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Kiss the Girls is a 1997 American thriller film directed by Gary Fleder and starring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. The screenplay by David Klass is based on the best-selling 1995 novel of the same name by James Patterson. Although Kiss the Girls was the second book in Patterson's Alex Cross series, it was filmed before its predecessor, Along Came a Spider, which was adapted for a feature film in 2001.




  • Multiply your anger by about 100, Kate. That's how much he thinks he loves you.

Dr. McTiernan

  • Hello, I'm Kate McTiernan. First, I'd like to say something to the families who have a loved one missing. Please do not give up hope. There are other women where I was held and I believe in my heart that they are still alive. Second, to the boys who fished me out of the river and saved my life, and to the nurses and doctors here who are taking such excellent care of me, and for the thousands of letters and prayers I've received from all across America, thank you. And last, to the man who calls himself Casanova. The man who took me from my own home and ultimately tried to kill me. I broke your rules, just me. None of the other women helped. So if you're looking for someone to blame, blame me. That's all I have to say right now. Thank you for taking my message to the families of the missing and I hope it helps a little bit. Thank you.



[following a suspect on a California highway]

John: This does not look like a 7-11 run. Where does this road go?
Henry: Vancouver.

Davey: Sure picks lookers, dosen't he?
Alex: Yeah, he does. But you know these women are more than just attractive. They're all extaordinary in some way. Smart, talented.
Davey: He ain't choosing them just for their congeniality.
Alex: Oridinarily, they don't. But I think our guy is a little different.
Nick: How so?
Alex: I think killing's not his ulterior motive. This guy's a collector. I bet these women are alive.
Dave: Come on, doc. Our boy's brain is soft as a two-minute egg and nothing personal, but I figure every one of them gals is tied to a tree just waiting to get found.
Alex: Think about it, Sikes. The three you found were killed out of sequence. They weren't even among the first abducted.
Davey: That's right.
Nick: That don't mean they're not still out there.
Alex: But you would have found them by now. He makes absolutely no attempt to hide them and the way they were killed, very revealing. The last long walk through the woods.
Kyle: Marching to their fate.
Alex: Exactly. The rape, cutting off their hair.
Kyle: It's punishment.
Alex: Maybe for violating some trust.

Dr. McTiernan: Somebody help me. My name is Kate! I'm Kate McTiernan! I'm a doctor at the Carolina Regional Medical Center. I need help! I know you can hear me. Come on! Who's out there?

[starts crying]

Dr. McTiernan: Somebody help. My name is Kate McTiernan. Somebody talk to me! Who is out there?

[many young women begin to speak]

Naomi: My name is Naomi Cross. I've been here for 8 days, I think.
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