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Lola Masha is a Nigerian technology executive. She is the country manager for OLX, and was previously business development team head for Google Nigeria. She is the co-founder and executive director of Babban Gona farmers service limited.



  • “We continue to innovate and improve our review process with tighter measures that would help to minimize future occurrence of negative incidents. We also need our users to help us kick out bad players and ask them to report any dubious activity or user on the site for immediate action.”
    • [1]
    • A Quote from an official statement on why OLX cannot be held accountable concerning the kidnapping of three children by a nanny employed from the OLX online platform. (April 2015)


  • “One key difference between a boss and a leader is that of hierarchy. You can have a leader among peers and a boss as someone who is at the top. The way I prefer to manage is very much more flat structure with almost hierarchy. I sit with the team. This place we are is for conference meeting. Here, we relate as peers, no idea is a bad idea.”
    • [2]
    • A Quote from an interview granted The Nations Newspaper on life as a CEO. (July 2016)
  • “I believe women are the strongest sex.”
    • [3]
    • A Quote from an interview granted The Nations Newspaper on what it takes to survive as a woman. (July 2016)
  • “Women should know that they are more powerful than they think. Even though it is difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it is possible and women need to find a conducive work environment that effectively supports them.”
    • [4]
    • A Quote from an interview granted The Nations Newspaper on advice for women. (July 2016)
  • “Our decision to come to Nigeria was informed by the fact that Nigeria is a market that you can’t ignore and we think the potential to truly give Nigerian buyers and sellers’ value is tremendous. We believe very strongly in the value that we provide in connecting buyers and sellers and in promoting trade that is one of the reasons we are here.”
    • [5]
    • A Quote from an interview granted National Daily Newspaper on what prompted her decision to bring OLX to Nigeria.
  • "Trust and safety is our number one priority and frankly if we didn’t build that, we wouldn’t be where we are now in 12 months. For us to have successfully done business during this period, we must have built trust and confidence in our platform."
    • [6]
    • A Quote from an interview granted National Daily Newspaper on how she intends to build trust in OLX users.
  • “We are determined to put a smile on people’s faces, especially the less fortunate in our society, which is why we opted to paint Modupe Cole who empower kids with disabilities with the skills to earn a living in the society.”
    • [7]
    • Speaking at the renovation of the vocational section of the Modupe Cole Memorial Child Care and presentation of gifts to pupils and caregivers. (December 2016)


  • “We are deeply touched by the recognition from OLX of the work the men do on the road as we know it’s not easy for them despite the weather condition.”
    • [8]
    • Speaking at the presentation of raincoats to the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) in support and appreciation of the agency for their control, management, and regulation of traffic operations in the city of Lagos. (August 2017)


  • “I don’t think we have taken over from the men, simply trying to make our mark, make sure we are heard, but we are very far from taking over. We are just more empowered, there is a lot more room to grow,”
    • [9]
    • A Quote taken from an interview granted The Sun Newspaper on if women have taken over in the competition with the men. (February 2018)
  • "It’s just enjoying what you do, a lot of people keep doing things with the wrong motivation, so, if you are staying in a job simply for the money, simply for the brand, because you want to work for so, and so, simply for whatever reason, but you’re not enjoying that activity and the impact it has on you, mentally, physically, physiologically, spiritually is negative, that’s not right. Make sure that whatever activity you indulge in or spend your time on, make sure you enjoy it and that you still add value."
    • [10]
    • A Quote taken from an interview granted The Sun Newspaper on what keeps her going in life as a mother of two, a manager, and with the stress, she passes through every day. (February 2018)


  • “There are definitely unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. We are often underestimated by our male counterparts, but more concerning is that we also underestimate ourselves. There are still stereotypes around what we can and cannot achieve and well as what types of roles we should be performing. However, I think there’s a significant opportunity for us to convert this misperception into strength; by over-delivering when others expect less from us and by leveraging our collective strength in any environment we find ourselves to shine and achieve stellar results.”
    • [11]
    • Responding to the challenges female entrepreneurs face.
  • “Be deliberate about the people you surround yourself with. Create a strong team at work; at home; have dependable support structures whether at church or any other religious body you affiliate with and finally, never neglect your social support i.e. friends that can provide positive encouragement and frank, fair feedback.”
    • [12]
    • Quotes sharing some strategic tips for upcoming female entrepreneurs to be successful.

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