Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time

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Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time (also known as Kim Possible Movie: A Sitch in Time) is a 2003 American made-for-TV animated film by Walt Disney Television. It is the first film based on the original television series Kim Possible, about a crime-fighting high-school cheerleader named Kim Possible, who battles a band of time-traveling criminals. The film was directed by Steve Loter for the Disney Channel. It contains elements of action, comedy, and science fiction, and was created with a mix of traditional and computer-generated animation.


  • Ron, I couldn't save the world without you.

Young Ron[edit]

  • (to Shego) No one knocks down Bueno Nacho past, present or future.
  • (Ron learns Shego is the reason his family moved to Norway) You're the reason I moved? You're the reason I've been eating meat cakes?!


  • You know this ancient magic stuff, it's always so complicated!


  • You think you're all that... blah blah blahbitty blah.

Monkey Fist[edit]

  • Waffle away, gents. I'll be getting a head. [As he jumps on Drakken and Killigan's head]


  • [about Monkey Fist] He has the power of time travel, and he's late!




Mr. Stoppable: Ronald, let's move!
Ron: [saddened] Well, Kim. I guess... I guess, this is it.
Kim: [equally saddened] Yeah, yeah. I... I guess.
[Rufus cries. Kim hands Ron a Kimmunicator]
Kim: Uh, here. I had Wade whip this up for you.
Ron: My own Kimmunicator!
Kim: Correction! Ronunicator! You can call me or beep me, you know, if you wanna reach me.
Ron: [emotionally] I'm not gonna cry! [Rufus cries hard] Courage, little man!
Mr. Stoppable: [honks the truck horn] Let's go, Ronald! Four hours early for international flights!
[Kim and Ron look at each other before sharing an emotional, tender hug]
Ron: [while leaving] Have fun in Latin class!
[Kim looks on saddened as her best friend enters the moving truck. Ron and Rufus wave a sad goodbye to her and Kim waves back. The truck leaves.]
Kim: [heavy sigh] Goodbye, Ron!

Drakken: When young Kim Possible goes on her first mission we'll make sure she fails. This time her spirit will be crushed!
Killigan: Uh, we tried crushing her spirit. Can we nay simply crush her?
Monkey Fist: I'm with the mad golfer on this one.

Ron: Um, excuse me scary orb thing where are you taking us?
Floating Robot: The attitude adjustment center.
Kim: Isn't that the high school?
Floating Robot: Prepare to be drained of all individuality and spirit
Ron: Yep, high school.

Bonnie Rockwell: Our scan has picked up two troublemakers in the back row.
Ron Stoppable: I wonder what they do with troublemakers?
[wrist-cuffs & foot-cuffs trap Kim & Ron]
Ron Stoppable: Hey, hey, hey! High school never had to resort to this sort of thing!
[Obedience collars emerge from the seatbacks]
Kim: Or that sort of thing!
Bonnie Rockwaller: Obedience collars; you'll learn to love them. Not that you'll have a choice.

Rufus 3000 [in front of an audience of future Rufuses]: Rufus prime, what is the meaning of life?
Rufus: ...uh, cheeeeese!
[audience applauds]
An audience Rufus: [to neighbor] You owe me a buck.


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