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Knighty Knight Bugs is a 1958 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Friz Freleng, produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons and released by Warner Bros. Mel Blanc provided for the voices of all the characters in this cartoon.

Bugs Bunny, the court jester of King Arthur, must recover a singing sword from Yosemite Sam (as the Black Knight) and his fire-breathing, often sneezing, dragon. The film is a partial remake of Freleng's earlier Sahara Hare, which was also largely about Bugs inside a building (in that case, a fort) and Sam on the outside, repeatedly trying (and failing) to get inside.

Knighty Knight Bugs is the only Bugs Bunny cartoon to win an Academy Award, in 1959, for Best Animated Short Film.


[Yosemite Sam (as the Black Knight) and the dragon are sleeping in a castle]
Dragon: Ah, Ah, Ah... Ah-choo! [off-screen] Ah-choo!
[Yosemite Sam wakes]
Yosemite Sam: Ya crazy, idjit, bedraggled dragon! I warned ya about lettin' your fire get low! Now ya caught cold! [feeds the dragon coal]
[Bugs enters the castle after Yosemite Sam goes back to sleep. Bugs tiptoes past him and his Dragon. He opens the treasure chest, It's the Singing Sword]
Bugs Bunny: So this is the Singing Sword. Big deal. I wonder why they call this the Singing Sword?
[The Singing Sword performs musical tune "Cuddle Up a Little Closer" waking Yosemite Sam up]
Yosemite Sam: Drop that sword, Varmint! [cases Bugs through the door, but Bugs slams it on him, causing his armor to fall off. Bugs runs out of the castle.] Quick, the Singing Sword's been stolen! [whacks the dragon with a mace] Wake up, you fire-breathin' lizard! Ow! [The dragon's fire burns Yosemite Sam] And stop breathin' on me, ya idjit! [whacks him again]
Bugs Bunny: [laughs] That was simple.
[Yosemite Sam rides on his dragon and chases Bugs. The dragon breathes fire on Bugs' tail and Bugs ducks into a hole]
Yosemite Sam: Whoa, dragon, whoa!
[Yosemite Sam slides off his dragon and Bugs then runs back to the castle and closes the drawbridge]
Yosemite Sam: Whoa! [slides off the dragon and falls into the moat] Stupid dragon.
Bugs Bunny: How's the water, Doc?
Yosemite Sam: Open that bridge, varmint! Open it, I say! [the drawbridge drops on top of Yosemite Sam] Close it! Close it! Close it up again! [Drawbridge opens, leaving a flattened Yosemite Sam] Okay, rabbit, ya forced me to use force!
[Next scene, Sam rides the dragon as he tows a trebuchet.]
Yosemite Sam: Hah! Hah, dragon! Hay-ha! Hah, dragon! Hah, dragon! Hah!!
[Bugs watches as Sam prepares the trebuchet.]
Yosemite Sam: Prepare yourself, rabbit! I'm a-comin' over the wall!
[launches himself, but flies straight into a brick and falls back into the moat. His front flattened, he walks back onto shore.]
Yosemite Sam: [with a "nasal" voice] You'll pay for this, varmint!
[Next scene, Sam lassos onto the castle and climbs the rope. But Bugs is waiting on it.]
Bugs Bunny: Now, let's see if I remember. Head down, left arm stiff.
[Whacks Sam with a mallet, causing Sam to slide out of his armor and back down the rope. Next scene, Bugs sneaks out of the castle with the sword, unaware that on the outside of the moat, Sam and the Dragon are hiding behind a rock.]
Dragon: Ah, Ah, Ah... Ah-choo!
Yosemite Sam: [Getting burned again by his dragon] YEOW!!! You idjit!
[Bugs runs back into the castle with Sam and the dragon in hot pursuit. During the chase, the dragon sneezes again. Bugs lures them into the Explosives Room, runs back out again himself, and locks them in.]
Yosemite Sam: [Stopping the dragon from sneezing] AAGH!!! Don't sneeze, ya stupid dragon, or you'll blow us to the moon!
Dragon: Ah, ah... AH-CHOO!!! [The Explosives in the Explosives Room explode, sending Yosemite Sam and his dragon to the moon. Sam glares at his befuddled dragon.]
Yosemite Sam: Dragons is so stupid!

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