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Lin Chuan

Lin Chuan (林全; Lín Quán; born 13 December 1951) is a politician in Taiwan (Republic of China). He was the ROC Premier since 20 May 2016 until 8 September 2017.


  • Only when three preconditions — all ways (to save energy) have been exhausted, safety is guaranteed and a social consensus reached — would the reactivation of the Jinshan and Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plants be considered.
  • We shouldn’t push it away. As it is a huge market over there in mainland China, it behooves Taiwan to maintain friendly, smooth economic relations.
  • We will adopt low-key and pragmatic measures to establish better economic relations with other countries.
  • Although (the one reactor at Kuosheng Nuclear Power Plant) is not considered part of the operating reserve, I would make a formal report to the Legislative Yuan to reactivate it as a last resort in the event of a predictable power shortage. The manufacturing industry should have confidence in the (Taiwan) power supply.

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