Leonard Nimoy

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Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy (born March 26, 1931), best known as "Mr. Spock" in Star Trek, is an American actor and poet.


  • I believe in goodness
    Mercy and charity
    I believe in a universal spirit
    I believe in casting bread
    Upon the waters
    • A Lifetime of Love
  • Whatever we are
    We belong together
    Wherever we are
    We will find each other
    Whoever we are
    We are
    Forever one.
    • A Lifetime of Love
  • Live long and prosper!
    • A reoccurring saying by the alien race vulcans in the science fiction television show Star Trek. It first appeared in the season two premiere Amok Time (1967). Leomard Nimoy coined it according to his autobiography I am not Spock (1975).

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