Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is an installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, taking place after Kingdom Hearts coded and was released in 2012.


Yen Sid: As a Keyblade Master, Xehanort had a gift like few others... in many a guise, he has clashed with protectors of the light—Keyblade wielders like yourselves. And mark my words—he will trouble us yet again.

Sora: Huh? This is... Traverse Town. Hey, what's with my clothes? Must be more of Master Yen Sid's magic... What happened to Riku? Riku! Hellooo? Rikuuu!
Neku: Shut it.
Sora: Huh?
Neku: Talk about noise...
[Sora is scared off his feet as Neku drops in.]
Neku: Sora, right?
Sora: Yeah, but, uh... how do you know that?
Neku: [checking Sora's hand] Looks like you're not a Player.
Sora: A Player?
Neku: C'mon, keep up. In the Game. Players get marked with the time limit.
Neku: Neku Sakuraba. You asked.
Sora: Neku...Sakuraba... That's a mouthful!
Neku: No. It's really not.

Yen Sid: To strike down Xehanort, we need the individuals King Mickey spoke of in his letter. We must lead them out of sorrow and slumber, and back to our world. To do so, seven Sleeping Keyholes must be found and unlocked, and a great power retrieved.

Yen Sid: In your first journey, that you brought many worlds back from the darkness—but some never returned completely. They still sleep, cut off from all outside channels. Not even the Heartless can enter. But these Sleeping Worlds are said to have their own manner of darkness. They are called "Dream Eaters," and there are two kinds—"Nightmares," which devour happy dreams—and benevolent "Spirits," which consume the Nightmares. The Dream Eaters will guide you, just as the Heartless once guided you, to the Keyhole you seek at the heart of each world.

Riku: Am I in... Traverse Town? My clothes have changed. Sora! Where are you?

Shiki: Aren't you my knight in shining armor?
Riku: Kn-knight? You've got the wrong idea.
Shiki: Oh my gosh, I was so just kidding. You get out much?

Young Xehanort: How did you get here? [kicks Shiki's Mr. Mew doll towards Riku]
Riku: Who are you?
Young Xehanort: By choice or chance? You cannot control what you're not aware of... This wakeless sleep will be your wander forever.

[Watching Riku confronting Young Xehnanort]
Sora: You mean...another Traverse Town?...
Joshua: ...As for how the world got split in two...I have a feeling you'll need to ask this guy.

Riku: Trust me, looks can be deceiving. A good friend sees you for who you are, no matter what face you wear.

Hugo: [after defeating a Dream Eater] It was a walk in the park!
Victor: How would you know? You don't have any legs.

Frollo: [to Riku] Now you will be judged, just like the rest! [summons Bullet Gargoyle Dream Eater before falling to his death]

Young Xehanort: Hypocrite. You are the one who has made your heart a prison...
Sora: You again. What are you talking about?
Young Xehanort (with Vanitas's image): Even if you are not the prisoner.
[Young Xehanort takes his leave]
Sora: My heart's...a prison?

Lea: What a drag... Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?

CLU: You have a little item called a Keyblade. It can open any lock, isn't that right? Hand it over, and I'll change Rinzler back into Tron.
Sora: The Keyblade? I...I can't. This is what lights the darkness. A chance to make everyone happy!

Joshua: But Neku, I thought you couldn't afford to lose. Give up on yourself and you give up on the world.

Joshua: It's like the same world imagined by two people. What does that tell you? That we're in...
Riku: A dream...

Mickey: All right, Maleficent. Tell us what you want.
Maleficent: ...I presume you are familiar with Xehanort, the man who led me to discover worlds outside of my own?
Mickey: You know him?
Maleficent: As do you, I see. Yes, he shared everything with me—how to go about winning a heart over to the darkness, and, most gloriously, about the seven hearts of pure light—the ones that would grant me the power I need to conquer all worlds...
[Lea appears and blocks Maleficent's attack]
Lea: My name is Lea. Got it memorized?

Mickey: All for one-
Sora, Donald, and Goofy: -and one for all!

Yen Sid: I must warn you again—the road will not be easy.
Lea: Fine. Let's jump right in.

Sora: So what? At least I know who to blame for it!
Xigbar: [sarcastically] Oh, I see you've still got that angry look down.

Young Xehanort: [extending his hand to Sora] Come with me.

Riku: [to the Anti Black Coat Nightmare] Are you what's trapping him in that nightmare? 'Cause if you are... I'm what nightmares fear!

Xemnas: A heart is never lost for good... And so I knew, even after we were divided into Heartless and Nobodies, it was just a temporary separation.
Sora: Why, then? Why did you lie to them and tell them they had no hearts?

Sora: Hearts are made of the people we meet, and how we feel about them— they're what ties us together even when we're apart! They're what...make me strong.

Sora: I know the Keyblade didn't choose me, and I don't care. I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger—the people it did choose. My friends. They are my power!

Mickey: Master Xehanort! We were right about you!

Lea: You know, I was gonna come swooping in, Keyblade in hand! But I just couldn't get mine to materialize. Must be in the snap of the wrist or something. [Lea's Keyblade materializes out of thin air]
Everyone: WHOA!