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Congresswoman Noem

Kristi Lynn Arnold Noem (born November 30, 1971) is the U.S. Representative for South Dakota At-Large. She is a member of the Republican Party and has been appointed to the House Republican Leadership for the 112th United States Congress as one of their two "Freshman Representatives" ("freshman" meaning serving a first term in Congress). She formerly represented the 6th District in the South Dakota House of Representatives and served as the Assistant Majority Leader.


  • I am very concerned about the lack of a clear objective from the president on what his goals are in Libya and our role should be. As Obama has recently authorized the launch of air strikes in Libya, I believe the American people and Congress deserve an explanation. I'm asking for the president to explain. It's the president's responsibility to explain on what basis these actions are being taken.
  • We need to simplify our tax code. We need to make sure that it’s not too cumbersome for people to be able to comply with. And that they don’t end up spending more money trying to file their taxes than they do actually paying in.
  • We must stop spending money that we just don’t have. Historic debt leads to historic tax increases, which stifle job growth.”
  • I think the knowledge about how legislation really affects small businesses is extremely valuable. If you haven’t run a small business, then you don’t have this kind of knowledge about how a regulation passed or taxes increased affects your bottom line. If you recognize that every new regulation takes that much more time to comply with, requires that many more employees, then it really gives you that foundational basis to make those decisions.
  • When you look at February's (2011) deficit spending alone, and the fact that it was larger than what our total deficit spending was in 2007, the proposals that the Senate is sending us simply are ridiculous, because it's not even a solution. It doesn't address the amount of spending that we have in a week's time. We need to get serious.
  • What our family has done is participate in the farm programs. And so the farm programs I think essentially almost every farmer in South Dakota has participated in those, and they haven't been bailouts, they have been programs that the United States has put forward for farmers to participate in.

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