Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

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Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure is a 2001 direct-to-video animated film which was released on February 27, 2001 by The Walt Disney Company as a sequel to the 1955 feature film Lady and the Tramp. The story centers around Lady and Tramp's puppy, Scamp, and his desire to become a "wild dog".

Directed by Darrell Rooney. Written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth.


  • [runs up to Tramp, who's trying to sleep] Hey, let's do some dog stuff! Huh, pop? Y'know, dig up bones? Rip up flowers? Chase cats! [growls playfully and tugs on Tramp's pillow]
  • So long, you house dogs! You can't tell me what to do anymore, because I'm a wild dog.
  • No way! l've had it with the house dog life. Nothing there but rules, rules, rules. I want to be wild and free like you guys.
  • [searching in vain for Angel] Great. I got everything I ever wanted. And it stinks.
  • [Sadly muttering to himself] Aw man! Slick move, me without a collar how could I be so stupid?! Dad was right, Buster's nothing but trouble. I wish I was at home...

(The screen cuts to a train) I never thought I could feel this way. More than crossing a train with you! Where did you come from? I ran away from my dad and he's proving me that I'm just stupid. That is a good thing I hope I'm not losing you. Well angel tonight I'll be a junkyard dog and, for a day, I will not be a chain alone dog again! You you want become a junkyard dog?! Please I cannot believe you're living here like this! No you're the only one who is bossing me around! (But as the two start to argue, Scamp doesn't notice a loud Rumble) Run!! Angel? what did you say?! There's a train heading for us! ahh! We are going to die! Quick in here! (Angel jumps in a bush so that she could avoid the train Scamp is beginning to jump into the bush however, he hears a crack he looks down and finds that his paw is stuck) Angel! Angel!! I'm going to die! Save me! Save me! (Angel jumps on the tracks and runs to help scamp) We will be in a wind of time! Hurry up! (Angel comes to the rescue and tries to pull his paw free a crack emerges and the to jump into it the two fall down into a river below) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (The 2 fall into the water air bubbles are seen flying up into the surface the scene changes to Angel gasping for air including scamp) (Grunting, the 2 swim out of the river coughing and sputtering) I am soaking wet. (Suddenly, he finds Angel laughing) Boy we barely escaped from that train! Boy if you wouldn't came to rescue me, I would have been crushed to smithereens. (Suddenly they hear barks) Thank goodness you are all right! (However one dog is not paying attention) Oh look at me I'm a dog yeah yeah I'm done yes yes did I say the word dog? Yes I did! I'm a dog woohoooooo! (However he snapped to attention with Angel climbing up to him) Angel?! How come you be alive?! You were lucky me and scamp just escaped from a farther south train. Be glad (slaps the dog in the ear) Ow! Now that was a really good slap. (Muenster bends his head down for a cold drink) Hey do you remember my father who has escaped the farther South train? Yes he was going to go in style! Was that one dive like the one he escaped from the soldiers last year? (Old dog knocks Buster into the water) Hey watch with that tail! So when was my father walking on the train? Well 11 years ago before July, he was walking when a flash of light landed on his back. (Scamp turns into his father) It was a train! He ran faster and faster... Until he spotted a hole! And that was where he was going to go in style! (In the story where old dog tells the story, scamps father runs and runs and runs to the edge of the bridge) (He spots a big round hole he comes and smirks at the train then Winks at it he backs further then lets out one jump before down down he goes plummeting into the water) So then what happened? (Everything Cuts back to the story he pops his head out of the water and notices the train gone lady young Scamp and his sisters darling Jim darling wait for him to climb ashore he climbs ashore before he nuzzled lady) Is that what happened? Well he was a brave dog and that's the year before July. For goodness sake just like your dad he wouldn't have been drowning for goodness sake if it wasn't for him to jump. Thank you old dog. What did you say? I'll be like my dad and I won't ever have to lie about angel again! (Angel and Scamp fall onto the ground rubbing their backs) ahhh.... what a very good scratch.


  • [after the dogcatcher takes Reggie to the Pound] Hey, You saved my life. Nobody else here would have dared to do that.


  • I don't know, kid. Your average house dog ain't got what it takes.


[Scamp's sisters are excited about hearing about getting a bath.]
Annette: Oh, excellent! I love getting a bath!
Collette: It makes my fur so silky smooth!
Danielle: Yeah! Heh-heh!
[they start arguing over who goes first]
Danielle: Wait a minute!
Scamp: [grossed out] Gah. I hate baths.
Tramp: Just the same, Scamp. When you live in a house, you need to be clean.
Scamp: Heh. Well, then, I'm glad I'm a wild dog!
[Tramp rolls his eyes]

Jim Dear: Tramp, I hope you're not making a mess in there.
[Scamp snickers]
Tramp: All right, Whirlwind, time to settle down. Why don't you go play with Junior?

Jim Dear: Scamp! Oh, no! What a mess!
Junior: Uh-oh.
Jim Dear: This time, you've gone too far! You've left me no choice. [Scamp nervously backs away and bumps into Tramp, who has an angry look on his face. Scamp has an "Uh-oh!" look on his face, and gives a nervous laugh.] Some dogs just have to learn the hard way. [Scamp whimpers as he's about to be chained to the doghouse.] Maybe chaining you up will teach you a lesson. I'm sorry, Pal, but I just don't know what else to do.
[After Scamp has been chained up outside the girls watching him all muddy as well]
Danielle: [tsking] Serves him right.
Collette: Simply incorrigible.
Annette: He brought this on himself.
Collette: [sighs] Now we'll need another bath!
[they start arguing over who goes first. Scene changes to Scamp, sad to be chained to his doghouse. Tramp looks sad as well]
Lady: [softly] Tramp?
[Lady walks up to Tramp and sits next to him.]
Tramp: [sadly] Best thing Jim Dear could've done for our boy; chaining him up.
Lady: Oh, Tramp. He's never been chained up before. He's just a pup.
Tramp: He has to learn to live by the rules of the house. Firm discipline molds a pup into a dog.
Lady: [laughs once, softly] You turned out pretty good.
Tramp: Yeah, pidge, but I found you. And if it weren't for you I'd've wound up in the pound. I'm just trying to protect him. He'll understand someday.
[Lady and Tramp hear Scamp howling.]
Lady: Maybe he needs to understand today.
[Scamp continues to howl, while Tramp walks out carrying a bowl of dog food. Tramp drops the bowl which caused Scamp's howling to be stopped.]
Tramp: I thought you might be hungry. [Scamp sniffs the food in the bowl, then pushes it back in disgust.] I'm sorry, pal. You just gonna have to shape up, that's all.
Scamp: I always get blamed for everything.
Tramp: Sometimes, it's hard being part of a family. You have to obey certain rules.
Scamp: But I wanna run wild and free; like a real dog! [trips over chain] Oof!
Tramp: Son, the world out there's full of traps. Here, you-you have a family that loves you.
Scamp: [grunts] As long as I do as you say. [sighs heavily, then talks softly] Pop, I just don't feel like I belong here. Didn't you ever feel this way?
Tramp: I was just like you when I was your age. [scratches himself]
Scamp: You were never like me. [scratches himself exactly the way Tramp did] You've been a housedog all your life. How would you know?
Tramp: Oh, you'd be surprised. Scamp, I'm only trying to protect you.
Scamp: [sarcastically] You used me by putting me on a chain?
Tramp: [sternly protesting] Those're the rules, son.
Scamp: [angrily] All I ever hear's rules, rules, rules! "Don't do this!" and "Don't do that!" What good are teeth and-and claws if you can never use them?! [howls]
Tramp: [losing his patience] Stop that howling!
Scamp: I can't help it, Pop! Wild dogs howl at the moon!
Tramp: There'll be no wild dogs in this family!
Scamp: Then maybe I don't wanna be in this family!
Tramp: [fuming] Like it or not, you ARE a part of this family, and until you start acting like it, you can just get used to being out here every night!!! [Tramp leaves and goes inside sadly, Lady watches Scamp jump on the roof of the dog house, she gives a hopeless sigh, and goes inside as well leaving Scamp alone to calm down]

Buster: Angel, Angel. Talk to me. Who's the king of the Junkyard?
Angel: [sarcastically] Oh, you are, Buster. And it's quite a kingdom you've got here.
Buster: Ha, ha. That's my girl.
Angel: [to buster too soon as he turns away, angered] I'm not your girl. [under her breath] I don't belong to anyone.

Buster: I'm the top dog around here. And nobody joins the junkyard dogs unless I say so. So, what's your name, sport?
Scamp: Name's Scamp.
Buster: Well, howdy, Scamperoo. So, you saw us having some fun and thought you'd join right in, huh?
Scamp: Yeah, sure.
Buster: Hey, I hate to break the news to ya, champ... but not many house dogs get to run in this pack.
Scamp: I'm not a house dog.
Buster: Oh, you're not? [gesturing to Scamp's collar] Then what's this badge of respectability hangin' around your neck?

Buster: All right, all right. That is not what happened. He met this girl, see? Queen of a kennel club set. Even her prissy little name... still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Lady.
Angel: But he met his true love.
Buster: He betrayed me! You can't have a family and still be a junkyard dog. So I gave Tramp a choice. It's either me or her. And he picked life on the end of a chain. Hooked up with a real powder puff. Sleepin' on carpets. Free room and board! Livin' the cushy pillow life! And that's when I learned the first rule about being a junkyard dog: "Buster's trouble is Buster's trouble". [notices the way Scamp scratches] Hey! Hey, hey, hey! The Tramp used to scratch like that. You ain't related, are ya?
Scamp: Who, me? No way!
Buster: Good. 'Cause if you were, you'd be kibble.
Scamp: Right, Buster.

Scamp: [hesitantly] So, I guess you're Buster's girl, huh?
Angel: [clearly getting tired of this misconception] I am not Buster's girl! I don't belong to anyone.

Lady: [To Tramp, worried about Scamp] Oh, Tramp, Scamp's never been out all night so much could happen.
Tramp: Hey, easy, Pidge. We'll find him before he gets him self in real trouble.
Trusty: [coming in through the fence] Oh, miss Lady, ma'am?
Jock: [also coming in through the fence, but gets stuck] We came as soon as we heard. [struggles, and finally gets through the fence.]
Annette, Collette, and Danielle: Uncle Jock! Uncle Trusty!
Annette and Collette: Scamp ran away!
Danielle: What they said!
Trusty: Not to worry, little ladies. Got my grandpappy Ol' Reliable's keen sense of smell. [sniffs] Say, have I ever told you girls about the time I saved your father from certain death?
Annette and Collette: No.
Danielle: [foolishly] Yep.
[Annette and Collette look at her angrily, Danielle looks at them with a puzzled expression]
Jock: Ach! Here he goes,again. I told you, there'll be no living with him.
Danielle: [chuckles] That Scamp is going to get into so much trouble when he gets home! [giggles]
Collette: [scoffs] I don't even want him back!
Annette: [agreeing with Colette] Yeah, who cares? He should know better than to run off.
Danielle: [Chuckles again] I bet he gets a slipper right across his great, big, fat...! [looks up at Lady who has an stern look. Danielle nervously laughs, pretending to care about Scamp] We really do miss him, Mom. [nervously smiles]
Tramp: We'll be back with your brother in no time. Your old man's got the speed and cunning dog half his age. [clumsily jumps on the dog house, Annette, Collette, and Danielle are chuckling, and Lady and Trusty are also smiling] [kidding around] Just using a few forgottin' muscles, that's all.
Jim Dear: [fixing to go search for Scamp] Lady, Tramp, let's go!
Tramp: [seriously] Come on! No telling what mischief that pup's getting into.

[Tramp got a scent of smell of Scamp, who bumped into a pigeon which flew out of a bush]
Lady: Oh, we'll find him. You were the best street dog there ever was. And I still have faith in the old Tramp.
Tramp: Old Tramp? Hmm. If only the old Tramp was still here.

[Scamp's in a dead end alley alone with a chicken he took from his family's 4th of July picnic]
Scamp: [sighs in relief and thinking he has evaded Tramp] Slick move. Lost him.
Tramp: [suddenly; out of nowhere] Don't bet on it. [Scamp turns around and sees Tramp he shows a scared look and notices a picket fence with a door behind him he runs and tries to open it but it's locked, now he's got nowhere to go and Tramp's walking closer toward him] [calm voice] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, slow down there, Whirlwind.
Scamp: [cornered by Tramp and scared] I'm not going home! You can't make me!
Tramp: I know. I know. Easy. I just wanna talk, so um how ya' doin' out here?
Scamp: [calm and happy] It's great, Dad. The Junkyard Dogs have taught me all the tricks. I go wherever I want, do whatever I please. No chains, no fences--
Tramp: [interrupting] No regard for someone else's lunch? [makes Scamp look at the chicken]
Scamp: That's how it is out here on the streets. But then, you know all about that, don't you? You make the rules, Dad, but you didn't have to follow them when you were my age. Is that why you didn't tell me you were a street dog?
Tramp: I didn't want that life for you. Because I found something better. I found love.
Buster: [out of nowhere with the other junkyard dogs] Oh. Aw. Ain't that beautiful? I think I'm getting all misty-eyed here.
Tramp: I see you haven't changed a bit.
Buster: So, here we are again. Just like old times, before you turn your back on everything that makes a dog a dog.
Scamp: He says you walked out on him.
Tramp: After I met your mother, I guess Buster just got jealous.
Buster: You ditched me!
Tramp: I fell in love!
Buster: You made your choice! Now it's his turn to choose. [to Scamp] Come on, kid.
Scamp: [nervously] Uh...
Tramp: You don't know what he's really like, son. You're coming home.
Buster: You hear that, kid? Daddy's telling you what to do again.
Tramp: You don't belong here.
Buster: And he's leading you back to a life on the chain. I'm offering you freedom.
Angel: Scamp.
Tramp: Scamp.
Buster: Scamp.
Tramp: Scamp!
Buster: Make your choice, kid.
Tramp: [furiously] He doesn't have a choice! I know what's best for him! [Tramp tries to block Scamp, but Scamp jumps out of his way and runs towards Buster]
Scamp: No! You know what's best for you! [Tramp's shocked with what his son just said] Well, I'm not you, Dad! I'm a junkyard dog!
Buster: [laughs like a bully] That's my boy!
[Tramp then shows a defeated look, and Angel sighs, annoyed at Scamp's selfish attitude]
Tramp: [saddened] I guess there are some things you...have to learn on your own. When you've had enough...our door is always open. [starts to walk away]
Buster: [laughs cockily] House dog to the end. What'd I tell ya, kid? You can't teach an old dog new tricks. [Scamp happily pants because he thinks he's getting what he wants]
[Tramp angrily looks back at Scamp, then turns toward the locked fence, picks the lock with his nose, and walks away. Everybody, even Scamp, gasps in shock. Buster blows his nose in riddance, then looks back at Scamp who's still staring at the opened fence toward Tramp who is now gone.]
Buster: Hey, Scamp-ski! This for all you've done, kid. [runs toward Scamp and yanks his collar off, Scamp drops to the ground and sees his collar on the ground] Ya did it, kid. You're at the top of the peek now, a junkyard dog!
Scamp: [excited, as if saying, "I don't believe this!"] I'm...I'm a junkyard dog.
Francois: You made it to the pack!
Ruby: You're a doll, doll face!
[Scamp runs back to the junkyard, celebrating his new life as a stray]
Scamp: I'M A JUNKYARD DOG! [he slides into a drawer and stops in front of Angel, who's angry at him for what he just did to Tramp and his own family.]
Angel: [angrily] How could you do that?
Scamp: C'mon, Angel.
Angel: He's your father, go after him. You're not like the rest of us. You're good and decent. Kind. The streets will beat that out of you if you stay!
Scamp: But I made it! This's everything that I've ever dreamed of.
Angel: Dreamed of what?! This?! [kicks a can full of garbage down, causing Scamp and the Junkyard Dogs to gasp in horror.] You have a home and a family that loves you! You're not like the rest of us, Scamp.
Buster: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's right. Let's see, uh, uh, he's good and decent and kind. Is that it, Scampy? [sniffles and sobs] You wanna be a widdle house doggie?
Scamp: [offended] No!
Buster: [angrily protesting] 'Cause you know how I feel about house dogs!
Scamp: [angrily shouts] Hey, cut it out! She's the one who wants to be a house dog, not me! [the Junkyard Dogs gasp in shock] Oh, no. I didn't mean that!
Buster: Is that true, Angel baby?
Angel: I don't think a family's so bad.
Buster: You hear that, boys? She wants to be a little house pet!
Francois: Oh, she wants to be a little house pet!
Mooch: Gonna wear ribbons.
Buster: You ain't no junkyard dog.
Angel: I don't care, Buster, I'm not, Not anymore. Oh, and uh, I'm not your girl.
[the Junkyard Dogs gasp in horror.]
Francois: There's going to be trouble!
Angel: Maybe you do belong here. [flees]
Francois: Oh, come on! Where is your sense of humor?
Mooch: Come on, Angel!
Buster: Aw, who needs her? Let her go find some sniveling little family. That's where she belongs.
Scamp: [realizing his mistake] Angel. [runs off to find Angel]

[Scamp, Tramp, and Angel have just escaped from the pound]
Scamp: Pop?
Tramp: Son.
Scamp: I'm so sorry. [sighs] I shouldn't have run away.
Tramp: [nuzzling Scamp] Whirlwind, maybe I was also being a little too tough on you. I don't see any harm in the two of us going down to the river once in a while to bay at the moon. What do ya say?
Scamp: [excited] Really? You and me?
Tramp: Your old man's still got a few good howls left in him.
Trusty: [sniffing] I found him. Oh, I found him for sure! This time, I found him!
Jock: Ach! You found nothing! Again! So far, you've found 6 cats, 3 gophers, 2 rabbits--
Scamp: Aw, go easy on him, Uncle Jock.
Jock: [not knowing] No, I'll not go easy on him, Scamp! 5 flyin' pigs, a wildebeest-- [suddenly shocked] Ach! Scamp?!
Trusty: [sniffs] Why, it is Scamp!
Jock: Aye! I'll never hear the end of this one either.
Tramp: [laughs] Ready to go home, Whirlwind?
Scamp: Not quite, Pop. There's one last thing I gotta take care of.
[Scamp returns to the junkyard]
Buster: [surprised to see Scamp] Do my eyes deceive me? Hey, Scamp! Scamp-a-doodle! You escaped the Pound!
Scamp: [furious at Buster after he refused to help him] Yeah, no thanks to you!
Buster: [thinking Scamp is joking] Hey, come on, you know our motto.
Scamp: You can keep your motto! [turns around and shakes his collar back on his neck] But not this. [his tag sparkles, happily sighs] I'm going home where I belong. [Tramp smiles at his son for doing the right thing]
Scamp: [chuckles] So long, Buster! [Jumps on a piece of wood with a boot on it]
Buster: [still thinking it's a joke, chuckles] Hey, ya missed, Scampalooza!
[looks up to see that the boot has loosened a pile of scrap which collapses right on top of him]
Tramp: [laughs triumphantly] That's my boy!
Scamp: Lets go home, pop!
Buster: [off-screen] I'll get-- Come back here! You can't leave me here! You're nothing but a house pet!
Angel: It's a good look for you, Buster. The garbage adds some class.
Buster: [stuck in the pile of scrap] Hey. Hey, someone wanna lend me a paw here?
Ruby: I think a home sounds nice.
Mooch: With lots of children and hugs and kisses.
Buster: [noticing the junkyard dogs leaving him behind] If you dogs leave, you're never comin' back.
Francois: Au revoir, Buster. It has been, as you say, beautiful.
Buster: [his last words] Dogs! You can't leave me here! I was only kidding. Buster's trouble, ain't Buster's trouble. Come on! Buster's trouble is everybody's trouble!


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