthful abandon!

Kim: Wade, Ron's missing. Can you find him?
Wade: Do you think I have him microchipped, or something?
Kim: Well, do you?
Wade: [reluctantly] Yeah, hang on...

Kim: The fact, that I was so rotten to you, that's not gonna drive you into becoming some sort of mask wearing villain, is it?
Ron: If I said yes, would you let me do my Mad Dog-routine?
Kim: That's not a good reason for me to say yes.
Ron: I know.
Kim: Because you're my best friend, that's a good reason.
Ron: Boo-yah! Mad Dog lives! [howls like a dog]

Royal Pain [1.10][edit]

Barkin: This is a democracy, people, NOW DO AS I SAY! LET'S HEAR SOME NOMINATIONS!

Coach Possible [1.11][edit]

Ron: It's just a game. With small children. Who cry when they see you coming!

Kim: [To her mother] Not the puppy dog pout! That's mine!

Kim: Ron, what are you doing here?
Ron: I come for the games but I stay for the burnt pizza smell. [sniffs the air] Mmm.

Senor Senior Jr.: Looks like we picked up a few passengers. Kim Possible and her sidekick-type friend whose name escapes me.
Senor Senior Sr.: [leaning out of helicopter] What is your name again, young man?ǃ
Ron: [yelling] IT'S RONǃ RON STOPPABLEǃ
Senor Senior Sr.: That's right...

Ron: Quick, shimmy up the cable.
Kim: You're closer, you shimmy.
Ron: Have you ever seen me shimmy? It's not pretty.

Ron: Come on, we don't have much time.
Kim: Ron, they're in a helicopter? We'll never catch them.
Ron: Who's talking about them? Bueno Nacho closes in three minutes! I'm starving!

Ron: You get one chimerito and they give you like a dozen little packets of Diablo sauce. You can't possibly use all this sauce. Somewhere, there's a landfill loaded with unopened hot sauce. And someday, I'm gonna find it.

Ron: I think your natural competitive Kim-ness has taken you to a very dark place.

Wade': Well. They shouldn't be hard to find.
Ron: Yeah, the map helps.

Senor Senior Sr.: It is your evil disco; not mine.

Senor Senior Sr.: So, you taught the animals to cha cha cha. Now, tell me your villainous scheme.
Senor Senior Jr.: My plan is this. As the funny animals dance to the pounding beat, the crowd will be inspired to do the same!
Senor Senior Sr.: And then?
Senor Senior Jr.: We will party all night long!
Senor Senior Sr.: Everyone will dance? That is your evil plan?
Senor Senior Jr.: Aaaaand...I will overcharge for beverages! Hahahaha!

Senor Senior Sr.: Ah, the 'clever threat'! Good, Jr.! Now, you must follow through with a display of violent anger.
Senor Senior Jr.: But I'm mildly put off at best!

[In the Possible living room, Kim's dad is shown to have broken his leg]
Mr. Dr. Possible: Kimmy Cub, the team needs a coach, just until I'm back on my feet.
Kim: You cannot be serious; I don't know the first thing about soccer.
Mrs. Dr. Possible: What's to know? You're wonderful with children. [Kim's twin brothers, Jim and Tim come in rolling, fighting and knocking over furniture]
Kim: [angrily] Those are not children! I'm not even sure if thier human! [her Kimmunicator beeps] Wade, what's the sitch?
Wade: There's been some trouble at JP Barrymore's Pizza Partytorium!
Kim: Tell me about it! My dad is totally out of action.
Wade: No, Kim, after you guys left, they were robbed.

Waiter: Somebody stole JP Barrymore!
Ron: At least you still have the back-up band.
Waiter: The bear was totally carrying those hacks! JP is the state of the art animatronic musicians!

Ron: Pizzapottomus! No!

Ron: KP, this can't go on.
Kim: What?
Ron: Studying, in study hall, it sets a bad precedent.

Kim: There's no "I" in team.
Tim: And there's no "fun" in soccer.
Jim: Not with her hogging the ball.

Kim: Wade, can you hack into the system contolling the animals?
Wade: Kim, it's the most sophisticated computer system I've ever seen!
Kim: It's a banjo-playing bear!

Pain King vs. Cleopatra' [1.12][edit]

Ron: [scoffing] Cleopatra. Who's going to remember her 10 years from now?

Kim: Prepare to be body slammered, Jackal!
Ron: That's body slammed, Kim.

Monkey Fist Strikes [1.13][edit]

Dr. Possible: Morning, honey. How'd Cambodia go?
Kim: Mixed. The good part, I rescued a priceless icon from a ferociously snaky, spiky pit. Less good, a ninja stole it.
Dr. Possible: Isn't that just like those darn ninjas?

Lord Monty Fiske: Crazy, you say? Like it was crazy to spend the family fortune on radical genetic mutation and dangerous experimental surgery? Like it was crazy to become a man-monkey WHO VIOLATES EVERY LAW OF NATURE AND SCIENCE?! [calms down] It's a touch unconventional...

Lord Monty Fiske: Bow to my power! I am... MONKEY FIST!

Monkey Fist: And so, monkey hater, we meet again...! [bell chimes] Serenity time, time to center...

Ron: [thinking] I must become that which I fear most... [aloud] HEY, MONKEYS! HIT ME!

October 31st [1.14][edit]

Drakken/Killigan: Kim Possible?!
Killigan: You know her?
Drakken: Know her, hate her. Shego, ATTACK!

Killigan: I WANT MY MONEY!
Drakken: Look, I said I would pay you when the stolen Centurion Project is in my possession. It is not in my possession, therefore, I'm not paying.
Killigan: You... you... you're a criminal!
Drakken: My dear fellow, I repeatedly try to take over the world. OF COURSE I'M CRIMINAL!

Kim: Wade, cool costume...! Wait a second, you're going to leave your room?
Wade: No way, I do it all online.

Alien: Greetings, Anchor Man! I come from a distant star cluster, seeking chocolate!
Wade: Hey, Eugene.
Alien: Aw, how did you know it was me?
Wade: Cross-ref'd your ISP address. I put the candy credits in your mailbox.
Alien: Thanks, Wade! Go in peace.


All The News [1.15][edit]

Ron Stoppable: It's an exposé I call...
Editor: "Math: You'll Never Actually Use It In The Real World"
Ron Stoppable: I'm already working on a follow-up piece about semicolons!

Adrena Lynn: Fuh-reaky! [repeated line]

Kim Possible: Some kid's gonna get hurt trying to imitate that girls stunts!
Jim: Hey! Let's see if we can sneak into the bear cage at the zoo, like Adrena Lynn!
Tim: Cool!
Jim: Here, tie this steak on!

TV Announcer: And reports that Adrena Lynn is a fake, coupled with a rash of copycat stunts across the country...
Jim: That's us! [high fives Tim, prompting pain, given they bungee jumped off a roof with yarn shortly beforehand]
TV Announcer: ...has prompted this network to cancel Adrena Lynn in favor of more... responsible programming. [reaction shot] So! Stay tuned for an extra hour of... "Stuff on Fire!"

Dr. Possible: Jim, Tim, there'll be no rooting for your sister's foe.

Kim Possible: Listen, I'm sorry you almost plunged to your death on worldwide television...
Brick Flagg: Kim, stop. I get it now.
Kim Possible: [dubious] You do?
Brick Flagg: Sure. You had that skinny guy expose Adrena Lynn so she'd freak out and set up this whole 'Save Brick' thing, just to prove you dug me! Kim, you're nice and all, but you try too hard. If you just asked me out, that's cool, but this is too much. I'm sorry, but it's over.

Brick [to Kim] Hey.
Kim: Um, hey, Brick.
Brick: Uh, nice outfit.
Kim: Thanks. It's, er, my size.
Brick: You know, I think what you do is really amazing.
Kim: Oh saving the world is no big.
Brick: I mean how your always spelling stuff in your cheers. It's so C-O-O-L... [pause] That's cool, right?

Kim: [to Ron] Why are you looking at me like that?
Ron: Cause I've found my story. I'm gonna interview you! The Kim Possible!
Kim: Since when does my name have a "The" in front of it?
Ron: And Kim, I won't accept anything less than the hard-hitting truth.

Kim [about Adrena Lynn's show] This show is a mind-numbing waste of satellite frequencies.
Ron: You're right. Besides, I'm taping it at home.

Adrena Lynn: Ratings are up, merchandise sales are up!
Cameraman: M-hm. Copycat incidences are up, too.
Adrena Lynn: It means they're watching. Not my fault if the little dweebs aren't careful.
Cameraman: Maybe they don't get you fake the stunts?
Adrena Lynn: Whatever. The point is if we're to stay on top, the next stunt must be bigger, more extreme!
Cameraman: Like what?
Adrena Lynn: I'm thinking bungee. Freaky!

Bonnie: Kim, I think it is so great what you did.
Kim: Which was?
Bonnie: I mean to risk utter embarrassment and total rejection like that. [shows Kim the paper]
Kim: [reads from the newspaper] "Cheerleader Kim Possible thinks quarterback Brick Flagg is H-O-T, hot." By... [angrily] Ron Stoppable?!
Bonnie: We'll totally be here for you when he dumps you.
[Brick appears]
Brick: So, Kim, you think I'm hot?
Kim: Actually, what I think I said was...
Brick: Cool. What are you doing Friday night?
Kim: Nothing. I mean nothing with you.
Brick: Pick you up at eight?
Kim: I, uh...
Brick: [to some random boy next to him] Hey, she thinks I'm hot.

Kim: [to Ron] So, I think Brick Flagg is hot?!
Girl: [to some boy] It's true. She just said it herself!
Ron: Did you see it? My name in lights? Well, in ink actually, but still.
Kim: Ron, you ferociously misquoted me!
Ron: Whoa. I may have done a tiny bit of rephrasing but, come on; you'd think a crime-fighting cheerleader would give a more interesting interview. The paper liked my story so much, they're giving me a column!

Ron: [to the cafeteria lady] I'll have an omelet, whites only. [gets a heap of greasy food, to Kim] She must not know who I am.
Kim: I'm not sure I know who you are.

Brick: [to Wade] Hey, you're Kim's computer dude.
Wade: And you're that "Kim thinks you're hot" dude.
Brick: [proudly] Yeah, yeah, that's me.
Kim: Excuse me, uh, Brick, I have to go.
Brick: See you Friday.
Wade: He seems nice.
Kim: Okay, spit it out, computer dude.

Ron: What a story! Adrena Lynn is a real hero.
Kim: Ron, she stole that blimp.
Ron: This is art, KP. Sacrifices must be made.

Ron: [notices the Adrena Lynn dummy that Kim saved] Oh, no, it can't be! It was just a dummy. She didn't even fall.

Kim: Ron, get over it, already.
Ron: Sorry, KP, but discovering that your action hero is a big fake is not something you just get over.
Kim: And this from a wrestling fan?
Ron: I don't get the connection.

Wade: Looks like Pop-Pop Porter got so much publicity; he's not pressing charges for the blimp theft.
Ron: She's getting away with it?
Wade: Well, I was able to highlight the key areas on that photo file.
Ron: She calls herself extreme. The big fake!
Kim: Imagine that. Lying to the public just to build up your own reputation.
Ron: Disgusting! [pauses] Well, Adrena Lynn might get a pass from Pop-Pop, but Ron Stoppable smells a story.

[While Kim is watching the TV]
Anchorwoman: And, in our top story, Ron Stoppable of the Middleton High newspaper reports that extreme teen Adrena Lynn is an extreme fake.
Ron: [shows a newspaper] I'm in the paper, too. I'm national, baby!
Kim: [reads from the newspaper] "Ace reporter Ron Stoppable, heralded for breaking the story of TV fake. Adrena Lynn's ratings plummet faster than her fake fall." Can this get any more annoying?

[After Jim and Tim end up in the hospital]
Kim: You were doing what?!
Jim: Bungee jumping out of a blimp, like Adrena Lynn.
Tim: Only we didn't have a blimp, so we used the roof.
Jim: And we didn't have a bungee cord, so we used yarn.
Mr. Dr. Possible: That Adrena Lynn is a menace!
Mrs. Dr. Possible: [angrily] She didn't really bungee jump out of a blimp. Don't you boys watch the news?
Jim: No. The only show we watch is Adrena Lynn.

Kim: Brick, wait! We need to talk.
Brick: Did you just say "we need to talk"? [Kim nods] That's exactly what Amelia said last year when she dumped me. I mean, when we, you know, broke up.
Kim: Well, you can't really call it breaking up if we haven't even...
Brick: I was a wreck. I totally blew it in the big game against East Side. So, what did you wanna talk to me about?
Kim: Just that... I can't wait for Friday either.
Brick: Cool. [walks off]
Kim: I am so toast.

[At the Possible residence, the TV is only showing static]
Mr. Dr. Possible: Darn TV!
Tim: You have to make it work. What good having a broken leg if you can't watch TV all day?
Mrs. Dr. Possible: Maybe this is a good thing. We can have quality family time.
Jim: [desperate] Dad, please!
Tim: You're a rocket scientist. Can't you do something?
Mr. Dr. Possible: Well, I could put it in geosynchronous orbit, but I'm not sure how that would help.

Adrena Lynn: [about Kim] She is so toast! Roll the camera!
Cameraman: Hello, Lynn, we've been cancelled!
Adrena Lynn: We're not cancelled until I say we're cancelled! [Cameraman starts to film as she talks] A lonely highway, a desperate mission. Tonight I will pull my greatest stunt yet! Revenge against Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable! [the camera man cuts the camera] How's that for a teaser?
Cameraman: Good. It'd be better if we had an audience.
Adrena Lynn: Oh, we will.

[When Kim comes home]
Mrs. Dr. Possible: Oh, Kimmy, your boyfriend called while you were out.
Kim: He's not my boyfriend!
Mrs. Dr. Possible: That's not what Ron said on the Ron Report. [Kim sighs] Is something wrong, honey?
Mr. Dr. Possible: [pause] You have our undivided attention. [pause] The TV's broken.
Kim: Ron made up a story about me liking the quarterback, and now I'm stuck dating him or we'll lose the big game. Meanwhile, there's a worldwide satellite crisis.
Mrs. Dr. Possible: Kimmy, you have to be honest with Brick. If the football team loses, it's not your fault. [pause] I can't help you with the satellite thing.
Tim: [pointing to the TV] Uh, I don't think you have to worry about dating Brick tonight.
Brick: [on TV] Hey, I thought you said Kim wanted to meet me here.
Adrena Lynn: Oh, she'll be here.
Jim & Tim: Adrena Lynn!
Mr. Dr. Possible: Huh, I thought she was cancelled. [switches through all the channels, but all of them show Adrena Lynn]
Kim: Well, I think we know who's jamming the satellite transmissions. [takes up her Kimmunicator] Wade?
[Adrena Lynn's broadcast appears on her Kimmunicator]
Adrena Lynn: Tonight, Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible versus me in extreme combat! And, to raise the takes, I have Kim's boyfriend.
Kim: [angrily] He is not my boyfriend! [everyone looks at her, and she sighs] Don't worry, I'm going. [leaves]

[Kim and Ron are driving through the woods on Ron's scooter]
Ron: Kim, the only thing down this road is the old Middleton Fairgrounds.
Kim: That, and Adrena Lynn.
Ron: That place is haunted. Plus, I lost ten bucks trying to win a stuffed hippo.
Kim: Too bad, Ron. If it weren't for you and your stories, we wouldn't be here!

Adrena Lynn: High school quarterback, Brick Flagg, takes the ride of his life! And only one person can save him! His beloved girlfriend, Kim Possible!
Ron: And me.
Kim: Drop the dramatics, Adrena Lynn. This isn't a game!
Adrena Lynn: Exactly! It's real, it's extreme, and it's freaky!

Ron: [while on the swings ride] Kim! No, please, this ride always makes me throw up! Argh! [he spins around] ...Kim! ...Kim! ...Kim!

Ron: Adrena Lynn, you can not do this!
Adrena Lynn: And why not?
Ron: I'm the one responsible for you being cancelled. I called you a fake.
Brick: What?
Ron: I guess takes one to know one. I made up that stuff about Kim liking Brick just to sell my story.
Brick: Oh, harsh!
Ron: It worked, kind of, but the thing is that if the fake part about you is what people like, what good is that?
Adrena Lynn: You're right.
Ron: From now on I'm keeping it real.
Adrena Lynn: Me, too. Starting with my very real defeat of Kim Possible! [she laughs manically]
Ron: Okay, that didn't work.

[After Kim has saved Brick]
Kim: Let's see. [imitating Adrena Lynn's voice] What will I do next? [takes Adrena Lynn, and flies high up with her using a jetpack]
Adrena Lynn: I do extreme stunts for a living. You think I'm afraid of heights?
Kim: You fake extreme stunts. Let the world see how brave you are when there's real danger. [flies wildly] Not so extreme after all now, are you? Are you?!
Adrena Lynn: [terrified] No.
Jim & Tim: [watching it on television] Now she tells us!

Ron: Headline: Quarterback sacks Kim Possible! She has a dislocated heart and will be out for the remainder of the season! [Rufus shuts his mouth]
Kim: Thank you.

Kimitation Nation [1.16][edit]

Drakken: Kim Possible always defeats me! And it vexes me so.
Shego: You? I'm the one fighting her.
Drakken: That's true. It is you she always defeats.
Shego: What's your point?
Drakken: I simply need to tip the odds in your favor.
Shego: How?
Drakken: Suppose you outnumbered her. Suppose there was an army of you against one of her.
Shego: Oh no, again with the cloning!?
Drakken: One little thread of hair should do it...
Shego: [pulls out her contract] Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up, chief! You cannot have my DNA! I have a "no cloning"-clause in my contract. Remember?
Drakken: That was then. This is now!
Shego: Yeah, yeah. And this is me saying I QUIT!
Drakken: Shego, wait, don't go! Oof, I think I got a papercut.

Drakken: Who needs Shego and her DNA?! I have options! I have henchmen!
[Cut to henchmen doing their usual incompetant stuff]
[Drakken walks over to his desk and slouches into the chair]
Drakken: [to henchmen] ...To clone any one of you would be a crime against humanity that even I am incapable of.

The Twin Factor [1.17][edit]

[Shego enters]
Guard: Hey, Frankie, you got my eye smoker?
Shego: Maybe ought to lay off the caffeine. [uses her energy to put the guard asleep] It keeps you awake.
Drakken: Well done, Shego!
Shego: Dr. Drakken, stop!
Drakken: I give the orders. You do not tell me to stop. [alarm goes off]
Shego: [irritated] I do, when I haven't shut down the alarm system yet!

Kim: [under mind control, to Ron] Doctor Drakken will see you now.

Dr. Possible: Remember: candy is dandy, but fruit helps you poop.

Drakken: I love this. Hand me a fork.
Shego: [under mind control] Yes, Dr. Drakken!
Drakken: Get me a Dodo bird.
Shego: Yes, Dr. Drakken!
Drakken: Psyche! Dodo birds are extinct! Oh, I'm being silly.

[Kim, Ron, and Jim & Tim are about to go on a plane trip]
Kim: Okay. Does anybody need to take care of any business?
Jim & Tim: No.
Ron: "Business"? Like what? Banking?
Kim: Ron, business. As there won't be any "rest-stops".
Ron: Kim, the boys are 10. They don't need to take a nap. I don't think rest is gonna be an issue.
[Rufus climbs up to Ron's ear and whispers to him]
Ron: Oh... right. [pauses] Uh... excuse me. [runs toward the house]

Rufus: [When he and Ron are cornered by the mind controlled Kim and Shego] Uh oh, uh unn, oh no, oh no, pain, please no, un uh.

[Kim and Shego have been freed from Drakken's control]
Shego: Nice outfit.
Kim: Nice apron.
Shego: [rips off the apron and angrily walks to Drakken] Okay, Doc. For future reference, the chip made obey every command. But I was aware of exactly what was happening!
Drakken: The whole time?
Shego: Dodgeball and dodos!?
Drakken: Ooh...
[Shego chases Drakken out of the lair]

Animal Attraction [1.18][edit]

Ron: [to Kim] You blue foxes think you know everything!

Monkey Ninjas in Space [1.19][edit]

Monkey Fist: Take a picture, it'll last longer.

Dr. Possible: There's nothing "cool" about stealing a spacecraft.
Monkey Fist: Oh, really?
Dr. Possible: That's right! In fact, I'd say that it's quite "whack."
Monkey Fist: Doctor, I am guided by the ancient prophesy of the Mystical Monkey Monk... I am not "whack."

Monkey Fist: And from the space station, we shall rule the world! Oh, the weapons on board must be incredible...!
Dr. Possible: There are no weapons on the space station! It's dedicated to peaceful research.
Monkey Fist: Now, that... is "whack."

Ron: Get your stinking paws off me, you filthy monkey!

Ron the Man [1.20][edit]

Low Budget [1.21][edit]

Frugal Lucre: Kim Possible, we meet at last! [Loses the fake accent] Oh, this is so cool!
Ron: Drop it, mama's boy!
Frugal Lucre: Am not! And don't come any closer. This thing's loaded!
Kim: With what?
Frugal Lucre: Beef bullion, if you must know. Ever try to get the smell out? Huh? You can't! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
Kim: Ew...
Ron: He's right, Kim. Do what he says!

Kim: Snapping turtles?
Ron: Aisle ten. Next to the goldfish.
Frugal Lucre: And they're hungry.

Kim: Alright Lucre, cough up the sausages!
Ron: Ew! Rephrase please!

Frugal Lucre: You might've stopped me this time, Kim Possible, but Frugal Lucre will return! Muahahahaha...! If my mom bails me out.

Season 2[edit]

Naked Genius [2.1][edit]

Wade: So if Rufus is the genius, then how is Ron gonna build Draken a doomsday device?
Kim: He's not.

Franklin: Kim Possible? Lt. Franklin.
Kim: What's the sitch?
Franklin: At 0800 hours someone broke into the main lab and locked us out.
Franklin: It appears the intended target is Project Phoebus.
Kim: Which is...?
Franklin: A top secret government experiment.
Kim: Which does...?
Franklin: Project Phoebus is a level five security classification.
Kim: Which means...?
Franklin: Look, it means I don't know what the darn thing does! None of us do.
Ron: You're joking, right?
Franklin: Is this the face of a joker, son?
Ron: Yea, not so much.

Drakken: And now, Shego, I shall use my newly acquired brilliance to begin the design of my doomsday device. [starts drawing] Yes! I can feel my brilliance blossoming. It's as if my hand is but a humble servant to the power of my advanced mind. [shows Shego the picture. It turns out that the picture is of a house.] So what do you think?
Shego: Erm, nothing personal but it doesn't exactly scream doomsday or brilliance.
Drakken: Nonsense! It must be so advanced that your own puny intellect cannot grasp it. [makes another drawing, then shows it to Shego.] Here! Take a look at this one!
Shego: A puppy and a horsy. Cute.

Drakken: Is it ready yet, boy?!
Ron: Er, it may be in another two or three... or 16 weeks. Say, now might be a great time to take that super freak singles cruise you've been thinking about?
Drakken: [breaks down door] That doomsday device better work. Otherwise, you'll be swimming with the fish! [to Shego] Fish, right? Or is it fishes?
Shego: Fish or fishes.
Drakken: Which is it?
Shego: Both are correct plural forms of singular word, "fish".
Drakken: You're very smug, right now, aren't you?
Shego: A little bit.

Grudge Match [2.2][edit]

Kim: Ron, I'm gonna say something to you I've never said before.
Ron: What?
Kim: You're thinking too much!

Two to Tutor [2.3][edit]

Shego [watching Junior run the obstacle course] Pretty good time... for a wounded tortoise.
Senior: Hey Junior, I thought we could work on our evil laughs together?
Junior: Father, can you not see I am a wounded porpoise?
Shego: Yeah, I said "tortoise." With a "t." Tuh. Tuh. Tortoise!
Junior: See, Father, how mixed up you make me!

Ron: You know, for someone who can disarm a doomsday device, you seem to have major mixer issues.
Kim: Ron, this machine hates me!
Ron: It senses your fear.

Kim: [trying to use the electric mixer] I feel ridiculous!
Ron: That, Kim... is why you fail.

Kim: Too bad about your restaurant.
Ron: Well, when the health inspector saw a live rodent, you know, serving the food... the die was cast.
Rufus: Sorry.

The Ron Factor [2.4][edit]

Kim: No, no, seriously, you need Ron?

Dr. Director: Status report?
Scientist: Project analysis is complete. The Ron Factor is a non-factor.
Dr. Director: Well, there's a whole bunch of research dollars down the drain.
Scientist: Not exactly. The data revealed a powerful untapped force. We call it the Rufus Factor.
Rufus: Hi-yah!

Car Trouble [2.5][edit]

[After Drakken has been messed up by the advanced home appliances]
Drakken: What happened?
Shego: You know, for someone who is supposedly a mad genius I'm not seeing much of the genius.
Drakken: Keep it up Shego, and you'll see plenty of the mad.
Shego: [sarcastically] Ooh, scary man!

Ron: Is using a calculator in algebra cheating?
Kim: I don’t use a calculator.
Ron: Okay. Well, is cutting and pasting stuff from the internet and calling it a term paper cheating?
Kim: You are kidding, right?
Ron: What?
Kim: I can pass this thing on my own. I know I can.

Mr. Barkin: Now, let's see a K-turn.
Talking SUV: Honey, I'll give you the whole alphabet.

Kim: Is it cheating if I cheated but didn't mean to cheat?

Drakken: You think your car's all that, but it's not!

Kim: [Talking about how she failed her driver's test] Check the motto: I can do anything!
Ron: Right, you can do anything, including fail. See, the logic?

Kim: [to Ron] Let no one doubt your mad fence jumping skills.

Rufus in Show [2.6a][edit]

Kim: There he is... that's Falsetto Jones.
Ron: Why do you think he's called "Falsetto"?
Falsetto: [high-pitched] Welcome, humans and canines alike, to my annual dog show!
Kim: Freak helium accident.
Ron: Ouch.

Adventures in Rufus-sitting [2.6b][edit]

Kim: Rufus, jump down to me.
Rufus: Uh-uh.
Kim: Rufus, jump now!
Rufus: Uh-uh, no way.
Kim: [singing] Rock-a-bye Rufus in the treetop/ When the wind blows the cradle will rock/ When the bough breaks the cradle will fall/ And down will come Rufus, cradle and all. (Rufus falls on her hands)

Job Unfair [2.7][edit]

Golden Years [2.8][edit]

Drakken: What am I supposed to do with an army of retired people...? Ooh, lemon squares!

Ron: Wade! How did you find me? Do you have me microchipped or something?
Wade: Uh... that's not important now...

Drakken: That's right – your Nana is one bad grand-mother...
Kim: You shut your mouth!
Drakken: I'm only talkin' 'bout Nana!
Kim: It runs in the family.

Drakken: Nana Possible! You think your lemon squares are all that, but they're not!

[Kim and Nana raise their fists to strike]
Drakken: Not in the face!
[Kim and Nana exchange a look before kicking Drakken in the crotch instead]

Vir-tu-Ron [2.9][edit]

Zita: A knave can't do that.
Ron: I'm no ordinary knave.

Ron: Looks like the Wraithmaster's captured all the players.
Zita: Come on! We've got to help them!
Ron: Are all girls like this, or just the ones I know?!

The Fearless Ferret [2.10][edit]

Ron: I'm here to spread sunshine.
Timothy North: Spread it on someone who cares.
Ron: C'mon Mr. North I won't get school credit if I don't lift your spirit with my youthful zest.

Timothy North: The Fearless Ferret never plays second fiddle!
Ron: Well, see, t-that's perfect! I'm ready to step up!
Timothy North: You, a fierce fighter of fiendish foes?
Ron: For sure!

Exchange [2.11][edit]

Ron: Oh, sure, he has looks, attitude, and a bon-diggity ride, but can he do this?
[Stuffs an entire can of chips into his mouth]
Kim: ...Why would he want to?

Master Sensei: Do as your heart tells you.
Ron: Can you hear it too?

Ron: Fuji! Why is it always monkeys?! Why can't I ever be attacked by crazed super models?!

Monkey Fist: Let's just bring it, shall we?

Ron: It is my honor to defeat you!

Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles [2.12a][edit]

General Simms: That's it. I'm activating the base's self-destruct sequence. The secrets contained in Area 51 must never be exposed.
Ron: What secrets? Everybody knows already!
Kim: Sir, we still have one last line of defense.
General: And what would that be?
Kim: Me.
Simms: You've got ten minutes.

Shego: Now what did we agree on?
Drakken: If I wanted a dog I had to promise to take care of him. Which I will. Later!

Ron: That would be the coolest shot ever... if it weren't for the 2000 ton poodle that has been unleashed into an unsuspecting world.

Kim: I know that this is going to sound weird, but you've got to let us in. There's this monster poodle....
Soldier: Name?
Kim: Commodore Puddles.
Soldier: Your name?
Kim: Oh, uh Kim Possible.

Ron: What's the real deal, what are you hiding here?
Simms: I'll show you.
Kim: It's flying saucers.
Ron: Alien technology.
Simms: Yada, yada.
Kim: But that means all the rumors are true!
Simms: Every last one of them. We've implemented a double-negative cover story. We make sure only to leak out information that is one-hundred percent accurate.
Ron: But then it's not really secret.
Simms: That's exactly what we want you to believe.
Ron: Yeah, but then... never mind.

Day of the Snowmen [2.12b][edit]

A Sitch in Time [2.13-15][edit]

A Very Possible Christmas [2.16][edit]

Ron: That's it! The absolutely perfect gift for Kim! Christmas with her family!
Wade: Then who will stop Drakken?
Ron: Me!
Wade & Rufus: Uh oh...

Drakken: She'll be busy with her twinkle lights, and mistletoe, and carols... [SNIFF!] and roast beast! And FLIM FLANGLERS! AND ZOOB ZOOBLERS, AND...!
Shego: Whoa whoa, Dr. D!
Drakken: WHAT?!
Shego: You stopped using words.

Drakken: Soon, I, Dr. Drakken, will rule the Yule! The world will have a blue Christmas...! [sighs] It's just not the same when I rant to myself.

[Drakken and Ron are fighting over the control panel of Drakken's ship, hitting buttons at random]
Computer: Initiating emergency system test... launching escape pods... initiating self-destruct... initiating bedtime sequence.
[A compartment opens, revealing a toothbruth in a glass, and a teddy bear sitting on a folded set of pajamas.]
Ron: Wait a second! What was that?
Drakken: [shields the bedroom set] I don't know what you're talking about.
Ron: Before the teddy bear!
Computer: Self-destruct in twenty...
Drakken: Gah! What did you do?! This is my chance to rule the world! All I want is what's coming to me! All I want is my fair share!
Drakken: Chill out! I have escape pods!
Ron: HAD escape pods, blue boy! We launched them!

[Drakken and Ron are stranded at the North Pole]
Ron: My fault?! It's not my fault!
Drakken: This is so your fault!
Ron: What, I'm supposed to let you take over the world?
Drakken: In the spirit of the season, yes!

Drakken: Ah, it went to voice mail! Um, hello, Shego, Dr. Drakken. I hope you're having a nice vacation. Uh, when you get the chance, could you get up here to the North Pole and save me?! Please! It's cold and windy and dark, and we've got nothing to...!

[Shego is surprised to hear that Drakken has comped her vacation.]
Shego: [reads note] "Shego, just my way of saying thanks for a super year, and Merry Christmas. Yours in evil, Dr. Drakken." Aw, that is so nice! Guess I should have taken his call.

[Drakken and Ron are fighting over the last chicken leg.]
Drakken: [crying] Name your price, Stoppable! Power? Glory? When I take over the world, you can have a continent! Any continent...! Not Europe.

Mrs. Possible: Kimmy! Where's Ron?
Kim: [crying] I... I don't know.

[Drakken, Shego, Ron, and the Possible Family around a fire in an igloo at the north pole]
Drakken: This truce only lasts through the new year. After that, I'm gonna open up a big bag of freak on all of you!

[Ron gets Drakken's phone to call for help]

Ron: Hello, information? What's the number for 911?

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Mr. Nakasumi.
Nakasumi: [whispers]
Ms. Yori: Nakasumi-san says, it is the least he can do, after you saved his video game factory in time for Christmas rush.
Kim: No big. I just hope I can save this Christmas.

Queen Bebe [2.17][edit]

[Kim is in the park gathering trash as fast as she can. Ron is with her, but he works slowly]
Ron: Kim, this just isn't working!
Rufus: [on the end of the gathering stick, he tries to reach out to a disgusting food bag] Gross!
Kim: Try, you guys. That Sweden-trip torched my schedule.
Ron: And what about the dance? Maybe just leave it to...
Kim: Don't even say the B-word! If I could just cover more ground faster...
Ron: Or you could just learn to say "no".
Kim: I'm not programmed that way, Ron.
Ron: Really? Not that hard. Try it with me now. [grabs Kim's face, and twists her mouth] Okay, ready? No!
Rufus: No!

[Kim backs away]

Ron: What's the big deal with letting Bonnie be in charge of the dance?
Kim: Letting her chair the dance? She wouldn't settle for chair – she'd want throne.

Ron: We're coming KP [running to the built bee hive]
Kim: Ron. [realizes she's moving too fast for Ron to see her] You can't even see me. [continues fighting the Bebes]
Ron: Kim? Are you here?
Bonnie: They let you out of the dummy factory?
Ron: Bonnie? You're their queen?
Bonnie: This is so totally Kim's fault. Where is she?
Ron: She's moving at hyperspeed, just like the Bebes.
Bonnie: Uh?! Why does SHE get to be invisible? Is she gonna lord that over me, too?
Ron: Not invisible, moving too fast to see! She's got new shoes.
Bonnie: Whatever.

Ron: You know, you should cut down on the extra-currics.
Kim: And be a lazy, uninvolved sloth like you?
Ron: Hey! Don't knock the sloth! Do you know they don't have go to the bathroom for a week?
Kim: Er, any more fun sloth facts?
Ron: No, no, I think that's it... Oh! They sleep upside down!

[Kim and Rufus try to reach the dance but arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge]

Kim: Only missed the dance by a thousand miles that time!
Rufus: Oh man!
Kim: Okay this time even slower.

[The two race off and end up at the Statue of Liberty. Kim sighs, giving up]

Kim: I'm sure the shoes will come off... eventually. Wanna dance?

[Kim and Rufus begin dancing with each other in front of the Statue]

Hidden Talent [2.18][edit]

Drakken: First, you'll be sealed in a reinforced titanium box. Next, you will be dropped into this bottomless chasm. Then, the chasm will be filled with water. Then, man-eating sharks and a giant squid will then be released into the water!
Shego: Wait, if the chasm is bottomless, how can you fill it with water?
Drakken: IT'S VERY, VERY DEEP, ALL RIGHT?! [inhales] Lastly, I shall freeze over the water with a six-foot layer of solid GLACIAL ICE! [inhales] ANY QUESTIONS?
Shego: Not if you're gonna get all snippy.
Kim: Eh, beats humiliation at the talent show, I guess.

Return to Camp Wannaweep [2.19][edit]

Bonnie: You know Kim I have some cover up that'll help conceal those monstrous bags under your eyes.
Kim: I wouldn't have bags under my eyes if it weren't for your ferociously loud snoring.
Bonnie: [Gasps] Me? Snore? Must have been the crickets.
Kim: Only if you inhaled them.

Bonnie: Stoppable, get back here and save us! Or, more specifically, me!

Go Team Go [2.20][edit]

Ron: [to Drakken] Hi, I'm Ron Stoppable. We've met, but you always seem to forget my name.

Aviarius: Heat-seeking hummingbirds, attack!
Kim: Hummingbirds?

Aviarius: Release... the Flamingo of Doom!
Shego: Say what?
Ron: That is the second-biggest flamingo I have ever seen.

Hego: The more we fought evil, the more Shego liked it.
Ron: The fighting?
Kim: The evil.

Shego: Argh, there's no way I can do this! Five minutes with my brothers and I'm ready to claw my own eyes out! [tries to walk out]
Kim: [stops Shego from leaving] Shego, I have brothers, too. I know how annoying they can be, but you can't walk out.
Shego: Why not?
Kim: Because if you don't help, I'll tell the world you used to be a good guy.
Shego: [shocked] You wouldn't!
Kim: I have a website, and I'm not afraid to use it.
Shego: My reputation would be shot! Argh!
Kim: [takes her Kimmunicator] Wade, I need top to bottom scan on Go Manor.
Wade: You got it, Kim! [notices Shego] Kim, is Shego in your kitchen?
Shego: Just do your computer thing, nerdlinger.
Ron: [referring to Shego] Has she always been this cranky?
Hego/Mego: Oh, yeah.

Kim: Shego, I thought we were in this together!
Shego: Oh, come on! Don't you know me better by now? I mean [laughs] seriously!
Ron: She's right. Keeping everybody's powers to herself and using them for evil. See, that's got more of the Shego vibe.

Hego: [to Shego] You may be a smart-mouth, prone to excessive violence, but deep down, you are still a member of Team Go: a hero.

Drakken: I mean really, you practically gave it to her.
Shego: Whatever.
Drakken: Now that I know the whole story, I think you secretly wanted to lose.
Shego: What?
Drakken: That's right. You wanted your brothers to get their powers back. You don't really have it in you to betray them.
Shego: Are you saying I'm growing soft?
Drakken: As a marshmallow.
Shego: RRRGGHHH! [rises from her seat]
[Scene changes outside. Shego has thrown Drakken outside his mech and he is hanging on]]
Drakken: Shego! I take it back! You're not a softie! Shego!

The Full Monkey [2.21][edit]

Ron: The mad dog cannot be caged, leashed-
Kim: Or housebroken.
Ron: That game was in triple overtime, I couldn't leave the court! I got a little excited, and, well, accidents happen.

[Ron stops eating what he thought were snack treats.]
Professor Acari: Toasted chili peppers...
Ron: Oh, phew!
Professor Acari: And mountain grasshoppers! Delicious, aren't they?
Kim: Ron, maybe you should look before you eat.
Ron: Crunchy and spicy has never betrayed me like this before!

Barkin: Let's move it, people, time for student photos! Stoppable, none of your punk hand gestures this time.
Ron: What? It was a thumbs-up!
Barkin: Sit on your hands just in case.

Blush [2.22][edit]

[In a volcanic lair.]
Drakken: And so, Kim Possible, all you can do is watch helplessly as I launch my pollution machine into the Earth's ozone layer!
[Kim hits a switch, shutting the hatch to the launch tube. The pollution machine crashes, and the lair is destroyed. Cut to later, inside a space station.]
Drakken: And so, Kim Possible, you have no choice but to bear witness to the power of my Doomsday Decimator!
[Kim snags the decimator with a line and hauls it around before it fires, destroying the lair. Cut to later, in an underwater lair.]
Drakken: And so, Kim Possible, the time has come for you to... [turns and sees Kim and Ron already free and running away, followed shortly by an explosion.] Oh, come on! Time out! I mean, I haven't even gotten into my gloating yet, for Pete's sake!

Drakken: I'm serious, Shego - Kim Possible has foiled my plans for the last time!
Shego: Yeah, the last time today, maybe.

Wade: Activating parachute measures now! ...Oops!
Ron: Wade! We're free-falling off a cliff! This is no time for "oops"!
Wade: My bad! I never got around to actually installing the chute, it's sitting here in my closet!

Shego: Huh, he's kinda cute. I approve.
Drakken: What are you, her sister all of a sudden?

Drakken: [Thinking of a way to finally defeat Kim Possible] Embarrassment? That's it, Shego! That's the soft white underbelly of the teenage soul!
Shego: Uh, ew.

Partners [2.23][edit]

Amy: You are the biggest meanie in the world!
Drakken : Aha, you have heard of me.

Drakken: Now Shego, who got game?
Shego: [sighs] You got game.
Drakken: Straight up [falls down stairs]

Oh Boyz [2.24][edit]

Sick Day [2.25a][edit]

[Shego has Kim trapped]
Kim: I have to sneeze!
Shego: What?
Kim: I need to cover my nose!
Shego: Nice try, Kimmy!
[Kim sneezes right into Shego's face.]
Shego: Ugh, that was a low blow!
[Kim blows her nose]

Drakken: I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it! What do you suppose this thing does, Shego? Shego? [phone rings] Hello?
Shego: D, I'm calling in sick. Kim Possible gave me her stupid cold.
Drakken: What!? You can't call in sick!
Shego: I have to go, I'm... I'm... [puts down the phone and sneezes] Ugh, that's disgusting!

Ron: Shego! Wow, you look green. I mean, greener.

[Ron has brought the Ray-X to the Possible house]
Ron: A sick, sneezy baby spread her germy ill all over me. Thank goodness for the Stoppable Fortress of Immunity!
[Scene changes as Ron sits on the table, sick and eating chicken soup. He sneezes and Rufus brings him a tissue]
Kim: [laughs] Fortress of Immunity, huh?

[Ron and Kim both have colds.]
Ron: I so don't get this soap opera!
Kim: What's not to get? Felicia's arch-enemy created a machine that swapped her brain with Brock's.

[Drakken and Killigan are both in bed with colds.]
Duff Killigan: Aye, can you believe Felician and Brock switched brains?
Drakken: I know! So does that mean the wedding's off?

The Truth Hurts [2.25b][edit]

[Having been hit with a truth ray, Kim tries to see if she can lie.]

Kim: The sky is – blue! My name is – Possible! Pro wrestling is – fake! Nooooo!

[Shego prepares to fight Kim on ice skates]
Shego: I'm going to whip you on technical merit and artistic impression!
Kim: [motioning "come on"] Bring.

Shego: [mockingly to Drakken after Kim busts their hideout] "We'll build a frozen fortress, she'll never find us there!"

Wong: [to Drakken] You make no sense to me.
Shego: [sardonically] Welcome to my life.

Ron: My worst nightmare is the one where I'm at school, with only my underwear on.
Kim: Ron, you've actually done that.

Mother's Day [2.26][edit]

Mama Lipsky: [seeing Drakken's lair] Is this all for your radio show?
Shego: Radio show?
Drakken: Yes... for my... radio show. Uh, I've got to get back to my callers.
[He presses a button and his henchman listen]
Drakken: Hello, listener. My advice to you is, you should... get in touch with your feminine side, yes.
[Henchman look confused]

Drakken: [to Shego] Mother doesn't know I'm a supervillain. She thinks I'm a radio talk show doctor.

[Drakken shows his plans to steal the plasma with a model of the cargo train and describes them to Shego. At the end he snatches the train off its tracks and turns to see his mother.]
Mama Lipsky: Aren't you a little old to be playing with your Peter Puffer Puff toys?
Shego: She's got a point, Choo Choo Boy.

Mama Lipsky: Don't you think it's time you settled down... [points to Shego] and met a nice girl?
Shego: [caught off guard] Oh, um... ICK!

[after helping her mother perform brain surgery]
Mrs. Possible: You were a big help in there, Kimmy, and you didn't faint once.
Kim: Oh, well, I was too busy throwing up.

Kim: [seeing her mother dressed in the same style of mission outfit as Kim] Mom, this is a mission. I need Ron.
Mrs. Possible: Well, now you don't have Ron. You have Mom.

[Showing the henchmen his plan, Drakken smashes the pickle with his hand]
Mama Lipsky: Drewby, what did I tell you about playing with your food?
Drakken: [embarassed] My food is not a toy. It's for my tummy to enjoy. [Henchmen giggle]

[In the woods as the train with the synthoplasma draws near.]
Mama Lipsky: [points to the sonic disruptor] What's that?
Drakken: It's for man-in-the-street interviews.
Shego: And where is the street?
Drakken: Zip a lip, Shego.

Drakken: [about Kim] It's a complicated relationship.
Mama Lipsky: She must be a special girl. [to Shego] Looks like you missed your chance with my boy, honey.
Shego: [sarcastically] Yes, how will I ever live with myself?

Dr. Drakken: So, Kim Possible and her, eh... sister?
Mrs. Possible: Is he hitting on me?
Kim: Nah, sidekicks really confuse him.

[On a speeding train.]
Shego: Peter Puffer-Puff's approaching the giant gorge...
Drakken: You're loving this, aren't you?

Mrs. Possible: What would Ron do now?
Kim: Probably cry... or run.

Motor Ed [2.27][edit]

Motor Ed: Let's do it to it!

Kim: Felix, you go stand watch.
Felix Renton: You mean, "sit" watch.
[Kim claps a hand to her mouth, mortified...]
Felix: Kim? I'm just playing you.

Kim: Where is Ron?
Motor Ed: Your skinny dude? Yeah, he's here. He's fine. But that can change... in a hurry. Seriously!
Ron: Kim, get over here! And stop by Bueno Nacho drive-thru on your way, I'm starving.
Ed's Sidekick: Oh, yeah, yeah, wait, me too, man! Put me down for an all-beef hoagie with hot peppers and mayo? Uh, anybody else want nuthin'?
Wade: [typing] Keep talking, almost got a trace...
Motor Ed: Hey, Red? Tell your computer guy not to waste his time on a trace. I'm shooting you a map.
[A fax appears on Wade's machine.]
Wade: He's not as dumb as the hairstyle might lead you to think...

Motor Ed: This is bogus, Red! A man should not be booted off his ride!
Kim: Quit calling me "Red"! Seriously!

Ron Millionaire [2.28][edit]

Ron: Ah, the Naco. My wondrous and historic creation for the Bueno Nacho corp. Part nacho, part taco, all delicious.
[Ron imagines himself the subject of a black-and-white film, shot at the turn of the century.]
Ron: Possible, come here! I need you.
Kim: [Western accent] Oh, Ronald, it is a wonderment! It will change the world.
Ron: Yes. Yes, it shall.
[Back in reality:]
Kim: That's how you remember it?
Ron: Pretty much.

Kim: Open the envelope, Ron. Maybe the check's big enough for you to grande-size.
[Ron opens the envelope, and his eyes bug out when he sees the check.]
Ron: [stammering] I-it's for nuh-nuh-nuh, ni...
Kim & Bonnie: [looking] $99,000,000?!
Bonnie: [tousling Ron's hair] Ron Stoppable, you are such a hottie!
Ron: Are you saying that because I'm rich?
Bonnie: Uh-huh.
Ron: ...Cool!

Kim: This is way worse than when he got the frou-frou haircut.
Wade: Look at it this way: Ron's lost it much faster than usual, so maybe he'll snap out of it faster too.
Kim: He's calling himself "The Ron."
Wade: Or maybe he's lost to us forever

Triple S [2.29][edit]

Rewriting History [2.30][edit]

Kim: How could anybody who did so much good go so bad?
Dr. Possible: Ah, don't worry, Kimmy Cub. I'm sure it won't happen to you.
Kim: Dad!
Dr. Possible: Oh, that's not where you were going with this.
Kim: No! I'm just convinced that Mim's innocent.

Shego: Oh, let me guess, the previous tenant is Professor Dementor?
Drakken: No, it's someone named Demens.
Shego: Doy, that's Dementor's real name.
Drakken: He uses a fake name?
Shego: Ye-aah, can you imagine, Drew Lipsky?

Season 3[edit]

Steal Wheels [3.1][edit]

Shego: You actually stole a wheelchair. What's next? Candy from a baby?
Drakken: Been there, done that.

Emotion Sickness [3.2][edit]

Shego: I don't get it. If you're such an evil genius, shouldn't you invent your own stuff? I mean, what's with the stealing?
Drakken: It's called outsourcing, Shego!

Kim: Stealing again, Drakken?
Ron: Whatever happened to inventing your own stuff?
Drakken: It's called outsour... Oh, just get on with it.

Drakken: Who am I kidding? I've never fit into a size six.

Shego: Brrrr. Cold weather: perfect for cuddling. Latte?
Drakken: I like latte, but as to the cuddling... Pasadena.
Shego: Why?
Drakken: Because... uh... because you're freaking me out, that's why!

[Kim finally caught up with Ron at her locker]
Kim: Now, about that favor...
Ron: [nervously tries to walk away] Look, Kim, I...
Kim: You see, tonight's the big Middleton days festival, and I don't have a date. [stops Ron from leaving]
Ron: Date? You wanna go to the festival as my date?
Kim: Oh, I thought you'd never ask!
Ron: Wait, but, I...
[Ron is interrupted, when Kim begins to kiss him. After a brief confusion, Ron gives in and kisses her back]
Wade: [appears on the screen] Hey guys, I...
[Wade is shocked, when he sees Kim and Ron kissing. He spits his soda and falls from his chair. The kiss ends, and Ron falls slowly to the floor, extremely happy.]
Wade: Um, bad time to call?
Kim: [giggles] Guess what the sitch is, Wade? [lifts Ron back up]
Wade: I'm, um... Just wanted to let you know I've got a link to the communicator and... Were you guys just smacking lips?
Kim: Great, Wade.
Ron: Whatever you say.
Kim: I'm gonna get ready for tonight. [gives Ron a cat growl as she leaves]
Wade: What's going on? [Ron closes the locker on Wade] This isn't normal! Hello!?

Ron: Dating could be good, ya know, the date thing... But what if it tanks? It could totally wreck our friendship! No. No! I can't let that happen! Only one thing to do: break up with Kim! Thanks, man. You've been a big help.
Barkin: Stoppable, how did you get in my house?!

Shego: I was thinking it's time for some evil.
Drakken: Evil, you say? You mean "take over the world" type evil or "Drakken goes ouch" evil?

Mrs. Possible: We're just tickled pink about you and Kimmy.
Ron: We are?
Mr. Possible: But not too pink. Time to have a fam-to-Ron talk.
Ron: It is?
Mrs. Possible: We want Kim to be happy.
Ron: We do.
Mr. Possible: If not, it's a one-way ticket on a deep space probe.
Ron: H-how deep?
Mr. Possible: Black hole deep, Ronald.
Ron: Uh... great...

Kim: [in a rage] Nobody dumps Kim Possible!
Ron: Breaking up is so not easy!
[Ron runs off with Kim furiously giving chase]
Drakken: A scorned woman! Ha ha! The perfect weapon!
Dr. Bortel: If she is wearing Moodulator number 1, then, where is the second one?
Drakken: [realizing what Bortel means] The second one? Uh-oh!
Shego: [with a fury] DRAKKEN!
[Shego attacks Drakken with her energy blasts. Drakken runs away screaming]

Drakken: Find your own hiding place.
Ron: Oh, right. Like you called dibs.
Drakken: Well, I am now. Dibs! Ha!
Ron: Well, I'm calling double dibs.
Drakken: Agh. Fine. You've won this round with your superior dib calling. But that won't save us from them! [Kim and Shego]

Ron: [nervously] Still upset?
Kim: [shows Ron the fried Moodulator] So not the drama!
Drakken: So, Kim Possible, you were lucky this time.
Kim: You might wanna be careful.
Drakken: Ha! You threaten me?
Ron: No, Shego still got some major Moodulator issues.
Shego: [jumps in] DRAKKEN!
Drakken: Mommy!
[Shego blasts Drakken with an energy blast, and he runs away with Shego chasing him]
Ron: So I... I guess the crush and everything was all the Moodulator, huh?
Kim: Not everything. There's still fireworks.
Ron: You think so?
Kim: [points to fireworks above them]

Bonding [3.3][edit]

Bonnie: What's the matter, K? Too rough out there for you?
Kim: Maybe, Bonnie, if you caught me like you were supposed to...
Bonnie: Was I? I thought you liked flying and falling all over the place!
Kim: What exactly is your problem with me?
Bonnie: Oh, it's always about YOU, isn't it, Kim?

Kim: Today's not your lucky-
[Ron falls on her, allowing Dementor to seize the electronic device.]
Dementor: Correction, today I feel very lucky. So long, farewell, auf wiederschen, GOODBYE!

Ron: [Referring to Kim and Bonnie's rivalry] It's the circle of life.
Kim: Interesting choice of words. [Lifts flashlight to illuminate a lion behind Ron, alluding to the Lion King']

Mrs. Possible: Interesting. There's a high density molecular process involved in this bonding agent.
Mr. Possible: It's a sticky situation!
Mrs. Possible: Ha! Good one!
Mr. Possible: Thanks.
Kim: So not helping.

[While Ron and Barkin are attached at the hip, Barkin drags Ron to a rugby match.]
Barkin: Feels good! Feels right, doesn't it?
Ron: I can taste my spleen...

[Barkin is doing laps at the gymnasium pool, with Ron attached to his hip.]
Ron: [gasping] You could have planned this a little better!
Barkin: Don't be a water weenie, Stoppable! Only fifty more laps. Big breath, let's go!

Connie: [to Kim/Bonnie] I got all the brains...
Lonnie: I got all the looks...
Connie/Lonnie: ...And Bonnie got the rest!

Kim: Yep, it's Dementor's lair, all right.
Bonnie: How can you tell?
[Kim points]
Bonnie: A gift shop?
Kim: I remember when it used to be about the villainy.

Dementor: You are too late! My men have already unleashed... ZE DACHSHUNDS!
Bonnie: We're supposed to be afraid of little wiener dogs?

Kim: You stole the kinetic modulator just to make cocoa?
Dementor: It is very good cocoa.

Bonnie: Hold up, Mr. Bad Accent Guy. Why are you telling us all this? Why don't you just get on with it?
Kim: That's how these things go.

Barkin: I knew this day would come. Just me and the mutant wiener dogs.
Ron: You knew this day would come?

Dementor: When the machine is activated, you will both be vaporized! Poof!
Bonnie: Why are you going to such elaborate measures? Isn't there an easier way to do this?
Kim / Dementor: It's how it's done!

Dementor: Why did you have to break down the door? It wasn't locked, and I just had it painted!

Bad Boy [3.4][edit]

Drakken: Shego! Do you know what this means?
Shego: You're gonna gorge yourself on corndogs and hork on Dementor again?
Drakken: That was last year and those were funnel cakes!

Good Drakken: I never joke about cocoa-moo!
Shego: Cocoa-moo?
Good Drakken: It's uses are limitless! Pudding, cookie dough, foot massages...

Good Drakken: Mmmmm, that's good cocoa-moo!

Kim: Wade, I need you to keep an eye on Ron. You've still got him chipped, right?
Wade: Kim, we talked about the ethical ramifications of that...
Kim: Wade...
Wade: Yeah, okay.
Kim: Please and thank you!

Good Drakken: Ha-ha-ha! Had enough yet? I think you're quite finished! [emerges from the kitchen] Who wants peanut butter stickies?
[Two of his henchmen exchange a puzzled look, but both raise their hands.]
Shego: This is sick and wrong on so many levels!

Evil Ron: Kim Possible!
Kim: Since when do you use my last name?
Evil Ron: Since I realized my full evil potential!

Kim: Ron, you've got to stop! Evil isn't your thing, it's Drakken's thing!
Evil Ron: Oh, but I'm so much better at it! Did Drakken ever build a plasma blaster of this stature? Did he?!
Good Drakken: I did not.
Shego: You didn't. Who knew the buffoon was a natural?

TV: Danny wait, what about us? I told you, we're just friends and it has to stay that way
Ron: Oh please, are they still teasing that Charity and Danny will get together?
Kim: Like that's ever going to happen. Besides, it would end the series.

[Ron opens a shark tank under Shego]
Evil Ron: Sidekicks need to know their place... right?
Shego: Uh... uh... you got it! Uh, I'll just go check the security monitors. Hey, you know that evil laugh of yours? I-I love it! Loooove it!

Kim: I never thought I would be saying this. But, Dr. Drakken: I'm counting on you.

Evil Ron: We've got an intruder! Kim Possible! Get ready for a smackdown in my town!
Shego: She's not on the monitors. How-how do you know?
Evil Ron: Been doing a little "scannage" for the Kimmunicator's frequency!
Shego: Rrrggh! Now why didn't he [Drakken] ever think of that?!
Evil Ron: That's why I'm the big dog. WOOF WOOF, BARK!

Evil Ron: Welcome, Kimberly Ann Possible!
Kim: The middle name is so overkill.
Evil Ron: Overkill? Isn't that the idea? A-booyahahahaha!

Drakken: [back to normal] You ditched me for that?
Shego: Did you see his mega-weather generator?!

Drakken: You think you're all that, but you're-!
[Drakken gasps as his lair explodes.]

Showdown at the "Crooked D" [3.5][edit]

[After Joss, Kim's obsessed cousin, recognizes Rufus, but not Ron.]
Ron: This is the pocket that Rufus comes out of!
Joss: Uh... oh, yeah! You're the one who's always losing his drawers.
Ron: Oh, sure, you save the world on a regular basis, and no one remembers your name. But you lose your pants six or eight times, and they never let you live it down!

Dimension Twist [3.6][edit]

Scientist 1:The device can create a black hole the size of Nevada.
Kim & Ron: The pan-dimensional vortex-inducer?
Scientist 2:: How did you know?
Kim: Last year.
Ron: Professor Dementor.
Kim: Las Vegas.
Ron: Almost went black hole.
Kim & Ron: Saved the world.
Scientist 1: Well, it's been stolen. Again.
Ron: Aww, man, a rerun!

Shego: Do you always got to be the hero?
Kim: Always got to be the pain?

Contestant: Can I pick Kim twice?
Drakken: How come no one ever picks me?
Contestant: 'Cause you're the creepy blue guy!
Evil Eye for the Bad Guy Host #1: Blue is so last season.
Evil Eye for the Bad Guy Host #2: This year is evil umber!
Doctor: Blue skin? That means he's not breathing! Quick, somebody, get the jaws of life!

Drakken: Its a trap-trap. No one ever expects a trap-trap.

Drakken: Aha, Kim Possible, you have fallen for my trap!
Kim: Ron, you said this wasn't a trap.
Ron: How can it be a trap if we knew that it was a trap?
Drakken: Its a trap-trap.
Ron: Oh, yeah, okay.
[Kim's Kimmunicator beeps.]
Drakken: Nargh, answer it.
Wade: Kim, its a trap-trap.
Shego: Okay, moving on...

Wade: Just make sure you're not the one wearing-
Kim: -a red shirt?
Commander: And... you. You're expendable.

Ron: ...And... we are... back. I'm Ron... and we are... talking to Dr. Drakken... who is..
Drakken: Here. ... to talk about.. this book!
Ron: Your book?
Drakken: Apparently.
Ron: Ooh, great, what is it about?
Drakken: Um... me. Its about me.
Ron: Now you've been threatening to write a book for a while, can you tell me more?
Drakken: Well, I... I rather like me.

Wade: I'm gonna try and move you two into the same demension. Get ready.
Shego: Agh, what fresh torment is this?
Wade: Kim, did I match you up?
Kim: Kind of...
Shego: Not.
Kim: There's been a cross over between Drakken's vortex inducer and the cable signal.
Shego: Doy, I figured that out three channels ago!

Ron: Ah! My pancreas!
Drakken: Watch where you're going! [gasps] Its you! That.. that guy!
Ron: Kim Possible's sidekick.
Drakken: Um... uh... still not.. helping.
Ron: Ron. Ron Stoppable.
Drakken: Yes! That's exactly who you are, I- [music plays] what is that?
Ron: The Fearless Ferret theme song.

[Kim and Shego fight as Rufus watches helplessly. Kim's Kimmunicator drops next to Rufus]
Wade: Rufus, where's Kim?
Rufus: Shego!
Kim: [still fighting] Go, Wade. I'm listening.
Wade: I found Ron. I'll try to move you guys to the same dimension.
Shego: Oh, great, dweeb to the rescue.
Kim: What makes you think you're coming with?
Shego: Because this is way too... moopy for me.
Kim: Moopy? Oh, you were on Pals? I love that show!
Shego: Figures.

Drakken: My lair. I'm back!
[Shego and Kim fall on top of Ron and Drakken]
Shego: Well, well, the geek got us home.
[Kim and Shego continue fighting]

Drakken: Ah, quite right Shego! Time for us to escape and seal the pathways leaving Kim Possible and Company trapped forever!
Ron: What- oh, man, come on, I'm not done with my soup!

Drakken: That wasn't supposed to happen! I must have done something wrong.
Shego: Yeah, seventh time's the charm. [giggles] Gah! Why am I talking like this?

Shego: Just not your day! Or dimension...

Man: Well. Doth thou travel here with frequency young maid?
Shego: Back off, barn boy!
Cast: [grabbing pitchforks] A witch!
Shego: A what?

Kim: Where are we this time?
Shego: I'm gonna say pro-wrestling.
Kim: Mm. Good call.
Shego: Could this be any easier?
Kim: Uh, I don't think so.

Host: We are ninety stories above a busy city street. Does that scare you?
Shego: No.
Kim: Not really.
Shego: Should it?
Host: Well yeah! Because we are talking about a bungee jump! [Kim and Shego look at each other] Aren't ya scared?
Kim: No.
Shego: Are you?
Host: Why would I be- AHH! [Shego grabs him and jumps over the side of the building]
Shego: Here we go, pretty boy!
Kim: [exasperated] Shego! [jumps after them]

Kim: Here they come!
Drakken: Um, what comes where?
Shego: [to Drakken] I blame you for this.

Drakken: Come Shego, I've made some repairs to the compiler. Its time to leave this travesty!
Shego: Um, that doesn't look very-
Drakken: Stop being panic Nancy! [grabs her wrist and goes through the vortex]

Wade: Everything's back to normal... mostly.
Kim: So what happened to Drakken?
Wade: Looks like he took a detour.
Toys: Lalalalalalalalalala!
Shego: This is so worse than moopy.
Toy: Today's color is green! Do you see anything green?
Shego: Yeah, I got your green, felt-face!
Drakken: [nervously] Shego, you're going to anger Mr. Sit-down.
Shego: What? Oh.

Overdue [3.7a][edit]

Ron: How many times is someone gonna feed me sheep's lungs cooked in its own stomach, before they get that I don't like it?!

Shego: Where's Possible?
Shego: Whoa there, never said she was.
Ron: Ooh... Heh-heh, awkward...

Kim: [over her Kimmunicator] Hey, Wade.
Wade: What's up, Kim?
Kim: Have you heard from Ron? I haven't seen him all day.
[On the "Wadebot" monitor, Ron is running from a giant mutant flower.]
Wade: Ron? Uh... haven't heard a peep.
Dementor: [laughing] With my mutagenic plants, I shall grow a new world! A world that I control!

Monkey Fist: Ron Stoppable...
Ron: You're the only one who ever gets my name right; I respect that.

Roachie [3.7b][edit]

Ron: Sinking! Sinking! Oh man, now the tugging! Why is there tugging?!

Ron: You're gonna step on me? How ironic is that!

Rappin Drakken [3.8][edit]

Shego: [reading the label of Drakken's mind-control shampoo] "Lather, Rinse, Obey." Aren't you being a little too upfront here?
Dr. Drakken: Truth in labeling laws, Shego. I'm a supervillain, not a corporate shyster.

Kim: Wow, Drakken is self-foiling now! Spankin'!

Drakken: You know, after a scheme goes south, nothing cheers me up like kareoke night!

Drakken: Shego, that's it! Yes! Really, no this time, trust me!
Shego: What?
Drakken: And here I thought I was the evil genius! You're brilliant!
Shego: What are you talking about?
Drakken: Who needs M.C.-what's-her-name...?
Shego: Oh, no...
Drakken: I can make sure that my shampoo is most wanted!
Shego: Oh, please no...
Drakken: I will become... A HIP-HOP STAR!

Shego: I know I'm going to regret saying this, but you may have finally achieved "so dumb it just might work."

Ron: You can't spell inspiration without procrastination!
Kim: Eh... Yes, you can.
Ron: Not the "ation" part. Booyah!

Team Impossible [3.9][edit]

Drakken: You think you're all that, but they are!

Dash DaMont: I thought you were supposed to be some kind of Master of Monkey Kung Fu?
Ron: You know, it's funny, it comes and goes...

Dash DaMont: [preparing to fight Kim] I wish there was some other way...
Ron: Really?
Dash DaMont: No, I'm told we should always say that, for legal reasons.

Gorilla Fist [3.10][edit]

[On a "gravy ghost" haunting the school cafeteria]
Wade: I don't know what to tell you, Kim. After watching the cafeteria security tape, I can't explain what happened either.
Kim: Did you analyze the gravy sample?
Wade: Yup.
Monique: And?
Wade: You don't want to know. [pauses] Not till graduation. [pauses] From college.
Monique: I say we trust him on the gravy.

Ron: [walking in] Nacos, plenty of Diablo sauce and some snackies...
Kim: Sneaking Bueno Nacho into school?
Ron: Hey, KP! No, just picked up some snacks for a, erm, er... field trip [looks around guiltily]
Kim: Field trip?
[Yori enters]
Yori: Everything is ready, Stoppable-San.
Ron: Yori! [nervously] Ha-ha, um Yori, this is Kim and Monique.
[Kim and Monique look sceptically at him]
Yori: Ah! Kim Possible! [She bows] I have heard much!
Kim: Really? I haven't. [Glares at Ron]
Ron: Oh... sure, KP... you know Yori from seventh period History? No, no she's an old pal from Camp Wannaweep...
Ron: We never met actually. What do you want? Who are you, stranger I do not know?
Kim: But you just said her name is Yori.
Ron: [nervously] Yori, well, it's a common name... ya know... in Japan... Well, I... I... I gotta go! Bye!
[Pulls Yori off with him]

Kim: Weird.
Monique: Secret girlfriend weird?
Kim: No! He'd tell me! I mean... why wouldn't he?
Monique: 'Cause you'd go all jell.
Kim: "Jell"?
Monique: Green-eyed.
Kim: So? I've always had green eyes.
Monique: Jealous. You're jelling!
Kim: I am not jelling!
Monique: Uh-huh.
Kim: It's just that my weird-ar's going off, that's all.
Monique: And you're jelling.
Kim: So not!

Yori: According to the map, we should be very near.
Ron: Oh, good. Then it will be my honor to collapse from exhaustion.

Wade: Does the name "Yamanouchi" mean anything to you?
Kim: That school in Japan that Ron went to last year?
Wade: Turns out it's a super-secret school...
Kim: I knew he crushed on someone while he was there!
Wade: That wasn't what I...
Kim: What? You think I'm jelling? I'm not jelling! Why would I jell?
Wade: Right...

Kim: Ron!
Ron: KP? What are you doing?
Kim: Rescuing you. [to Yori]] Nice try.
Ron: Whoa! Are you freaking over my friend Yori?
Kim: I am not freaking! I am not jelling!
Ron & Yori: Jelling?
Ron: What's jelling?
Kim: Never mind jelling! Your "friend", Yori, is working for Monkey Fist.
Ron: No! She's just my... She... What was the last thing I told you?
Yori: You may tell her.
Ron: Really? You sure?
Kim: She's sure. Spill.

Yori: Oh, Stoppable-san, you make danger comical with your American-style buffoonery.

Ron: If she liked me, then why couldn't she just say so? I mean, she was being all ninja about it.
Kim: [awkwardly] Well... you got me.

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Ricardo.
Ricardo: De nada, Senorita Possible! After all, you saved my chicken farm when you dried up that mudslide!
Kim: No big. One of the reasons I carry a cordless hair dryer.

And the Molerat Will Be CGI [3.11][edit]

Kim: I love what you’re wearing.

Heather: Girl, I totally know what you are saying. I had this man who would not leave me alone, he was practically stalking me.
Monique: Get out!
Heather: I won’t! If he hadn’t been my husband it would have been creepy.

Mr. Possible: Honey, you know how I feel about "show people."
Mrs. Possible: They're just like you and me. Except they're wealthy, beautiful and live by no recognizable moral code!

Director: I'm on to the next big thing!
Kim: What's that?
Director: Monkey Ninjas in Space!
Kim: Been there.
Ron: Done that.

So the Drama [3.12-14][edit]

Season 4[edit]

Ill Suited [4.1][edit]

[Ron calls Kim at 3 a.m. after waking up from a nightmare]
Ron: Are you a Syntho-Drone, KP? Be honest, I can take it!
Kim: Ron! You had a nightmare! Goodnight.
Ron: Wait! Before that part where you melted, we were at the dance and-
Kim: We kissed.
Ron: Yeah! Did you have the same dream?
Kim: No. That part really happened, Ron.
Ron: Heh, yeah.
Kim: Yeah, but it won't happen again if you keep calling me in the middle of the night! [hangs up the phone]
Ron: [lying back on his pillow with a big grin] Man, love is complicated.

Dementor: I am impressed, Fraulein Possible. How did you know I would be here?
Kim: Uh, your "To Do" list helped.
Dementor: Doh! I dropped that when I stole the ultrasonic drill, yes?
Kim: Yeah, mm-hmm, you did. And thanks for making our job that much easier.
Ron: [reading list] "Steal ultrasonic drill, break into top-secret lab, call Mother, conquer world..."
Dementor: Ah, I knew I was forgetting something! Mama gets so cross when I don't jingle.
Kim: You can call her from prison.
Dementor: Or, we can add one more item to my list: ELIMINATE KIM POSSIBLE!
[Kim erects the dome-shaped, light blue shield around her and Ron]
Ron: Nice bubble, K.P.

Kim: Just getting started.
Dementor: Hold on! Time out! You have a battle-suit!? When did you this suit with the power?
Ron: It's relatively new.
Kim: And indestructible. So if you wanna just give up now...?

Dementor: Ha! You help your so-called boyfriend while I help myself to escape!

Bonnie: But you're a cheerleader! A senior cheerleader! You know what that means?
Ron: New uniforms?
Bonnie: Well, yes, and they're so cute, [pushes Ron out of the way] but it also means you must date a jock. It's- it's non optional! It's like a rule!
Kim: Ron's the exception to the rule.
Bonnie: He's the reason for the rule!

Kim: Cute trap, Professor.
Dementor: Why, thank you, yes, I rather like it. It's the details that really sell it, don't you think? I PICKED OUT THE CURTAINS MYSELF!
Ron: Dude, you're totally wearing a dress.
Dementor: It's a house coat!
Ron: Yeah, uh-huh- DRESS!

Kim: I have been foiled by a man in a dress?
Dementor: IT'S A HOUSE COAT!

Ron: The first rule of chess club is: you do not talk about chess club.

Ron: Wait, wait, it's not what you think!
Kim: Oh, so you're not a cheater, a liar and a thief!?
Ron: Okay, it is what you think. But Kim, I had to do it! I couldn't risk losing you!
Kim: What are you talking about? You weren't going to lose me!
Ron: Kim, I heard you talking to Monique. You agreed with Bonnie about dating jocks. You said that trading up was the only option.
Kim: What!? Uh, Ron, I was talking about Monique's cellphone.
Ron: Oh! She's got that new one like Bonnie's. That's a nice phone.
Kim: Uh-huh!
Ron: So you weren't gonna...?
Kim: Trade up my BF? Ron, I don't care about dating a jock. I care about dating you, Ron Stoppable, no matter who he is – as long as he's honest.
Ron: [uncontrollably grabs Kim and starts swinging her around] I'm sorry, Kim. I never meant to hurt you
Dementor: Not yet! [pushes the lever, causing Ron to throw Kim into the soda machine]
Ron: No, no! It's not me! It's your battlesuit! Oh, KP, our first fight!

Bonnie: Gee, Kim, is that your boyfriend out there running like a sick chicken?
Kim: [proudly] Yeah, that's my guy.

Kim: You do me proud, Ron Stoppable, by just being you.
Ron: Yeah. Who knew my mad running-away skills would have real-world applications?

The Big Job [4.2][edit]

Kim: Ron, this is ludicrous!
Ron: I know! You'd think a swank joint like this could spring for a real box of crayons! Oh, and watch your vocab, Kim, "ludicrous" is kind of a grownup word. Remember, you're 12, so maybe "doofy" or "stupido"?

Monique: If the stuff in that coupon book was worth anything, they wouldn't be giving it away.
Ron: I won't dignify that with a response!
Monique: Cause you don't have one.
Ron: Well duh! Why else do you pull that line?

Shego: Not to seem ungrateful, Junior, but why *did* you break me out of prison?
Junior: Well, my father's birthday is coming up and...
Shego: Hold it right there, slick. I don't do cakes, okay? I don't bake 'em, and I don't jump out of 'em!

Junior: There did not seem to be this many cars on the map.
Shego: Jus-just stop the car! I'll get the book.
Junior: But I thought we'd steal it perfectly together?
Shego: Yes I'll steal it... perfectly, and you'll find a space... perfectly.
Junior: Perfect!

Monique: You know Ron, if you had a job, then you'd have-
Ron: Impossible hours?
Monique: No-
Ron: Mean bosses?
Monique: No!
Ron: On the job injuries?
Monique: NO! MONEY! You'd have mad money!
Ron: [Pauses] Oh, that reminds me - Kim, can I borrow 5 bucks?

Martin Smarty: I like to reward people who save my life.
Ron: And I like to be rewarded... you hear that, KP? A reward! He-he-he!
Martin Smarty: How about a job?
Ron: Maybe we have different thoughts on that word "reward"...

Frugal Lucre: [to Drakken] Oh! Oh! Or we could put state-of-the-art robotic technology in kiddie meals all over the world! Can you hear me okay through that pillow?

Trading Faces [4.3][edit]

Jim & Tim: [first lines in the season; dressed in radiation suits] You didn't open the dryer, did you? Our experiment... you ruined it!

Tim: [as Mrs. Possible goes to pick up the cheerleader outfit] I wouldn't do that.
Jim: [holds up a pair of tongs] Not without these!

Jim & Tim: Which way to homeroom?
Kim: Homeroom? What do you mean, homeroom?
Tim: That room you go to before you go to your other classes?
Jim: You'd think a senior would know the basics?
[Tim nods in agreement]
Ron: Try middle school... about four miles... [Points to his left] That way.
Jim: We're not in middle school anymore.
Tim: We've been skipped ahead!
Jim: We're freshmen!
Tim: We're here!
[outside, the whole school shakes as Kim...]

Kim: There is no way you two are freshmen! [breaks conversation to wave at someone] Hey Amanda, see you in science. [returns] It must be a mistake... and I'm going to get to the bottom of it!

Tim: Miss Guide is our S.K.I.P. Counselor!
Kim: And S.K.I.P. is...?
Miss Guide: "Superior Knowledge & Intelligence Placement." A pilot program. Your brothers tested at high school level, so they're being enrolled as freshmen. I will be observing the transition!
Kim: So this is really happening?
Miss Guide: [with an exaggerated smile] Exciting, isn't it?
Kim: [through an exaggerated happy face] Oh, I can't begin to describe my feelings!

Ron: I get showed up on every mission we go on, you don't hear me whining!
[Kim and Monique give him a sideways glance]
Ron: I could whine more... A lot more!

Barkin: Listen up, cafeterians. In compliance with district guidelines, we have been ordered to divulge to you the contents of mystery meat.
[film reel begins playing]
Film announcer: Mystery Meat: from the slaughterhouse to your house...
[scene cuts to all the students running out of the school screaming]
Ron: I knew there were snouts!

Camille: There are plenty of suspects: One, Star Lette: her last three movies tanked. Two, The Holston Twins: they fell to number 3 on the "World's Richest Kids" list. Three, M.C. Honey: things must be bad, I hear she flew commercial.

Jim: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Sinclair.
Sinclair: It's the least I could do after you tutored my Kenny in calculus.
Tim: Derivates of inverse functions, so not the drama.
Kim: Huh?! Can you not?
Tim: You can use "hicka bicka boo"!
Kim: Why would I?
Jim: So you could be cool.
Kim: I am cool!

Kim: [about Jim & Tim] They're old enough to be in high school but not old enough to stay home by themselves?
Mr. Possible: Not without vaporizing the garage.

Kim: I'm sorry you must be this [holds her hand high above their heads] tall to ride.

Kim: [repeated line] Height limit.

Tim/Jim: And then when we were on a trip to Yosemite...
Kim: [gasps] No... not the poison oak story!

Camille: It's so hard to be me.

Kim: Oh, Ron. I'm not a model.
Ron: Why not? You're beautiful.
[Kim is left speechless, then looks at him and smiles]

Ron: She's not in wardrobe. Hey look, I'm already here.
Kim: Two Rons... but only one [calls out] Rufus!

M.C. Honey: Say what?

Camille: But I can't be seen buying socks! Eww! Socks are gross.

Britina: Camille?
Camille: Brit, I came as soon as I heard.
Britina: But I called you three days ago.
Camille: Silly, my callback list was epic this week. It's so hard to be me.

Britina: These are BFF's from way back, Kim Possible and... [turns to Ron] this guy, who's usually with her.
Camille: Kim Possible! I wore your look once - for about five minutes.

Jim I'll be the bad cop.
Tim No way... I'm playing bad cop.

Bofox [First lines] Are you me 3:30 tummy tuck?

Jim: This guy's all talk.
Tim: Radical techniques... as if.
Bofox: Oh really... Nano-Morphing radical enough for you?
Jim & Tim: Nano-Morphing? Shapeshifting!

Kim: M.C. Honey?
Jim & Tim: It's not M.C. Honey, Kim... it's Camille... she's a plastic surgery experiment. She's a shapeshifter!
["Honey" shape-shifts into Camille. Kim and the whole audience gasp.]
Camille: Oh, like you're a model!

Ron: [attempting to stop Camille, disguised as him] I got me.
[Ron fumbles into a clothing rack]
Ron: You know, I'm surprisingly nimble for an heiress.

Camille: [as she is being arrested] Do you know who I am?
Ron: Lady, the real question is, do you know who you are?

Jim & Tim: Hick-a-bick-a-boo?
Kim: Hoo sha!
[she hugs them]
Miss Guide: [confused] How do you spell Hoo sha?

The Cupid Effect [4.4][edit]

Wade: Shouldn't I just be myself?
Ron: No, that only works in cartoons.

Wade: Apparently impersonating a President is against mall regulations!

Junior: We should steal the device and use it for our own evil ends!
Senior: Junior, you came up with that evil plan all on your own! I am... so proud.
Junior: [giggling] I was looking over your shoulder, he-he-he!
Senior: Junior, that was cheating! I am... so proud.

Senior: Your genius cannot beat my evil or my treachery. Oh, by the way, have you met my bodyguards, Evil and Treachery?

[Wade reads a love note for Monique that Ron gave him]
Wade: The humble earthworm is vital to agriculture, it moves through the soil by excreting lubricating mucus.
Kim and Monique: Eww!
Ron: Wait! That's my biology report! Oh no! That means...
[Cut to Mr. Barkin grading Ron's "biology report"]
Barkin: [sniffs] Aw, that's a beautiful thought. A-plus, Stoppable!

Kim: Wade? What are you doing in France?
Wade: Uh, I'm here to fix the internet? It's broken.
Monique: Isn't the internet everywhere?
Ron: Not when it breaks into pieces!

[Kim leaps onto the stage to stop Junior.]
'Junior': Oh, Kim Possible!
'Kim': Hello, Junior.
'Junior': Are you not falling in love with my beautiful voice and freshly funky moves?
'Kim': Mmm, not so much.
[Unfortunately for Kim, Señor Senior sneaks up from behind her and unplugs her ears. Kim becomes affected by the cupid-ray and falls in love with Junior]
Kim": (squeals and laughs) Junior! Will you be my valentine?
Junior: I'm expecting a lot of offers this year, but I will think on it.
[Junior is singing and Kim is hugging him]
Junior: You must pay the door--
Ron: Give me back my girlfriend!
[Junior sees Ron disguised as a girl. He rips off his wig. Junior giggles]
Ron: Dude, what is so funny?
Junior: (laughs) I thought you were a lady.
Ron: Well, you are no gentleman.

[Seeing Wade's new girlfriend, Olivia, use a "Cupid Ray" on him.]
Ron: Er, you don't think Kim's got one of those?
Rufus: I dunno.
Kim: [from behind]: Hey, Ron.
[Ron and Rufus scream and cower]
Kim: What are you doing?
Ron: Nothing!
Kim: You're weird!
Ron: Kim!
Kim: Shh, [romantically] I like weird!

Car Alarm [4.5][edit]

Kim: Oh, no. I'm not gonna be the tweebs' taxi driver, I'll walk first. Bye-bye!
Mrs. Possible: I'll give you five dollars!
Kim: Not listening.
Mrs. Possible: Ten!
Kim: Walking away...
Mrs. Possible: Twenty, firm!
Kim: Tough love, mom, tough love!

Drakken: [about Frugal Lucre] All the prisons in the world, and I got stuck with the blabber-mouth!

Drakken: [after seeing Motor Ed] I knew I could count on family. Freedom is at hand! No more lockdown, no more prison food, and no more yakkity-blab from you, Lucre.

Shego: I got an early parole. Only here to say "hi."

Frugal Lucre: Listen, if it's any consolation on the whole "counting on family" front, I'm still waiting for my mother to post my bail!

Kim: Motor Ed and Shego? Why would they be working together?
Ron: Well, I mean weirder things have happened. Just look at us!
Kim: True, but there's a major diff between "weird" and "wrong on all levels."

Jim/Tim: [to Kim] We can get your car running!
Ron: Hmmm, ya know, they did build a spacecraft out of a lawn mower, a toaster, and well ya know, rocket parts, but still it worked, kind of!

Kim: Boys. They're ALL tweebs!

[Kim is walking, when Ron and the tweebs arrive in her car. She enters, with an annoyed face]
Kim: No mocking the hair!
Ron: Are you kidding? I know the basic boyfriend rules, Kim. Your new haircut is fabulous and those slacks are very flattering.
Kim: Thanks for the sensitivity.

Kim: Okay, here's the deal. I may have to drive you to school, but that doesn't mean I have to be seen with you. So duck, or walk.
Jim/Tim: Aww...
Kim: NOW!
[Jim and Tim duck their heads. Kim starts the car, but sees the passenger seat empty.]
Kim: Ron, not you! [Ron pops up.]

[Having been humiliated in front of Bonnie.]
Kim: The only ride you're going to need will be to the hospital...!
Wade': [interrupting her] Kim!
Jim: Whew! Saved by the Wade.

Ron: It's as fast as a rocket!
Tim: Hicka-Bicka-DUHH!

Tim: Nobody blows our doors off.

Shego: Great, Kimmy gets a car and she's everywhere... like bacteria.

Ron: [attacked by crows... yet again] Not now, this is just so random!

Motor Ed: Shotgun babe doesn't get to criticize the dude or his dice, seriously
Shego: Shotgun Babe?

[Motor Ed reveals his "awesome" plan: a cross-country road trip in a hyper-sonic vehicle with "a hot babe."]
Shego: Wait, you mean I'm here because I'm an ornament?!
Motor Ed: Not! The fuzzy dice are an ornament. You... are an accessory.

Mad Dogs & Aliens [4.6][edit]

Ron: Shego has credit cards?
Wade: And a surprisingly good credit score for a villain.

Jim & Tim: Hicka Bicka bow wow!

Drakken: You can't possibly be all that, Kim Possible! You're not, you're not, you're not!

Frugal Lucre: So anyway, I was in line behind Big Tony, you know with the glandular problem, and he takes two puddings, two! And the guards didn't even bust him for it. I tell you, the money this prison wastes, its criminal!

Shego: There's no way I'm gonna let this she-thing just waltz in here and destroy Kimmy! That's MY job! Ya hear me?

Shego: I’m on vacation! And I’m trying to relax! [to masseur] Toss ’em another one. Go ahead.
Ron: He-ey! He threw another rock at us! [pokes it] OW! A hot rock! He threw a hot rock at us!
Shego: [as Kim battles masseur] This is relaxing.
Kim: Vacation’s over, Shego.
Shego: [standing up] That’ll be all, Midas. [to Kim] Do you know how hard it is to get an appointment with him?
Kim: Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you sprung Drakken.
Shego: Who do you think I’m vacationing from?

Shego: [parting] OK, I’ve got a salt blow in five, so listen to my words. [throwing coals as punctuation] I’m not helping Drakken! And I don’t know who is! Me... va-ca-tion.
Ron: But –
Shego: VACATION! [throws water onto coals, disappears in steam]
Random Old Guy: Well, I’m convinced.

Motor Ed: [after a VERY long description of his latest ride, followed by an air-guitar solo] Know what I'm saying?
Frugal Lucre: NO! I have no idea what you're saying! You just go on and on and on and on about things no one even cares about!
Motor Ed: Dude, you're harshing my prison mellow here, seriously.
Frugal Lucre: And would you stop saying that word?! Seriously!

Grande Size Me [4.7][edit]

[Barkin berates the unhealthy-ness of Bueno Nacho]
Ron: LIES!

Kim: Whoop! Whoop! Over-reaction alert!

Ron: It's your worst nightmare!
Barkin: You mean the one with Abe Lincoln and the pool sharks?

Jack Hench: That's the downside with working with villians, they are always stealing your stuff! Oh, that reminds me, has anyone seen my stapler?

Ron: [out of breath] K... P! Okay... who wants a piece... of me?
Drakken: Ooh, something is different about him...
Killigan: Gawd, what have you done to yerself? You look ghastly, man!
Monkey Fist: You really should take better care of yourself!

Drakken: Kim Possible, you have something that doesn't belong to you. Well, technically, it doesn't belong to me either, but I'm a villain, so I don't particularly care!

Ned: Ron, this isn't like you!
[Mutated Ron drinks a whole vat of nacho cheese.]
Ned: OK, that's like you.

Kim: Wade, we have a major Ron problem, here!
Wade: You mean the fact that he's been turned into a fifteen foot tall rampaging behemoth?

Mutated Ron: [On seeing a giant metal donut] Ahh, donut... Ron want! [bites it] Ow! Ow! Donut hurt Ron! Ron smash! [The metal donut detaches from the stand and rolls down a hill] Oh, no... donut run away... come back, donut!

Mutated Ron: [On seeing a giant clown statue] Ron hate clowns!
[from behind it Kim shoots a roast chicken at him]
Mutated Ron: Clown throw chicken? Ron smash!

Clothes Minded [4.8][edit]

Kim: Whatever you've stolen, give it back!
Shego: We haven't stolen a darn thing.
Drakken: [appears] I've stolen the darn thing, Shego! Let's go!

Kim: I stick with what works.
Shego: Yeah. Season after season after season.

Ron: Ow! Ow! The hot, steamy badness!

[While Kim is fighting Shego, Drakken's machine works]
Kim: It actually works!
Shego: Hey I'm just as shocked as you.

Ron: You'll never get away with this, Drakken!
Drakken: What?! Why?! What do you know?
Ron: Oh... oh, nothing. It just seemed like the thing to say.

Drakken: [standing by the door, raising a baseball bat to strike; through a clenched jaw] Where is that Kim Possible?! My arms and jaw are killing me!
Shego: Don't you hate it when heroes show up late? It's just so rude.
Ron: I told you! I came alone. KP doesn't know I'm here.
Drakken: You know what, I'm beginning to think he came alone and that Kim Possible doesn't know he's here.
Ron: Yeah, okay, never went to college, did he?
Shego: Reject!
Drakken: Dropout, Shego! For the last time, they let me in, I just... [grunts] Without Kim possible, there's no one to stop me from launching my greatest invention.
Shego: We know, the intercontinental dooey-ma-jigy.
Drakken: Intercontinental electro-magnetiziser, Shego!

Drakken: You think your new mission clothes are all that, but they're not!

Big Bother [4.9][edit]

Kim: What's the sitch, Wade?
Wade: Got a hit on the site from the Yamanouchi School in Japan.
Ron: Yamanouchi... Yori?
Wade: Yeah, she said she needs Stoppable-san right away!
Ron: [seeing Kim's expression] Wade, you'd better fill in some blanks, pronto!
Wade: ...To help her! Both of you! Including Kim! Who she asked about... fondly!
Ron: [whistles] Nice save.

Barkin: [sees Ron at his front door] Stoppable, how many times do I have to say it? Home time is my time. Doubly so at BATH TIME!

[repeated line]
Mr. Barkin/Monkey Fist: I don't know what that means.

Ron: Nobody spits up in my backpack except Rufus...! And sometimes me.

Monkey Fist: What kind of hero brings a baby on a mission?
Ron: A baby, and a bag of flour!
Monkey Fist: Ah, yes. That explains everything.

[Ron turns in his assignment for Health Class, returning his "Flour Baby" after replacing it thirty-plus times.]
Barkin: F-minus.
Ron: What?! But... but she's in perfect shape!
Barkin: She's sugar!
[The entire class laughs.]

Fashion Victim [4.10][edit]

Ron: Well, I wasn't the one talking into a chicken... ya know, this time.

Odds Man In [4.11][edit]

Drakken: [referring to the cupacke company's name ] HANK'S?!?!
Hank Perkins: Yes, we focus-tested "Dr. D's", but everyone associated it with shampoo for some reason.
Drakken: Hmm...

Ron: So... uh... KP, I was wondering... what are you doing Saturday night? Woe!
Kim: I'm guessing Bueno Nacho, movie, 3 hours of you trying to win a stuffed frog from the claw machine at the Middleton Mall. DROP! [drops from the vine into the driver's seat in the jeep]
Ron: Wait are you saying... [drops from the vine and lands in the seat next to Kim in the jeep]... that our night has hit a-
Kim: [as she drives over a rut] It could use some shaking up. RUN!

Ron: I'm telling you, Kim. Actuarilly speaking, you should've been toast in tenth grade.
Kim: Yet, here I am.
Ron: Oh, would you mind moving over a lane? We're 8 percent less likely to get into a bone-mangling accident.
Kim: And you are fifty percent more likely not to tick off your girlfriend, if you are hundred percent less annoying.
Ron: Well, that doesn't make any sense. Where did you get your numbers? [Kim grunts] Look, KP. I just wanna keep you safe. Because if you got hurt... It's too big a loss to compute.
Kim: [so happy she's close to tears] That's the most weirdly romantic thing you've ever said to me!

Mr. Stoppable: Ronald? I should have told you what you learn when you spend your whole life calculating hazards.
Ron: What?
Mr. Stoppable: Some things are worth the risk.

Stop Team Go [4.12][edit]

Mr. Possible: Jim, Tim, scoot over and make some room for your sister's arch foe.

Shego: Mmmmmm! That's good cocoa-moo!

Electronique: How did the four of you ever manage to get anything done?
Hego/Mego/Wego: Shego.
Hego: She had a way of keeping things focused. When she left, the team sort of... fell apart.

Hego: [notices Ron was hit by personality reverser] What happened to him?
Shego: I think he's evil now.
Hego: Oh. How bad can that be?
Shego: You'd be... surprised.

Evil Ron: [to Electronique] You're going about this all wrong; You're acting like an evil poser!
Electronique: You want to see my power?!
[charges up and fires multiple times. Ron avoids beams and steals personality reverser]
Evil Ron: Ooooohhh, someone's a little touchy! You couldn't even figure out that the first person you should have used this on... [aims personality reverser] ...was Kim Possible!

Cap'n Drakken [4.13][edit]

Kim: Are you going to complain the entire time, Bonnie?
Bonnie: Somebody has to!

Franklin Barkin: Dost thou take me for a cock's comb, lad?
Ron: Uh, I'm... not... sure?

Ron: Oooh no, I'm not gonna be caught wearing a dress... you know, again.

Franklin Barkin: I wear many hats... some of which are bonnets...

Drakken: You think you're all that lass, but nay, 'tis not so!

Drakken: To the escape craft! [pirate voice] And save my booty!
Shego: If I had a doubloon for every time I've done that...

Franklin Barkin: [to Monique and Bonnie] All hands aboard!
Bonnie: He's not talking to us is he?
[cut to Bonnie and Monique on the deck of Barkin's ship]
Monique: Yeah, I think he was talking to us.

[Kim, her friends, Franklin Barkin and Bonnie defeat Drakken]
Kim: I sense a change in the wind.
Franklin Barkin: Booyah! [everyone looks at him weird] Ye know what I mean.

Mathter and Fervent [4.14][edit]

[Ron has to find a "hero" to write about, and has to rule out Kim, or her parents.]
Kim: You know, I'm not the only one of us with parents.
Ron: Mom swore off school projects after the paper-machete incident.
Kim: Don't you mean, "paper mache"?
Ron: I wish I did, Kim. I wish I did.

[In the Go Tower, Hego receives an emergency call from the Mayor.]
Mayor: [lisping] Lookth like we've got uth a sithuation, Hego! Your old numerical nemethith ith thcaring the thpit out of the thitithens of Go Thity!
Hego: You don't mean...?
Mayor: Yeth, Hego... the Mathter!
Ron: The Mathter?
Kim: Ron, don't make fun! He means "The Master."
Hego: No, he means "The Mathter."
Mayor: That's what I thaid, ithn't it? The Mathter!

The Mathter: Time to subtract you from this equation.

The Mathter: Let me throw some numbers at you.

Wade: Uh-oh!
Ron: "Uh-oh" good or "uh-oh" bad?
Kim: When is "uh-oh" ever good?
Ron: I don't know, maybe THIS TIME?

[Ron has to go to school inside an "anti-matter" ball.]
Ron: Oh, yeah! This is how I roll!
Kim: Um, okay, maybe the whole trying-to-act-cool thing isn't your best option right now.
Ron: Look, KP, you wanted me to make the best of things, didn't you?
[They both freeze when they catch sight of Bonnie. She walks up to them.]
Bonnie: ...No. It's too easy.

[after spending a day at school as "Anti-Matter Boy"]
Ron: Most Humiliating Day of my Life? A-ding-ding-ding! We have a new winner!
Kim: What about the time you parachuted into the U.N. without your pants?
Ron: Not even close. The "I'm all about comfort" excuse brought the Security Council dress code into the 21st century.
Kim: See? There's an upside to everything. [Her Kimmunicator beeps] We need an upside, Wade!

Kim: Time to crunch your numbers.

Kim: [to the Mathter] Okay, one more lame-o math reference, and I am going to LOSE IT!

The Mathter: And what kind of hero are you?
Mr. Stoppable: I'm no hero. I'm Actuary of the Year.

Kim: [seeing the math fight between Mr. Stoppable and The Mathter] Okay, did you have any idea your father had it in him?
Ron: No, but who knew we'd be fighting a crazed math villain?
Kim: Yep, so convenient.

[watching the battle between the Mathter and Mr. Stoppable]
Ron: See? They should totally teach this way in Trig!
Kim: Totally.

The Mathter: [defeated by Mr. Stoppable] How were you ever able to calculate my every move?
Mr. Stoppable: It was easy. I did the math.

[When he is freed from the anti-matter ball, Ron and Kim hug.]
Ron: Oh yeah, that's nice.
Kim: I was starting to think I was never going to do that again.

[Last lines]
Mr. Barkin: Interesting report you turned in there, Stoppable. Your dad, a.k.a "Hero", is a member of the Middleton Search and Rescue?
Ron: Yep.
Mr Barkin: He also volunteers at the local fire department!
Ron: Affirmative.
Mr Barkin: And while in the confines of a certain "infinity dome" he can convert pure mathematical thought into blasts of energy that fire out of his skull?!
Ron: [Nervously] Yeah, it's an actuary thing.
Mr. Barkin: I see... YOUR DAD ROCKS! A+!

Mentor of our Disconter [4.15][edit]

Artie Smarty: [first lines] What up, Punk Breath?

Ron: Artie my main man, well I'm Ron.
Artie Smarty: [childishly imitating him] I'm Ron.
Ron: Er, yeah, that's what I said.
Artie Smarty: [Now spitefully] Er, yeah, that's what I said.
Ron & Artie: [in stereo] Hey, stop that.
Ron & Artie: [in stereo] Stop saying what I'm saying.
Ron: KP! He can't...[Artie takes off]

Artie Smarty: [on seeing Rufus] Hey, little naked dude. [waves to him]

Artie Smarty: Too bad... So sad. [pretends to cry] Wah... Wah... Wah.

Artie Smarty: [Overjoyed on seeing baby Otters] OTTERS!
[goes to hug them but contains himself]
Artie Smarty: Er... cool.

Ron: I'm not cut out to help people make life choices.
Kim: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. After all, you helped me choose you!
Ron: Okay, that time I was a genius.
Rufus: Yuck!

Martin Smarty: Oh, look at him. He's more rebel than boy, now.

Shego: So, Frugal Lucre really bugs you?
Drakken: To the max! Now hide! [whispering] Maybe if we stay hidden he will leave...
Lucre: [whispering] Who will leave?
Drakken: Frugal- WAAH! How did you get here?! [looks at Shego]
Shego: Meh, figured I'd let him in.

Ron: Hermit crabs! They're just hard-shelled ungratefulness!

Shego: [to Frugal Lucre] You know what else he likes? Questions.
Frugal Lucre: Oh, I've got lots of those!
Shego: And he likes getting tapped on the shoulder... er, and you know how he likes getting blown on to get his attention?

[Last Lines]
Shego: So tell me again, how much are you worth?
Martin Smarty: Billions!
Shego: That's a mad grip. I could get used to this. How much real estate?
Martin Smarty: Including tropical islands?
Shego: I am so retired right now.
[Artie enters.]
Artie Smarty: Hi, Dad. Hi, New Mom.
Shego: [gets up] I am so out of here.

Oh No! Yono! [4.16][edit]

Hana Stoppable: [Repeated words] Page/Brother

Ron: I see, yes, yes, interesting. Well, if I had known I was supposed to be teaching her ninja skills, I would have, like, oh I don't know, TAUGHT HER SOME NINJA SKILLS! AAGGHH!

Monkey Fist: [to monkey with camera] Oh, that last mission was a failure! I told you scrapbooking the incident wouldn't make me feel better!

Yono the Destroyer: I AM YONO!
Monkey Fist: The Destroyer? Really?
Yono: [crosses his arms] Word.

Monkey Fist: So, you claim to be the great Destroyer?
Yono: What part of "YONO THE DESTROYER!" confuses you?
Monkey Fist: The short part. [gestures for his monkey ninjas to attack]

[after Yono defeats his ninjas, Monkey Fist confronts him]
Monkey Fist: Ah, ah, ah! This time, without the cheap light show.
Yono: So it shall be. No flash... just crash!

Clean Slate [4.17][edit]

Shego: So, Kimmy's forgotten everything? Like, how to fight crime? [grins evilly] I'd say it's a good day.
Drakken: So long, Kim Possible! You used to think you were all that, but you don't remember the 'all that-ness' that you used to think... that you were then... but not now...
Shego: ...Y-yeah, just stop. [drags Drakken away]

Ron: Morning Mr. Dr. P, Mrs. Dr. P. So any progress?
Mrs. Possible: Good news! Most of Kim's basic memory has been restored.
Mr. Possible: But there was a little mix up with the dish washer and bathtub this morning.
Mrs. Possible: Worked out fine. Kimmy and the dishes all got clean.
Ron: Uh... but what about-
Mr. Possible: Don't worry. The forks and knives were in the face-down position.
Kim: Hi Rob!
Ron: Ron.
Kim: Ugh! Right! Right! [Hits herself on the head]
Ron: It's O.K., it's O.K. It'll come back. So you know who I am?
Kim: Of course I do. You're my best friend.
Ron: [happy and relieved] Yes! O.K. we are back on track. Ugh, talk about a relief.
Mrs. Possible: Oh Ron, one thing-
Ron: [pushing Kim towards his motor bike] No, not to worry, I'll have KP back in time for dinner. After school, I'll give her a refresher around Middleton. It'll be like a second first date. [nudges Kim]
Kim: Are you hitting on me?
Ron: Uh, Kim, we are dating. I'm your boyfriend. We do everything together.
Kim: You? Boyfriend? [snickers, then] Oh... wait you're serious?
Ron: Oh-ho, that wasn't painful at all. [snaps his fingers and Rufus gives Ron the bouquet of flowers Ron bought for Kim] Serious, see no see what I just did there [presents Kim with the flowers] It's boyfriend stuff. So, do you remember now?
Kim: No, but thanks for the salad. [ thinking the bouquet is a salad, Kim eats it]
Ron: But, no. See those... huh. O.K. well, technically it's in the salad family. [sighs disappointingly] Come on.
Kim: Bye Mom, bye Dad. Rockets are Go!

Kim: Good plan, but that's not why I gave you the belt. [Gasps, remembers all the times Ron lost his pants]
Kim: I remember, I remember! I gave you the belt for our half-i-versary.
Ron: Yeah, I still don't get what exactly that is.
Kim: Ron, I remember that you're my boyfriend and that I think I love you.
Ron: For real?
Kim: For real. [she hugs him]
Ron: Now, THIS is a memory.
[Rufus fawns happily over them]

Homecoming Upset [4.18][edit]

Monique: Back off, Bonnie! In case you didn't notice, now Kim is the one dating the star of the football team.
Kim: That's not important to me, Monique... although Ron has broken more school records than Brick ever did.
Bonnie: [sulking] Brick... if he had just flunked senior year one more time, he'd be here to rule at my side.

[Kim catches Bonnie kissing Ron.]
Ron: Hey, I was the kissee here, not the kisser!
Kim: No kidding! It took you twelve stinkin' years to kiss me!

Bonnie: [crying and wailing]
Ron: Um, I don't speak hysteric.
Bonnie: [continues crying and wailing]
Kim: Brick broke up with you?
Ron: How do you know what she's saying?
Kim: It's a girl thing.

Bonnie: I don't do pathetic!
Ron: [under his breath] Well, you could have fooled me...

Ron: Uh, Bonnie? This is the part of sneaking in that we like to call "quiet time."

Chasing Rufus [4.19a][edit]

[after opening the pet carrier and finding Debutante instead of Rufus]
Ron: Oh, this is bad.
Kim: Not entirely. I think Camille will be much easier to track down now.
Ron: How can you tell?
[In the distance, Camille shrieks at finding Rufus in her pet carrier]
Ron: Ten miles away?
Kim: Twelve, tops.

Nursery Crimes [4.19b][edit]

Kim: Hurry Ron, "baby" and "missing" are a bad combination.
Ron: Right with ya, KP.
Kim: Wade, need a DNA scan of the baby’s hair… then an ultraviolet sweep of the nursery. Ron?
Ron: Look, I spelled Rufus.
Mother: Kim Possible, thank goodness you’re here.
Kim: We came as soon as we heard your baby was… right there in your arms?
Father: It’s not our baby that’s missing.
Mother: No, it’s her… her…
Father: Paccie.
Kim: You called us for a missing pacifier?
Ron: Can’t you just buy a new one?
Kim: What up, Wade?
Wade: Something seriously weird.
Kim: Let me guess, a worldwide wave of stolen pacifiers?
Wade: Yeah! How did you know?
Kim: Just a hunch.
Mother: Whoever did this…? I said whoever did this left a note.
Ron: O-oh look, ransom is spelled out “little booties”. O-oh, that’s adorable, and- [sneezes] Dusty.
Kim: Not dust, baby powder.
Wade: Scan complete, Kim, and we’re looking at rare baby talc, manufactured in the tiny English village of Sheershimsheer. Well, it used to be.
Kim: Not anymore?
Wade: The baby powder factory has been closed for years.
Ron: Uh, sounds dead-endish.
Wade: Maybe not, look at this. Sheershimsheer is also the home of a nanny-training academy. Oh wait, also closed.
Ron: That’s double dead-endish.
Rufus: Yeah.
Kim: It’s the only lead we got, better check it out.

[at the factory]
Ron: Okay, the creepy factor’s in serious over "freak" here.
Rufus: O-o-o-oh.
Kim: It’s just an old house, it’s not haunted.
Ron: AAH! It’s a zombie!
Old Lady: May I help you?
Kim: [To Ron] Not a Zombie… [To Old Lady] Hi, we’re looking for Nanny Maim.
Old Lady: I am she.
Kim: I’m Kim Possible, and this is Ron Stoppable.
Ron: Hey.
Nanny Maim: Hay is for horses, young man, and do stand up straight. Your posture is atrocious.
Ron: Yes, Ma’am.
Kim: We were hoping to find out about your nanny academy.
Nanny Maim: Deary, there hasn’t been an academy here for years. No one needs nannies anymore. At least, not nannies who know how to handle unruly children.
Kim: It’s just that we have some questions about the baby powder that used to be manufactured here.
Nanny Maim: Ohh, perhaps I can help you with that.
Kim: Really?
Nanny Maim: Yes. I would suggest you take your questions and… go elsewhere.
Kim and Ron: Huh?
Kim: Let’s see if the other locals are friendlier.
Ron: Uh, I’d settle for "not as bone chillingly eerie."

Bartender: Welcome to the Cow and Cone. ‘Ave a pint. Would it be a ‘and scoop or soft-served?
Ron: Well, uh I’m a scoop guy myself, pistachio please.
Rufus: Me, too.
Bartender: And ‘ow about you miss, what would you like?
Kim: Information.
Bartender: Certainly, ‘appy to ‘elp.
Kim: It’s about the nanny academy.
Bartender: Well it was an academy. Lovely old place it was.
Kim: What happened?
Bartender: [sighs] Times miss, same as the rest of Sheershimsheer. First the baby powder plant closed, then people stopped hirin’ nannies.
Ron: And that’s when they went into the zombie business, right?
Rufus: O-o-oh.
Bartender: What’s he on about?
Kim: What about the old woman we spoke to there?
Bartender: You spoke to… uh, Nanny Maim? Oh, ah... you needn’t worry a tick about her. She’s a lovely woman, that one. Salt of the earth.
Woman: A heart of gold, she has.
Man: They don’t make ‘em like her anymore.
Ron: Why would they want to?

Kim: What are they looking for?
Bartender: Not babies miss, never babies. We like babies ‘round ‘ere, we do, heh heh... That’s right.
Woman: Oh yes, we like babies just fine. But not snoopers like you.
Bartender: Per’aps your order should be for take-away.
[outside the parlor]
Kim: Things are way weird here.
Ron: Yeah, pistachio is s’pose to be green.
Kim: We need to take another look at that academy.
Ron: Ok, but walk slow, ‘cause... [munches] once you get past the purple, this is good pistachio.

Kim: Ron, infiltrating, no crunch zone.
Ron: Right. [munches] Whoa, there’s chocolate at the bottom, heh-heh...
Kim: [sighs] Wade, what have you got?
Wade: Nothing I can put my finger on. Infrared shows something in there is using a lot of power, but I have no idea what.

Ron: Kim, don’t look. This is possibly the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.
Kim: Sicker then the time you put Diablo sauce on pancakes?
Ron: MUCH!

Kim: Ohh, captured by babies. This is a new personal low.
Ron: You gotta admit they were cute... until they kicked our butts.
[one of the babies blows a raspberry at them]

Nanny Maim: Apparently, during your last visit, I did not make myself clear.
Kim: Oh, it’s very clear. You’re creating an army of super babies, and using them to steal pacifiers.
Ron: Ok, now see I was thinking that but when you said it out loud, I-it sounded silly.
Kim: I know.

Nanny Maim: [tsking] So very naughty, trying to muck up Nanny Maim’s plans like this. [sips tea] Hmmmm, what to do?
Kim: You could tell us what this is all about. That’s sort of traditional in situations like this.
Nanny Maim: Well deary, back in the day I trained the sternest nannies the world has ever seen, but times changed. A stern nanny was no longer the fashion. Fewer and fewer of my graduates were hired. Finally, nanny had to close her lovely academy for good.
Kim: So, this is about revenge?
Nanny Maim: Do not interrupt, that is quite rude. Nanny Maim realized you could make more money making children unhappy, then she could making them happy.
Ron: Hey, what’s more traditional than greed?
Kim: And the, um, hench-babies?
Nanny Maim: These little dears? They show just what traditional Nanning and firm discipline can accomplish. Also, feeding full-size henchmen gets a bit pricey.
Ron: Cheap, that’s traditional too.
Kim: The good guys getting free while the bad guy explains the plan… also traditional.

Ron: Ron Stoppable is more than a match for any baby! I got a little sis myself, so bring it on...! Waaaaa, blah no, I meant one at a time! AHHHH...!

Ron: Oh, glad that’s over.
Kim: Um, it’s not quite over. How many times did you go through that machine?
Ron: Well I lost count, why?[Wearing a diaper] Oh, you know I find the giant diaper a delightful change of pace.

Larry's Birthday [4.20][edit]

Graduation, Part 1 [4.21][edit]

Kim: Okay, future. I'm ready for anything you can throw at me.

Ron: After graduation you're – you're heading to the stars, and, um...
Kim: Ron... what?
Ron: I'm stuck on Earth, but I don't want to hold you back, so whatever happens... I'm okay with it...

Kim: So, payback's the stitch.

Graduation, Part 2 [4.22][edit]

[Ron is shocked to see Warhok holding an unconscious Kim]
Sensei: Summon the Mystical Monkey Power.
Ron: Sensei?
Warhok: [holding an unconscious Kim] Come Warmonga, we will take this one as a trophy. She will look handsome beside your Thorgoggle spine.
Sensei: [appearing behind Ron] You are the Monkey Master.
Ron: I am?
Sensei: Hm. This is your destiny. You are ready.
Ron: I am! Hey Warhok!
[Ron attacks Warhok using his Mystical Monkey Powers. Warhok is no match for him]
Sensei: His Monkey Power is strong. Boo ya!
[While a shocked Kim and Shego watch, Ron beats up Warhok and Warmonga, even levitating at one point before finally throwing them into the air]
Warmonga: Frackel!
[Warmonga and Warhok crash into their ship which explodes, killing them. Ron lands in front of a completely speechless Kim and powers down before hugging her. Drakken arrives and looks around confused]
Drakken: Huh? What happened? What did I miss.
Shego: I don't know but I think the sidekick just stepped up... monkey style!
Drakken: Monkey style? What's that?
Shego: You had to be here.

[Shego and Warmonga charge each other]
Warmonga: For Lorwardia!
Shego: Forget it!
[Shego cuts Warmonga's speeder in half with her powers, sending her down into the vines where she gets tangled]

[Ron is having a hard time flying due to having Drakken on his back]
Ron: The piggyback thing really drags down my coolness.
Drakken: Well, pardon me. Not all of us have the power of flight.
Ron: Oh, complain, complain. You know, when life gives you lemons...

Ron: Dude, you okay?
Shego: Dr. D...?
Drakken: meh... uh... My mind... it's racing... it's uncanny... I see every detail...
Kim: Of what?
Drakken: My greatest plan ever!
Ron: To save the world?
Drakken: Do not make me say those words!

[Drakken believes Kim has been vaporized]
Drakken: You... were a worthy foe. You were indeed "all that." Farewell... Kim Possible!
[Kim appears behind him, tying her graduation sash around her waist]
Kim: Hello, Drakken!

Shego: Okay, Where's Miss Priss?
[Ron and Mr. Possible point at the sky.]
Shego: Great I was banking on Kimmy to do her save the world thing.
Ron: Where's Drakken?
Shego: [points to sky, in depressed voice] See previous.

[Approaching the Lowardian mothership]
Shego: All right, we need to figure a way in
Ron: Easy, Look for the garbage hatch
Shego: [sarcastic] Oh yeah, I'm sure they have a garba- [sees garbage hatch] en!
Ron: And the first Boo-yah in space, BOO-YAH!
Shego: [About to fly through the garbage] Hold on [Ron grabs her] Not to me!

Warmonga: She is the Blue Imposter's Battle-Mate.
Shego: Whoa, whoa, whoa! The two teens are a "thing", but there is nothing going on between me and Doctor D.!
Kim: Nothing?
Warmonga: then why were you so threatened by my arrival?
Shego: Well, I don't know, could it be because you're nine feet tall?
Warhok: Denial. It's more than just a river on the planet which we now control.

Ron: [Talking to Kim] This whole thing has shown me that I- I can't live without you.

Kim: I told you Graduation wasn't the end of the world...
[Kim & Ron kiss passionately as the car flies off to the moon]

[Last lines of the series]
Dementor: You must admit, that it is exquisitely amusing.
Drakken: Okay, Dementor, I'd really rather not talk about it!
Dementor: But the irony! As a mad scientist you have been a total failure your entire career...
Drakken: New topic, please!
Dementor: Okay, okay. Why the blue skin?
Drakken: Glad you asked! Funny story - not funny "ha-ha." But! It was a Tuesday...


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