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Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich (born December 26, 1963) is the drummer of American heavy metal band Metallica.


  • If you'd stop being a Metallica fan because I won't give you my music for free, then fuck you. I don't want you to be a Metallica fan.
    • Quoted in Rob Tannenbaum, "The Playboy Interview: Metallica," Playboy (April 2001).
  • If there are people that are dumb enough to use Metallica to interrogate prisoners, you're forgetting about all the music that's to the left of us. I can name, you know, 30 Norwegian death metal bands that would make Metallica sound like Simon & Garfunkel.
    • (Said upon discovering that, during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, uncooperative prisoners were exposed to the Metallica song "Enter Sandman" for extended periods by American interrogators.)[1]

About Lars Ulrich[edit]

  • Don't download this song
    Even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong. (you can just ask him!)

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