Last words in the Living Dead films

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Following is a list of last words from the Living Dead series of films.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)[edit]

  • Get over here, man! Come on!
    • Who: Ben
    • Note: He tries to barricade the windows as zombies are pushing through and calls out to Harry Cooper to help him. In the end, he ends up staying in the cellar until daybreak. He is accidentally mistaken for a zombie and is shot by a farmer.
  • Poor baby! Baby!
    • Who: Helen Cooper
    • Note: After rushing down to the cellar to seek cover, she spots her child, now turned into a zombie. Her daughter ends up stabbing her to death with a trowel.
  • Helen, get in the cellar!
    • Who: Harry Cooper
    • Note: After stealing the rifle from Ben, he yells at his wife to get into the cellar where he was planning to hide and leave Ben on the upper floor to die. Ben wrestles the gun away from him and shoots him.
  • Johnny! Johnny! No! Help me, help me!
    • Who: Barbra
    • Note: Barbra sees her brother Johnny among the zombies. The resultant shock causes her to lower her defenses and she is carried away into the zombie horde.
  • He's coming this way! I'm getting out of here!
    • Who: Johnny
    • Note: He teases Barbra, knowing that she's afraid of cemeteries. A man walks toward Barbra and grabs her. Johnny prys him off of Barbra and struggles with him but he ends up falling and hitting his head against a gravestone, killing him.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)[edit]

  • Don't do it 'till you're sure I'm coming back. I'm gonna try... not to. I'm gonna try not to come back. I'm gonna try... not to.
    • Who: Roger (Scott H. Reiniger)
    • Note: Said as character is dying of a zombie bite. Character comes back as a zombie moments later.

Day of the Dead (1985)[edit]

  • CHOKE ON 'EM!!!!!! CHOKE ON 'EM!!!!!!!!
    • Who: Capt. Rhodes
    • Note: Said after being seriously wounded in a gunfight with Bub, who then stumbles across a horde of zombies that tear him apart.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)[edit]

  • Fucking figures!
    • Who: C.J. (Michael Kelly)
    • Note: C.J. is surrounded by zombies and decides to blow himself up with a tank of propane.
  • You want to kill Luda? You want to kill my family?
    • Who: Andre
    • Note: Said before Norma shoots his wife, after she discovers his wife has turned to a zombie, then has a shoot-out with Norma. Both die in the fight.
  • Son of a bitch shot me...
    • Who: Norma
    • Note: She goes to check on Luda and Andre and discovers that both Luda and the baby are infected. She shoots Luda then has a shoot-out with Andre. She survives long enough to tell Ana what happened, then dies from her injuries.
  • Shoot me!
    • Who: Tucker
    • Note: He breaks his leg from falling down a manhole. CJ drags him back through the sewer but the zombies catch up and start to devour Tucker. He tells CJ to shoot him, which he does.
  • I think I'll just stay here a while. Enjoy the sunrise.
    • Who: Michael
    • Note: Michael ends up being infected, so he decides to stay and die instead of board the boat with the rest of the group. He shoots himself in the head.
  • What the fuck?
    • Who: Steve
    • Note: He spots blood dripping on him from above and looks up to see a zombie pounce right on him.
  • Hey, this dog got a name?
    • Who: Andy
    • Note: The group tries to help Andy, the gun shop owner, by sending food to him via Chips, the dog and communicating through walkie-talkie. He is bitten while getting Chips through his doggy door and becomes a zombie. Kenneth later shoots Andy.
  • You want...every...single second.
    • Who: Frank
    • Note: Frank was bitten beforehand and discovers he is going to turn into a zombie soon. He has no choice but to be shot before he causes any trouble.

Land of the Dead (2005)[edit]

  • Nah. You're dead. Oh, my God. You are dead.
    • Who: Kaufman
    • Note: Last words by Kaufman; He is trying to escape when he notices Cholo coming toward him he shoots him but Cholo keeps advancing. Kaufman notices that Cholo has been turned into a zombie. Before Cholo could even kill him, the leader zombie throws a propane tank at Kaufman's car and Kaufman is killed in the explosion.
  • I always wanted to see how the other half lives.
    • Who: Cholo
    • Note: Cholo is bitten by a zombie and decides to turn into one than be killed. He is later killed from the explosion by Kaufman's car.