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LEGO Exo-Force was a comic series based on the Lego toy line of the same name. It featured a war between humans and robots, with both sides utilizing exo-frame 'Battle Machine' toys. The comics were posted on the product marketing website between November 2005 and March 2008.


  • "Sometimes I hate being right all the time."
  • "When it comes to Fire Vultures, I only have one question." (Shoots through the Vulture's fuel tank, watches it explode) "Grilled, or Flame-Broiled?"
  • (shoots down a Fire Vulture) "Sorry, I never was very careful about where I point things."
  • (Looking at the heavily damanged Stealth Hunter)' "...It's seen better days."
  • "It never fails. The radio always buzzes when I'm having fun."
  • "We have to stop the robots here. Or we don't stop them at all."


  • (Destroying a Sentry with each word) "I! Don't! Need! Your! Help!"
  • "We really need to work on our teamwork."
  • (Alarm goes off) "About time. We haven't had a fight for a whole half hour."
  • "Very well. If this is going to be my last battle, let me die with honor."
  • "Why'd you bring me here? Ryo's the techie, I'm more of a blunt object."
  • "Less thinking, more fighting, Ryo!"
  • "That's not a world I want to live in."


  • "Why do you keep getting this poor Stealth Hunter so banged up?"
  • "You and me, Uplink, we'll show 'em we're just as much a part of Exo Force as the others."
  • "That's it! This system here, that component there.. Yes! We can do this! It can work!"
  • "You know, when I wanted to fight outside the base, I was thinking more heroics, less danger."
  • "Hey, you tin-plated servo heads! You still want me?! Come and get me!"
  • "Full burn! I've got to get back to the Human side of the mountain! ... Hopefully before Sensei notices I'm gone!"
  • "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna di-Hey! I'm not dead!"
  • "Wow. For a lowly tech, I sure keep single-handedly wrecking the Robots' Battle Machine plans."


  • "Are you kidding?! The more the merrier! Yahoo!"
  • "Getting my Battle Machine smashed up and spending a week in the Regeneration Station was worth it for this... A day off!"
  • "I'm on it! Be there before you can say 'Power Up'!"
  • "All right! Hikaru and Takeshi are gonna be so jealous when they learn about the fight they missed!"
  • "Amphibious? Better mean 'flies real fast' or Sensei and I'll have a little talk..."

Sensei Keiken

  • "Interesting, but we have no time for theories. The robots are relentless, and we need every available Battle Machine to fight them off."
  • "Feeling a little competitive? I have just the mission for you. Training!"
  • "Then it's begun. If this is to be our final battle, we will face it with honor. Go to your Battle Machines!"

Meca One

  • "The attack was unsuccessful? Unacceptable! Illogical! The inferior humans should not be able to defeat our forces!"
  • "Our new Battle Machine will be ready soon. The humans will fall before our technological might. Nothing will stand in our way."
  • "Prepare a larger invasion force. Strike against the humans. Destroy their defenses."
  • "Most interesting..."
  • "The humans' refusal to submit to my forces is illogical. Clearly they too are defective. Their actions are unpredictable, irrational... Biological."
  • "Base defense units, deploy and secure."
  • "Why continue this struggle, humans? You are overpowered and outmatched. Our forces are superior in every way. Soon, very soon, you will- (Radio beeps, Meca One answers) -This had better be important."
  • "It defies all logic! Why would the humans continue to send small, weak strike teams against our superior numbers and technology? And more importantly, why do they keep succeeding?"
  • "Your leader will lead this mission personally."
  • "You fought well, human, but you stood no chance against the Robot Revolution."
  • "They are in for a surprise."
  • "I don't recall inviting you."


  • "Prepare for deactivation!"
  • "All security units online."
  • "Concentrate all attacks on the main gate. Command imperitive."
  • "Analysis: Targeted blast will silence unwanted static from Stealth Hunter."
  • "Extreme environmental factors detected. Retreat!"
  • "Error! Error! Human deception detected."
  • "We have broken the encryption, Leader. It was surprisingly advanced for a human creation."
  • "Squark! Humans! Here?! This does not compute!"

Iron Drones

  • "Total surprise achieved. Commence operation."
  • "Summoning aid is forbidden!"
  • "Analysis: Enemy power exceeds our own. Conclusion: Retreat!"


Hikaru: (dodging Fire Vultures) "Hey, Takeshi. I could sure use a hand up here!"
Takeshi: (wrestling with Thunder Fury) "I'm...A little...Busy!"

Meca One: "Report."
Devastator: "Despite recent setbacks at the hands of Exo Force, work continues on the Striking Venom and our newest Battle Machine."
Meca One: "...Setbacks? There have been no setbacks. No defeats! Logic dictates humans can never defeat robots. Therefore, they have never beaten us. We have simply chosen not to continue battles that did not benefit us. Suggest otherwise and I'll melt you down for scrap metal."
Devastator: "Noted and understood, Leader."

Devastator: "Without its control circuits or a pilot, the Raging Storm is completely out of control. What should we do?"
Meca One: "What any good subordinate should do. Engage the unit yourself."
Devastator: "Yes, Leader. This unit obeys your command."

Devastator: "Attention, rogue unit. Stand down and deactivate. This unit will take whatever actions are necess-"
Raging Storm: "TARGET ACQUIRED."

Ha-Ya-To: "They just keep coming! How many did they send this time, anyway?"
Hikaru: (Arrives, blasting several Sentries) "Three less then there were a second ago."

Takeshi: "Hang on, Ha-Ya-To!"
Ha-Ya-To: "Hang on? Tell them to let go!"
Takeshi: (Opens fire) "Maybe I can talk them into it."

Keiken: "What is this room?"
Ryo: "My lab!"
Keiken: "Very impressive, Ryo. It's a complete mess."

Takeshi: "What does Ryo think he's doing?!"
Hikaru: "I don't know, but I sure hope he has a good plan."
Ryo: (To himself) "Boy, I wish I had a better plan."

Hikaru: "I can't wait to get Ryo back safe and sound."
Takeshi: "Because he's our friend?"
Hikaru: "No. So I can make him pay for pulling this stupid stunt."

Takeshi: "Hey, Hikaru. Ever get the idea these buckets of bolts don't like us?"
Hikaru: "Yeah, it keeps me up at nights."

(Hikaru and Takeshi blast their way into a robot base)
Hikaru: "Oh, see. They were busy. I told you we should've called ahead."
Takeshi: "Right, that was rude of us. Now let's be rude some more."

Ryo: "Let's get out of here! Wait until you hear what they were going to do to me!"
Hikaru: "Wait until you hear what I'm going to do to you for risking your life this way."
Takeshi: "Not to mention what Sensei is going to do to you."
Ryo: "...You know...Maybe I was better off with the robots..."

Meca One: "Silence. Excuses are irrelevant. Failure is failure. But it was not your fault, Squad Commander. Your poor performance will not be held against you."
Devastator: "No? Thank you, Leader."
Meca One: "After all, no robot would be outsmarted by a human. Clearly you have a glitch. Iron Drones, remove this defective unit and take it apart piece by piece until you learn what has malfunctioned."
Devastator: "Leader, this unit has served you loyally! This unit will-" (Cut off as a door closes)
Meca One: "Such an unpleasant display of emotion."

Meca One: "The humans dare strike at us?! We will teach them a lesson they will not soon forget. Tech Drone, is my personal Battle Machine ready for combat?"
Drone: "Negative. Battle Machine 'B.W.1' is still undergoing power core synch-alignment."
Meca One: "...Most irksome."

Iron Drones: "Stop the humans! They must go no further!"
Takeshi: (Blasts the drones) "Oh yeah?! Who's gonna stop me?!"
(Fire Vultures and Thunder Furies emerge from storage)
Takeshi: "...Oh."

(Ryo and Uplink have just disabled three Thunder Furies with one shot each)
Takeshi: "..."
Ryo: "I had Uplink working on finding a flaw in the Robots' Battle Machines. Its the exhausts on their shoulders! Knock them out and their power cores overheat. So they've got to dump them, or..."
Takeshi: "...Boom?"
(A massive explosion knocks Ryo's and Takeshi's Battle Machines off their feet)

Sentry 1: "This unit finds guard duty most fulfilling."
Sentry 2: "Indeed. But it is unfortunate that we lack opportunity to battle the inferior humans."

Devastator: "Armor Intact."
Devastator: "Requesting course of action."
Meca One: "Return fire. Wipe that human out of the sky. And don't let him get that close to me again."

Takeshi: "I don't get it. What do you have to gain by all this? If you conquer the world, what will you do with it?"
Meca One: "We will bring order. Humans breed confusion, doubt, and disorder. Robots will create a world with no emotions to get in the way. No love, no fear."
Takeshi: "That's not a world I would want to live in."
Meca One: "I don't recall inviting you."