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The libretto of Lohengrin

Lohengrin German romantic opera written by Richard Wagner.

  • Lohengrin : Merciful, merciful – gentle swan!...
    Cross again – the wide ocean...
    Go, return – to the holy sanctuary,
    Where does not penetrate - the human gaze!...
    I fulfill the pact you have with honor,
    Goodbye... goodbye, singing swan!
    (Act I)
  • Lohengrin : (looking at the sky as if inspired)
    Far from you, in an unknown land
    There is a castle, which is called Monsalvato:
    There a sacred temple, a greenhouse forest ,
    With peerless gems and gold adorned.
    There a cup, which is a gift from heaven,
    Looked at as a relic of the Lord,
    To them who are champions of virtue,
    >An angel carried it on golden wings!
    Every year a dove comes from heaven
    To renew its holy power!
    It is the Holy Grail, and strength and holy zeal
    He instills in the bosom of his knights
    . (Act III)


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