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You must save the world.

Kung Fu Panda 3 is a 2016 3D computer-animated action comedy martial arts film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and Oriental DreamWorks, and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It was directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni. The film was written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, produced by Melissa Cobb, executive produced by Guillermo del Toro. It is a sequel to the 2011 film Kung Fu Panda 2 and the third installment in the Kung Fu Panda franchise.

The film received a limited release in China on January 22 for a special 3 hours peak preview and is scheduled to be released day and date starting from January 28 in South Korea and Russia and on January 29 in the United States and Canada in 3D and premium large formats with other markets scheduled to be released in March and April.

Grab destiny by the dumplings.(taglines)


[First lines; Oogway meditates in the Spirit Realm on a floating rock island with a tree]
Oogway: Inner peace. Inner peace. Inner peace. [a peach blossom petal lands on his nose] Itchy nose. [gently blows it away, but as he breathes in, it flies back into his nostril, and he sneezes, causing it to fly off] Finally, inner peace. [out of nowhere, a green blade on a chain zooms toward him] Now, what? [catches the blade in front of his chest. Another blade on a chain tumbles from the sky. He bats the first one, causing them to collide] Kai, old friend.
[Kai, a massive yak with a horned hat, stands on another floating rock island]
Kai: Master Oogway.
Oogway: Our battle ended 500 years ago!
Kai: Well, now I'm ready for a rematch.
Oogway: Took you long enough! [laughs. Kai angrily charges at him, cutting through the floating rocks between them, but he manages to dodge. Just as Kai lands on the island, he leaps up] You've grown stronger. [draws a golden Chinese character with his yin-yang tipped staff and pushes it to Kai. It breaks on top of him]
Kai: 500 years in the Spirit Realm, you pick up a thing or two. [indicates his collection of green discs] I have taken the chi of every Master here!
Oogway: [gasps] No!
Kai: Yes! And soon, I will have your power, too!
Oogway: When will you realize, the more you take, the less you have? [anchoring himself with his blades]
[Kai smashes two boulders together on top of Oogway, whose yin-yang forcefield dissipates]
Kai: [pulls Oogway down as the chains wrap around him] With your chi, I will finally be able to return to the mortal world. [his hands glow green] And this time, you won't be there to stop me.
Oogway: [warmly] Ahh...it was never my destiny to stop you. I have set another on that path. [is engulfed in green, then shrinks into a disc, which Kai catches]
Kai: Then I will find him, and take his chi, too.

Shifu: You must take the next step on your journey, from warrior to teacher.
Po: But I'm no good at it!
Shifu: You're terrible at it!

Shifu: If you only do what you can do, you'll never be more than you are now.
Po: I like who I am!
Shifu: You don't even know who you are!

Po: Who are you?
Li Shan: [muffling]: I'm Li Shan.
Po: What?
Li: [swallows] I'm Li Shan, and I'm looking for my son.
[Everybody gasps]
Po: You lost your son?
Li: Yes. Many years ago.
Po: I lost my father.
Li: I'm very sorry.
Po: Thank you. [pause]
Li: Well, good luck to you.
Po: You too. I hope you find your son.
Li: And I hope you find your father. [they both walk off, everyone face palms, but they stopped with realization] Son? Oh, my gosh, it is you! Well, don’t just stand there. Give your old man a hug.
[Po hugs his real dad, much to Mr. Ping's shock]

[With Oogway's chi, Kai departs the Spirit Realm, and appears in a field; 2 farmers, a rabbit and a goose, cower in fear at him]
Kai: What is this place?
Rabbit: [uneasily] Uh, my brother's farm?
Kai: Ah. If I stepped on you, would you die? [both cower. The goose, terrified, lays a pile of eggs]
Rabbit: Yes?
Kai: The Mortal Realm. [to the jade pendant of Oogway around his neck] You hear that, Oogway? I'm back! KAI HAS RETURNED!!!
Rabbit and Goose: [confused] Who?
Kai: Kai. General Kai, supreme Warlord of all China!
Goose: I don't know.
Kai: The Jade Slayer, Master of Pain, You may know me as "the Beast of Vengeance". [still no reaction] Uh...Maker of Widows?
Goose: Huh?
Kai: [exasperated] Okay, I used to work with Oogway-
Rabbit and Goose: Oh, Master Oogway!
Goose: He was a great warrior!
Rabbit: We've heard of Master Oogway, he's a-
Kai: [cutting them off] Okay, okay, enough. SILENCE!!!

[Outside an abandoned ship, after Masters Bear and Croc have run in to confront Kai]
Mantis: You gotta get in there.
Crane: But Master Shifu said-
Mantis: You're seriously afraid? Even Master Chicken is going in there, and he's a chicken!
[Master Chicken clucks, pulls out his wing blades and runs inside the abandoned ship]

[At the Jade Palace, an arrow with a scroll flies towards the courtyard, but is caught in midair by Monkey; a number of other arrows surround Shifu as he reads another scroll]
Monkey: It's from the Eastern Province! [hands Shifu the arrow]
Shifu: Master Lizard, Master Ox, Master Eagle...all of them. [snaps the arrow in half] In every village from the sea to here, every Master in China has vanished.
Monkey: Maybe they are all at a party?
Viper: Monkey!
Monkey: I didn't get invited either.
Shifu: Kai has taken their chi. We are all that stand between him and the knowledge Oogway left in our care. [to Tigress] The villagers, evacuated?
Tigress: Done, Master.
Shifu: Crane, Mantis?
Tigress: Still nothing.
Viper: [gasps] Wait, it's them!
[Crane and Mantis fly in, but on closer look, they're both jade zombies]
Shifu: [horrified] No! [the jade Crane and Mantis land in front of Shifu and the others - as a large figure emerges in the mist, blades whirling in his hands] Kai!
Kai: [looks at the giant statue of Master Oogway] Nice. Very tacky.
Shifu: How dare you set foot on these grounds?!
Kai: [sneering] Look at you pathetic fools, groveling at the feet of Oogway the Magnificent.
Tigress: You are not fit to speak his name!
Kai: I am not fit, little kitten? [Tigress growls and tries to lunge at Kai but Shifu holds her back] I fought by his side. I loved him like a brother...and he betrayed me. [calmly] Well, now I will destroy... [shouts] everything he has created!
Shifu: Go!
[All friends fighting attack at Kai]
Tigress: How's that for a little kitten?

[As Kai destroys statues outside the Jade Palace]
Shifu: I will not let you destroy Oogway's memory!
Kai: Why not? He destroyed mine.

[When Po is warned by Tigress that Kai is coming to the Panda Village, he walks up to his father]
Po: You need to teach me the secret chi technique now!
Li: No, no. I'm afraid you need more time. [to the pandas] Everyone, go get your things!
Po: I don't have more time! I need to learn it now!
Li: Sorry, you're not ready. [to the pandas] Pack everything!
Po: I am ready!
Li: Not quite.
Po: [follows him on the bridge] What are you talking about? I've done everything you've asked. I've mastered napping, sleeping in, hammocks, hot tubs. I am totally at one with my panda parts! Now why won't you show me?!
Li: Because I don't know it!!!
Po: [shocked] You...what?
Li: I don't know it, okay? No one does! Maybe we used to, but...but not anymore.
Po: You lied?
Li: No, I...Yes.
Po: Why?
Li: To save your life! I find out some blade-swinging maniac is coming for you. What am I supposed to do? Just-Just let that happen?!
Po: Yes! I'm the Dragon Warrior, facing maniacs! That's my job, but because of you, I left the valley unprotected. I left my friends unprotected, and now they're all...they're all...
Li: And you would have been, too! I lost you once, I am not going to lose you again. I can't. [tries to take Po to his hut]
Po: [pulls his hand away from him] You just did. [storms off]

Tigress: This isn't going to work.
Po: It has to.
Tigress: You're not thinking straight.
Po: I am!
Tigress: [kicks his feet] You're not.
Po: I am.
Tigress: No.
Po: Yes, I am.
Tigress: No, I've seen Kai. I see what he can do.
Po: But he hasn't seen what I can do. [does the Wuxi Finger Hold again, just like in the first film]
Tigress: [confused] The Wuxi Finger Hold?
Po: It's my best move. I just have to get to Kai, grab his finger, and then, skadoosh, back to the spirit realm.
Tigress: [squeezes his hand] He has an army of jade warriors. Everything they see, he sees. So, there's no sneaking up on him. [pushes him down] You'll never get close enough.
Po: It's gonna work. [gets up]
Tigress: [puts him down and puts her feet on him] He can only be stopped by a master of chi.

Po: There's no way I can stop him!
Li: Unless you had an army of your own.
Po: You don't even know kung fu!
Li: Then you will teach us.

Kai: You must be the Dragon Warrior.
Po: And you must be Kai - Beast of Vengeance, Maker of Widows.
Kai: Yes! Finally! Thank you! Almost makes me want to spare your life.
Po: Oh, you want to spare me? How about you spare me the chit-chat, alright? Let's do this.
Kai: I'm going to take your chi, then the chi of every panda in the-
Po: Augh! Chit-chat.
Kai: In the-
Po: Chitty-chitty-chat-chat, chat-chat-chat!
Kai: In the-
Po: Chit-chat!

[Po prepares to use the Wuxi Finger Hold to send Kai back to the Spirit Realm]
Po: Sorry, buddy. Gotta send you back to the spirit realm. Skadoosh! [flexes his pinkie, nothing happens] Okay...That didn't work, let me try one more time. Skadoosh! Skadoosh, skadoosh...! What the...?
Kai: Hold on, wait! It is working! No! No, no! No! No! Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! No! [retches, then laughs] No, it's not. Did Oogway teach you that little trick? Too bad. It only works on mortals, and I...am a spirit warrior.

Kai: Who are you?
Po: I've been asking the same question. [using his chi] Am I the son of a panda, the son of a goose, a student, a teacher? Turns out...I'm all of them. [creates a Dragon avatar with his chi] I am the Dragon Warrior. Get it?! See the giant dragon?! [laughs] Get ready to feel the thunder! Whoa! This is awesome!

[Final confrontation in the Spirit Realm]
Kai: It took me five hundred years to take Oogway's chi. I will have yours if it takes me five hundred more!
Po: [makes "chit-chat" gestures; his dragon avatar mimics the movement] Chitty-chitty-chat-chat! Chit-chat! [furious, Kai charges at Po, who begins to charge his chi energy] You want my chi so bad? Then take it! [channels his chi into Kai]
Kai: [last words before his death] Yes! The power...is mine! [the jade pendants, the chi he has collected from the Masters, begin to break away from him] Wait! No! It's too much! IT'S TOO MUCH!! NO! UGH!!! :[begins to glow, overloaded with power, as the pendant of Oogway floats away from him] NO!!!
[In a flash of light, Kai is destroyed. back in the panda village, the jade pendant of Master Bear emerges from the spirit realm and shatters, releasing him]
Master Bear: [in combat stance] Who, huh, where'd he go?
[Masters Chicken and Croc are returned as well, followed by Shifu, Crane, Monkey, Mantis, and Viper]
Viper: We're back!
Monkey: Besties!
Mantis: I'm still green, it didn't work! Oh, wait, that's my normal green.
Lei Lei [grabs Mantis, makes him do "kissy face" with Po's Tigress action figure] Greenie baby!
Mantis: No! Not a baby! Antenna of Fear! Antenna of Fear!
Li Shan: What about Po?
Tigress: Have you seen Po?
Viper: No...he's not here.
Mr. Ping: [worried] Po, Po? Why isn't he back?
[In the Spirit Realm, after destroying Kai, Po floats away; the jade pendant containing Oogway's chi shatters, restoring him]
Oogway: Dragon Warrior.
Po: Oogway? Whoa! [floats right into the water, and then back up] I can't believe it! [Oogway laughs] Whoa...you are extra shiny.
Oogway: As are you.
Po: I know, right? It's like the best cape ever. When I run with it, then it looks really cool.
Oogway: It suits you. You've grown.
Po: Yeah, gotta lay off the Panda Buffet.
Oogway: Grown up. [chuckles] As I hoped you would when I sent the message to your real father.
Po: You sent the universe mail? Whoa!
Oogway: Yes. Because the universe needed you.
Po: Me? W-Why me?
Oogway: You finally became the panda you were always meant to be.
Po: But...how'd you know I could?
Oogway: On the first day we met. I saw the future of kung fu... [flashback to the first movie, Oogway choosing him as the Dragon Warrior] ...And the past. [flashback to Oogway learning chi from the ancient pandas] I saw the panda who could unite them both. That is why I chose you, Po. Both sides of the yin and yang...and my true successor.

[Po returns to the mortal world]
Po: Dad. Dad. Dads!
Li and Mr. Ping: Son! [both run to Po and hug him]
Mr. Ping: Don't you go disappearing in petals ever again.
Li Shan: We thought we lost you.
Po: No, you saved me. you all did. [looks at everybody and Big Fun laughs] Now, come on over here!
[Everyone runs to Po]
Big Fun: Hugs!
[Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Viper, Mantis and the pandas hugs Po]
Po: Master Shifu!
Shifu: The student has truly become the teach- [sees Oogway's staff] Wait, where did you get that?
Po: Oh, this. Oogway gave it to me in the Spirit Realm.
Shifu: [sighs] Of course he did...
Po: I think I've mastered chi.
Shifu: [sighs again, facepalms] Of course you did... [looks at him hopefully] Can you teach me?


  • The weight is over.
  • Grab destiny by the dumplings.

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