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Kung Fu Panda 4 is a 2024 American computer-animated martial arts comedy film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is the sequel to Kung Fu Panda 3. The film's plot follows Po, who must find and train his successor as the new Dragon Warrior, teams up with a fox bandit named Zhen to defeat evil sorceress, the Chameleon.

Directed by Mike Mitchell. Written by Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger and Darren Lemke.


  • Tigress is taking on the free-range chicken gang. Monkey's hot on the trail of the missing macaque. Crane was crowned King of the Crocodilians. Long story. Viper's wrapping up peace talks between the cobras and the mongooses. Or is it mongeese? And Mantis? Well, he's just trying to keep his blushing bride from biting his head off. Just 'cause they're not here in person doesn't mean they're not here as life-sized cut-outs.
  • [in a meditating stance] Inner peace... Inner peace... [struggles] Dinner, please... Dinner with peas in a sesame soy glaze... [breaking out of the stance, frustrated] This is not working at all.
  • Next time, keep your surf off their turf!
  • Being the Dragon Warrior, it's who I am. What do I know about being a spiritual leader?
  • General Kai? Lord Shen? Those are all my old nemesis-es. Nemes-ee. Nemes-i?
  • Stand back. I'm gonna kick my butt!
  • [he notices his pants are stolen by monkeys] Not cool! Give them back. Those are customs!


  • The most powerful shapeshifting sorceress, the Chameleon.
  • The best crooks and criminals live here.
  • I'm just gonna say it, nothing about you says dragon or warrior.
  • You got me, oh great and powerful dumpling warrior.
  • First rule of the streets: Never trust anyone. Second rule: Someone always gets hurt. Third rule: No one's interested in your feelings.

The Chameleon[edit]

  • Tai Lung, big fan.
  • You see, Po, kung fu may be performed by the body, but its secrets are housed in the spirit. And now that I have access to the Spirit Realm... [Po: You're gonna steal Tai Lung's kung fu?] His and those of every master villain that came before me. And once I do, no one will dare underestimate me again.
  • [after stealing Tai Lung's kung fu and throws him a cage before locking him up] Yes! I've got it! The Tai Lung Nerve Strike! The power, the possession! [Tai Lung: What have you done to me?] All of your kung fu is now mine! And the best part is: I'm just getting warmed up.
  • We've both risen to the highest of highest. It's a shame any one of us can come out or top My combined powers of sorcery and kung fu make me unstoppable.
  • [to Po; as Tai Lung] I'm stronger than any opponent you've ever faced because I AM every opponent you've ever faced!
  • Two against one? Well now, that doesn't seem fair. I'll have to even the odds. Master Cobra! Master Osprey! Master Scorpion! Master Wolf! General Kai! Lord Shen! [shapeshifts into a monstrous chimera of every kung fu master]
  • [as Po] I thought we were friends.


  • You will advance to Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace.
  • You were chosen to become something more than you already are.

Tai Lung[edit]

  • [finally respecting Po after defeating The Chameleon and restoring his and every master's kung fu] Maybe Oogway was right about you. You aren't completely useless after all.
  • See you on the other side, Dragon Warrior.



Po: So tonight, we take down The Chameleon.
Zhen: After you get your pants back.
[Po looks down to see himself naked, then sees two monkeys wearing his pants.]
Po: Not cool! You guys, come on! Give them back! Those are custom!

Tai Lung: Panda. Oogway made a mistake choosing you as the Dragon Warrior. I just didn't realize how big a mistake it was until now.
Po: Whoa. Tai Lung? I'm gonna get that staff back, restore your kung fu, and return you all back to the Spirit Realm. You'll see.
Tai Lung: [coldly] All I see… is a broken promise.

Po: [to the Chameleon] I believe you have something that belongs to me.
The Chameleon: Can't you even die right?
Po: Can't you even kill wrong? No. [chuckles] Wordplay didn't come together. Now, about that staff…
The Chameleon: [immediately throws the Staff of Wisdom back to him] Take it. I already have everything I need from it anyway. I think this was destiny. A final face-off between formidable adversaries, alike in so many ways.
Po: If only I had a dumpling for every time a villain told me how much we had in common.


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