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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000)[edit]

  • He's got us running around, ripping out a lot of geek junk, but no cash! He won't tell us what his plan is, even if he has one! I want out! (Joker: If you insist.) Hey, man, take it easy! I-I was, I was just kidding!
  • Who: Bonk
    • Note: Character becomes defective to the Joker and says he wants out of the team. In response the Joker pulls out the gun and points it at him. In the original, uncut version, he pulls the trigger and the "Bang!" flag pops up, and he says, "So was I!" before the flag spear is fired at the character's chest, killing him; the Joker quickly adds, "Oops! No, I wasn't!" In the edited version, however, he just fires the laughing gas gun at the character, making him laugh to death.
  • That's not funny. That's not... (gasp)... (uncut)
  • Make him one of us. (edited)
  • Come on, McGinnis! Laugh it up now, you miserable little punk! Laugh! (sing-song tone) I can't hear yooouuu!
    • Who: The Joker
    • Notes: Character technically dies twice in this story, but one of the scenes was edited, hence three quotes:
      • The first occurs after being shot in the chest by Robin (Tim Drake) with a Spear Gun. Robin had been brainwashed into becoming the Joker's "son", and had a gun pointed at Batman (Bruce Wayne) before he finally rebelled.
      • This scene is altered in the edited version. The Joker's gun in this version shoots laughing gas, and Robin throws the gun away and tackles the Joker into a vat of liquid instead of shooting him- this leads up to a scene where the Joker gets tangled up in cables and electrocuted off-screen.
      • The Joker later returns using Tim Drake's body and, at the end, is strangling Batman (Terry McGinnis), who has driven him over the edge by mocking him. Batman manages to electrocute him using a lethal joy buzzer (one of the Joker's favorite weapons) and destroy the DNA chip he had been using to control Tim, permanently killing him and saving Drake.


Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995)[edit]

  • My city! My people! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!
    • Who: The Bat-Duplicate
    • Notes: Character thought that he had unknowingly killed the real Batman by causing him to fall off a cliff in the Batcave, leaving a piece of his cape. He begins to destroy the Bat-computer where HARDAC is about to be loaded, causing both it and the Bat-duplicate to be destroyed. The real Batman survives by hanging on a cliff.

Justice League[edit]

  • Loser.
    • Who: Darkseid
    • Episode: "Twilight: Part 2"
    • Note: Said to Superman shortly after the latter was forced to abandon their fight by Batman. The asteroid he is on explodes immediately after the line is spoken. Character was later resurrected.
  • Do you think Grundy's soul is waiting for him? (Hawkgirl: Grundy, I don't believe... yes. Yes, it's waiting for you.) Then... Grundy gets his reward.
    • Who: Solomon Grundy
    • Episode: "The Terror Beyond: Part 2"
    • Note: Said to Hawkgirl as he lay dying. Grundy had lost his soul years prior, and would have gotten it back as a reward for helping Dr. Fate.
  • Wait, you can't leave!"
    • Who: Aresia
    • Episode: "Fury: Part 2"
    • Note: A rogue Amazon trying to use a deadly allergen to kill the males of the world. With her plane losing control, she pleads this to Tsukuri who tells her "I like you, but not that much!" In the battle, she knocks Wonder Woman from the plane and tries to regain control, but it explodes killing her. Hippolyta solemnly says "Poor Aresia. May the Gods grant her peace at last."
    • Who: The Justice Guild of America (Green Guardsman, Tom Turbine, Streak, Catman and Black Siren)
    • Episode: "Legends: Part 2"
    • Note: John Stewart's favorite comic book heroes when he was younger. Years ago, when negotiations failed, the Justice Guild were killed in the nuclear war trying to save their Earth. The mutated Ray Thompson makes illusions of Seaboard City as though it were still alive as well as the Justice Guild. When the Justice League are struggling against Ray, the illusionary Justice Guild now realizing they were long dead, declare this and defeat Ray to overpower him. After this, the illusions wear off and the Justice Guild fade away giving a silent goodbye salute to John Stewart.
  • Thank you, my friend.
    • Who: Future Vandal Savage
    • Episode: "Hereafter: Part 2"
    • Note: Moments after helping Superman to return back to the present time, when the future life begins to change, Savage says these words before disappearing from reality. However, the ultimate fate of his counterpart in Superman's time is unknown.
  • You think I'm scared?! I'll be running this dump in a few ye--! (notices the massive meteor headed straight for him) Aw, phooey.
    • Who: Chucko (Alternate future)
    • Episode: "The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time, Warped"
    • Note: After betraying his boss, the time-travelling Chronos, Chucko is taken back to the age of the dinosaurs to be killed by the same meteor that caused their extinction. (Note that this occurs in a series of events that is eventually negated from the mainstream timeline, therefore the Jokerz never even met Chronos and Chucko remains alive.)
  • What are you--
    • Who: Dr. Milo
    • Episode: "The Doomsday Sanction"
    • Says these words before Doomsday attacks and kills him.
  • When I get rid of you, I'll be the only--
    • Who: Galatea (apparent)
    • Episode: "Panic in the Sky"
    • Says these words while preparing to kill Supergirl, who she was cloned from. Before she can get further, Supergirl rams a live power coupling into her stomach, giving her a massive electric shock. This leaves her twitching and catatonic; given that she never appears again, it is possible she never recovered.
  • Are you going to fight me, boy?
    • Who: "Brainthor"
    • Episode: "Divided we Fall"
    • Note: Character was a combination of villains Brainiac and Lex Luthor, who planned to destroy and then remake the universe. Said these last words to the Flash, who then fled, only to circle the Earth several times using his super-speed, inflicting lethal blows onto "Brainthor". Charged with the Speed Force, he then separated the two villains. Brainiac was seemingly destroyed, and Luthor returned to normal.
  • You twisted pink rat-hole of a hominid! I'm not done with you! I'll get outta this, and when I dooooooooooooo--!!!
    • Who: Gorilla Grodd
    • Episode: "Alive!"
    • Note: Character had tried to usurp Lex Luthor as leader of the Legion of Doom aboard a space-fortress. Grodd is betrayed by Luthor. Luthor used his mind-control device against him, trapping him in an airlock and sending him tumbling into the void to his death.