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A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up—yours and mine.

Kingdom Hearts II is a role-playing video game developed by Square Enix, partly published by Buena Vista Games, and directed by Tetsuya Nomura. Kingdom Hearts II is the follow-up to the 2002 PlayStation 2's Disney Interactive/Squaresoft RPG Kingdom Hearts, and its 2004 Game Boy Advance sequel, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The story centers around a group of heroes searching for lost friends, and trying to decipher and defeat the mysterious Organization XIII, along with a large cast of characters from both Disney and Square Enix properties.


  • Here I come!
  • And Sora...about that friend of yours, the one you're looking for...You'll find him. Trust me.
  • There's gotta be a way...
  • I can't believe it!


  • I'm no hero... I'm just an...Auron. My name.
  • It seems we were fated to meet. Maybe you need a guardian?
  • All my life, I've been protecting others... But now, there's no one left to protect. Maybe... It's time I shaped my own story.
  • Thanks for meddling.
  • Know your place!
  • The Underdrome. Fiends of the Underworld once clashed there---battle after battle. But Zeus didn't like the senseless violence, so he locked the place up.


  • Roxas, alright. Fight, fight, fight!
  • It's me. You know. Axel.
  • Simply amazing, Roxas!
  • You really DO remember me this time? I'm SO FLATTERED! But you're TOO LATE!
  • C'mere! I'll make it all stop!
  • Burn, baby!
  • You won't forget this!
  • Got it memorized?
  • My thoughts exactly! If you have a dream, don't wait. Act. One of life's little rules. Got it memorized?
  • Axel. I happen to be an acquaintance of Sora's. Why don't we go see him?
  • We've got something in common, Kairi. We both miss someone we care about. Hey, I feel like we're friends already.
  • C'mon, it's a setup by Organization XIII. Xemnas is using you to destroy the Heartless. That's his big master plan.
  • Don't stop moving, or the darkness will overtake you!
  • I kidnapped Kairi, but she got away from me. After that, Saïx caught her. He's a member of Organization XIII. Saïx . Got it memorized?
  • Hey, do I ring any bells yet?!

The Beast[edit]

  • I've had enough of strength... There's only one thing I want...
  • Xaldin! ...That's his name.
  • [When using his Limit, Twin Howl] GET OUT!
  • I know one thing. This castle belongs to me. Xaldin will never be welcome here.
  • Tonight is...very important.


  • Run! Run away!
  • Ah, you! Wait a sec... Roxas! Roxas...! Oh, it's no use.
  • Let's see here: "If the subject fails to respond, use aggression to liberate his true disposition." Right... Did they ever pick the wrong guy for this one.
  • Now that's just plain rude!
  • Roxas, come back to us!
  • Hey, you guys are looking lively.
  • You shouldn't judge anyone by appearance!
  • Oooh... I told them they were sending the wrong guy...
  • Oh, we do too have hearts. Don't be mad...
  • Silence, traitor.
  • [last words] No way!
    • Dance water, dance!
    • C'mon, keep to the beat!
    • Like it!?
    • WATER!
    • Aw... blew it again.
    • You like it?
    • Ain't it a blast?

DiZ/Ansem the Wise (ディズ, Dizu)[edit]

  • His heart is returning. Doubtless he'll awaken very soon.
  • It's been too long, my friend.
  • Naminé... hurry.
  • Roxas wasn't the only one who was never meant to exist.
  • Sora and Riku are together. We have no part to play here.
  • I am to blame. When I met Riku for the first time, he still had the appearance of a boy. Probably because he had such a strong heart. I asked him to find a young man named Roxas from Organization XIII, and bring him to me. When I told him it would help Sora awaken from his slumber, Riku left without a word. He fought Roxas. And I can only surmise Riku lost that fight. Riku must have realized then: to fight in the realm of darkness, he would have to immerse himself in that same darkness. And when he did... you saw what became of him. When Riku brought Roxas back to me, he was introducing himself... as Ansem. If that was what it took to awaken his friend, he was ready to live in darkness. Riku was the victim of my revenge.... Oh, how my heart ached. I could only laugh to hide my shame.

Donald Duck[edit]

  • Yeah, you big palooka!
  • It's the guy who's not Ansem!
  • Salty... no, sweet!
  • Heartless, Heartless, Heartless!
  • Hey! Who opened the door?
  • We're alive and we're pirates!
  • You can't trick us!
  • [to Tron] You helped us, now it's our turn.
  • Hey, Sora don't antagonize them.
  • Cause we're heroes too!


  • Well, let's see. Some feller named Ansem, who wasn't really Ansem, turned into a Heartless. Didn't a Nobody get created when that happened too?
  • Looks like a diagram or something.
  • He's got to be the thief!
  • It's sort of gloomy, don'tcha think?
  • Hey! Does anybody else recognize that?
  • Gwarsh!
  • Gwarsh your majesty, I get bumped on the head all the time!
  • Barly?
  • It's a photo and some ice cream.
  • It's like a promise that we'll see each other again real soon.
  • Remember the organization's made up of nobodies.
  • Why you're the key that connects everything.
  • [referring to Jack Sparrow] He and Sora are kinda alike, dontcha think?

Jack Skellington[edit]

  • Season's Greetings from Jack, the PUMPKIN KING!

Captain Jack Sparrow[edit]

  • Then she's long gone. The Black Pearl is nigh uncatchable.
  • Not yet! We wait for the opportune moment.
  • Anyone that invokes "Parley" must not be harmed until negotiations are complete.
  • No mate, they're bringing 'em flowers!
  • They're making us pirates look like proper gents!
  • Hold a moment! I see no profit in it for me!
  • A ridiculous imitation, and yet, I'm flattered.

Kairi (カイリ, Kairi)[edit]

There are many worlds,
but they share the same sky—
one sky, one destiny.
  • Maybe... waiting isn't good enough.
  • No! Sora's in danger... because of me....
  • This time... I'll fight. You know Sora's completely hopeless without us. C'mon, Riku!
  • You and Riku never came home, so I came looking for you.
  • I do. More than anything, but not with you around.
  • [Confirming that it's actually Sora after hugging him.] This is real....
  • We'll be together every day. Right, Sora?
  • Hey, let's go home!
  • Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: Starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky—one sky, one destiny.
  • You're not acting very friendly!
  • What's his name...? I just... just can't think of it....
  • You're home.

Luxord (ルクソード, Rukusōdo)[edit]

  • The first to run out of time is the loser.
  • Don't squander your time!
  • A challenge, is it?
  • You play the game quite well....
  • How could you... Roxas...?
  • Do you know the rules?
  • The darkness in men's hearts drawn to these cursed medallions, and this Heartless... a veritable maelstrom of avarice...
  • I wonder, are they worthy to serve Organization XIII?
  • Look who's on top of the game!

King Mickey Mouse[edit]

The world's made of light AND darkness. You can't have one without the other.
  • Sora! I'll help ya!
  • Ya gotta get up!
  • Light, give me power!
  • The leader of Organization is Xehanort's Nobody!
  • Well, the guy in the picture is definitely the one who tried to take over Kingdom Hearts; the one you fellas defeated. But, what you guys actually fought was his Heartless. You see, he wasn't really Ansem, he just went around telling everybody that he was!
  • Kingdom Hearts. The worlds have given us this doorway. They want us to be the guardians of their destiny.
  • We don't hate it. It's just kinda...scary. But the world's made of light AND darkness. You can't have one without the other, 'cause darkness is half of everything. Sorta makes ya wonder why we are scared of the dark.


  • There's been a rumor going around in the Imperial City about a man in black lurking in the mountains.
  • Could the Captain have a vacation please?
  • For China!
  • Shan Yu is alive... He's heading this way!

Naminé (ナミネ, Namine)[edit]

  • You.... You were never supposed to exist, Roxas.
  • I'm sorry.... I guess some things... really are better left unsaid.
  • See? We met again, like we promised.
  • I always thought Nobodies were doomed to fade back into darkness.
  • So... we can be together again!
  • Kingdom Hearts.

Oogie Boogie[edit]

  • I feel like a million bugs!
  • That's right, AWAY YA GO!

Riku (リク, Riku)[edit]

  • You're gonna lose it all! [Sora: Riku!] Time's up.
  • Once we go through, there's no turning back. It’s victory... or oblivion. So, Sora, are you ready?
  • Don't worry. You're all still you.
  • Is that all you've got?
  • This world is perfect for me. If this is what the world really is, just this, then maybe I should fade back into the darkness.
  • 'Cause I'm not a total sap like you.
  • If the world is made of light and darkness... we'll be the darkness.
  • Remember me, Sora?
  • It's because of what's lurking inside it.

Roxas (ロクサス, Rokusasu)[edit]

  • Another dream about him...
  • How could you say that, even if it were true?
  • Tell me...tell me why he picked you!
  • You said we'd meet again, but when we did, we might not recognize each other... I think I understand. I see myself the way you remember me. And you see yourself the way I remember you.
  • Yeah, but you and I didn't. We got to meet our original selves.
  • Right. Any time Sora and Kairi are together.
  • Well, that's interesting.
  • Look sharp!
  • [In the 358/2 Days Trailer] I will disappear from this world in 181 days.
  • I'm dreaming... But which parts...were the dream?
  • Namine... What's happening to me...?
  • I guess I would like to know. What do you know about me...that I don't?
  • I dunno. Maybe it's destiny.
  • Sora... You're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is... over.

Saïx (サイクス, Saikusu)[edit]

  • True... we don't have hearts. But we remember what it was like. That's what makes us special. We know all too well how to injure a heart.
  • Is she really that important to you? [Sora nods] Show me how important.
  • Don't be reckless. Do you want to end up like Riku?
  • If I had a heart, this would be where I would die of laughter.
  • Thanks to you, we've collected countless hearts. Just look there! Can you hear their euphoria?
  • Fight
    • Do you feel it, the moon's power?
    • Moon, shine down!
    • Move aside!
    • Begone!
    • I want to see you die fighting.
    • I misjudged you...
    • All shall be lost to you!
    • Heart...if I had a heart...
  • Only you would have made it this far in one piece, Roxas.


  • Kneel, loser!
  • Don't leave me hanging now!
  • [Mockingly] Isn't this romantic?!
  • I don't feel like cooperating with destiny.
  • Hey, chicken wuss!
  • That's not Vivi. Thrash 'im.
  • Why does looking at you always tick me off?
  • [Laughs] Now we're talkin'!
  • Nice comeback there blondie.

Sora (ソラ)[edit]

  • A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I wanna line the pieces up—yours and mine.
  • Okay, I guess I can give you a hint. Starts with an "S!"
  • I'm... the key?
  • Nobodies... They don't exist...
  • Hey! No cutting!
  • Our hearts are connected.
  • I guess you think you can psyche me out by saying really random stuff!
  • Guy's a broken record.
  • They're definitely not with us. But Donald, Goofy, and I can get rid of them for you. And then, we can go see Santa! [Donald glares and taps his foot disapprovingly.] But first, the Heartless!
  • You used to be fearless. You would have given your life to save Belle. Don't you know what that meant to us? You gave us all courage. Hmph, maybe you should have kept some for yourself.
  • Don't mess with street rats!
  • [About Maleficent] What a hag.
  • What's going on? Everything's black and white.
  • My...Nobody?! But that's crazy! I've never been turned into a Heart—oh, right. [Remembers when he stabbed himself with the Keyblade "Ansem" used, he became a Heartless].
  • Get ready, Xemnas. It all ends here!
  • Which side are you on? I just got slugged!
  • We can take him on our own!
  • You can come here and see me anytime. I'll always be right here. [points to Pooh's heart].
  • You're coming back with us, right?
  • We did it!
  • Anyone from the organization who wants to be next?
  • The other side... the realm of light is safe now. Kairi, the King and the others are there.
  • W-We're back.
  • [Reading Kairi's letter] Thinking of you, wherever you are...
  • is this a dream....or is it...real?
  • [referring to Demyx] Who is this kook?
  • You are different Kairi, but I'm just glad you're here.
  • That's Sora, Donald and Goofy to you!

Winnie the Pooh[edit]

  • Thank you very much, dear somebody.
  • Hello Somebody-I-Don't-Know!
  • Sora, if I go looking for you, will I find you?

Xaldin (ザルディン, Zarudin)[edit]

  • Who could ever love a beast?
  • You don't know when to quit...
  • I've come to take something you hold very dear.
  • Yes, let your anger grow...
  • So came after all. You had me worried. I was afraid you'd given up for good.
  • Once Kingdom Hearts is ours, we will exist fully and completely.
  • So you see Beast... that's why we need your Heartless and your Nobody!
  • With pleasure, but I'd rather travel light. What shall I leave behind? [Motioning to Belle and the rose in his arms.] Belle? Or the rose?
  • Where's the fun in this?
  • Wind, guard me!
  • Taste THIS!
  • Beware the Winds of Despair!
  • Is this the end?

Xemnas (ゼムナス, Zemunasu)[edit]

  • I have been to see him. He looks a lot like you.
  • I'm what's left. Or, maybe I'm all that ever was.
  • My name is of no importance. What about you? Do you remember your true name?
  • (Final Mix) You seek answers. I can give you purpose.
  • (Final Mix) A new you. (to Roxas)
  • Indeed.
  • Ooh, my Kingdom Hearts... ruined. Now, I'll have to start all over again.
  • Warriors of the Keyblade, go forth and bring me more hearts!
  • Denizens of light, answer this. Why do you hate the darkness?
  • Then allow me another question. You accept darkness, yet choose to live in the light. So why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing; we, who were turned away by both light and darkness, never given a choice?
  • That may be, but what other choice might we have had?
  • So... it seems your hearts have led you to obliteration. Perhaps it doesn't pay to be too loyal to one's heart. I will have to be sure and remember that.
    • Hearts are power. Nothingness... is eternal.
    • Embrace nothing.
    • Sora... Are you certain you can trust Riku?
    • Riku... Are you sure you're not jealous of Sora?
  • Unfortunately, I don't.
    • Sora, are you certain that you can trust Riku?
    • Riku, are you sure that you're not jealous of Sora?
    • Can you spare... a heart?
    • Cursed... fools!!
    • Nothing is... Eternal!
    • Anger and hate are supreme.
    • We shall go together!
    • Begone!
    • Bind!
    • Why don't you... vanish?
    • Fire!
    • Here!
    • There's no such thing as light.
    • Cursed... Keyblade....

Xigbar (シグバール, Shigubāru)[edit]

  • Whoopsie daisy....
  • See, that would work if I was just any old dude. 'Cept I'm not. I'm with the Organization, nothing "any old" about me.
  • That's RIGHT, he used to give me that exact same look!
  • Be a good boy now!
  • Gee, I just don't know....
  • Nope, never heard of him.
  • Wouldn't you like to know....
  • Fight
    • You really shouldn't have betrayed us.
    • Gotcha now!
    • Clever little sneak!
    • Arms Reload!
    • "R" for reload!
    • Sora!
    • Roxas!
    • Oh YEAH?
    • Let's see how you dance!
    • I lost...Me?

Yen Sid[edit]

  • So, you are Sora. Now then, have you seen the king yet?
  • Though the worlds may seem far apart and out of reach, they nonetheless remain connected by invisible ties. As do our hearts.


  • Welcome to the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee!
  • Hey, you guys!
  • I think Tron's been hanging around those guys too much.


  • Hayner: We can't be together forever... so we'd better make the time we do have something to remember.
  • Hayner: We might not see each other again... but that's just part of growing up. It's not how much you see each other, it's how much you think about each other... right?
  • Daisy Duck: Donald! You forgot our date again!
  • Phil: Get up on the Hydra's back!
  • Timon & Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata!
  • Chip: Try not to crash into anything!
  • Dale: Sora! Watch out!
  • Raijin: Seifer's... not feeling so hot, y'know !
  • Vivi: How did I get here?
  • Fuujin: Cakewalk!
  • "Timeless River" Pete: Hit the road! I gotta go find the little runt what stole my boat!
  • Tron: Running executables! [when using his limit "Complete Compilement"]


Pence: [finding the camera empty] Oh no! They're gone! Our ________ (photos) are gone! [Puts his hand on his throat upon discovering his inability to say "photos"]
Hayner: All our _________ (photos), gone? [Hayner does the same thing as Pence]
Ollette: [gasps] You can't say _________ (photos)! Why not?
Pence: But you do understand what I'm saying, right? Our _________ (photos) are gone!
Roxas: Stolen... And not just the _________ (photos). The word _________ (photo)! They stole it, too!
Hayner: What kinda thief is that? Seifer could never have pulled that off!
Roxas: Yeah!
Hayner: All right, time for some recon!

Fuujin: Thieves.
Raijin: That was low, y'know?!
Hayner: Oh, yeah?
Seifer: Nice comeback there, blondie.
Hayner: What'd ya say?!
Seifer: You can give us back the ______(photos) now.
Raijin: Yeah! You're the only ones who would take it, y'know?
Seifer: That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers! So what did you do? Burn it? Heh, not like we need some ________(photos) to prove that you're losers.
Fuujin: Replay.
Seifer: [laughs] Now you're talking!
[Seifer's group and Roxas's group prepare to fight]
Seifer: I guess if you get on your knees and beg, maybe I'll let it slide.
[Roxas walks forward and appears to get on his knees, causing Seifer's group to start laughing]
Seifer: Roxas.
[Roxas sees three clubs and picks one up, preparing to fight Seifer]
Pence: Roxas, focus!
[Roxas and Seifer begin to fight]
Seifer: Come on. Quit playing around and fight!
[Roxas and Seifer continue fighting and if Seifer is defeated, he falls to one knee]
Raijin: Seifer's not feelin' so hot, y'know?
Fuujin: Tournament decides.

Axel: [clapping] Roxas, alright! Fight fight fight! [Walks forward, waiting for a reply.] You really don't remember? It's me. You know, [Takes off his hood] Axel.
Roxas: Axel?
Axel: Talk about blank with a capital B. Man, oh man, even the Dusks aren't gonna crack this one. [His chakrams appears in flames and he catches them.]
Roxas: Wait a sec, tell me what's going on!
Axel: This town is his creation, right? Which means we don't have time for a Q and A. You're coming with me, conscious, or not. Then you'll hear the story. [Gets ready to fight, but a strange presence flies around Roxas.] Uh-oh.
Roxas: [Looks around and at his Keyblade in frustration.] What's going on?! [He throws the Keyblade on the ground, but it reappears in his hand in a flash of light.]
Axel: Number XIII. Roxas. The Keyblade's chosen one. [Gets ready to fight.]
Roxas: [Roxas hesitates for only a second before readying himself.] Okay, fine! You asked for it!

[Roxas walking outside of their secret hideout and soon Dusk appears surrounding him as well as Axel appears]
Axel: Look at what it's come to. I've been given these icky orders to destroy you---if you refuse to come back with me.
Roxas: [Roxas trying to trick Axel] We're... best friends, right?
Axel: Sure... but I'm not getting turn into a Dusk for... Wait a sec! You remember now!?
Roxas: Y...eah.
Axel: Great! But, you know, gotta make sure and all. So umm... What'our boss's name? [Roxas unable to answer] Can't believe this...
[Roxas summons his Keyblade]

Selphie: Kairi...? What's that?
Kairi: A letter... I wrote it yesterday, to the boy I can't remember. I said that no matter where he is, I'll find him. One day. And when I stopped writing, I remembered that we made a promise, something important. This letter is where it starts, I know it.
Selhpie: Wow... I hope he gets it.
Kairi: He will. Starts with an "S." Right, Sora?

[Axel makes his attacks but is stopped by DiZ's using the digital Twilight Town to freeze his movement]
DiZ's voice: Roxas, to the mansion! The time has come!
Roxas: [shouting at the sky] Hayner! Pence! Olette!
Axel: [with a sad impression] The Roxas that I know is long gone. Fine. I see how it is...

[Roxas arriving at the Old Mansion but finds it locked and soon Dusk catches up with him]
Roxas: [Referring to the voice that told him to go there] Don't call me and then lock me out...
[Remembering Sora using the Keyblade to open and lock holes] [Roxas tries to do the same with the lock at the Old Mansion] [Roxas runs inside while "Ansem" appears in front of the gate to stop the Dusk]
[Roxas inside a white room filled with drawings on paper on the walls] [As Roxas looks around he sees picture of him]
[At The World That Never Was Roxas leaving the Organization while passing by Axel]
Axel: Your mind's made up?
Roxas: Why did the Keyblade choose me?I have to know.
Axel: You can't turn on the Organization!
[Flashback ends]

[Roxas as he finishes remembering his past turns around and sees Namine]
Roxas: Organization XIII... they're a bad group.
Namine: Bad or good, I don't know. They're a group of incomplete people who wish to be whole. To that end, they're desperately searching for something.
Roxas: What?
Namine: Kingdom Hearts. [Roxas giggles] Funny?
Roxas: It's just, I think---I've been running away from the question I really wanna ask:What's gonna happen to me now? Just tell me that. Nothing else really matters anymore.
Namine: You are...
Roxas: Namine?
[The Namine that was talking was just data and disappears] [DiZ appears]
DiZ: There's no knowledge that has the power to change your fate.
Roxas: Even if it doesn't, I wanna know. I have the right to know!
DiZ: A Nobody doesn't have a right to know. Nor does it even have the right to be.
Roxas: But what IS a Nobody!?
["Ansem" appears]
"Ansem": Diz, we're out of time. Too many Nobodies!
[Namine steps out from a Corridor of Darkness]
Namine: Roxas. Nobodies like us are only half a person.You won't disappear. You'll be whole!
Roxas: I'll...disappear...?
DiZ: No further outbursts!
Namine: No you WON'T disappear! You'll...
[DiZ covers Namine mouth from speaking further]
Roxas: Wait!
[Roxas tries get near but is stop by "Ansem", but Namine manages to break free and start speaking]
Namine: Roxas! We will meet again. And then we can talk about everything. I may not know it's you,and you may not know it's me. But we will meet again. Someday soon. I promise! [DiZ and Namine disappears into the Corridor of Darkness as well as "Ansem"]
Roxas: Let her go! Namine!

[After finding a secret basement in the mansion library, Roxas stumbles across computers and begins to regain his memories as a member of Organization XIII. One memory is that of him confronting Riku in the World That Never Was.]
Riku: Why!? Why do you have the Keyblade?
Roxas: Shut up!
[Roxas makes his move but is knocked out by Riku. However, Roxas quickly regains consciousness and gets back up.]
Roxas: Why don't you quit!
Riku: Come on Sora, I thought you were stronger than that.
Roxas: [Speaking in Sora's voice] Get real. Look which one of us is winning!
[Roxas gasps, covering his mouth with his hand]
Riku: So it's true. You really are his Nobody... I guess DiZ was right after all.
Roxas: What are you talking about?! I'm me! No one else!
[Roxas charges with his Keyblades and hits Riku.]
Roxas: How many times do I have to beat you?
Riku: All right. You've left me with no other choice.
Roxas: What?
Riku: [taking off blindfold] I have to release the power in my heart—the dark power that I've been holding back. Even...if it changes me forever.
[Riku screams and changes to his "Ansem"'s form. He uses Guardian to capture Roxas, who struggles before losing consciousness.]
"Ansem": I have accepted it.
[Roxas is now unconcious. A portal opens and DiZ steps out. Noticing DiZ's arrival, "Ansem" dons his hood.]
"Ansem": DiZ... he could feel Sora.
DiZ: Oh, he told you how he "felt," did he? Ridiculous. A Nobody cannot feel anything.
"Ansem": If he had met Sora, things might have been different.
[The next scene shows Roxas still knock out in the real computer room with Diz and "Ansem"]
"Ansem": Will it work?
DiZ: If we can maintain the simulated town until Namine finishes chaining Sora's memories.
"Ansem": What will happen to Roxas?
DiZ: He holds half of Sora's power within him. In the end, he'll have to give it back. Until then he'll need another personality to throw of his pursuers.
"Ansem": Poor thing.
DiZ: It's the fate of a Nobody. [Roxas is sent to the simulated Twilight Town]
[Flashback ends with a furious Roxas summoning his Keyblade to smash the computers.]

Axel: [Mockingly] Simply amazing, Roxas.
Roxas: Axel....
Axel: So you really do remember me this time. [Sarcastically] I'm SO FLATTERED!! [Walls of fire ignite from Axel's anger] But you're too late!
[Roxas pulls out the Oathkeeper and Oblivion, and puts on a battle stance.]
Axel: Two?! [Summons his chakrams, and looks up at Roxas with a grin.]
[The wall of fire disappears as Axel is defeated]
Axel: You get on their bad side and they'll destroy you!
Roxas: No one would miss me.
Axel: That's not true... I would.
[Flashback ends]
Roxas: Axel...
Axel: Let's meet again in the next life.
Roxas: Yeah. I'll be waiting.
[Axel disappearing into a Corridor of Darkness]
Axel: Silly. Just because you have a next life... [Axel disappears completely as Roxas looks on]

[Roxas walking in a hall of pods while seeing familiar faces]
Roxas: ...Donald? ...Goofy? [Roxas sees a door and goes inside as he meets DiZ and Sora's pod]
DiZ: At last, the Keyblade's chosen one.
Roxas: Who are you talking to? Me? Or Sora?
DiZ: To half of Sora, of course. You reside in darkness. What I need is someone who can move about the realm of light and destroy Organization XIII.
Roxas: Why? Who are you?
DiZ: I am a servant of the world. [DiZ's laughs] And, if I'm servant, then you should consider yourself a tool, at best.
Roxas: Was that... Was that supposed to be a joke? 'Cause I'm not laughing! [Draws out Keyblade] [Roxas slashes through DiZ but it was just a data of DiZ]
DiZ: My apologies. This is only a data-based projection. [Roxas frustrated and mad yells and slashes the data projection again and again] [As the projection is gone another appears next to Sora's pod]
DiZ: Come, over here.
Roxas: I hate you so much....
DiZ: You should share some of that hatred with Sora. He's far to nice for his own good.
Roxas: No! My heart belongs to me! [Roxas slashes the projection as it disappears] [Sora's pod opens] Sora... You're lucky. Looks like my summer vacation is... over. [The screen turns white as the Kingdom Hearts logo appears on screen]
[At the Twilight Town station King Mickey in a black coat gets off a train]

[The scene shows Roxas in a black place looking around and when his done he turns around to the screen]
Roxas: Sora?
Sora: Who's there? [The screen turns white]
Donald: Sora!
Goofy: Sora wake up.
[Sora emerges from the pod as he jumps and hug Donald and Goofy]
Sora: Donald, Goofy! [All three of them celebrate being reunited again]
Jiminy the Cricket: That was some nap!
Sora: You mean, we were asleep?
Jiminy the Cricket: I guess we musta been, or I don't think we'd be so drowsy...
Goofy: When do ya think we went to sleep?
Donald: Uhh...
Sora: Let's see... we defeated Ansem...
Goofy: Yep.
Sora: ...restored peace to the world... found Kairi... Oh yeah, and the we went to look for Riku. I think that's right so far?
Donald: Then what?
Goofy: What does your journal say, Jiminy?
Jiminy the Cricket: Gee, there's only one sentence... "Thank Namine." Hmm... I wonder who that is?
Donald: Some journal that is.
Jiminy the Cricket: [Jiminy being slightly offended] Well, what do ya say we find out where we are!

[Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive outside of the secret hideout, Sora stops for a moment]
Sora: You know, I think I've been to this town.
Donald: What's it called?
Sora: Hmm... Guess I must've imagined it.
[Sora, Donald and Goofy continue to the inside of the hideout]
Hayner: What do you want?!
Sora: Uh, nothing. Just wondering what was back here.
Hayner: Now you know. This is our spot.
Pence: [walking up to Sora] Um...
Sora: What?
Pence: You're... new around here, right? I'm Pence.
Hayner: Hayner. Nice to meet you, but we've got stuff to do, so catch ya later. [leaves]
Olette: My name's Olette. Hey, did you finish up the summer homework yet? Independent studies are the worst, huh?
Sora: Homework?! [looks to Donald and Goofy, who just shrug]
Pence: Hey, what are you names?
Goofy: Oh, sorry. We're Sora, Donald, and Goofy.
Sora: Hey there.
[Pence and Olette look at each other in surprise]
Olette: Sora, Donald, Goofy... we just met someone who was looking for you.
Pence: He sure seemed in a hurry. He had a black coat on, so I couldn't see his face, but he had these big round ears.
[Sora, Donald and Goofy think for a bit]
Donald: The King!
Sora: Where'd you see him?
Pence: At the station.
Sora: The station! Thanks!
Olette: Well, we'd better get back to that assignment.
Pence: Later! [Pence and Olette leave]
Donald: Oh, boy! The King's trying to find us!
Sora: Yeah, let's get to the station!

[Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive at the station. As soon as they arrive, Dusk appears. Sora looks confused as they don't look like Heartless and have a different symbol... Sora, Donald and Goofy are tired for there are too many Dusk, but King Mickey arrives to save them]
Donald: Your Majesty?
King Mickey: Shh! You gotta board the train and leave town! The train knows the way. [King Mickey giving Sora a pouch] Here. [King Mickey runs off]
Donald: Your Majesty...
Sora: The King... Was that really him?
Goofy: It coulda been... Yep, I know it was!
Donald: Now we know he's okay!

Yuffie: I see you're still in top form.
Sora: What'd you expect? You look like you're doing okay.
Yuffie: Well, what did YOU expect?
Sora: Hey, Yuffie. We're looking for Riku and the King. Have you seen 'em?
Yuffie: [walking away] Nope... but I had a feeling I'd see you guys again!
Sora: We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other.
Yuffie: Is that supposed to be Leon?

Donald: What's the big idea?!
Xigbar: Oopsie daisy!
Sora: Move!
Xigbar: Now, do you think that's polite... shutting me down like that?
Sora: I said get out of the way!
Xigbar: As if! You can talk all you want, but that won't change a thing.
Donald: Then we're gonna make you move!
Xigbar: See, that would work if I were just any old dude. 'Cept I'm not. I'm with the Organization. Nothing "any old" about me.
Sora: Ha... Tough talk for someone who stood by the sidelines while his Nobody flunkeys did the fighting!
Xigbar: Oh dear. I think you got the wrong impression.
Sora: You gonna cry?
Xigbar: As if! Why don't I remind you how tough the crowd you're dealing with really is?
Sora: Remind me? [glares]

Xaldin: Do my eyes deceive me? Does he really have the power to wield the Keyblade? He is nothing but a boy.
Xigbar: Give him a chance. It means he's straight as an arrow. He's pure of heart unlike all of us here.
Saïx: He had better be, or else he's worthless.
Luxord: I truly hope he's enjoying himself on his adventure. [Takes out his cards] Maybe he'd like a hand to determine his fate.
Demyx: Hey, as long as it works in our favor. We can let him do what he wants for now. Then we'll all jump in if needed
Xigbar: Those are bold words coming from you. Are you saying you'll volunteer to take care of it if things go wrong? Huh?
Demyx: What!? Me? No, you have the wrong guy. I'm not comfortable with that.
Xaldin: You act as though you have a conscience. When was the last time any one of us felt anything?
Luxord: Truer words were never spoken. Well, I suppose the fun will have to wait.
Saïx: Do you know what happens to those who lose their true purpose? Inevitably, they destroy themselves.
Xemnas: Gentlemen. The hero of the Keyblade has embarked on a new adventure. Make sure it is one he will remember. Now go.

[A fight has just broken out in the encampment.]
Ping: [In normal voice] Please!
[Everyone stops]
Ling: "Please"?
Yao: What a girl!
Ping: [Goes back to "manly" voice.] Uh, knock it off!
Yao: Knock what off?
Sora: You punched me!
Donald: Cutting in line!
Ling: What a shrimp!
Mushu: [Pops out from Ping's uniform.] Hey, who you callin' a shrimp, panda lips?! I'm a bonafide guardian dragon!!

Mulan: It ends now.
Sora: Right now.

Sora: [to Mulan and Shang] You two play nice.
Shang: Whoa... Watch it, soldier!

[Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter the dungeon in Beast's castle.]
Sora: There's no one here.
Donald: Aw... you mean there's nobody to rescue?
Lumiere: Did somebody say "rescue?"
Cogsworth: Shhh! Keep quiet! It might be them!
Mrs. Potts: Oh, they look like nice boys to me.
Goofy: We are nice! We're your friends.
Sora: Belle sent us to find you.
[Cogworth opens his eyes, and the servants go toward the boys. Donald picks up Cogsworth.]
Cogsworth: Uh, please! I am self-winding sir!
Sora: I'm glad you're alright.
Lumiere: It is we who are glad to see you!
Goofy: Have you been cursed, too?
Cogsworth: That's right! You've heard? It was the enchantress.
Lumiere: It seemed so long ago....
Mrs. Potts: It was a cold winter's night. An old beggar woman came to the castle asking for shelter.
Cogsworth: The master of this castle, that is, of course, the prince-- [Donald messes with the pendulum inside Cogsworth, then slams the case.] Stop that! Put me down this instant!

[Sora, Donald, Goofy and Beast race to the Entrance Hall]
Belle: I'm warning you! You'll be sorry!
Beast: Belle! Where are you?
Belle: Beast! Help! I'm in the ballroom!

Auron: This is my story. And you're not part of it.
Hades: Did you forget who you're talking to? I am the Lord of the Dead!
Auron: No wonder no one wants to die.
Hades: You are FIRED!

Pete: See there? I knew it! Those are the punks I was tellin' ya about.
Sora: Who're you calling punks? It's Sora, Donald, and Goofy to you! And don't you forget it!
Barbossa: That we won't. And we'll engrave it on your tombstone, to be sure.
Pete: Whoa I like your style.

[Barbossa's crew rise after Sora and company fail to defeat them as humans.]
Bo'sun: You'd best be sayin' your prayers!
Pete: Hey, watch out! They can see ya! Stay away from their magic!
Bo'sun: What for?
Pete: Weren't you listenin' to me before?
Sora: Hey, Pete, thanks for the tip!
[Sora and company successfully defeat the pirates.]

Sora: [Upon seeing Will and Elizabeth embracing.] Good for them.
Goofy: Sora, how come your face is all red?
Sora: What?! It is not red!
Donald: Ah, I know who you're thinking about! [Donald is referring to Kairi.]

Sora: Y'know... for a minute there, I thought we were going to lose Donald to the curse of the treasure.
Goofy: Me, too!
Donald: WHAT?!?!

[Sora and the crew are with Ariel in her grotto. Ariel is holding a pendant that belongs to Prince Eric]
Ariel: This is great, Sora. I know he'll be happy to have this back.
King Triton: And just who is this "he"? [Everybody turns around to see King Triton]
Ariel: Daddy!
King Triton: Ariel, you know how dangerous humans are!
Ariel: You don't even know him! Oh, Daddy, you've told me that you don't trust humans. But they can't ALL be as bad as you say. And I'm, well, I'm gonna prove it to you.
King Triton: So help me Ariel, I am going to get through to you. And if this is the only way... so be it! [Triton's trident lights and he destroys the statue of Eric with it. Rocks almost hit Donald. Ariel cries and swims away. Sora and the gang follow her.]

Ursula: [Singing] This witch is back to bring her wrath upon the sea. Triton can't be rid of me, not that easily. And like all who dare defy me, he will learn his lesson well. Never toy with a girl like me.
Sora: You got what you deserved!
[Sora, Goofy, and Donald dive underwater.]
Ursula: Flotsam and Jetsam! [Singing] Loyal darlings, strong as the tide. Sweetest poopsies, hasten by my side. Right now! Mommy needs you. Crush those stupid fools, make them writhe!
Sora: I don't think so! [Sora defeats Flotsam and Jetsam.] All right!
[Ursula swings her trident some more while Eric swims over to the boat.]
Ursula: [Singing] What a feeble human. No, I can't believe my eyes! Such a stubborn royal who is fighting for his prize. Without your precious mermaid, now you're crazy with revenge. I suppose I sympathize. [Swipes the trident at Ariel, but misses, as Ariel dives underwater in the nick of time.]
Eric: I'm not gonna lose her!
Sora: Right! We're with you all the way!
Ursula: Flotsam and Jetsam! [Singing] Loyal darlings, strong as the tide. Sweetest poopsies, hasten to my side. Right now! Mommy needs you. Smash those stupid fools, make them writhe!
Sora: [Emerges from underwater, with a most unusual announcement.] Sorry, "Mommy," your poopsies are toast!
[In a fit of enrage, Ursula swipes at Sora and company a few more times, but they manage to escape.]
Ursula: [Singing] This is not the end, my dears. I swear I've just begun. It's not over until Ursula has won! [Ursula has the trident knocked out of her clutch by Sora's Keyblade, and Eric stabs her.]

[The Party come up with a strange way to say goodbye to Ariel: singing.]
Sora, Donald, and Goofy: Even though we're hitting the road, our worlds are all connected-
Sora: [Spoken] -which means-
Sora, Donald and Goofy: [Sung] We are free to come and go-
Donald: [Spoken] -and sing!
Sora, Donald and Goofy: [Sung] So don't be sad and always know we'll come back soon to say hello!

[It starts to snow]
Sally: What a nice present.
Jack: I don't understand. There's no box! No ribbon tied in a bow!
Sora: Jack, it's not about the box or the ribbons. It's about what's inside the box!
Sally: No, Sora. What really counts—what's really special—is the act of giving the gift. To wish deep in your heart to make someone else happy.

Saïx: I have told Sora. I told him to keep fighting the Heartless.
Xemnas: Well done. You have not just injure him, but threw his heart into confusion as well. Yes, we shall receive many hearts indeed. Now Sora is confused and hesitant. And from those depths of confusion, shall he begin to hate even himself and by attempting to ignore his plight, he will sally forth with greater determination. Towards OUR future.
Saïx: One thing does concern me.
Xemnas: Axel? That compassionate fool. He continues to deceive himself with a friendship he can't even feel and still believe he can regain what he lost...Why don't you give him something to really worry about?

[Cloud and Leon are surrounded by Heartless]
Leon: Think you can handle this many?
Cloud: Well, might be tough if one more shows up.
Leon: Then that'll be the one I take care of.
Cloud: What, you're fighting, too?

[Sephiroth teleports to Cloud's location, eliminates all the heartless in Cloud's way, and confronts him]

Cloud: Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: I understand that you've been looking for me.
Cloud: Yeah. Once I defeat you, the darkness will go away.
Sephiroth: Can you do it? That darkness comes from your own dark memories. Do you think you erase your past?
Cloud: Shut up!
Sephiroth: Face it - you turn your back on the present and live in the past. Because the light of the present is too much.
Cloud: You don't know me!
Tifa: [from off-screen] Cloud!
Sephiroth: I know... because I am you. [teleports away]

[Cloud runs off to fight more heartless]

Tifa: Cloud! Wait! Huh? [a group of heartless surrounds her, and she beats them down]

Goofy: Look out! [pushes King Mickey out of the way and gets struck in the head by a giant boulder, losing consciousness]
Sora: Goofy! [running towards him alongside Donald and the King
King Mickey: No...
Donald: Hey! You're the King's Captain! You gotta get up!
Sora: C'mon, wake up!
Donald: Goofy, I'm sorry about the ice cream!
[Goofy lays unresponsive and everyone think he's dead]
King Mickey: Goofy?
Donald: [starts sobbing and lays his head on Goofy's chest] Ohhhhhhhh, Goofy...
Sora: This cannot be happening. It can't happen. It can't.... [not wanting to believe that Goofy is dead]
King Mickey: They'll pay for this. [casts off his Organization XIII robe and runs into battle, followed by an enraged Donald and a saddened Sora] [later, everyone is in a cave] Are you ok? [to Sora]
Sora: Yeah, I'm fine, but...
Donald: Oh, Goofy...
Goofy: Hey, fellas!
Sora, Donald and King Mickey: [joyfully, after finding out that Goofy is alive] Goofy!
Goofy: Ya know, that really hurt! [the boulder]
King Mickey: [jumps at Goofy and hugs him] Aw, Goofy!
Goofy: Gawrsh, Your Majesty, I get bonked on the head all the time! [a reference to the old shorts. Sora chuckles, and an angered Donald hits Goofy in the kneecap with his staff] That hurt too!
Donald: Don't you ever do that again!
King Mickey Wise Ansem. I'm here to seek you advice.
[Scene showing Ansem research]
Ansem: I'm glad we have the opportunity to speak like this, my friend. I'm intrigued by your hypothesis... and I'm finding it difficult to stave off the urge to test it. Still, I'm concerned about the stability of the worlds.
King Mickey: Yep, that's what worries me too.
Ansem: The doors that appeared. The place the Heartless seek. I fear my research may have brought this upon us...
[Xehanort knocks on the door and enters the room and the screen doesn't show his face yet]
Xehanort: Master Ansem. Regarding the experiment I presented the other day... With your permission, I'd like to proceed---
Ansem: I forbid it! Forget this talk of doors, and the heart of all worlds. That place must not be defiled!
Xehanort: But, Master Ansem! I've been thinking...
Ansem: Xehanort...Those thoughts are best forgotten.
[Xehanort sadly agrees and the screen show his face and leaves the room]
[Flashback ends]

[King Mickey looking at Xemnas]
King Mickey: Now I remember! Xehanort! Ansem's apprentice! The leader of Organization XIII is Xehanort's Nobody!
[King Mickey draws his Keyblade and rushes to Xehanort while Sora, Donald and Goofy are surrounded by Heartless]
Sora: Move it!
Donald: We can't let Xehanort get away!
Sora: Right!
[Sora, Donald and Goofy go to different directions and battle the Heartless]

[Sora rushing ahead while Donald and Goofy are catching up]
Sora: Where's the King?
[Donald and Goofy are looking around]
Donald: There he is!
Sora: C'mon!

[King Mickey finally catches up with Xemnas and Sora, Donald and Goofy catches up with King Mickey]
Donald: Your Majesty!
[Looks back at Sora, Donald and Goofy and turns around again back to Xemnas]
King Mickey: Xehanort!
Xemnas: How long has it been since I abandoned that name...
Sora: Out with, Nobody! Wheres's Kairi? Where's Riku!?
Xemnas: I know nothing of any Kairi. As for Riku... Perhaps you should ask your king.
[Sora confused looking at King Mickey]
King Mickey: Stop!
[Xemnas disappears into a Corridor of Darkness while King Mickey jumps into it]
Sora: He's gone...
[Sora frustrated while Goofy comforts him]
Donald: Sora, Goofy.
[Sora, Donald and Goofy look on as the Heartless from Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden are nowhere to be seen]
Goofy: What's goin' on?
Axel: Way to fall right into their trap.
[Sora, Donald and Goofy makes a fighting stance]
Axel: C'mon, it's a set-up by Organization XIII. Xemnas is using you to destroy the Heartless---that's his big master plan.
Donald: Xemnas?
Axel: The guy you just saw. He's their leader. Got it memorized? X-E-M, N-A-S.
Goofy: Organization XIII wants to get rid of the Heartless?
Axel: Man, you're slow. [Axel points at the Keyblade] Every Heartless slain with that Keyblade releases a captive heart. That is what the Organization is after.
Donald: So what are those guys gonna do with the hearts?
Axel: I'm not telling.
Donald: Tell us!
Sora: You... you're the one who kidnapped Kairi!
Axel: Bingo. The name's Axel. Got it memorized?
Sora: Where is Kairi? [Axel thinking about what happened] Please. Just tell me!
[Axel confesses what he's done]
Axel: Look, about Kairi... I'm sorry.
Saix's voice: Axel!
[Saix appears from a Corridor of Darkness]
Axel: Uh-oh!
[Axel disappears into a Corridor of Darkness and Sora tries to go toward him but is stopped by Saix]
Saix: We'll ensure he receives the maximum punishment.
Sora: I don't care about any of that! Just let me into the realm of darkness, okay!?
Saix: If it's Kairi you're worried about, don't. We're taking very good care of her.
Sora: Take me to her.
Saix: Is she that important to you?
Sora: Yeah. More than anything.
Saix: Show me how important.
[Sora kneels in front of Saix]
Sora: Please.
Saix: So, you really do care for her. In that case... the answer is no.
[Sora angrily jumps up]
Sora: You rotten...!
Saix: Are you angry? Do you hate me? Then take that rage,and direct it at the Heartless. [Saix snaps his finger and Heartless appear while Sora, Donald and Goofy take their stance] Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. And yet they know not the true power of what they hold. The rage of the Keyblade releases those hearts. They gather in darkness, masterless and free...... until they weave together to make Kingdom Hearts. And when that time comes, we can truly, finally exist.
Maleficent's voice: What in the world do you think you're prattling on about?
[Maleficent appears completely]
Maleficent: Kingdom Hearts belongs to me! The heart of all kingdoms, the heart of all that lives. A dominion fit to be called Kingdom Hearts must be MY dominion!
Sora: Maleficent, no! No more Heartless!
Maleficent: I do not take orders from you!
[Summons Heartless around Saix]
Saix: Fool... [snaps fingers to summon Dusk Nobodies to destroy the Heartless]
[Sora in shock to see the Heartless easily destroy by the Nobodies. The Nobodies turn their attention on Sora]
Sora: Oh no!
[Maleficent appears in front of Sora and makes a wall of green fire behind her]
Maleficent: While I keep these creatures at bay, you devise a way to vanquish them---forever!
Sora: Maleficent!
[The Dusk attacks Maleficent]
Maleficent: Do not misunderstand me. I shall have my revenge on you yet.
Sora: Maleficent!
Maleficent: Leave! Now!
Sora: I don't take orders from you!
[Sora going to help Maleficent but Donald grabs his hand]
Donald: Sora! C'mon!
Sora: But... what about...
[The wall of green fire disappears and also Maleficent]
Saix: Now then. Where did we leave off?
[Saix snaps finger for the Dusk to leave and summon Heartless to surround Sora]
Sora: [to the Heartless] Which side are you guys on anyway?
Saix: The Heartless ally with whoever's the strongest.
[Saix orders the Heartless to attack but Sora destroy some of them. The captive hearts float away as Saix watches them]
Saix: Yes, Sora! Extract more hearts! [Saix disappears in a Corridor of Darkness and also the released hearts]
Sora: No! The hearts!
[Sora, Donald and Goofy are completely surround by the Heartless as the screen goes black]
Sora talking in his mind Maybe everything we've done... Maybe it was all for nothing. What am I supposed to do if I can't use the Keyblade!?
Maleficent voice: Imbeciles! You can't be trusted to do anything!
[Sora, Donald and Goofy see's a bright light]
Sora: Huh?

[A bright light shines at Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden as Cloud and Leon look on from the outskirt's of the city]
Leon: Sora! Donald! Goofy!
'Cloud: Relax. Those three aren't going down that easily. The Keyblade's chosen one... He's a lucky kid.
[A beam of light appears at Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden]
Leon: See you soon.

[Sora, Donald and Goofy in their Gummi ship]
Sora: I guess sometimes help comes from unexpected places.
Donald: Sure does!
[Flashback to when Sora, Donald and Goofy were surrounded by Heartless in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden]
Sora talking in his mind: Maybe everything we've done... Maybe it was all for nothing. What am I supposed to do if I can't use the Keyblade!?
Maleficent voice: Imbeciles! You can't be trusted to do anything!
[Maleficent opens a portal underneath Sora, Donald and Goofy for them to escape]

[Jafar has Jasmine hostage in chains]
Jasmine: Just wait, Jafar! You'll get exactly what's coming to you!
Jafar: Indeed I will, Princess. All of Agrabah will belong to me, while you... You, my queen, shall weep at my side for all eternity! Oh, please. Right about now... your precious Aladdin is whispering your name, with his last breath.
[Sora, Aladdin, and the others appear]
Aladdin: What was that you were saying, Jafar?
[Jafar sees the traitor Iago]
Jafar: You dare defy me! You useless bird!
[Jafar is about to shoot Iago, but instead he shoots at Aladdin]
Iago: Al!
[Iago gets hit by the magic blast]
Goofy: Iago!
Jafar: You'll all be joining him... VERY soon!

[Sora, Donald, Goofy and Iago proceed to the Palace Gates and find Princess Jasmine]
Sora: Jasmine!
Jasmine: Sora! Donald! Goofy!
Donald: [bowing] Your Majesty.
[Sora and Goofy also bow, Jasmine giggles]
Jasmine: I never had the chance to thank you for before. You helped Aladdin defeat that awful Jafar and saved Agrabah.
Sora: All in a day's work. But, uh... it looks like the Heartless are up to no good again.
Sora: [Iago peeks out from behind Goofy, waves, and hides again] Is there anyway we can help you out?
Jasmine: I think we're all right for now.
Goofy: And ya always got Aladdin.
Jasmine: He... hasn't been himself lately.
Donald: Is it because of the Heartless?
Jasmine: I'm not sure. Usually, he's the same cheerful Aladdin. But sometimes... he just seems sad. He leaves the palace and goes off by himself all the time. I've asked him about it, but he says nothing's wrong. He's gone again today. What if he doesn't come back this time?
Iago: Hey, maybe he's got a secret girlfriend. I know! I'll go find out who she is!
Jasmine: [gasps] Iago! Quick, Sora, catch him! [Iago flies around Sora and hides behind him] And I'll warn the guards and everyone in the palace!
Sora: That's the thing, Iago's not...
[Jasmine has already run off to the gates of the palace. Sora sighs]

[Sora and the gang arrive at the Oasis and see Simba defeating some Heartless]
Sora: Simba! I-it's me, Sora! Donald and Goofy are here, too.
[Simba sees the trio and recognizes their original form]
Simba: Sora! Donald! Goofy! [Simba lunges at Sora and purrs his stomach. Donald and Goofy laugh] What happened to you?
[Simba and Sora hear Timon and Pumbaa screaming]
Timon: Help! Simba! Help!
Pumbaa: She's gonna eat us!
Simba: Timon! Pumbaa! Something must have happened in the jungle! I have to go help my friends!
Sora: Okay, we'll back you up!

[Sora and the others encounter Sephiroth]
Sephiroth: What is Cloud doing?
Sora: Beats me.
Sephiroth: Hmph. By the way, you three... [Points his sword at Sora.] Who are you?
[Sora jumps back and brandishes the Keyblade, while Donald and Goofy stumble backwards.]
Goofy: I'm not sure we should tell ya.
Sephiroth: Well, that's an interesting sword you're carrying.
Donald: It's the Keyblade!
Sephiroth: I see. So that's a Keyblade. And I suppose you must be its chosen wielder.
Sora: So what if I am?
Sephiroth: I wonder if it won't change its mind... once I defeat you.

Sora: How'd you like that?
Sephiroth: I admit you're very skilled... But apparently, Cloud is the only one who can eliminate me. Tell Cloud to come here. Tell him Sephiroth is looking to settle things.

Sephiroth: Did you give him my message?
Sora: Maybe.
Cloud: Sorry to keep you, Sephiroth!
Sephiroth: Cloud... you'll never let go of the darkness....
Cloud: Shut up.
[Both raise swords.]
Sephiroth: You'll never let go of your past....
Cloud: Shut up!
[Cloud attacks Sephiroth]
Sora: Cloud! Get him!
Sephiroth: Absurd. Defeating me is meaningless. You know that more than anyone, Cloud. No matter how many times I fall, your darkness keeps calling me back!
Tifa: Wrong!
Cloud: Tifa! Stay back!
Tifa: How can I? I wanna help you.
Sephiroth: You can't. He'll never let go of the darkness.
Tifa: He doesn't have to. He just needs someone to surround him with light. The darkness will be there, Sephiroth. But in a place you can't reach!
Sephiroth: Is that right? Let's see what this light of yours can do.
[Sephiroth tries to attack Tifa]
Cloud: No!
Sora: Look out!
Tifa: [Cloud jumps in front of Tifa and protects her.] Cloud, you can have my light.
Sephiroth: The light doesn't suit you.
Cloud: I just.... I don't know.
[Cloud starts to glow with light.]
Sephiroth: Stop!
[Sephiroth lunges at Cloud but Cloud glows more light. They jump in the air and suddenly they've disappeared]
Sora: Huh?
Goofy: Where'd they go? Do ya think they made it back to their own world?
Sora: They went somewhere else... Cloud went to fight a great battle-- to defeat the darkness inside him.
Tifa: Gone again.
Sora: What will you do now?
Tifa: Guess I'll keep looking.
Sora: Got any leads?
Tifa: Don't worry... Light is easy to find. I gotta go. Here. This is for helping me out.
Sora: But wait-- when did we help?
[Tifa leaves]

Jack Sparrow: Throw him overboard!
Sora: Aye aye!
Luxord: Parley!
Jack Sparrow: 'Scuse me?
Goofy: Barley?
Jack Sparrow: It's a bit of a pirates' code. Anyone who invokes "parley" must not be harmed 'til negotiations are complete.
Sora: This is no time for rules!
Jack Sparrow: True, but as we're honorable pirates, we should always stick to the code. All right, you. Out with it!
Luxord: I surrender the chest with my humblest apologies.
Jack Sparrow: Rather accommodating of you, mate. And for that you want...?
Luxord: Just a few souvenirs... for the memories. [Grabs four medallions.]
Jack Sparrow: Huh?
[Luxord throws the medallions into the air and several Gambler Nobodies appear and snatch them away.]

Will Turner: They'll hurt the townsfolk?
Jack Sparrow: No, mate, they're bringin' 'em flowers!

[Axel and Sora are surrounded by a large group of Dusks.]
Axel: I think I liked it better when they were on my side.
Sora: [Grins] Feeling a little... regret?
Axel: Nah... I can handle these punks. Watch this! [Does a kamikaze-like attack that wipes out all of the Nobodies. Sora looks around to see all of the Dusks gone and runs to Axel lying on the floor.]
Sora: You're... fading away....
Axel: Well, that's what happens when you put your whole being into an attack. Not that Nobodies actually have beings... right? Anyway, I digress. Go find Kairi. Oh, almost forgot.... Sorry for what I did to her.
Sora: When we find her, you can tell her that yourself.
Axel: Think I'll pass. My heart just wouldn't be in it, you know? Haven't got one. [Axel chuckles weakly.]
Sora: Axel, what were you trying to do?
Axel: I wanted to see Roxas. He... was the only one I liked.... He made me feel... like I had a heart. It's kind of... funny. You make me feel... the same.... Kairi's in the castle dungeon. Now go. [Axel opens up a passage to the World That Never Was, then fades away.]
Sora: Axel...

Xigbar: Looks like we're getting a lot more free seats here. I did find Axel's little show interesting, but still...He just went and died like that.
Luxord: Perhaps he was satsified. He may have gained something from placing his life in danger like that.
Xigbar: Hey, we don't exist! What life is there to put in danger? That goes against the rules of gambling.
Luxord: Indeed, Axel put something non-existent on the line...and most likely won. He obviously cheated.
Saïx: It doesn't matter. Nothingness is what he had. Axel couldn't stand to live any longer without a heart and was destroyed by getting close to one. He was weak.
Xemnas: However...Something is stirring because of that weakness. Can you not see? Axel has touched Sora's heart. While he was with Sora, perhaps HE has awakened too.

[As Sora and Roxas lock Keyblades with each other]
Sora: Who are you?!
Roxas: Someone from the dark.
[The two continue fighting as Roxas begins to use two Keyblades]
Sora: You can't be... Riku?
Roxas: Riku? I defeated a Riku once.
Sora: You what?!
Roxas: Tell me... why did he pick you?
[Roxas and Sora continue fighting with their Keyblades, then Roxas jumps up and floats in the air looking at Sora.]
Roxas: I see. That's why.
[Roxas comes down and knocks away Sora's Keyblade, and pins it down with Oathkeeper and points Oblivion at Sora. Sora extends his hand and calls his Keyblade to him]
Roxas: What?!
[In one swift strike, Sora defeats Roxas, causing him to drop his Keyblades.]
Roxas: You make a good other.

[A group of Heartless attack Sora, and he struggles to get them off his back.]
Sora: Get off! [Gets up and looks around the room to see Riku and Kairi fighting some Heartless on the second level of the room.] What's going on?
[An Organization member fires a bullet near Sora. Sora looks up and sees a barrage of bullets coming towards his way. The bullets end up destroying all of the nearby Heartless.]
Xigbar: Have you been a good boy?
Sora: Show yourself!
Xigbar: Oh, it sounds like you haven't. Sora! Roxas!
Sora: Roxas? Hey, did he just call me Roxas?
Xigbar: You really put Organization XIII in a pickle. I guess that must be why the Keyblade chose you. But man did it pick a dud this time. You don't look like you're half the hero the others were.
Sora: Are you done rambling?
Xigbar: Rambling? As if! All I'm trying to tell you, traitor, is that your time is up! [Takes his two guns]

Sora: Wait, Ansem! I mean Xehanort's Heartless...I never thought for second that I'd ever see YOU again. Just thinking of all the things you did makes me really mad. But...But you save Kairi, right? I have to be grateful for that...Thanks.
["Ansem" walks away but Kairi runs over to him]
Kairi: Riku, don't go!
[Sora, Donald, Goofy are shocked]
Goofy: Huh?
Sora: Kairi, what did you just say?
Kairi: Riku.
"Ansem": I'm no one---just a castaway from the darkness.
Kairi: Sora, come here. Say something to him. [Sora walks over, confused. Kairi takes his hand] Here. You'll understand. [She places his hands together with "Ansem"'s] Close your eyes.
[Sora does so, and sees Riku in Xehanort's place. Sora opens his eyes and realizes]
Sora: Riku... It's Riku. Riku's here... [Sora falls to his knees, holding Riku's hand, tears rolling down his face] I looked for you!
Riku: C'mon, Sora. You've got to pull it together.
Sora: I looked everywhere for you!
Riku: I didn't want you to find me.
Goofy: But it was him that was helpin' us, wasn't it?
Goofy: Those clue we kept finding. That musta been Riku.
Riku: I was starting to worry you guys weren't ever gonna catch on. Sora never did pick the brightest friends.
Donald: What do you mean by that!?
Sora: Why didn't you let me know you were okay?
Riku: I told you. I didn't want to be found. Not like this...I couldn't. I fought with Ansem. With...Xehanort's Heartless---when it invaded my heart, and I won. But to use the power of darkness, I have to become Ansem myself.
Kairi: Does that can't change back?
Riku: This battle isn't over. And until it is, I still need the power of darkness.
Sora: Then... let's finish it. You're still Riku, no matter what!
[Kairi, Donald, Goofy all agree]
Sora: So how 'bout it: Think we can handle one last rumble together? The King's waiting!
Donald: Yeah! Let's get going!

Ansem: This spot should do.
King Mickey: What's this gadget for?
Ansem: It's a device to reclaim Kingdom Hearts and encode it as data.
King Mickey: Not sure I get it.
Ansem: I do not claim to know the outcome of this venture,either. After all... Hearts are unpredictable.
[Points the encoder at Kingdom Hearts and activates it]

[Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, and Kairi looking at Kingdom Hearts]
Sora: What's that?
Riku: It's the King and DiZ---I mean, Ansem the Wise. They must be higher up. We better hurry.
[Sora runs ahead and Luxord appears behind him and traps Donald, Goofy, Riku, Kairi in his Cards.]
Sora: You!
Luxord: I'd rather we just skip the formalities.
[Sora finishing Luxord with a final blow]
Luxord: How could you... Roxas...
Sora: That's SORA!
[Luxord fades back into the darkness and Donald, Goofy, Riku and Kairi are brought back]
Kairi: You okay?
Sora: Yeah! No worries. Let's keep moving.

Saïx: Only you could have made it this far in one piece, Roxas.
Sora: That's really getting old!
Donald: Yeah, he's Sora!
Saïx: Different name, same fate.
[Battle with Saïx]
Saïx: Why... Kingdom Hearts... Where is my heart?
[He fades away with Sora confused]
Sora: I don't get it. Why has everyone been calling me Roxas?
Riku: Because, Sora: Roxas is your nobody.
Sora: My...NOBODY?! But that's crazy! I never turned into a heart- Oh.
Kairi: It was when you came to rescue me, remember?
Riku: Xemnas was the one who found Roxas. He could use the Keyblade because he was your Nobody. That's why Xemnas brought him into the Organization--But Roxas betrayed them. After that I fought him because I thought it would help you wake up. I lost, but the next we met I made sure I was the stronger one. Maybe I didn't need to fight him after all. I think he left the Organization because... he really wanted to meet you.
Sora: Roxas... I wish I could meet him, too.
[Riku points at Sora's heart]
Riku: All right. Let's go.

King Mickey: Ansem?
Ansem: [Laughs] I'm a fool. I've spent years studying the workings of the heart. Yet it seems I still haven't learned a thing!
King Mickey: What d'ya mean?
Ansem: The process of encoding hearts is incalculable. The inhabitants of my Twilight Town were data created from real hearts. I was convinced that they would think and behave the way I had invisioned but I couldn't have been more wrong. A heart is so much more than any system. I saw it when Roxas and Kairi crossed paths. I knew, but I was too stubborn to accept it. It's always the same. I try to wrap my mind around things my heart already knows, only to fail. While I was trying to bring Sora back, I had so many plans in store. But once Sora was an acting force, they fell apart. All my research amounted to nothing, compared with that one boy's heart.
[Ansem's device starts to short-circuit.]
King Mickey: Ansem! The machine!
Ansem: All the more proof that hearts cannot be contained by data. Run, my friend! It's going to self-destruct, and anything could happen!
King Mickey: But...
[Sora and the others come.]
Sora: Your Majesty!
Ansem: Sora, the rest is up to you... And Roxas, I doubt you can hear me, but... I am sorry.
King Mickey: Ansem!
Ansem: My heart is telling me what I must do. Please allow me to do what it says!
King Mickey: No! [Riku tries to calm him down.] Riku!
Riku: His heart's decided. We can't change that.
[Xemnas appears]
Xemnas: I was wondering who would dare interfere with my Kingdom Hearts. And look, here you all are. How convenient for me. Ansem the Wise... you look pathetic.
Ansem: Have your laugh. I deserve as much for failing to see you for the fool you are.
Xemnas: Students do take after their teachers. Only a fool would be your apprentice. After all, none of this would have happened without you. You are the source of all Heartless. It was your research that inspired me to go further than you ever dared.
Ansem: I admit... my disregard brought chaos to more worlds than one, but what were you seeking? You erased me from the world, only to take my name and continued research better left forgotten... Is this the answer that you've been looking for?
Xemnas: All that and more. I'm carrying on what you yourself began, and I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time. I thought you'd praise me, but all you ever do is hold me back. I understand, though. Unlike me, you have a heart, and you're powerless to control it. Consumed, by the jealously you feel toward the student who surpassed you.
Ansem: Xehanort. Foolish apprentice of a foolish man. You have surpassed nothing, only proved how little we both know. We may profess to know the heart, but its essence is beyond our reach. We're both ignorant, as oblivious as when we began. I'm afraid that any world you try to create... any world of yours... would be an empire of ignorance. That is why you and your creation are destined to fall! [Electricity surges through and around the device.] We've said enough. Riku, you know what to do! King Mickey, my friend, forgive me. Farewell!
[The machine explodes, and Riku veils everyone from the explosion.]

Kairi: Sora! Riku! [Points to Heartless]
Riku: There's gonna be no end to this!
Sora: Don't worry. Together, we can take 'em! Huh?
[Maleficent and Pete appear]
Maleficent: Leave now! We'll take care of this!
Pete: But there's no way we can take 'em all.
Maleficent: I will be sending them after Xemnas, unless you would rather fight them yourself?
Pete: [Thinks for a second] Frankly, my dear, I'd rather RUN!
Maleficent: Off with you then.
[Pete sneaks off but notices King Mickey]
Pete: Well, if it ain't the boat boy king.
King Mickey: It's time to set anchor, Captain Pete.
Pete: What, you mean like abandon ship? I don't think so.
Maleficent: Sora, "Your Majesty," go and know that this castle shall be mine!
Pete: Now, lookie here, opportunities like this don't come every day, you know. [Joins Maleficent] Bring them on!
[Pete and Maleficent go to fight the Heartless.]
King Mickey: Sora! Let's go!
Sora: But...
King Mickey: They are doing as their hearts command! We can't interfere.
[Sora agrees and the group goes off to challenge Xemnas.]

Xemnas: Hear me, Kingdom Hearts! It seems that we must begin anew. Ah, but know this: I will give to you as many hearts as it takes. Mark my words! You can no more be complete without me than I without you. Heed me, Kingdom Hearts! Lend me your power, so that we may be complete! The power to erase the fools that hinder us.
King Mickey: Xemnas! No!
Xemnas: Hearts quivering with hatred...
Sora: Xemnas! Don't!
Xemnas: Hearts burning with rage...
Donald: You'll never win!
Xemnas: Hearts scarred by envy... That fool Ansem said the heart's true nature was beyond his understanding, but it's not beyond mine! Hearts are the source of all power!

Xemnas: [Collapses] I need more rage. I need more hearts.
Sora: Xemnas. There's more to a heart than just anger or hate. It's full of all kinds of feelings. Don't you remember?
Xemnas: [A long silence as Xemnas appears to be racking his memories] Unfortunately, I don't.

Riku: I have given in to the darkness.
Sora: Riku!
Riku: How am I to face everyone?
Sora: Like this? [makes a ridiculous face, causing Riku to burst out laughing]

Xemnas: Heroes from the realm of light, I will not allow it to end this way. Not yet. If light and darkness are eternal, then surely we nothings must be the same.... Eternal.
Riku: You're right. Light and darkness are eternal. Nothing probably goes on forever, too. But guess what, Xemnas?
Sora: That doesn't mean you're eternal.
Xemnas: [Chuckling] No more eternal than that radiance of yours.

Riku: Sora... I can't...
Sora: Don't say another word! It's not over. It's just not.
Riku: How can you say that? Even if we could go on... look where we are.
Sora: Aw, c'mon, Riku. You've been hanging out in darkness too long. You gotta try and think positive!

Riku: Nothing's changed, huh?
Sora: Nope. Nothing will.
Riku: What a small world.
Sora: But part of one that's much bigger.
Riku: Yeah.
Sora: Hey Riku...what do you it was---the door to the light?
[Riku points to his heart]
Riku: This.
Sora: This?
Riku: Yeah. It's always closer than you think.
Riku: What I said back there... about thinking I was better at stuff than you... To tell you the truth, Sora... I was jealous of you.
Sora: What for?
Riku: I wished I could live life the way you do. Just following my heart.
Sora: Yeah, well, I’ve got my share of problems, too.
Riku: Like what?
Sora: Like... wanting to be like you.
Riku: Well, there is one advantage to being me... Something you could never imitate.
Sora: Really? What’s that?
Riku: Having you for a friend.
Sora: Then I guess... I’m okay the way I am. I’ve got something you could never imitate, too.

Riku: Nothing's changed, huh?
Sora: Nope. Nothing will.
Riku: What a small world.
Sora: But part of one that's much bigger.
Riku: Yeah.
Sora: Hey Riku...what do you think it was---the door to the light?
[Riku points to Sora's heart]
Riku: This.
Sora: This?
Riku: Yeah. It's always closer than you think.
[Sora smiles as Kairi runs in with a message in a bottle from King Mickey]

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