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Life Returns is a 1935 film about a doctor who has spent his career working on ways to revive the dead.

Directed by Eugene Frenke and James P. Hogan. Written by Arthur T. Horman, L. Wolfe Gilbert, Mary McCarthy.
The mystery of the man who conquered death!  (taglines)


A.K. Arnold: We feel it's time to become practical.
John Kendrick: Practical? Nothing more practical has been thought of since the beginning of time - to bring the dead back to life. And you tell me I'm not practical.
A.K. Arnold: Well, maybe so. Maybe so. But we want this foundation to help the living to live better. To give them better facial creams, better nail polish, better dandruff cures - all for a nominal sum.


  • The mystery of the man who conquered death!


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