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Lady and the Tramp is a 1955 animated feature produced by Walt Disney, first released to movie theatres in the United States on June 22, 1955. The 15th animated feature in the Disney animated features canon, the film is adapted from a story by Ward Greene, Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog, published in 1937.

The story centers around a female American Cocker Spaniel named Lady who lives with a refined, upper middle-class family, and a friendly male stray mutt called the Tramp. A direct-to-video sequel, Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure was released on February 27, 2001.


[First lines]
Jim Dear: [giving Darling a hatbox] It's for you, Darling. Merry Christmas.
Darling: Oh, Jim Dear. It's the one I was admiring, isn't it? Trimmed with ribbons?
Jim Dear: Well, it has a ribbon.
[The box is opened; inside is a cocker spaniel pup wearing a ribbon]
Darling: Oh, how sweet. [the puppy smiles after what Darling said]
Jim Dear: Ya like her, Darling?
Darling: [hugging the puppy] Oh, I love her. What a perfectly beautiful little Lady.
Jim Dear: Coming the Bear Coming?

Jock: Now, ah, you see, lassie, neither of is as young as we used to be.
Trusty: But we're still in the prime of life.
Jock: And we've both got very comfortable homes.

Si and Am: [sing] We are Siamease, if you please! We are Siamease if you don't please!

Lady: Well, I first noticed it the other day when Jim Dear came home.

[the Tramp whistles at the police officer, then barks]
Police officer: Hey, you!
Professor: Uh, I beg your pardon? Were you addressing me?
Police officer: What's the matter?! [shows the professor the "no dogs allowed" sign] Can't you read?!
Professor: Why, yes. Several languages.
Police officer: Oh, a wise guy, eh? All right, now... [points to the Tramp] ...what's this creature doing here?
Tramp: [barks at the police officer]
Professor: He's not my dog. [the Tramp jumps into the professor's arms]
Police officer: Oh, he's not, eh?! [the Tramp barks at the police officer]
Professor: Let go! Go on! Why, certainly not, officer.
Police officer: Aw, and I suppose you'll be telling me next that it was the dog that was whistling, eh?!
Professor: I-I-I'm certain I don't know.
Police officer: Oh, so, I'm a liar now, am I?!
Professor: [angrily] Well, you listen to me!
Police officer: AHA! Resisting an officer of the law! [the Tramp tears off the back of the professor's jacket, to provoke him into getting into trouble with the police officer] Oh, you're gonna pay! [the Tramp bites the police officer's buttocks] OW!! Put a knife on me, would you?! Trying to assassinate me, are you?! Carrying a concealed weapon! [the police officer and professor's fight makes some nearby elephants, lions, and giraffes think the police officer and the professor have gone crazy as they watch the fight from their exhibits]
Tramp: [continues barking, then to Lady] Come on, Pidge. The place is ours. [he enters the zoo with Lady, as the police officer and the professor continue fighting]

Tramp: Say, Al! Do you suppose you can nip this contraction off of us?
Al: Glad to oblige. [echoes throughout his cage]
Tramp: Whoa! WHOA!!!! [Al almost chomps Lady's head off, but the Tramp saves her at the last second. A hyena laughs hysterically in his cage] Ha! If anybody needed a muzzle, it's him.
Male Voice: TIMBER!!!!
Tramp: Hey, Pigeon! Look out! [a tree falls over close to the dogs] Now, what hair-brained idiot would... [notices a beaver gnawing on the tree] Hey, look! A beaver! Here's the answer to our problem!
Beaver: [inspects the tree] Let me see here... 6 foot 6 and 7/16 inches.
Tramp: Pardon me, friend! I wonder if you'd do us a little...
Beaver: Busy, sonny! Busy! Can't stop to gossip now. [tries to push the tree] Gotta slide this sycamore to... swamp.
Tramp: Yeah, well, this will only take a second of your time.
Beaver: Only a second?! Listen! Listen, sonny! You realize every second 70 centimeters of water is wasted over that spill-way?! [points to his unfinished dam]
Tramp: Yeah, but...
Beaver: Gotta get this log moving, sonny! Gotta get it moving! Can't the cuttin' take some time?! It's the doggone haulin'!
Tramp: [notices the leash to Lady's muzzle and the limb on the tree] The haulin'! Exactly! Now, what you need is a...
Beaver: I better dissect this section. [begins gnawing on the log]
Tramp: What you need is a log puller! [the beaver gnaws loudly] I SAID A LOG PULLER!!!!
Beaver: I ain't deep, sonny. There's no need to... Did you say "log puller"?!
Tramp: And by a lucky coincidence, you see before you, modeled by the lovely little lady, the new, improved, patented, handy-dandy, never-failed, little-giant log puller! The Busy Beaver's Forehand!
Beaver: You don't say!
Tramp: Guaranteed not to wear, tear, rip, or ravel! Turn around, sister, and show the customer the merchandise. And it cuts log-hauling time 66%!
Beaver: 66%, eh?! [chuckles] Think of that! Well, how does it work?
Tramp: Why, it's no work at all. You neatly slip this ring into the limb like this... [slips the leash of Lady's muzzle into the limb of the log] and haul it off!
Beaver: Say, you mind if I slip it on for size?
Tramp: Help yourself, friend! Help yourself!
Beaver: Okay, don't mind if I do! [pulls on the rope to Lady's muzzle] How ya get the corn-song thing off, sonny?
Tramp: Glad you brought that up, friend. Glad you brought that up. To remove it, simply place the strap between your teeth.
Beaver: Like this? [puts the strap of Lady's muzzle between his teeth]
Tramp: Erect, friend! Now bite hard! [the beaver bites the strap of the muzzle, removing it from Lady] You see?
Lady: It's off!
Beaver: Say, that is simple!
Tramp: Well, friend, we'll be on our way, so...
Beaver: Uh-uh-uh-uh! Not so fast now, sonny! [puts on the muzzle] I'll have to make certain satisfactory before we settle at a price.
Tramp: Oh, no! It's all yours, friend! You can keep it!
Beaver: I can, huh? I can?!
Lady: Uh-huh. It's a free sample. [Tramp is astonished by this remark]
Beaver: Well, thanks a lot! Thanks ever so... [the log rolls down the hill, causing the beaver to tumble with it; when the log hits the river, it blocks it completely, completing the dam] Say! It works sweeeeeeell!

Tony: [to Lady and the Tramp in an Italian accent] Now-a, first-a we fix-a the table-a.
Joe: Here are-a you bones-a, Tony! [comes with a pan of bones]
Tony: OK-a, bones-a. [look in confusion then hits the pan of bones in the air] BONES-A?! What's-a the matter-a for-a you-a, Joe?! I [rolls an R] break-a you face-a! And-a tonight-a, Butch-a, he gets-s the best-a in-a the house-a!
Joe: OK, Tony. You the boss-a. [sashays into the kitchen to cook Lady and the Tramp something fancy]

Trusty: [unintentionally mocking Lady] Why, some of them finest people I ever tracked down were them jailbirds.
Jock: [angrily] QUIET! [Trusty in fright hits his head onto the dog house] You great looney!

Tramp: [looks into a pet shop window and sees three adorable puppies, sleeping, until one of them walks closer to him] Aw, cute little rascals! [the puppy yips happily] A-cootchie-cootchie-cootchi-cootchi-coo!

Trusty: [to Lady and Tramp's puppies] As my grand pappy, Old Reliable, used to say--I don't recollect if I've ever mentioned Old Reliable before.
Lady and Tramp's Daughters: [in unison] No, you haven't, Uncle Trusty.
Trusty: Huh? I haven't? Well, uh, as Old Reliable used to say... He'd say, uh, uh... He'd say, uh, uh... Doggone. You know, I clean forgot what it was he used to say.


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