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Lost (2004–2010) is an American television series, airing on ABC, created by J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, about the survivors of a plane crash who are forced to work together in order to survive on a seemingly deserted tropical island.

Season One[edit]

Pilot, Part One [1.1][edit]

Kate Austen: You don't seem afraid at all. I don't understand that.
Jack Shephard: Well, fear's sort of an odd thing. When I was in residency, my first solo procedure was a spinal surgery on a 16 year old kid, a girl. And at the end, after 13 hours, I was closing her up and I, I accidentally ripped her dural sac. Shredded the base of the spine where all the nerves come together, membrane as thin as tissue. And so it ripped open. And the nerves just spilled out of her like angel hair pasta, spinal fluid flowing out of her and I … And the terror was just so … crazy. So real. And I knew I had to deal with it. So I just made a choice. I'd let the fear in, let it take over, let it do its thing, but only for five seconds, that's all I was going to give it. So I started to count: One, two, three, four, five. Then it was gone. I went back to work, sewed her up and she was fine.
Kate Austen: If that had been me, I think I would have run for the door.
Jack Shephard: No, I don't think that's true. You're not running now.

Sayid Jarrah: You'd think they would've come by now.
Charlie Pace: What? Who?
Sayid Jarrah: Anyone.

Jack Shephard: [about airplane turbulence] It's normal.
Rose Henderson: Oh, I know, I just never been a really good flyer. My husband keeps reminding me that planes wanna be in the air.
Jack Shephard: He sounds like a very smart man.
Rose Henderson: Be sure and tell him that when he gets back from the bathroom.
[The plane is really shaking now.]
Jack Shephard: Well, I'll keep you company until he does. Don't worry it's going to be over--
[the plane tears apart in mid-air]

Hurley: So, I was just looking inside the fuselage. It's pretty grim in there. You think we should do something about the, uh...
[Hurley stops and looks at the young Walt]
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: ...b-o-d-y-s?
Michael Dawson: What are you spelling, man? "Bodies"?
Walt Lloyd: B-o-d-i-e-s.

[Kate and Jack get inside the cockpit.]
Kate Austen: So, what does a transceiver look like?
Jack Shephard: Complicated walkie-talkie.
[Kate climbs over the pilot, Seth Norris, looking for the transceiver when suddenly he takes a breath. Jack and Kate are shocked.]
Jack Shephard: Hey! Can you hear me? [to Kate] I need that water. [He gives the pilot some water] Here. Here you go. Hey.
Seth Norris: How many survived?
Jack Shephard: At least 48. Does anything feel broken?
Seth Norris: No, no. Just my head's a little dizzy, that's all.
Jack Shephard: Yeah. It's probably a concussion.
Seth Norris: How long has it been?
Jack Shephard: Sixteen hours.
Seth Norris: Sixteen? Has anybody come?
Jack Shephard: Not yet.
Seth Norris: Six hours in, our radio went out. No-one could see us. We turned back to land in Fiji. By the time we hit turbulence, we … we were a thousand miles off course. They're looking for us in the wrong place.

Pilot, Part Two [1.2][edit]

Shannon Rutherford: I've just been through a trauma here, okay?
Boone Carlyle: We've all been through a trauma. The only difference is, since the crash, you've actually given yourself a pedicure.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Kate] I'm a complex guy, sweetheart.

John Locke: Backgammon is the oldest game in the world. Archeologists found sets when they excavated the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia. Five thousand years old. That's older than Jesus Christ.
Walt Lloyd: Did they have dice and stuff?
John Locke: Mhhm. But theirs weren't made of plastic. Their dice were made of bones.
Walt Lloyd: Cool.
John Locke: Two players. Two sides. One is light... one is dark.

Charlie Pace: That’s French! The French are coming! I’ve never been so happy to hear the French!

Sayid Jarrah: Sixteen years. And five months. That's the count.
Boone Carlyle: What the hell are you talking about?
Sayid Jarrah: The iterations. It's a distress call. A plea for help. A mayday. If the count is right... It's been playing over... and over... for sixteen years.
Boone Carlyle: Someone else? Was stranded here?
Kate Austen: Maybe they came for them.
James "Sawyer" Ford: If someone came, why is it still playing?
Charlie Pace: Guys. Where are we?

Tabula Rasa [1.3][edit]

Sayid Jarrah: If we tell them what we know, we take away their hope... and hope is a very dangerous thing to lose.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Was it a dinosaur?
Jack Shephard: It wasn't a dinosaur.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: If you didn't see it, how do you know it wasn't a dinosaur?
Jack Shephard: Cause dinosaurs are extinct.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Oh, yeah, good point.

James "Sawyer" Ford: You're just not looking at the big picture, Doc. You're still back in civilization.
Jack Shephard: Yeah? And where are you?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Me? I'm in the wild.

Charlie Pace: So, your, uh... your husband, was he on the flight?
Claire Littleton: Oh, no, I'm not married.
Charlie Pace: Oh.
Claire Littleton: I know. How modern of me.
Charlie Pace: Well, who needs men, right? Bloody useless.

Jack Shephard: Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over.

Walkabout [1.4][edit]

Sayid Jarrah: We can find food. There are plenty of things on this island we can use for sustenance.
James "Sawyer" Ford: And exactly how are we gonna find this sustenance?
[A knife is thrown into the seat next to Sawyer's head, everyone looks at Locke]
John Locke: We hunt.
Kate Austen: How did you get that on the plane?
John Locke: Checked it.
Jack Shephard: [pulling out the knife and handing it to Locke] You either have very good aim, or...[looks at Sawyer] very bad aim, Mr...
Michael Dawson: Locke. His name is Locke.
Jack Shephard: Okay Mr. Locke, what is it that we're hunting?
John Locke: We know there are wild boar on the island. Razorbacks by the look of em. The ones that came into the camp last night were piglets: 100, 150 pounds each. Which means that there's a mother nearby. A 250-pound rat, with scimitar-like tusks, a surly disposition, who'd love nothing more than to eviscerate anything that comes near it. Boar's usual mode of attack is to circle around and charge from behind so I figure it'll take at least three of us to distract her long enough for me to flank one of the piglets, pin it and slit its throat.
James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Jack] And you gave him his knife back?

Shannon Rutherford: I'm not going to starve.
Boone Carlyle: Right, what are you going to eat?
Shannon Rutherford: The ocean's full of fish.
Boone Carlyle: Hate to break it to you, the ocean's not gonna take your gold card.

Randy Nations: What is it with you, Locke? Why do you torture yourself? I mean, imagining you're some hunter? Walkabouts? Wake up, you can't do any of that.
John Locke: Norman Croucher.
Randy Nations: What? Norman what?
John Locke: Norman Croucher. Norman Croucher, double amputee, no legs. He climbed to the top of Mt. Everest. Why? It was his destiny.
Randy Nations: That's what you think you've got, old man? Destiny?
John Locke: Just don't tell me what I can't do.

Jack Shephard: Everyone who was in the rear of the plane is dead.
Rose Henderson Nadler: They're probably thinking the same thing about us.

Agent: The Walkabouts we arrange here are not just some stroll through the park. It's trekking across vast stretches of desert, rafting bloody treacherous waters--
John Locke: Look, you've got no idea who you're talking to. I'm well aware of what's involved, believe me. I probably know more than you on the subject.
Agent: In any case, it's a trying ordeal for someone in peak physical condition, let alone--
John Locke: Look, I booked this tour a month ago, you've already got my money. Now, I demand a place on that bus.
Agent: You misrepresented yourself--
John Locke: I never lied.
Agent: By omission, Mr. Locke! You neglected to tell us about your condition.
John Locke: My condition is not an issue. I've lived with it for 4 years. It's never kept me from doing anything.
Agent: Look, unfortunately it is an issue for our insurance company. I can't keep the bus waiting any longer. It isn't fair to the other people.
John Locke: Hey, don't talk to me about fair!
Agent: I can get you on a plane back to Sydney on our dime. That's the best I can do.
John Locke: No. I don't want to go back to Sydney. Look I've been preparing for this for years. Just put me on the bus, right now, I can do this.
Agent: No, you can't.
John Locke: Hey, hey, don't you walk away from me.
[Locke moves from under the desk, revealing that he is in a wheelchair]
John Locke: You don't know who you're dealing with! Don't ever tell me what I can't do, ever! This is destiny. This is destiny. This is my destiny. [yelling] I'm supposed to do this, dammit! Don't tell me what I can't do! Don't tell me what I can't...

White Rabbit [1.5][edit]

Christian Shephard: So, you want to tell me what happened?
Jack Shephard: A couple guys jumped Marc Silverman.
Christian Shephard: A couple guys jumped Marc Silverman. But they didn't jump you?
Jack Shephard: [beat] No.
[Christian goes to get himself another drink]
Christian Shephard: I had a boy on my table today. I don't know, maybe a year younger than you. He had a bad heart. It got real hairy, real fast. And everybody's looking at your old man to make decisions. And I was able to make those decisions because at the end of the day, after the boy died, I was able to wash my hands and come home to dinner. You know, watch a little Carol Burnett, laugh till my sides hurt. And how can I do that, hmm? And even when I fail, how do I do that, Jack? Because I have what it takes. Don't choose, Jack, don't decide. You don't want to be a hero, you don't try and save everyone because when you fail... you just don't have what it takes.

John Locke: Why are you out here, Jack?
Jack Shephard: I think I'm going crazy.
John Locke: No. You're not going crazy.
Jack Shephard: No?
John Locke: No, crazy people don't know they're going crazy. They think they're getting saner.

John Locke: I'm an ordinary man, Jack, meat and potatoes, I live in the real world. I'm not a big believer in magic. But this place is different. It's special. The others don't want to talk about it because it scares them. But we all know it. We all feel it. Is your white rabbit a hallucination? Probably. But what if everything that happened here, happened for a reason? What if this person that you're chasing is really here?
Jack Shephard: That's impossible.
John Locke: Even if it is, let's say it's not.
Jack Shephard: Then what happens when I catch him?
John Locke: I don't know. But I've looked into the eye of this Island. And what I saw was beautiful.

Jack Shephard: I want you to listen to me, okay. Because I'm asking you a favor, Chrissy. I'm standing in front of you in the same suit that I'm wearing to my father's funeral and I'm asking you a favor. In 16 hours I need to land at LAX, and I need that coffin to clear customs because there's going to be a hearse waiting there. And I need that hearse to take me and that coffin to a cemetery. Why? Chrissy, why can't I just bring him to a funeral home and make all the arrangements? Why can't I really take my time with it? Because... because I need it to be done. I need it to be over. I just—I need to bury my father.

Jack Shephard: Leave him alone! It's been six days and we're all still waiting. Waiting for someone to come. But what if they don't? We have to stop waiting. We need to start figuring things out. A woman died this morning just going for a swim and he tried to save her, and now you're about to crucify him? We can't do this. Everyman for himself is not going to work. It's time to start organizing. We need to figure out how we're going to survive here. Now, I found water. Fresh water, up in the valley. I'll take a group in at first light. If you don't want to go come then find another way to contribute. Last week most of us were strangers, but we're all here now. And god knows how long we're going to be here. But if we can't live together, we're going to die alone.

House of the Rising Sun [1.6][edit]

Kate Austen: It's just that you... and the tattoos... don't add up. Were you one of those hardcore spinal surgeons or something?
Jack Shephard: That's me. Hardcore.
Charlie Pace: If you two are done verbally copulating, we should get a move on.

Kate Austen: Hey, Charlie, ask Jack about his tattoo.
Charlie Pace: Oh, you guys have an inside joke. How absolutely wonderful for you both.

[Charlie is standing on a bee hive]
John Locke: Pull yourself together, son.
Charlie Pace: It wouldn't be an irrational fear of bees if I could just pull myself together, would it?

Kate Austen: [About her T-shirt] It was, uh, it was full of bees.
Charlie Pace: I'd have thought C's, actually.

Sayid Jarrah: [to Jack] Is there a reason you didn't consult us when you decided to form your own civilization?

The Moth [1.7][edit]

[Jack is looking at Kate's mugshot when she enters]
Kate Austen I take better pictures than that. Smaller, too, if you want something for your wallet.

John Locke: I think you're a lot stronger than you know, Charlie. And I'm going to prove it to you. I'll let you ask me for your drugs three times. The third time, I'm going to give them to you. Now, just so we're clear, this is one.
Charlie Pace: Why? Why? Why are you doing this? To torture me? Just get rid of them and have done with it?
John Locke: If I did that you wouldn't have a choice, Charlie. And having choices, making decisions based on more than instinct, is the only thing that separates you from him [indicating the boar].

Charlie Pace: I'm a bloody rock god!

John Locke: That's a moth cocoon. It's ironic, butterflies get all the attention; but moths -- they spin silk, they're stronger, they're faster.
Charlie Pace: That's wonderful, but...
John Locke: You see this little hole? This moth's just about to emerge. It's in there right now, struggling. It's digging its way through the thick hide of the cocoon. Now, I could help it, take my knife, gently widen the opening, and the moth would be free. But it would be too weak to survive. The struggle is nature's way of strengthening it. Now this is the second time you've asked me for your drugs back. Ask me again and it's yours.

Liam Pace: You're still a junkie.
Charlie Pace: You did this to me! It was about the music! The music, Liam. You took that away from me.
Liam Pace: Listen, why don't you stay with us for a few weeks. Karen and me, we can get you help. Sydney's got some really good programs.
Charlie Pace: Forget it.
[Charlie walks away]
Liam Pace: Don't go.
Charlie Pace: Thanks for your help, brother.
Liam Pace: Stay, please. I'm just looking out for you!
Charlie Pace: [angry] You never looked out for me!

Confidence Man [1.8][edit]

Boone Carlyle: [about Shannon's asthma] She's been embarrassed about it since she was a kid. I guess breathing isn't cool.

Jack Shephard: [about Sawyer] I'm going to kill him.
Kate Austen: That's not going to help us get the medicine.
Jack Shephard: Maybe not, but it'll feel good.

Sayid Jarrah: We do not have bamboo in Iraq, although we do have something similar -- reeds. But their effect is the same when the shoots are inserted underneath the fingernails.
James "Sawyer" Ford: You know what I think, Ali. I think you've never actually tortured anybody in your life.
Sayid Jarrah: Unfortunately for us both, you're wrong.

Kate Austen: Are you serious?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a gen-u-ine I-raqi. Of course, I'm serious.

Kate Austen: This letter wasn't written to you. You wrote this letter. Your name's not Sawyer, is it?
James "Sawyer" Ford: It was his name. He was a confidence man. Romanced my momma to get to the money, wiped them out clean, left a mess behind. So I wrote that letter. I wrote it knowing one day I'd find him. But that ain't the sad part. When I was 19, I needed 6 grand to pay these guys off I was in trouble with. So I found a pretty lady with a dumb husband who had some money. And I got them to give it to me. How's that for a tragedy? I became the man I was hunting. Became Sawyer. Don't you feel sorry for me.

Solitary [1.9][edit]

Noor "Nadia" Abed-Jazeem: [to Sayid] Am I so different from the little girl in the school yard who used to push you in the mud?

[Hurley has laid out a golf course.]
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Welcome to the first and... hopefully last Island Open! It's two holes, for now, three par, and no waiting!
Jack Shephard: Hurley, you built... a golf course?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Rich idiots fly to tropical islands all the time to whack balls around!
Michael Dawson: [incredulous] All the stuff we gotta deal with, man... this is what you've been wasting your time on?"
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Dudes... listen. Our lives suck! Everyone's nerves are stretched to the max! We're lost on an island, running from boars and monsters... freakin' polar bears!
Michael Dawson: Polar bears?
Charlie Pace: You didn't hear about the polar bear?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Look, all I'm saying is, if we're stuck here, then just surviving's not going to cut it. We need some kind of relief, you know. We need some way that we can, you know, have fun. That's right, fun. Or else we're just going to go crazy waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

Jack Shephard: This is bad.
Michael Dawson: Yeah. I mean, I know what I would do, but... this has gotta be your call.
Jack Shephard: All right... give me the 7 iron.

Sayid Jarrah: This isn't a game, Nadia.
Noor "Nadia" Abed-Jazeem: Yet, you keep playing it, Sayid -- pretending to be something I know you're not.

Sayid Jarrah: You'll find me in the next life, if not in this one.
Danielle Rousseau: What?
Sayid Jarrah: The writing on the back of Nadia's photograph. I know what it's like to hold on to someone. I've been holding on for the past 7 years to just a thought, a blind hope that somewhere she's still alive. But the more I hold on, the more I pull away from those around me. The only way out of this, this place, is with their help.

Raised By Another [1.10][edit]

Jack Shephard: That must have been a hell of a nightmare.
Claire Littleton: Who said it was a nightmare?
Jack Shephard: I'd say when someone makes their fists so tight they dig their fingernails a quarter of an inch into their palm they probably weren't dreaming about riding ponies.

Charlie Pace: [imitating Claire's diary] "Dear Diary, still on the bloody island. Today I swallowed a bug. Love, Claire."

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: So, I had an idea. I'm out here looking for some psycho with Scott and Steve, right? And I'm realizing who the hell are Scott and Steve?
Jack Shephard: I'm not following you.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Look, if I was a cop and some woman got attacked, we'd canvas, right? Knock on doors, find witnesses. But we don't even have doors.
Jack Shephard: Hurley, you're not helping me understand where you're...
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Look, we don't know who's living here and who's still at the beach. I mean, we don't even know each other. My name isn't Hurley, it's Hugo Reyes. Hurley's just a nickname I have, alright? Why? I'm not telling. The point is, we've got to find out who everyone is.
Jack Shephard: You want to start a census.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah, a registry, you know, names, what people look like, who's related to who. I mean, we start laying down the law, maybe we'll stop attacking each other. It seems like someone's getting punched, or stabbed, or something every other day here. We've got to find out who did this to her.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: We just had a little incident in the valley last night.
Shannon Rutherford: An incident?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah. Claire, the pregnant girl, you know her. She, uh, kinda got attacked.
Shannon Rutherford: What?
Boone Carlyle: She's okay?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah. She's a little shook up.
Shannon Rutherford: I am so not moving to the rape caves!

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: We got a problem. The manifest. Jack, the census. The names of everyone who survived, all 46 of us. I interviewed everyone, here, at the beach. Got their names. One of them, one of them isn't — Jack! One of them isn't in the manifest. He wasn't on the plane.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues [1.11][edit]

John Locke: [to Jack] I hunted with Ethan. I spent time with him. I never sensed anything -- off. But for everything that I know about hunting, tracking -- whoever he is, he knows more. If we catch up with him, I don't want anything to happen to the only trained physician on the Island. So go back, be the doctor. Let me be the hunter.

James "Sawyer" Ford: So, a tribe of evil natives planted a ringer in the camp to kidnap a pregnant girl and a reject from VH1 has-beens. Yeah, fiendishly clever. And why am I getting the evening news from a six-year-old?
Walt Lloyd: I'm ten.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Okay, then it must be true.

Boone Carlyle: Red shirt. You ever watch Star Trek?
John Locke: No, not really.
Boone Carlyle: The crew guys that would go down to the planet with the main guys, the captain and the guy with the pointy ears, they always wore red shirts and they always got killed.
John Locke: Yeah?
Boone Carlyle: Yeah.
John Locke: Sounds like a piss-poor captain.

Ethan Rom: [to a subdued Jack] If you do not stop following me, I will kill one of them. Do you understand?
[Jack fights Ethan and is roundly defeated]
Ethan Rom: No more warnings!

Whatever the Case May Be [1.12][edit]

James "Sawyer" Ford: I was protecting you!
Kate Austen: From what? Southern perverts?

James "Sawyer" Ford: [mocking Kate, in a caveman grunt] Me Kate. Me throw rock.

Jack Shephard: [to Sawyer] If I keep giving you the pills you're going to be as right as rain. But I'm going to stop giving you the pills. And for 2 days you're going to think you're all good, then it's going to start to itch. The day after that the fever's going to come and you're going to start seeing red lines running up and down your arm. A day or two after that you'll beg me to take the case, just to cut off your arm.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [handing over suitcase] Hope you got yourselves some jaws of life back in cave town. That's what it's gonna take to pop this bitch.

Rose Henderson Nadler: It's a fine line between denial and faith. It's much better on my side.

Hearts and Minds [1.13][edit]

Boone Carlyle: So, not to be too difficult, but we've been coming here for two days just staring at this thing. I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be doing.
John Locke: Ludovico Buonarrati, Michelangelo's father. He was a wealthy man. He had no understanding of the divinity in his son, so he beat him. No child of his was going to use his hands for a living. So, Michelangelo learned not to use his hands. Years later a visiting prince came into Michelangelo's studio and found the master staring at a single 18 foot block of marble. Then he knew that the rumors were true -- that Michelangelo had come in everyday for the last four months, stared at the marble, and gone home for his supper. So the prince asked the obvious -- what are you doing? And Michelangelo turned around and looked at him, and whispered, sto lavorando, I'm working. Three years later that block of marble was the statue of David.
Boone Carlyle: We're not going to stare at this for 4 months, are we?

John Locke: Hi.
Sayid Jarrah: I didn't hear you.
John Locke: Sorry. I'm sneakier than I give myself credit for.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: [to Jin] Are you sure you don't speak English? There's a rumor that you do... Your wife's hot!
[Jin looks bewildered]

Jack Shephard: [indicating Locke] What do you think his story is?
Charlie Pace: Who, Locke? Guy's a freak of nature. Highly disturbed. Chances are he probably killed all his mates at the post office the day his mum forgot to put a cookie in this lunch tin. That was my first impression anyway. Then he saved my life.
Jack Shephard: Then you trust him?
Charlie Pace: Trust him? No offense, mate, but if there was one person on this island that I would put my absolute faith in to save us all, it would be John Locke.

Special [1.14][edit]

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Got a new tourney lined up. We're playing for the last of the deodorant sticks.

John Locke: Michael, I know it's been difficult to bond with your son. You know why he's formed an attachment to me? Because I treat him like an adult. You still treat him like a boy.
Michael Dawson: He's 10 years old.
John Locke: He's been through more than most people in their entire lifetimes. Maybe you haven't spent enough time with him to see it, but he's different.
Michael Dawson: What did you say?
John Locke: And we're not back home, Michael. As long as we're here, I think Walt should be allowed to realize his potential.
Michael Dawson: Stay away from my son. And me.

Walt Lloyd: Am I being punished?
Michael Dawson: What? You think working with your old man is punishment? No, man, this us taking control of our destiny.
Walt Lloyd: Feels like punishment.

Jack Shephard: What is that?
Charlie Pace: Claire's diary.
Sayid Jarrah: You read her diary?
Charlie Pace: Yeah, I know. I'm bloody scum.

Homecoming [1.15][edit]

Ethan Rom: [to Charlie about Claire] You bring her here. If you don't, I'm going to kill one of them. And then, if you don't bring her back before sundown tomorrow, I'll kill another, and another, and another. One every day. And Charlie? I'll kill you last.

James "Sawyer" Ford: Looks like ol' Steve drew the short straw.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Dude, that was Scott.

Claire Littleton: I remember peanut butter. Why do I remember peanut butter?
Charlie Pace: It was imaginary peanut butter, actually.

Jack Shephard: Do you know how to use a gun?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Well, there's one polar bear that seems to think so.

James "Sawyer" Ford: Winner by a knockout. Nice one, Doc. Now maybe somebody can tell me who or what this son of a bitch is.
[Ethan moves to get up, Sawyer aims his gun at him]
James "Sawyer" Ford: Unh-unh-unh, Jungle Boy. Not even for one second.

Outlaws [1.16][edit]

Charlie Pace: Hurley, look, I appreciate the help. You don't have to. I killed Ethan, I can bury him.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah, 'til he rises from the dead. Dude, I know how this works. This is going to end with you and me running through the jungle screaming and crying. He catches me first because I'm heavy and I get cramps.

[Kate and Sawyer are playing "I Never"]
James "Sawyer" Ford: I never been to Disneyland.
[Kate doesn't drink.]
James "Sawyer" Ford: Ah, that's just sad.
Kate Austen: I never wore pink.
[Sawyer drinks.]
Kate Austen: I knew it.
James "Sawyer" Ford: The '80's. I never voted democrat.
[Kate doesn't drink.]
Kate Austen: I never voted.
[Sawyer drinks.]
James "Sawyer" Ford: I've never been in love.
Kate Austen: You've never been in love?
James "Sawyer" Ford: I ain't drinking, am I?
[Kate drinks.]
Kate Austen: I've never had a one night stand.
[Sawyer drinks.]
Kate Austen: Bottoms up, sailor.
James "Sawyer" Ford: I've gotta drink for each one.
Kate Austen: Your turn.
James "Sawyer" Ford: I've never been married.
[Kate drinks a small sip.]
Kate Austen: It didn't last very long. I never blamed a boar for all my problems.
[Sawyer drinks.]
James "Sawyer" Ford: I never cared about having carte blanche because I just wanted to spend some time with the only other person on this Island that just don't belong.
[Kate drinks.]
Kate Austen: I never carried a letter around for 20 years because I couldn't get over my baggage.
[Sawyer drinks.]
James "Sawyer" Ford: I never killed a man.
[Kate drinks. Sawyer drinks.]
James "Sawyer" Ford: Well, looks like we got something in common, after all.

John Locke: My sister, Jeanie, died when I was a boy. Fell off the monkey bars and broke her neck. And my mother, well, my foster mother, she blamed herself, of course. She thought she wasn't watching close enough. So, she stopped eating, stopped sleeping. The neighbors started talking, afraid she might do something to herself, I guess. [Sipping coffee] Oh, that's good. Anyway, about 6 months after Jeanie's funeral, this golden retriever comes padding up our driveway, walks right into our house, sits down on the floor, and looks right at my mother, there on the couch. And my mother looks back at the dog. After about a minute of this, of them both staring at each other like that, my mother burst into tears. Beautiful dog, no tags, no collar, healthy, and sweet. The dog slept in Jeanie's old room, on Jeanie's old bed and stayed with us until my mother passed 5 years later. Then, disappeared back to wherever it was she came from in the first place.
Kate Austen: So, you're saying the dog was your sister?
John Locke: Well, that would be silly. But my mother thought it was, thought that Jeanie had come back to tell her the accident wasn't her fault, let her off the hook.

Christian Shephard: You know why they call Australia down under, don't you? Because it's as close as you can get to hell without being burned.
James "Sawyer" Ford: [to bartender] How about you leave the bottles? [to Christian] What'd you handle, back in the States?
Christian Shephard: I was a Chief of Surgery.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Was?
Christian Shephard: Yeah, was.
James "Sawyer" Ford: So, we're in hell, huh?
Christian Shephard: Don't let the air conditioning fool you, son. You are here, too. You are suffering. But, don't beat yourself up about it. It's fate. Some people are just supposed to suffer. That's why the Red Sox will never win the damn series. I have a son who's about your age. He's not like me, he does what's in his heart. He's a good man, maybe a great one. And right now, he thinks that I hate him. He thinks I feel betrayed by him. But what I really feel is gratitude, and pride because of what he did to me. What he did for me. It took more courage than I have. There's a pay phone over here. I could pick it up and I could call my son. I could tell him about all this. I could tell him that I love him. One simple phone call and I could fix everything.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Why don't you?
Christian Shephard: Because I am weak.

Frank Duckett: [to Sawyer, who has just shot him] It'll come back around.

...In Translation [1.17][edit]

[about Boone]
Shannon Rutherford: Well, if you do see him, tell him to keep his stupid mouth shut. And if he does have something to say, he can leave Sayid out of it, and come say it to my face.
John Locke: Should I be writing this down?
Shannon Rutherford: Just tell him to stay the hell out of my business.
John Locke: Do you like him?
Shannon Rutherford: What?
John Locke: Sayid.
Shannon Rutherford: Are you serious?
John Locke: Because if you do -- like him, what's it got to do with your brother? You're a grown woman. Sure, you can yell at Boone 'til you're blue in the face, but all you're doing is giving him what he wants.
Shannon Rutherford: Yeah, what's that?
John Locke: Your attention. Everyone gets a new life on this Island, Shannon. Maybe it's time you start yours.

James "Sawyer" Ford: Folks down on the beach might have been doctors and accountants a month ago, but it's Lord of the Flies time, now.

Sun Hwa-Kwon: My husband is many things. But he is not a liar.
James "Sawyer" Ford: You gonna lecture us about lying, Betty? From the look on his face even your old man here didn't know you speak English!

John Locke: We're so intent on pointing the finger at one another that we're ignoring the simple undeniable truth that the problem isn't here, it's there! [pointing to the jungle] They've attacked us! Sabotaged us, abducted us. Murdered us! Maybe it's time we stop blaming us and start worrying about them! We're not the only people on this island and we all know it!

Jin Soo-Kwon: [about Sun] In a good world... she would hate her father, not me.
Jin's father: It is a good world.

Numbers [1.18][edit]

Carmen Reyes: Where are you taking me? You know very well I don't like surprises.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Oh, you're going to like this one, Ma. I mean, after everything you've been through...like Grandpa...
Carmen Reyes: [Crosses self, says prayer in Spanish]
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Then at the funeral, Father Aguilar getting struck by lightning. Man, that was a freak storm. And Diego moving back home after Lisa left him for that...waitress.
Carmen Reyes: Don't mention that whore to me!

Martha Toomey: Sam and Leonard were stationed at a listening post monitoring long wave transmissions out of the Pacific. Boring job. Sam hated it, nothing to do but listen to static night after night. Until one night, about 16 years ago, there's something in the static, a voice comes through, a voice repeating those numbers over and over again. [Hurley nearly spills his tea.] A couple of days later we're at the fair in Kalgoorlie and some wally there has got this jar, must have been big as a pony, and it's filled to the rim with beans. Fella's offering 50 grand to anyone able to guess how many beans are in that jar, within 10.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Sam used the numbers?
Martha Toomey: Yep, the answer was exact. To the bean. Men had been running the same scam for 40 years and nobody had ever come close. So we won the money. On the way home a pick-up truck blows a tire on the highway, hits us head on. Lost my leg that night.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: What about Sam?
Martha Toomey: Barely a scratch. Most people would consider themselves lucky, but not him. He was never the same after that. He started keeping a record. Anything terrible that happened to anyone around us, he believed it was all because he used those numbers. He moved us out here in the middle of nowhere hoping it would stop.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Did it? Did he ever find a way to make it stop?
Martha Toomey: Yep. He put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. What is it you're looking for Mr. Reyes?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I used them, the numbers, to win the lottery. And now I think I'm under the same curse.
Martha Toomey: Curse? There's no curse.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: But you just told me...
Martha Toomey: You think I'd still have my leg if Sam hadn't have picked the right number of beans?! You think that floods wouldn't have happened?! That homes wouldn't have burned down?! That people wouldn't have died?!
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Well, yeah.
Martha Toomey: You make your own luck, Mr. Reyes. Don't blame it on the damn numbers. You're looking for an excuse that doesn't exist.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: What do these numbers mean? Please.
Danielle Rousseau: I don't know.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: What? You don't know? Okay, that thing in the woods, maybe it's a monster, maybe it's a pissed off giraffe, I don't know! The fact that no one is even looking for us, yeah, that's weird, but I just go along with it because I'm along for the ride, good old fun time Hurley! Well guess what? Now, I want some friggin' answers!

Claire Littleton: I'm pregnant, single, and on an Island in the middle of nowhere.

Charlie Pace: You think you're the only person with baggage? You know what I was doing when the plane went down? I was snorting heroin in the toilet. I was such a junkie I couldn't even take a plane ride with out having a fix. I suppose that was your fault, as well? -- So how about it?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: What?
Charlie Pace: I just told you the biggest secret of my life. I thought you'd want to reciprocate.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Okay. Back home I'm worth 156 million dollars.
Charlie Pace: Fine. Don't tell me.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Dude.
Charlie Pace: I bare my soul, and all I get is bloody jokes!

Deus Ex Machina [1.19][edit]

Jack Shephard: [on helping Sawyer] ...all I'm gonna get is a snappy one-liner, and, if I'm lucky, a brand-new nickname.

John Locke: [about Emily Locke] She said that I didn't have a father -- that I was immaculately conceived.
Anthony Cooper: [laughing] Really? Well, I guess that makes me god, huh?

Jack Shephard: [diagnosing Sawyer] Have you ever had sex with a prostitute?
James "Sawyer" Ford: What's that got to do with my headaches?
Jack Shephard: Maybe a lot.
James "Sawyer" Ford: ...yes.
Jack Shephard: Have you ever contracted an STD? [Sawyer is silent] I'll take that as a yes. When was your last outbreak?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Go to hell, Doc.
Kate Austen: I know he deserved it, but...
Jack Shephard: He needs glasses.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: [on Sawyer's new glasses] Dude, looks like someone steamrolled Harry Potter.

John Locke: [banging on the hatch] I've done everything you wanted me to do, so why did you do this to me?!

Do No Harm [1.20][edit]

James "Sawyer" Ford: The man's got what I call an overzealous work ethic.
Michael Dawson: Try obsession. He wants off this Island bad, man.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Can't say I blame poor Kato. His lady speaks English all this time and he didn't have a clue? I'm surprised he didn't try to swim out of here.

Shannnon Rutherford: Are you lost?
Sayid Jarrah: No, absolutely not. Those trees look really familiar. It's this way...I think.
Shannnon Rutherford: Did you just say 'I think'?

Boone Carlyle: [to Jack] I know you made a promise. I'm letting you off the hook. Let me go, Jack.

Boone Carlyle: Tell Shannon... Tell Shannon... Tell... [dies]

Jack Shephard: He didn't die, he was murdered.
Kate Austen: Where are you going?
Jack Shephard: To find John Locke.

The Greater Good [1.21][edit]

Sayid Jarrah: I didn't know Boone very well, and for that I am sorry. On our sixth day here a woman named Joanna died. She drowned. And Boone was the first one into the water. I didn't know him, but I remember his courage. And I know he will be missed.
John Locke: It was my fault. We found a plane, a Beechcraft, in the jungle. It was lodged in the canopy so -- I would have gone up, but I -- my leg was hurt so he -- there was a radio inside and he thought he could -- look, his weight must have made the plane shift and it fell -- and -- it happened because he was trying to help us. He was a hero.
Jack Shephard: [approaching Locke] Where were you? Where were you? Where the hell were you, you son of a bitch?!

Shannnon Rutherford: You asked if you could do anything for me.
Sayid Jarrah: Anything.
Shannnon Rutherford: John Locke killed my brother. Will you do something about that?

Kate Austen: I crushed up some sleeping pills and put them in your juice.
Jack Shephard: You drugged me?
Kate Austen: Yeah.
Jack Shephard: Oh. Okay.

Sayid Jarrah: [noticing the scar where Locke's kidney was removed] What's that?
John Locke: War wound.
Sayid Jarrah: Looks more like a surgical scar.
John Locke: Like I said, war wound.

Sayid Jarrah: Take me to the hatch.
John Locke: What? I already showed you....
Sayid Jarrah: John! No more lies.

Born to Run [1.22][edit]

James "Sawyer" Ford: Why are we listening to Arzt?
Leslie Arzt: Because I'm a doctor, and you're a hillbilly.
James "Sawyer" Ford: You're a damn high school science teacher.

Jack Shephard: [about the hatch] Best case scenario there's supplies -- worst case, we use it as a shelter.
Sayid Jarrah: Actually, Jack, I can think of much worse cases than that. You notice anything about this hatch? There's no handle. Could the reason for that be more obvious?! Maybe it was never meant to be opened from the outside.

Charlie Pace: Okay, check this out. This is track 2. It's called...Sorry. It's called "Monster Eats the Pilot".

Exodus, Part One [1.23][edit]

Jack Shephard: Who's coming?
Danielle Rousseau: The Others. You have only 3 choices: run, hide...or die.

John Locke: You booby-trapped your shelter with explosives. You have any more?
Danielle Rousseau: Dynamite, at the Black Rock, in the dark territory.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Well, that's 3 reasons to go right there.

James "Sawyer" Ford: By the time you get back we'll be in the water. Guess this is pretty much goodbye, then.
Jack Shephard: Yeah, I guess it is. Good luck, Sawyer.
James "Sawyer" Ford: [beat] Jack! About a week before we all got on the plane I got to talking to this man in a bar in Sydney. He was American, too. A doctor. I've been on some benders in my time, but this guy he was going for an all time record. It turns out this guy has a son his son's a doctor, too. They had some kind of big time falling out. The guy knew it was his fault even though his son was back in the States thinking the same damn thing.
[Jack starts to recognize who Sawyer's talking about]
James "Sawyer" Ford: See, kids are like dogs: you knock 'em around enough, they'll think they did something to deserve it. Anyway, there's a pay phone in this bar. And this guy, Christian... tells me he wishes he had the stones to pick up the phone, call his kid, tell him he's sorry, that he's a better doctor than he'll ever be he's proud and he loves him. I had to take off, but something tells me he never got around to making that call. Small world, huh?
Jack Shephard: [unable to hold back tears] Yeah...
James "Sawyer" Ford: Good luck, Jack.

Australian Official: [taking Kate's toy plane out of the Marshal's case] What's this, then?
Edward Mars: That's a good story, you want to tell it, huh, Kate? [Mars takes the plane] This belonged to her childhood sweetheart, who she got killed a couple of years ago when she was on the run. Poor guy -- a wife, a 2 year old kid. What was his name? Hmm? Well, somewhere along the way during the 3 years that I was chasing her, she starts calling me, at my house, and whining on about her mitigating circumstances. But what she's really doing...is taunting me. So, I tell her that I've got whats-his-name's little toy airplane in a safe deposit box in New Mexico. So, she somehow figures out which bank, which safe deposit box. She seduces some idiot to rob the damn bank, and then she puts a bullet in her new friend because she's done using him. But she leaves all the money. She just takes the plane...because that's the one thing in the whole world that Kate does care about. She has no attachments, and I think she's telling herself she needs it to atone for killing her boyfriend, whats-his-name. God, Kate, c'mon, what was his name?

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: So, Arnzt.
Leslie Arzt: No. Not Arnzt. Arzt. A-R-Z-T.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Sorry, man. Your name's hard to pronounce.
Leslie Arzt: Well, I know a bunch of ninth graders who pronounce it just fine.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: How 'bout I just call you by your first name?
Leslie Arzt: How 'bout you don't?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Why not? I remember it from the plane's manifest. I think Leslie's a bitchin' name.
Leslie Arzt: Arnzt is fine.

Exodus, Part Two [1.24][edit]

[at the Black Rock]
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: How exactly does something like this happen?
Danielle Rousseau: Are you on the same island as I am?

Leslie Arzt: You know what? I'm -- I'm sorry, I'm so... I'm sorry that I'm not cool enough to be part of your merry little band of adventurers.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: What?
Leslie Arzt: I know a clique when I see it. I teach high school, pal-y. You know, you people think you're the only ones on this Island doing anything of value. I've got news for you. There were 40 other survivors of this plane crash. And we are all people, too.

Leslie Arzt: Do any of you have any idea what happens to dynamite in 90+ degree heat, huh? [Arzt pries open the crate with a pocket knife] So you know? Any of you? It sweats nitroglycerin. [Jack starts moving toward him] Whoa, hey, what you doing? Did I ask you to come closer? [He removes a stick of dynamite from the crate] Dynamite is nitroglycerin stabilized by clay. Nitroglycerin is the most dangerous and unstable explosive known to man. Hey, Kate give me your shirt. Now, princess, give me your shirt. I need to wrap the dynamite. Just throw it to me, right here. Be careful, c'mon, hurry up. [She gives him her shirt] Okay, good, now back up, back up, back up. Just back up. Get out of my way. Any of you ever hear about the guy who invented nitroglycerin? Probably not -- because he blew his freaking face off. [Arzt wets Kate's shirt and wraps it around the dynamite] His lab assistant came into the room, saw that his mentor detonated, and he said, "Huh, I guess this stuff does work." Alright, we're not going to take any more of this stuff than we need because nitroglycerin is extremely temperamental, so we-
[Arzt waves the dynamite carelessly, causing it to detonate and blow himself up]

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: [to Jack] You got some... Arnzt on you.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [reading private messages] Who the hell is Hugo and how's he got a 160 million dollars to leave to his mom?

Exodus, Part Three [1.25][edit]

Jack Shephard: What the hell was all that about back there, John?
John Locke: What was what about?
Jack Shephard: You asked me to let you go.
John Locke: That's right.
Jack Shephard: That thing was taking you down the hole and you asked me to let you go.
John Locke: It wasn't going to hurt me.
Jack Shephard: No, John, it was going to kill you.
John Locke: I seriously doubt that.
Jack Shephard: Look, I need for you -- I need for you to explain to me what the hell's going on inside your head, John. I need to know why you believe that that thing wasn't going to...
John Locke: I believe that I was being tested.
Jack Shephard: Tested?
John Locke: Yeah, tested. I think that's why you and I don't see eye-to-eye sometimes, Jack -- because you're a man of science.
Jack Shephard: Yeah, and what does that make you?
John Locke: Me, well, I'm a man of faith. Do you really think all this is an accident -- that we, a group of strangers survived, many of us with just superficial injuries? Do you think we crashed on this place by coincidence -- especially, this place? We were brought here for a purpose, for a reason, all of us. Each one of us was brought here for a reason.
Jack Shephard: Brought here? And who brought us here, John?
John Locke: The island. The island brought us here. This is no ordinary place, you've seen that, I know you have. But the island chose you, too, Jack. It's destiny.
Jack Shephard: Did you talk with Boone about destiny, John?
John Locke: Boone was a sacrifice that the island demanded. What happened to him at that plane was a part of a chain of events that led us here -- that led us down a path -- that led you and me to this day, to right now.
Jack Shephard: And where does that path end, John?
John Locke: The path ends at the hatch. The hatch, Jack -- all of it -- all of it happened so that we could open the hatch.
Jack Shephard: No, no, we're opening the hatch so that we can survive.
John Locke: Survival is all relative, Jack.
Jack Shephard: I don't believe in destiny.
John Locke: Yes, you do. You just don't know it yet.

Michael Dawson: Since the day you told me you wanted on this raft, I couldn't figure it out. Why does a guy who only cares about himself want to risk his life to save everyone else? The way I see it, there's only two choices -- you're either a hero or you want to die.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Well, I ain't no hero, Mike.

Jack Shephard: Everybody wants me to be a leader until I make a decision that they don't like. You want to keep second guessing me, Kate? That's your call. There's something that you need to know -- if we survive this, if we survive tonight -- we're going to have a Locke problem. And I have to know that you've got my back.
Kate Austen: I've got your back.

Tom Friendly: What's going on?! What are you folks doing this far out here?!
Michael Dawson: We were, we were -- the plane crashed! We were on the Island for a month, man!
Tom Friendly: Plane crash, huh? Well, how about that?
Michael Dawson: We were on an Island -- oh, flight 815 -- hey, where are we?!
Tom Friendly: Well, it's a good thing we found you.
Michael Dawson: Yeah, yeah, we survived and there's a whole group of people on the...
Tom Friendly: Well, ain't that something?
Michael Dawson: Yeah!
Tom Friendly: Only, the thing is, we're going to have to take the boy.
[the mood changes suddenly]
Michael Dawson: What? What'd you say?
Tom Friendly: The boy, we're going to have to take him.
Michael Dawson: Hey, what the hell's going on here? Who are you people?
Tom Friendly: Just give us the boy.
Michael Dawson: I'm not giving you anybody.
Tom Friendly: Well, alright then.
[Tom shuts the boat light off, and the Others attack]

Season Two[edit]

Man of Science, Man of Faith [2.1][edit]

Christian Shephard: [to Jack] You might want to try handing out some hope every once in awhile. Even if there's a 99 percent probability that they're utterly, hopelessly screwed, folks are much more inclined to hear that 1 percent chance that things are going to be okay.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: What's that thing where doctors make you feel better just by talking to you?
Jack Shephard: Bedside manner?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah, that. Yours sucks, dude.

Jack Shephard: You don't know what you're talking about, man.
Desmond Hume: I don't? Why not?
Jack Shephard: Because with her situation that would be a miracle, brother.
Desmond Hume: Oh, and you don't believe in miracles?
[Jack laughs and shakes his head]
Desmond Hume: Right. Well then, I'm going to give you some advice anyway. You have to lift it up.
Jack Shephard: Lift it up?
Desmond Hume: Your ankle. You've got to keep it elevated. It's been nice chatting.
Jack Shephard: Jack.
Desmond Hume: Jack, I'm Desmond. Good luck, brother. See you in another life, yeah?

Adrift [2.2][edit]

James "Sawyer" Ford: [after pulling a bullet out of his shoulder] You got a Band-Aid?

Claire Littleton: What do you suppose all that's about?
Charlie Pace: I reckon Jack's going to do something heroic.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Michael on the remains of the raft] What are you gonna do, splash me?
Michael Dawson: [to a toddler Walt] Hey little man, look, I guess I can't call you that -- I mean, because look how big you are. So, you and I -- well, we're not going to see each other for a while, Walt. But you are going to have a great life. I know your mommy, she's going to take real good care of you. And Brian is going to take good care of you, too. But, you know what? I just want you to know that no matter where you go that I -- that your daddy -- yeah, your daddy -- he loves you very, very much. And I always will. Always, okay.

Orientation [2.3][edit]

John Locke: I just don't think 30 dollars are worth getting angry about.
Moderator: Well, Francine feels like 30 dollars...
John Locke: Francine feels a little too much if you ask me. You all do. I mean, seriously: "So-and-so never called me back", "my mother stole 30 dollars from me". I never even knew who my parents were. A couple of years ago, my birth mother found me, and... She told me, I was special! And through her, I met my real father. Great news, right? Well, he pretended to love me just long enough to steal my kidney because he needed a transplant! And then he dropped me back in the world like a piece of trash. Just like he did on the day that I was born! You want your damned 30 dollars back? I want my kidney back!!!

Helen Norwood: I like bald guys.
John Locke: I'm not bald.
Helen Norwood: I can wait.

Pierre Chang: [as Marvin Candle] Welcome, I'm Dr. Marvin Candle, and this is the orientation film for Station 3 of the DHARMA Initiative. In a moment you'll be given a simple set of instructions for how you and your partner will fulfill the responsibilities associated with the station. But first, a little history. The DHARMA Initiative was created in 1970, and it is the brainchild of Gerald and Karen DeGroot -- two doctoral candidates at the University of Michigan. Following in the footsteps of visionaries such as B.F. Skinner--
[the film skips]
Pierre Chang: --imagined a large scale communal research compound where scientists and free thinkers from around the globe could pursue research in meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, electromagnetism, and Utopian social--
[the film skips]
Pierre Chang: --Danish industrialist and munitions magnate Alvar Hanso whose financial backing made their dream of a multi-purpose social science research facility a reality. You and your partner are currently located in Station 3, or the Swan, and will be for the next 540 days. The Station 3 was originally constructed as a laboratory where scientists could work to understand the unique electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from this sector of the Island. Not long after the experiments began, however, there was an incident. And since that time the following protocol has been observed: every 108 minutes the button must be pushed. From the moment the alarm sounds you will have 4 minutes to enter the code into the microcomputer processor--
[the film skips]
Pierre Chang: --induction into the program. When the alarm sounds, either you or your partner must input the code. It is highly recommended that you and your partner take alternating shifts. In this manner you will stay as fresh and alert--
[the film skips]
Pierre Chang: --utmost importance that when the alarm sounds the code be entered correctly, and in a timely fashion. Do not attempt to use the computer--
[the film skips]
Pierre Chang: --for anything--
[the film skips]
Pierre Chang: --Congratulations, until your replacements arrive, the future of the project is in your hands. On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso and all of us at the DHARMA Initiative, thank you. Namaste. And good luck.

Jack Shephard: It says "quarantine" on the inside of the hatch to keep you down here. To keep you scared. But you know what? We've been up there for over 40 days and no one's gotten sick. You think that this is the only part of it that's true?! Do you ever think that maybe they put you down here to push a button every 100 minutes just to see if you would? That all of this -- the computer, the button -- it's just a mind game?! An experiment?
Desmond Hume: Every -- single -- day. And for all our sakes, I hope it's not real. But the film says this is an electromagnetic station. And I don't know about you, brother, but every time I walk past that concrete wall out there, my fillings hurt.

John Locke: Why do you find it so hard to believe?!
Jack Shephard: Why do you find it so easy?!
John Locke: It's never been easy!

Everybody Hates Hugo [2.4][edit]

Dream Jin: [to Hurley] Everything's going to change. Have a cluckity-cluck-cluck day, Hugo.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I do exercise.
Carmen Reyes: Falling down is not exercise. The only time you move is to lift a drumstick from the bucket. Everyday it's the same thing, Hugo -- you work, TV, chicken. You have to change your life, Hugo. You think someone else will change it for you? Maybe if you pray everyday, Jesus Christ will come down from heaven, take 200 pounds and bring you a decent woman, and a new car. Yes, Jesus can bring you a new car.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Maybe I don't want to change. Maybe I like my life.
[The phone rings]
Carmen Reyes: Oh, that must be Jesus. [answers phone] Hola, momento. Yes, it is Jesus! He wants to know what color car you want!

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Dude, look, I'd never lie.
Charlie Pace: Oh, and the time you told you were worth 150 million dollars?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: It's 156 million.
Charlie Pace: I'm sorry, I must have confused it with the 900 trillion I am worth myself. And this baby's made of chocolate lollipops. So, if you'll excuse us, I'm going to flap my wings and fly off this Island!

Ana-Lucia Cortez: When I tell you to do something, you do it -- I say move, you move -- I say stop, you stop. I say jump, what do you say?
James "Sawyer" Ford: You first.

John Locke: Change is good, Hugo.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: You know, people say that, but it's not true, man. Trust me, I know. And guess who gets to be the bad guy who has to say: no you can't have peanut butter for the cute blonde and her poor Island baby. You know who? It's me. -- You know what? I'm not going to do it. Find someone else to deal with the chow, man.
John Locke: No, we all have our jobs, Hugo. My job is to convince people to push a button every 108 minutes without them knowing why -- or for what. Wanna trade?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I don't want to do this, man!
John Locke: Yeah, I've had a lot of jobs I didn't want to do. I still did them. I'm sorry, Hugo, you don't get to quit.

...And Found [2.5][edit]

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: So, Seoul. Is that in the good Korea or the bad Korea?
Sun Hwa-Kwon: The good one.

John Locke: I'm not lost anymore.
Sun Hwa-Kwon: How did you do that?
John Locke: Same way anything lost gets found -- I stopped looking.

Abandoned [2.6][edit]

Libby Smith: How'd you get shot, anyway?
James "Sawyer" Ford: With a gun.

Claire Littleton: [to Locke] Charlie read me the riot act last night for waking him. And as mad as it made me -- turns out he was right. You know, it's like we're playing mum and dad to this baby. Yet, I don't remember marrying him.

Ana-Lucia Cortez: [to Eko] I liked you better when you weren't talking.
Michael Dawson: What happened to you people? You want us to take you back with us? Fine. But you want me to keep quiet then you need to tell me why I have to.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: They came the first night that we got here. They took three of us. Nothing happened for two weeks, then they came back. They took nine more. They're smart, and they're animals, and they could be anywhere at any time. Now we're moving through the jungle -- their jungle -- just so you can save your little hick friend over here. And if you think that one gun and one bullet is going to stop them -- think again. So shut your mouth and keep moving.
Michael Dawson: They took my son.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: They took a lot of things.

Charlie Pace: She's got a bit to learn about being a mum -- responsibility and all.
John Locke: Hmmm, now that's an interesting thing to say -- for a heroin addict.

Shannon Rutherford: I need you to believe in me.
Sayid Jarrah: I do believe in you.
Shannon Rutherford: You don't! No one does. They think that I'm some kind of joke. They think I'm worthless.
Sayid Jarrah: Shannon, you are not worthless.
Shannon Rutherford: You say that now, but you don't -- you're just going to leave me. I know as soon as we get out of here you're just going to leave me.

The Other 48 Days [2.7][edit]

Ana-Lucia Cortez: What are you, a boy scout?
Goodwin Stanhope: Grown up version -- I'm in the Peace Corps.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: They still have that?
Goodwin Stanhope: I'm just happy somebody your age actually knows what it is.

Nathan: I don't remember seeing you on the plane, Ana Lucia.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: That's because you weren't on it.

Goodwin Stanhope: We should let him go. We're not savages.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: If I were a savage I would have cut off his finger already. That's tomorrow.

Ana-Lucia Cortez: You ran out of the jungle 10 minutes after the crash, you weren't wet. You were never even in the ocean. Where are they -- your friends? Nathan -- what did you-
Goodwin Stanhope: If you had cut off his finger and he still told you he was on the plane, I think maybe you would have started to believe you had the wrong guy.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: Did you kill him?
Goodwin Stanhope: Nathan was not a good person. That's why he wasn't on the list.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: What about the kids? Did you kill them, too?
Goodwin Stanhope: Children are fine. They're better off now.

Ana-Lucia Cortez: You've been waiting 40 days to talk?
Mr. Eko: You waited 40 days to cry.

Collision [2.8][edit]

Sayid Jarrah: [about Ana] She has no plan. She only has her guilt and a gun.

Libby Smith: Ana, what are you doing? You can't live out here alone.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: I'm already alone.

Mr. Eko: What do you want?
Jack Shephard: Excuse me?
Mr. Eko: Peace? Revenge? Justice? And you are going out with all these guns?

Ana-Lucia Cortez: I'm a cop... I was a cop. One night my partner and I responded to a burglary call. We were the first ones there. I covered the front and he went around the back. I was there a minute and then this kid comes right through the front door -- I tell him to put his hands up -- and he's says I'm making a mistake -- that he's a student and he wants to show me his I.D. I believed him. I just -- I let him reach. All I remember was a pop. By the time I hit the ground I thought I was dead. I feel dead.

What Kate Did [2.9][edit]

Mr. Eko: Hello. I have something I think you should see. If you don't mind, I will begin at the beginning. Long before Christ, the king of Judah was a man named Josiah.
John Locke: Boy, when you say beginning, you mean beginning.
Mr. Eko: At that time the temple where the people worshiped was in ruin. And so the people worshiped idols, false gods. And so the kingdom was in disarray. Josiah, since he was a good king, sent his secretary to the treasury and said: "We must rebuild the temple. Give all of the gold to the workers so that this will be done." But when the secretary returned, he had no gold. And when Josiah asked why this was, the secretary replied, "We found a book." Do you know this story?
John Locke: No, I'm afraid I don't.
Mr. Eko: What the secretary had found was an ancient book -- the Book of Law. You may know it as the Old Testament. And it was with that ancient book, not with the gold, that Josiah rebuilt the temple. On the other side of the island we found a place much like this, and in this place we found a book. [Eko unwraps the book and pushes it toward Locke] I believe what's inside there will be of great value to you.

Mr. Eko: Don't mistake coincidence for fate.

The 23rd Psalm [2.10][edit]

Tough Moroccan: It is true what they say about you.
Mr. Eko: And what is that?
Tough Moroccan: You have no soul.

Mr. Eko: [to Yemi] Have you forgotten how you got that cross, brother -- the day they took me? Is what I did that day a sin? Or is it forgiven because it was you that was saved?

Mr. Eko: [to Yemi] Yemi, I understand that you live in a world where righteousness and evil seem very far apart, but that is not the real world.

Mr. Eko: I guess we are both sinners now.
Yemi: Perhaps we are but God will forgive me, Eko.

Charlie Pace: [to Eko] You going to beat me with your Jesus stick? I find it a little odd that your scripture stick has dried blood on it.

The Hunting Party [2.11][edit]

Jack Shephard: [to Sawyer] Hey, what are you doing?
James "Sawyer" Ford: What's it look like? (arming self) I'm coming with ya.
Jack Shephard: You're still on antibiotics.
James "Sawyer" Ford: It's a good thing I'm traveling with my doctor then.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Locke] Oh, I don't know, Mr. Clean, I probably would have gone around Mt. Vesuvius.
John Locke: Why'd you choose that name?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Ain't it obvious? All you need is an ear-ring and a mop.

[The hunting party is talking to Tom Friendly.]
Tom Friendly: Just sit down, Jack. Nobody's going to hurt you. I come in peace.
John Locke: How do you know our names?
[Tom smiles]
Jack Shephard: You took Walt.
Tom Friendly: Walt's fine. He's a very special boy.
Jack Shephard: Look, you said you wanted to talk. Talk.
Tom Friendly: Let me ask you something. How long you been here on the island?
Jack Shephard: 50 days.
Tom Friendly: Oooo, 50 days. That's what, almost 2 whole months, huh? Tell me, you go over a man's house for the first time, do you take off your shoes? Do you put your feet up on his coffee table? Do you walk in the kitchen, eat food that doesn't belong to you? [to Locke] Open the door to rooms you got no business opening? [to all] You know, somebody a whole lot smarter than anybody here once said: "Since the dawn of our species man's been blessed with curiosity." You know the other one about curiosity, don't you, Jack? This is not your island. This is our island. And the only reason you're living on it...is 'cause we let you live on it.
Jack Shephard: [smiling] I don't believe you.
Tom Friendly: You don't believe what?
Jack Shephard: I think you've got one guy up there with a gun. I think there's more of us than there are of you. I think if you had any real strength, you wouldn't have had to send a spy -- Ethan.
Tom Friendly: That's an interesting theory. [raising his arms and yelling] Light 'em up!
[torches all around the survivors are lit]
Tom Friendly: We've got a misunderstanding, Jack -- your people, my people. So listen carefully. Right here, there's a line. You cross that line, we go from misunderstanding to something else. Now, give me your weapons, turn around, go home.
Jack Shephard: No.
John Locke: Jack, maybe...
Jack Shephard: No!
Tom Friendly: I hoped it wouldn't come to this. [yelling] Bring her out, Alex!
[A figure with a bag over their head is pushed out]
Tom Friendly: She was following you. Like I said -- curiosity.
[Tom pulls the bag off the figure's head, revealing Kate. He puts a gun to her neck. Sawyer moves toward them]
Tom Friendly: [to Sawyer] Don't. [to Jack] Jack, the decision you gotta make right now is this -- can you live with the fact that I shot this woman right in front of you when you could have saved her life by giving up and going home? Or are you going to give me your guns, turn around and walk away. It's your call, Jack.

Fire + Water [2.12][edit]

John Locke: Are you using again?
Charlie Pace: Kate sees a horse -- nothing. Pretty much everybody's seen Walt wandering around the jungle. But when it's Charlie it must be the bloody drugs, right?

Ana-Lucia Cortez: [about Kate] You hittin' that?
Jack Shephard: What?
Ana-Lucia Cortez: Plane crash -- you both survive -- nice beach -- she's hot, you're hot. It's what people do.
Jack Shephard: I'm not hittin' that.

Claire Littleton: Charlie came by my tent before and told me Aaron had to be baptized -- he was in danger.
John Locke: My understanding is that baptism is about making sure that children get into heaven -- should anything happen. Call it spiritual insurance. There isn't any danger, Claire. Charlie is just...[Locke looks in pack and sees the Virgin Mary statues]...Charlie just feels like he has to save the baby because he can't save himself.

Charlie Pace: Who the hell are you, John?! Aaron's not your responsibility! Where were you when he was born?! Where were you when he was taken?! You're not his father! You're not his family!
John Locke: Neither are you, Charlie.

Mr Eko: Do you know what baptism is?
Claire Littleton: It's what gets you into heaven.
Mr Eko: It is said that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus the skies opened up and a dove flew down from the sky. This told John something -- that he had cleansed this man of all his sins. That he had freed him. Heaven came much later.

The Long Con [2.13][edit]

James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Charlie] Man, I thought these people hated me, but I've got to hand it to you -- stealing a baby, trying to drown it -- now, that's a new low. You even made Locke take a swing at you. Hell, that's like getting Gandhi to beat his kids.

Cassidy Phillips: I want you to show me what you do. Show me what you do -- what you really do.
James "Sawyer" Ford: And what do I do?
Cassidy Phillips: Show me how to con people, Sawyer.

James "Sawyer" Ford: You versus Sun -- hot oil death match -- my money's on you, Sheena.
Kate Austen: Thanks for your vote of confidence.

Gordy: [to Sawyer] You know, a tiger doesn't change his stripes, James. You're a con man, just like me.

James "Sawyer" Ford: How about you listen up because I'm only going to say this once. You took my stuff. While I was off trying to get us help -- get us rescued -- you found my stash and you took it, divvied it up -- my shaving cream, my batteries, even my beer. And then something else happened, you decided these two boys here were going to tell you what to do and when to do it. Well, I'm done taking orders. And I don't want my stuff back. The shaving cream don't matter. Batteries don't matter. The only thing that matters now are guns. And if you want one you're going to have to come to me to get it! [to Sayid] Oh, you want to torture me, don't you? Show everybody how civilized you are. Go ahead, but I'll die before I give them back. And then you'll really be screwed, won't you? New sheriff in town, boys! You all best get used to it.

One of Them [2.14][edit]

Buccelli: [to Sayid] Your English is good, Abdul, but you're lying. And that ain't so good. [knocks Sayid out]

Danielle Rousseau: [to Sayid about Henry/Ben] You talk to him, Sayid. As I recall that is what you do. But know this -- he will lie -- a long time. He will lie.

Sayid Jarrah: I was 23 years old when the Americans came to my country. I was a good man. I was a soldier. And when they left, I was something different. For the next 6 years I did things I wish I could erase from my memory -- things which I never thought myself to be capable of. But I did come to learn this -- there was a part of me which was always capable. You want to know who I am? My name is Sayid Jarrah, and I am a torturer.

Sayid Jarrah: You would remember! You would remember how deep! You would remember every shovelful, every moment! You would remember what it felt like to place her body inside. You would remember if you buried the woman you loved! You would remember -- if it were true!
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Did you -- did you lose someone? Did you lose someone here on the Island? Did you lose someone, too? What happened to her?
Sayid Jarrah: It was an accident. It was an accident. The woman responsible thought she was someone else -- someone coming to hurt her -- someone like you!

Sayid Jarrah: There is a man down in the Hatch. A stranger captured by Rousseau. I beat him. I beat him badly.
Charlie Pace: Why are you telling me this, Sayid?
Sayid Jarrah: Jack asked me how I knew -- knew for sure that this man was lying. How I knew for sure that he was one of them -- one of the Others. I know because I feel no guilt for what I did to him. -- But there is no way I can ever explain that to Jack, or even Locke, because both of them have forgotten.
Charlie Pace: Forgotten? What?
Sayid Jarrah: That you were strung up by your neck and left for dead. That Claire was taken and kept for days during which god only know what happened to her. That these people -- these Others -- are merciless, and can take any one of us whenever they choose. So tell me, Charlie, have you forgotten?

Maternity Leave [2.15][edit]

Jack Shephard: [to Locke] Well, John, let me ask you this: we don't have a long term plan for the button, but we keep pushing it, don't we? Look, until we know who he is - whether or not he's telling the truth - we have to keep doing what we're doing. If you've got a better idea, let's hear it.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: [faintly, from his cell] Why don't you let me go?

Ethan Rom: Claire, can I tell you a secret?
Claire Littleton: Yeah.
Ethan Rom: I'm going to miss you. I wish -- I wish you didn't have to go.
Claire Littleton: Maybe I don't have to go?
Ethan Rom: We've been through this, Claire. There's not enough vaccine for you and the baby.
Claire Littleton: Well, I'm not, I'm not sick.
Ethan Rom: Thank God. And once you've delivered you can go back to your friends and hopefully you'll stay that way.
Claire Littleton: What if I want to see the baby?
Ethan Rom: Hey, nobody's going to take him from you unless that's what you want. You have a choice. We're good people, Claire. We're a good family. But if you're going to trust us with your child I want you to be sure.

Jack Shephard: [to Eko] Just be careful what you say to him. He's smart and curious. Just give us a shout when you're done.
John Locke: If the alarm goes off, don't tell him what it's for.
Mr. Eko: [beat] What is it for?

Mr. Eko: You are a prisoner because they are being careful. They are being careful because they believe you are lying.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Why would I lie? They think I'm one of these others -- other what?
Mr. Eko: Please, stop talking, Henry. The first night I spent on this island I was dragged into the jungle by 2 men. They never spoke a word to me, nor I to them. I killed these men -- smashed in their head with a stone, felt their blood on my arms. I need you to know how sorry I am for this. I need you to know that I am back on the righteous path now. And that I regret my actions. I ask you for your forgiveness.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Why are you telling me this?
Mr. Eko: Because I needed to tell someone.

Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Is that true -- what you said about Hemingway?
John Locke: You have good ears.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: You have thin doors.
John Locke: You read Hemingway?
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Sure, guy ran with the bulls, fought in the Spanish Civil War, stuff I can wrap my brain around. This is I can't get through 5 pages of [indicating the Dostoevsky novel].
John Locke: Well, Dostoevsky had his virtues, too. He was a genius, for one. Bullfighting isn't everything.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: So, which one are you?
John Locke: I'm sorry?
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Are you the genius, or are you the guy who always feels like he's living in the shadow of a genius?

The Whole Truth [2.16][edit]

[Ana-Lucia is questioning Henry, though the cell is silent.]
Jack Shephard: How do we know he hasn't snapped her neck?
John Locke: How do we know she hasn't snapped his?

Sayid Jarrah: Do Jack and Locke know about this?
Ana-Lucia Cortez: Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack.

Ana-Lucia Cortez: People don't like me. I tried to get them to most of my life. I guess I just gave up a while back. I mean, I am what I am. But you -- you've got a good reason to hate me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did.

Ben Linus/Henry Gale: [reading] "Men reject their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and honor those whom they have slain". So what's the difference between a martyr and a prophet?
Jack Shephard: Either way, it sounds like you end up dead.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: That's the spirit.

Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Wow, you guys have some real trust issues, don't you? Guess it makes sense she didn't tell you. I mean, with the two of you fighting all the time. Of course, if I was one of them -- these people that you seem to think are your enemies -- what would I do? Well, there'd be no balloon, so I'd draw a map to a real secluded place like a cave or some underbrush -- good place for a trap -- an ambush. And when your friends got there a bunch of my people would be waiting for them. Then they'd use them to trade for me. I guess it's a good thing I'm not one of them, huh? You guys got any milk?

Lockdown [2.17][edit]

Helen Norwood: [to Locke at his father's funeral] Hey, maybe he left you his kidney?

Anthony Cooper: I killed myself off because there are two men out there who were going to beat me to it.
John Locke: What'd you do, steal their livers?

Ben Linus/Henry Gale: [to Locke] My name is Henry Gale. I'm from Minnesota. And I crashed on this island just like you.

James "Sawyer" Ford: Wanna play real stakes? Name 'em!
Jack Shephard: It's a pile of fruit, man.
James "Sawyer" Ford: And I want it back.
Kate Austen: Should I go get a ruler?

Sayid Jarrah [to 'Henry Gale']: We did find your ballon, Henry Gale. Exactly as you described it. We also found the grave you described. Your wifes grave. The grave you said you dug with you own bare hands. It was all there. Your whole story. Your alibi. It was all true. But still I did not believe it to be true. So I dug up that grave... And found not a woman inside but there was a man, a man named Henry Gale.

Dave [2.18][edit]

Libby Smith: Okay, hey, hey, guys, guys, how about no one's in charge, okay? I'm sure everyone can manage to just take what they need.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Great plan, Moonbeam. And after that we can sing "Kumbaya" and do trust falls.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Did either of you see a guy run through here -- in a bathrobe, with a coconut?
Charlie Pace: No. Saw a polar bear on roller blades with a mango.

Libby Smith: Where are you going?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Back to the caves. No one lives there anymore, so I won't bother anybody. I'm just going to live alone and be one of those guys -- you know, the crazy guys -- with a big beard and no clothes who's naked and throws doodie at people.

John Locke: You and your people have been here for God knows how long, and you got caught in a net--
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: God doesn't know.
John Locke: Excuse me?
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: God doesn't know how long we've been here, John. He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can. May I ask you a question? What possible reason could I have for putting myself through all this?
John Locke: Maybe your people were looking for this place.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: This place? This place is a joke, John.
John Locke: What are you talking about?
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: I crawled through your vents and I stood at your computer as the alarm beeped. And you know what happened? The timer went all the way down to zero, and then some funny red pictures flipped up in its place. They looked like hieroglyphics, but I'm no expert. And then things got real interesting. There was a loud clunking and a hum like a magnet -- a big magnet. It was really very frightening. And you know what happened next? Nothing happened, John. Nothing happened at all. Your timer just flipped back to 108. I never entered the numbers. I never pressed the button.
John Locke: You're lying.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: No, I'm done lying.

Libby Smith: I buried a lot of people, Hurley. So don't tell me that that wasn't real. And don't tell me you made me up. It's insulting.

S.O.S. [2.19][edit]

Bernard Nadler: Aren't you remotely curious as to where all this came from? You're acting like we just got back from the supermarket.
Rose Henderson Nadler: Well, I guess I was raised never to question my blessings.
Bernard Nadler: I was raised to question piles of food with weird labels that just fall out of the sky, Rose.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [seeing Jack approach] Oh happy day, here comes Dr. Giggles.

[Bernard is proposing to Rose with violins playing]
Bernard Nadler: Rose, I've been a bachelor for 56 years, and then I met you. And we just fell into this rhythm like we had known each other forever. I always dreamed of finding somebody like you, but I'd given up hope that I ever would.
Rose Henderson Nadler: Bernard...
Bernard Nadler: I know, I know. It's crazy. We just met 5 months ago. But 5 months is long enough because I knew after 5 minutes. [he opens an ring box] Rose, I love you. Will you marry me?
Rose Henderson Nadler: Bernard, I'm dying. I'm sick, and I'm dying.
Bernard Nadler: [to the violinists] Would you excuse us for a minute, please?
[Bernard sits down]
Rose Henderson Nadler: I've been in remission for the last couple of years. But now it's back and this time it's not going away. My doctor says I have about a year -- maybe a little longer.
Bernard Nadler: [beat] You haven't answered my question.

Bernard Nadler: [to Eko] I think I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick.

Two For the Road [2.20][edit]

Ben Linus/Henry Gale: [to Ana] You killed two of us -- good people who were leaving you alone. You're the killer, Ana Lucia.

Ben Linus/Henry Gale: [to Locke] If you've come to apologize, I forgive for hitting me with your crutch. I'm so glad my head didn't break it.

Christian Shephard: [to Ana] I'm here because I can't apologize to my son. He tried to help me, so I thanked him by cutting him off. I thanked him by hating him. You came here for the same reason I did, kiddo. You ran away.

Ben Linus/Henry Gale: He kept saying you were misunderstood.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: What are you talking about?
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Goodwin. Yes, he told us all about you, Ana -- how he thought you were worthy, and that he could change you. But he was wrong. And it cost him his life.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: He was going to kill me.
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Was he?
Ana-Lucia Cortez: Are you done?
Ben Linus/Henry Gale: Yes, Ana, I'm done.

Ana-Lucia Cortez: We caught one of them -- the Others. He's locked up in there.
Michael Dawson: How long has he...?
Ana-Lucia Cortez: Over a week.
Michael Dawson: And you're what -- taking care of him?
Ana-Lucia Cortez: He tried to kill me today, so I wanted him dead. I couldn't do it. I couldn't even kill him. I looked at him and he -- I can't do this anymore.
Michael Dawson: Then let me do it. They're animals. I've seen these people and they are animals. They took my son -- right out of my hands -- they took my son and -- I'll do it. Give me the gun. I'll kill him. Because that's what they do. [Ana gives him the gun] What's the combination?
Ana-Lucia Cortez: 18 right, 1 left, 31 right.
[Michael stares at the gun for a long time]
Michael Dawson: I'm sorry.
Ana-Lucia Cortez: For what?
[Michael turns and suddenly shoots Ana-Lucia in the stomach]

? [2.21][edit]

Mr. Eko: You are the one that found this plane, yes?
John Locke: Yeah. [looking up] It was up there.
Mr. Eko: And what made it fall?
John Locke: Boone. Boone made it fall. Then he died. A sacrifice that the Island demanded.

Richard Malkin: I know why you're here, friend. But you can save yourself the trouble. What happened here was not a miracle.
Mr. Eko: The doctor that treated your daughter seems to feel differently.
Richard Malkin: Treated her? He tried to cut her open. He's just trying to cover up his own negligence. He tell you the whole story -- how she supposedly drowned? She fell into a mountain river, her body shut down; she went into hypothermia which made her appear dead.
Mr. Eko: And why is your wife so convinced otherwise?
Richard Malkin: Because she's a zealot. All of this -- everything she's doing -- is to spite me.
Mr. Eko: Why would she spite you?
Richard Malkin: Because she knows I'm a fraud. Because I make my living as a psychic. You see, that's what I do. I gather intelligence on people and I exploit it. Everyday I meet people looking for a miracle, desperate to find one. But there are none to be had. Not in this world, anyway.

Mr. Eko: We are being tested.
John Locke: Tested?
Mr. Eko: The reason to do it -- push the button -- is not because we are told to do so in a film.
John Locke: Oh -- well, then what is the reason, Mr. Eko?
Mr. Eko: We do it because we believe we are meant to. Isn't that the reason you pushed it, John?
John Locke: I was never meant to do anything! Every single second of my pathetic little life is as useless as that button! You think it's important? You think it's necessary? It's nothing. It's nothing. It's meaningless. And who are you to tell me that it's not?

Mr. Eko: This cross was worn by my brother, Yemi. Yemi was a great man, a priest, a man of God. And because I betrayed him he was shot and died. He was placed on a plane which took off from an airstrip in Nigeria half a world from here. Then, the plane that I was on crashed on this island. And somehow, here, I found my brother again. I found him in the same plane that took off from Nigeria. In the same plane that lies above us now -- that has concealed this place. And I took this cross from around Yemi's neck and put it back on mine, just as it was on the day I first took another man's life. So let me ask you -- how can you say this is meaningless? I believe the work being done in the Hatch is more important than anything. If you will not continue to push the button, John, I will.

Three Minutes [2.22][edit]

Michael Dawson: I hear you're a priest.
Mr. Eko: Yes.
Michael Dawson: I guess you believe in hell, then.
Mr. Eko: For a brief time I served in a small parish in England. Every Sunday after Mass, I would see a young boy waiting in the back of the church. And then one day, the boy confessed to me that he had beaten his dog to death with a shovel. He said that the dog had bitten his baby sister on the cheek; and he needed to protect her. And he wanted to know whether he would go to hell for this. I told him that God would understand -- that he would be forgiven, as long as he was sorry. But the boy did not care about forgiveness. He was only afraid that if he did go to hell -- that dog would be there waiting for him.

Tom Friendly: [to Michael] Hey there, Michael. [Michael spits in his face] Not going to hold that against you. Fair's fair. I took your boy. But don't do that again, okay?

Charlie Pace: [to Eko] So, you wake up in the middle of the night; you grab your Jesus stick; you race off into the jungle. You don't call; you don't write?

Danny Pickett: [to Michael] See you in the funny pages.

Ms. Beatrice Klugh: [to Michael] For someone who wants his son back so badly, you don't seem to know much about him, Michael.

Live Together, Die Alone Part I [2.23][edit]

Jack Shephard: So, before you ran off, I guess you just forgot to mention that you still have a sailboat. Why'd you come back?
Desmond Hume: [laughing] Do you think I did it on purpose? I was sailing for two and half weeks, bearing due West and making 9 knots. I should have been in Fiji in less than a week. But the first piece of land I saw wasn't Fiji, was it? No. No it was here... this, this island. And you know why? Because this, is it. This is all there is left. This ocean and this place here. We are stuck in a bloody snowglobe! There's no outside world! There's no escape! So, just go away, huh. Let me drink.
[Jack gets up to leave]
Desmond Hume: Are you still pushing it?
Jack Shephard: Yeah, we're still pushing it.

Master Sergeant: Set of keys; one pocket watch, gold plated; one photograph; one book, Our Mutual Friend. Why didn't you bring that inside?
Desmond Hume: To avoid temptation, brother. I've read everything Mr. Charles Dickens has ever written - every wonderful word. Every book except this one. I'm saving it so it will be the last thing I ever read before I die.
Master Sergeant: Nice idea, as long as you know when you're going to die. [He stamps "discharged" on some papers] Lance Corporal Desmond David Hume your sentence is hereby complete and you are now and forever dishonorably discharged from the Royal Scotts Regiment of Her Majesty's Armed Forces. Long live the queen. Enjoy your sodding book.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Did that bird just say my name?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Yeah, it did. Right before it crapped gold.

Desmond Hume: [after seeing Kelvin enter the numbers] What was all that about, then?
Kelvin Inman: Just saving the world.

Mr. Eko: Charlie, do you know how they got the Hatch door open?
Charlie Pace: No, but if you hum it, I could probably play it.

Live Together, Die Alone Part II [2.24][edit]

Desmond Hume: Well, if you don't want me to go crazy, next time let me go out.
Kelvin Inman: Well, you want to go out there with the quarantine and the hostiles?
Desmond Hume: I haven't been outside for 2 bloody years! Yes, I want to go! I was in the army for God's sake!
Kelvin Inman: Oh, right, Her Majesty's Army, correct? Tell me, Desmond, why'd you leave that nice old lady's army? Oh, I remember now. You got kicked out because you couldn't follow orders.
Desmond Hume: Why did you leave your army, Kelvin, huh?
Kelvin Inman: [beat] Because men followed my orders. [sarcastically] Ah, but then thank God I joined the DHARMA Initiative. Namaste, thank you, and good luck.

Desmond Hume: Can I ask you a question, brother?
John Locke: Absolutely.
Desmond Hume: Is the reason you're letting that clock there run all the way down to the very last tick—is it because you need to look down the barrel of a gun to find out what you really believe, John?
John Locke: I looked down the barrel of the gun and I believed. I thought it was my destiny to get into this place. And someone died—a kid. Because he was stupid enough to believe that I knew what I was talking about. And the night that he died for nothing, I was sitting right up there, all alone, beating my hand bloody against that stupid door—screaming to the heavens asking what I should do. And then a light went on. I thought it was a sign. But it wasn't a sign. Probably just you going to the bathroom.

Desmond Hume: [to Locke] 3 days before you came down here, before we met, I heard a banging on the Hatch door, shouting. But it was you, John, wasn't it? You said there isn't any purpose—there's no such thing as fate. But you saved my life, brother, so that I could save yours.

Michael Dawson: Who are you people?
Ben Linus/Henry Gale:We're the good guys, Michael.

Season Three[edit]

A Tale of Two Cities [3.1][edit]

Ben Linus: [Sees that Juliet holding the book, Carrie] So I guess I'm out of the book club.

Juliet Burke: What do you do, Jack? What's your profession?
Jack Shephard: I'm a repo man. You know, when people don't pay their bills I go into the bank and collect their possessions. I'm a people person so I really love it.
Juliet Burke: Are you married?
Jack Shephard: No. I never saw the point. What about you? What's your job, besides making sandwiches?
Juliet Burke: Oh, I didn't make it. I just put the toothpicks in.

Jack Shephard: So, you're a doctor, huh?
Juliet Burke: No, I'm a repo woman.

Tom Friendly: Hey, you got yourself a fish biscuit! How'd you do that?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Figured out your complicated gizmos, thats how.
Tom Friendly: It only took the bears two hours.
[Sawyer contemplates briefly]
James "Sawyer" Ford: How many of 'em were there?

Juliet Burke: It doesn't matter who we were. It only matters who we are.

The Glass Ballerina [3.2][edit]

Danny Pickett: Alright, here's the jig - see these rocks, here? That's where you two come in. [points to Kate] You're going to chop them loose. [points to Sawyer] And you're going to haul them out of here.
Kate Austen: You expect me to work in this dress?
Danny Pickett: Well, it's up to you. You can take it off if you want.
James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Pickett, unconvincingly] How dare you?
Danny Pickett: If you need anything, you raise your hand. You get 10 minutes for lunch.
James "Sawyer" Ford: I got a question, boss.
Danny Pickett: [irritated] No questions.
James "Sawyer" Ford: She got to ask a question.
Danny Pickett: If you try to run off, you will be shocked.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Shot?! We don't even get a warning?
Danny Pickett: Shocked. I said, shocked. If you talk to each other you're going to be shocked. If you touch each other, you're going to be shocked. If you're slacking, you're going to get shocked. Matter of fact, if you do anything at all that pisses me off, you're going to get shocked. Okay? Let's get to work.
Kate Austen: I'm not doing anything until I see Jack.
[Pickett walks toward her, then turns and shocks Sawyer with a taser. Sawyer falls to the ground in pain]
Danny Pickett: Now, that was a quarter charge. You got anymore questions? [yanks Sawyer's head back by the hair] As soon as you're able to walk -- the wheelbarrow's right over there.

Sun Hwa-Kwon: We... can start a new life. We'll go away.
Jin Soo-Kwon: A new life? If we run away, your father would...]
Sun Hwa-Kwon: He won't know where we are. And you won't have to do this anymore -- you won't have to-
Jin Soo-Kwon: [striking the table] I do this for you, Sun! I do this because your father expects it. I do this because that's what it takes to be married to you!
Sun Hwa-Kwon: And what does it take to be married to you?

Colleen Pickett: [to Sun] We are not the enemy. But if you shoot me, that's exactly what we'll become.

Kate Austen: Why'd she call you James?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Because that's my name. I noticed something else, too. You taste like strawberries.
Kate Austen: You taste like fish biscuits.

Ben Linus: Your flight crashed on September 22 2004. Today is November 29. That means you've been on our island for 69 days, and, yes, we do have contact with the outside world, Jack. That's how we know that, during those 69 days, your fellow Americans re-elected George W. Bush, Christopher Reeve has passed away. Boston Red Sox won the World Series.
[Jack starts to laugh]
Ben Linus: What?
Jack Shephard: [still laughing] If you wanted me to believe this, you probably should've picked somebody else, besides the Red Sox.
Ben Linus: No, they were down, three games to none, against the Yankees in the league championship, and then they won eight straight.
Jack Shephard: Sure, sure, of course they did.
[Ben turns on a video of Game 4 of the World Series, in the bottom of the ninth.]
Joe Buck: ...back to Foulke...Red Sox fans have longed to hear it! The Boston Red Sox are world champions! [Jack gets up, moves towards the glass screen, stops laughing and appears lost for words] The Red Sox celebrate in the middle of the diamond...
Ben Linus: [turns off video] That's home, Jack, right there, on the other side of that glass, and if you listen to me, you trust me, if you do what I tell you, when the time comes, I'll take you there. I will take you home.

Further Instructions [3.3][edit]

Charlie Pace: [to Locke] So, where are Eko and Desmond? Are they off being mute and building structures as well?

Charlie Pace: You're not taking drugs are you, John? I only ask because of the strict zero tolerance policy you've enacted, and I wouldn't want you to have to start punching yourself in the face.

Charlie Pace: You know, when I used to get high, I'd watch nature programs on the Beeb. Polar bears are meant to be quite clever. Very clever. They're like the Einsteins of the bear community.

Charlie Pace: Hairspray? Now, I hate to be the one to point this out to you--
John Locke: [smiling] It's not for me.

Every Man For Himself [3.4][edit]

Juliet Burke: [about Ben] We make decisions together.
Jack Shephard: Really? Because when I was holding that broken plate at your neck he seemed happy to just let you die. I mean, it felt like he made that decision on his own.
Juliet Burke: You don't know what you're talking about. I don't answer to him.
[Ben enters]
Ben Linus: Juliet, I need you.

James "Sawyer" Ford: Sound a little stuffy there, Chinatown. You need to blow your nose?
Danny Pickett: Just give me an excuse.
James "Sawyer" Ford: I thought I just did. What do I got to do -- talk about your mother?

Ben Linus: God, I hate needles.

James "Sawyer" Ford: Damn it, Freckles, go. Every man for himself.
Kate Austen: Live together, die alone.

Ben Linus: You work so hard to make her think you don't care -- that you don't need her, but, "A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. It don't make no difference who the guy is, long as he's with you. I tell you, I tell you a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick."
James "Sawyer" Ford: What the hell are you talking about?
Ben Linus: It's from Of Mice and Men. Don't you read?

The Cost of Living [3.5][edit]

Ben Linus: I was hoping you might join me for a walk.
[Jack laughs]
Ben Linus: What?
Jack Shephard: Well, you say that like...you're not going to just throw a bag over my head and drag me out of here if I say no.
Ben Linus: Then don't say no.

Ben Linus: Do you believe in God, Jack?
Jack Shephard: Do you?
Ben Linus: Two days after I found out I had a fatal tumor on my spine, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky. And if that's not proof of God, I don't know what is.

[about the monster]
John Locke: I saw it once, you know.
Mr. Eko: And what did you see?
John Locke: I saw a very bright light. It was beautiful.
Mr. Eko: That is not what I saw.

Mr. Eko: [to Emeka] You do not know who I am!

The Man in Black: [as Yemi] Are you ready, Eko?
Mr. Eko: Yes. I am ready, Yemi. [pulls out his cross] I ask for no forgiveness, Father. For I have not sinned. I have only done what I needed to do to survive. A small boy once asked me if I was a bad man. If I could answer him now, I would tell him that... when I was a young boy, I killed a man to save my brother's life. I am not sorry for this. I am proud of this. I did not ask for the life that I was given. But it was given, nonetheless. And with it... I did my best.
The Man in Black: [as Yemi] You speak to me as if I were your brother.
Mr. Eko: [realizing] Who are you?

I Do [3.6][edit]

Jack Shephard: You needed to be in surgery yesterday.
Ben Linus: Alright, then. Whatever you need, it's yours. I'm ready.
Jack Shephard: [Laughing] No, I think you misunderstood me. I didn't say I was gonna do it. I just wanted you to understand how you're gonna die. You think I believe you people? You think I trust you? That I'm just going to do the surgery, and HOPE that you let me go?!

Edward Mars: I realized this morning that it was the Feast of the Assumption and I was feeling bad. How many holy days have come and gone since you last called? I thought you and I were friends?
Kate Austen: I don't want to run anymore.
Edward Mars: What's his name? [beat] Does he know who you are?
Kate Austen: Edward, please. I know you don't want to spend the rest of your life chasing me. Please, I love this guy. Just let me go.
Edward Mars: I'll tell you what. If you can really stay put? Really settle down? Then I'll stop chasing you. But you and I both know that's not gonna happen.

Danny Pickett: Let's go.
Jason: Ben's just gone into surgery.
Danny Pickett: Ben just put his life in the hands of one of them! Shephard wasn't even on Jacob's list.

[Something goes wrong during surgery]
Ivan: His blood pressure's dropping. He shouldn't be bleeding like that.
Jack: No, he shouldn't. [Punches out Ivan]

Jack Shephard: [to Kate] Kate, dammit, RUN!

Not in Portland [3.7][edit]

Rachel Carlson: Oh, I fell asleep.
Juliet Burke: With candles burning -- it's real safe.

James "Sawyer" Ford: This a hobby of yours, Underdog -- digging holes?
Alex Rousseau: Yep. That and basket weaving. Want one?

Juliet Burke: [to Richard] Whatever you think I am, I'm not. I'm not a leader, Mr. Alpert. I'm a mess.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Aldo] Don't get mad at me just because you were dumb enough to fall for the old Wookiee prisoner gag.

Edmund Burke: [on mobile phone] Because you're insufferable. And you're mean. Well, you asked me for the truth, Mom, and that's the truth.

Flashes Before Your Eyes [3.8][edit]

Charlie Pace: [calling after Desmond] Hey, how did you know? How did you know she was drowning?!
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I'll tell you how he knew -- that guy sees the future, dude.

Charles Widmore: [showing Desmond a whiskey bottle] This is a 60 year MacCutcheon, named after Anderson MacCutcheon, esteemed Admiral from the Royal Navy. He retired with more medals than any man before or since -- moved to the highlands to see out his remaining years. Admiral MacCutcheon was a great man, Hume. This was his crowning achievement. [pours some into a glass] This swallow is worth more than you could make in a month. [drinks the whiskey] To share it with you would be a waste, and a disgrace to the great man who made it -- because you, Hume, will never be a great man.
Desmond Hume: Mr. Widmore, I know I'm not -
Charles Widmore: What you're not, is worthy of drinking my whiskey. How could you ever be worthy of my daughter?

Eloise Hawking: This is wrong. You don't buy the ring. You have second thoughts; you walk right out that door. So, come on, let's have it.
Desmond Hume: I don't know what you're on about.
Ms. Hawking: You don't buy the ring, Desmond.
Desmond Hume: How do you know my name?
Eloise Hawking: Well, I know your name as well as I know that you that don't ask Penny to marry you. In fact, you break her heart. Well, breaking her heart is, of course, what drives you in a few short years from now to enter that sailing race, to prove her father wrong, which brings you to the island where you spend the next 3 years of your life entering numbers into the computer until you are forced to turn that failsafe key. And if you don't do those things, Desmond David Hume, every single one of us is dead. So give me that sodding ring!

[a man Ms. Hawking pointed out to Desmond has just been killed by scaffolding]
Desmond Hume: Oh, my God. You knew that was going to happen, didn't you? [she nods] Then why didn't you stop it? Why didn't you do anything?
Eloise Hawking: Because it wouldn't matter. Had I warned him about the scaffolding tomorrow he'd be hit by a taxi. If I warned him about the taxi, he'd fall in the shower and break his neck. The universe, unfortunately, has a way of course correcting. That man was supposed to die. That was his path just as it's your path to go to the island. You don't do it because you choose to, Desmond. You do it because you're supposed to.

Stranger in a Strange Land [3.9][edit]

Tom Friendly: What kind of people do you think we are, Jack?
Jack Shephard: Oh, I don't know, Tom -- the kind of people that would take a pregnant woman -- that would hang Charlie from a tree -- would drag our people out of the jungle -- would kidnap children. That's the kind of people I think you are.
Tom Friendly: [tapping the glass] You see this glass house you're living in, Jack? How about I get you some stones?

Jack Shephard: Who's that woman?
Tom Friendly: That'd be the sheriff.
Jack Shephard: You have a sheriff?
Tom Friendly: [exasperated] Not literally, Jack.

Jack Shephard: I'd be more impressed with you people if you had a good surgeon.
Ben Linus: We had an excellent surgeon, Jack. His name was Ethan.

Tricia Tanaka Is Dead [3.10][edit]

David Reyes: Having hope is never stupid. You've got to believe good things will happen and then they will.

Charlie Pace: Yeah, chase the dog with the skeletal arm into the creepy jungle. You be my guest.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I'll give you a thousand dollars right now if admit that my dad told you to say this stuff.
Lynn Karnoff: The mystic arts are not subject to bribes. How dare you!
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: 10,000.
Lynn Karnoff: Your dad put me up to it.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Let's look death in the face and say, "whatever, man."
James "Sawyer" Ford: What's your problem, Jumbotron?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Shut up! Red -- neck -- man.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Touché.

Enter 77 [3.11][edit]

Mikhail Bakunin: I grew up in Kiev and joined the Soviet Army. I was stationed at a listening post at Vladivostok. After the Cold War, after we lost the Cold War, my unit was decommissioned. I was dismissed from my life in the military. And after years of conducting unpleasant actions against our enemies, I found myself wanting to do something good. So I replied to a newspaper advertisement.
Sayid Jarrah: An advertisement?
Mikhail Bakunin: 'Would you like to save the world?' it read. That's how I met them, the Initiative. They're very secretive, very rich, very smart.
Sayid Jarrah: So, when did you come to the island?
Mikhail Bakunin: 11 years now. I like computers, communications equipment, being alone like a lighthouse keeper. So they put me in this station. They called it The Flame.

[Kate and Sayid are inside the Flame station with Mikhail, who claims to be a member of the DHARMA Initiative; Mikhail is sewing Sayid's bullet injury and the cat is scratching the carpet]
Mikhail Bakunin: Будьте вежливы, они - мои гости, Надия.
Sayid Jarrah: What did you just say?
Mikhail Bakunin: I told Nadia to be polite, because you are my guests.
Sayid Jarrah: Nadia?
Mikhail Bakunin: After Nadia Comaneci. The greatest athlete the world has even known. We have the same birth date.

Mikhail Bakunin: Why are we continuing to play this little game when we all know it has moved to the next stage?

Amira: After my husband and I first arrived to Paris, I was afraid to ever leave our apartment. So I would stare out in the window into the alley, and I would see this cat looking for scraps. One day some children came into the alley and trapped him in a box. I watched them light firecrackers and drop them in the box. I could hear him howl from three stories above. So finally, I had a reason to leave my apartment. I rescued this cat and I brought him home. He sits with me when I read, sleeps with me, and he purrs. But, every once in a while, he will bite me or scratch me. He does this because sometimes he forgets that he is safe now. So I forgive him when he bites me, because I remember what it is like to never feel safe. And that is because of you. So today, I ask only one thing of you: I ask you now to show me the respect by acknowledging what you did to me. That it was you who questioned me, tortured me and that you remember me.
Sayid Jarrah: I remember you. I remember your face. Your face has haunted me ever since I left Iraq. [crying] I am sorry. I am so sorry for what I did to you. I am sorry.
Amira: I forgive you. When my husband returns, I will tell I made a terrible mistake, that it was not you, and he will release you.
Sayid Jarrah: Why? Why are you letting me go?
Amira: We are all capable of doing what those children did to this cat. But I will not do that. I will not be that.

Par Avion [3.12][edit]

[Kate, Sayid, and Locke are holding Mikhail prisoner]
John Locke: Remind me why we're keeping him alive.
Sayid Jarrah: What do you suggest? That we shoot him like a dog?
John Locke: No. I like dogs.

Kate Austen: Can I ask you something? I told you that your daughter was living with them, and you haven’t asked me a single question about her, you haven't—
Danielle Rousseau: Your friend, Jack. Do you care about him?
Kate Austen: Yes.
Danielle Rousseau: Imagine 16 years from now, you're told he's still alive, but in your heart, you know that he wouldn't remember you. He wouldn’t know you. He wouldn't even know that you ever cared about him. I haven't asked you questions about my daughter because I do not want to know the answers.

Mikhail Bakunin: I will try to make this as simple as I can. You are not on the list because you are flawed. Because you are angry, and weak, and frightened.

The Man from Tallahassee [3.13][edit]

John Locke: The man from Tallahassee? What is that? Some kind of code?
Ben Linus: No, John, unfortunately we don't have a code for "There's a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head." Although we obviously should.

John Locke: Where do you get electricity?
Ben Linus: We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel at our secret underground lair.

Ben Linus: Why are you so angry, John?
John Locke: Because you're cheating! You and your people communicate with the outside world whenever you want to, you... you come and go as you please... you use electricity and running water and guns... You're a hypocrite! A pharisee. You don't deserve to be on this island. If you had any idea what this place really was... you wouldn't be putting chicken in your refrigerator!
Ben Linus: You've been here 80 days, John. I've been here my entire life! So how is it that you think you know this island better than I do?
John Locke: Because you're in the wheelchair, and I'm not.

Anthony Cooper: I'm a con man, not a murderer.

Ben Linus: When I asked you earlier if it hurt when you suffered your injury, I think you misunderstood me. Seems fairly obvious that when a person's back smashes into a hard surface after being thrown from a building, that that's going to sting a little. But I really wasn't asking about the physical pain.
John Locke: What, do you want to know if it hurt my feelings?
Ben Linus: No, John. I wanted to know what it felt like when your own father tried to kill you.

Exposé [3.14][edit]

[Nikki's character Corvette in the TV show Exposé has been shot]
Howard Zukerman: Brilliant, Nikki. As always. You know, you don't need to die. We can bring you back next season.
Nikki Fernandez: [laughs] How?
Howard Zukerman: Well, let's say that, uh, Corvette was wearing a bullet-proof vest?
[Nikki briefly opens her gown, revealing her character's skimpy costume]
Howard Zukerman: Bullet-proof breast!
Nikki Fernandez: Look, I'm just a guest star, and we all know what happens to guest stars.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Dude... Nikki's dead.
James "Sawyer" Ford: ... Who the hell's Nikki?

Nikki Fernandez: [finding Zukerman's diamonds] Razzle-frickin'-dazzle.
Paulo: Are you sure we should be listening to a high school science teacher?
Nikki Fernandez: Junior high, and yes. What's your problem with Leslie anyway?
Paulo: Leslie?
Nikki Fernandez: Oh ho, you're jealous!
Paulo: Of him? Ha, never.
Nikki Fernandez: Yeah, his spiders turn me on so much, I had to sleep with him to get the map.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: [at Nikki and Paulo's funeral] Nikki and Paulo. I guess we didn't really know you very well. And it appears, you killed each other for diamonds.

Left Behind [3.15][edit]

Kate Austen: [to Juliet] Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell's going on.

Juliet Burke: Oh if you don't believe me, you can always pull my other shoulder out of its socket.
Kate Austen: I was, I wasn't trying to...
Juliet Burke: Don't flatter yourself. This is the fourth time its been dislocated.

Kate Austen: Jack told me not to come back to protect me! Because he didn't want me to get hurt!
Juliet Burke: Is that what you think?
Kate Austen: Yeah, that's what I think!
Juliet Burke: We have cameras on the cages, Kate. All of them. He saw you. You and Sawyer. The reason Jack told you not to come back wasn't because he didn't want you to get hurt. It was because you broke his heart. So. Grab my wrist. Push up. And twist!

Juliet Burke: [to Kate] They left me behind too, they gassed me! I know that you don't care, but the people I spent the last three years of my life with, they just left me! I thought that maybe, maybe if I could make you think that we were in it together. Maybe I wouldn't get left behind again.

[Sawyer has just realized that Hurley has tricked him into being nice by telling him the survivors were voting to banish him]
James "Sawyer" Ford: You son of a bitch. There wasn't ever going to be no vote.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Wasn't it nice, being nice?
James "Sawyer" Ford: You tricked me into being decent? That's gotta be the lamest con in the history of cons!
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Wasn't a con, dude. If you're going to be our temporary leader you need to do some damage control.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Leader? What the hell are you smoking?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Jack's gone, Locke's gone, Kate and Sayid...you're all we got. Paulo and Nikki died. We all look to you. Then again, you tried to steal their diamonds, but we wanted to look to you. Look around. You made everyone happy. Just for today, they can eat boar, laugh, and forget that they're totally screwed. And you did that for 'em, dude. You.
James "Sawyer" Ford: What if I don't want to be the leader?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah, well, I don't think Jack wanted it either. Sucks for you, dude.

One of Us [3.16][edit]

Richard Alpert: [to Juliet] Let me ask you something, Juliet. You took a woman, your own sister. Whose reproductive system was ravaged by chemotherapy, who was sterile. And you made her pregnant. You created life where life wasn't supposed to be. That's a gift, Juliet. You have a gift. And don't you think you're meant to do something significant with it? Where we're going, you can do just that.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I don't remember you from the dock. Where you put bags on our heads. After you shocked us.
Juliet Burke: I had the day off.

Juliet Burke: If you can cure cancer Ben, then why do you have it?
Ben Linus: I don't know.
[Juliet suddenly smacks Ben's glass of water from his hand and advances on him]
Juliet Burke: I want to talk to her. I want to talk to Rachel, I want to talk to her, now!
Ben Linus: It's not going to happen Juliet, but I can promise you that Rachel is fine.
Juliet Burke: You never cured her!
Ben Linus: I did!
Juliet Burke: You're a liar!
Ben Linus: No, Juliet—
Juliet Burke: [yelling] You lied to me!
Ben Linus: I told you the truth!
[Juliet stands, holding back tears]
Ben Linus: I gave you my word.
Juliet Burke: [beginning to cry and leaning on Ben] I know. I wanna go home. I wanna go home, Ben, please. Can't you please just let me go home?
Ben Linus: [beat] No.

Juliet Burke: I'm curious, Sayid... How long was it before you told everyone on that beach exactly how many people you've tortured in your life? Do they know about Basra? And I'm sure the first thing you did when you got here, James, was to gather everyone in a circle and tell them about the man you shot in cold blood the night before you got on the plane. So why don't we just skip the part where you two pretend to be righteous? I'm taking that medication back to Claire and you're gonna let me. Because, if she doesn't get it, she's gonna die. And the last thing that either of you need right now is more blood on your hands.

Catch-22 [3.17][edit]

Monk: You've just spent too much time running away to realize what you may be running toward.

D.O.C. [3.18][edit]

Juliet Burke: [to Sun] Once upon a time, I told women that they were pregnant and their faces, it was the best news they ever got in their entire life. Then I came here. I've lost, nine, patients in the last three years. I'm helping you because I want to tell you that you and your husband got pregnant before you came here. I'm helping you because I wanna give good news again.

The Brig [3.19][edit]

[Ben is encouraging Locke to kill Cooper]
Anthony Cooper: You're kidding me, right? You expect him to kill me?
Ben Linus: John. The hesitation that you're feeling is just the part of you that still feels like he is a perfectly good explanation for stealing your kidney. Throwing you out of an eight-story window. Don't you want to be free from him?
Anthony Cooper: The hesitation he's feeling is because he is a spineless—
John Locke: Shut up!
John Locke: I, I gotta think.
Ben Linus: Don't think, John.
Anthony Cooper: [to Ben] You're wasting your time, bug-eye. Me and him have been through all this. All he wants is his daddy—
John Locke: Shut up! I said shut up!
Anthony Cooper: You really haven't figured it out yet have you?
Ben Linus: Let go of him, John.
John Locke: Why are you doing this to me?
Ben Linus: You're doing this to yourself. As long as he's still breathing, you'll still be that same sad pathetic little man that was kicked off his walkabout tour because you couldn't walk.
[Locke presses the knife against Cooper's neck, but takes it away]
Anthony Cooper: I'll be here the rest of the week John if you change your mind--
[Ben strikes Cooper with his walking stick, knocking him out cold. He turns to the Others]]
Ben Linus: I'm sorry. He's not who we thought he was.

Richard Alpert: Ben knew you weren't gonna kill your own father. He put you in front of everyone in our camp just so they could all watch you fail.
John Locke: Why?
Richard Alpert: Cause when word got back here that there was a man with a broken spine on the plane who could suddenly walk again, well, people here began to get very excited because that, that could only happen to someone who was extremely special. But Ben doesn't want anyone to think you're special, John.
John Locke: And why are you telling me this?
Richard Alpert: Ben has been wasting our time with novelties like fertility problems. We're looking for someone to remind us that we're here for more important reasons.
John Locke: What do you want from me?
Richard Alpert: I want for you to find your purpose. And to do that, your father has to go, John. And since you're not gonna do it, I'm gonna suggest someone else.

Anthony Cooper: [to Sawyer] I'm driving down I-10 through Tallahassee when bam, somebody slams into the back of my car. I go right into the divider at 70 miles an hour. The next thing I know, the paramedics are strapping me to a gurney, stuffing me into the back of an ambulance, and one of them actually smiles at me as he pops the IV in my arm. And then, nothing. Just, black. And the next thing I know I wake up in a dark room tied up, gag in my mouth, and when the door opens, I'm looking up at the same man I threw out a window, John Locke. My dead son.

Anthony Cooper: Little hot for heaven isn't it?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Oh OK, so we're dead?
Anthony Cooper: They found your plane on the bottom of the ocean. One minute I'm in a car wreck and the next minute I'm in a pirate ship in the middle of the jungle. If this isn't hell, friend, then where are we?

[Sawyer hands Cooper the letter he wrote to him as a child]
James "Sawyer" Ford: Read it.
Anthony Cooper: "Dear Mr Sawyer." What is this?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Just read it.
Anthony Cooper: "You don't know who I am, but I know who you are. And I know what you done. You had sex with my mother, and then you stole my dad's money all away, so he got angry and he killed my mother, and then he killed himself" blah blah blah blah. So what? Is this supposed to be you, you wrote this letter? Hey wait a second. Did you take my name because you were on some kind of revenge kick?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Keep reading.
Anthony Cooper: Easy, easy, don't get all worked up. Look, I ran that con two dozen times. If your mother was one of the—
James "Sawyer" Ford: Mary. Her name was Mary.
Anthony Cooper: Mary from Jasper, Alabama. Yeah, I remember her. She practically begged me to take her thirty-eight thousand dollars and to rescue her from her sorry little life.
James "Sawyer" Ford: You finish the letter.
Anthony Cooper: Look, I only took her money. It ain't my fault your dad overreacted. If he pulled the old murder suicide, then I'm sure he's down here somewhere. Er, maybe you could take this up with him—
James "Sawyer" Ford: FINISH IT!!!
Anthony Cooper: OK. OK.
[Cooper rips up the letter. Sawyer attacks him, throttling him with the slave chains in the room]
James "Sawyer" Ford: You wanna go to hell?! You wanna go to hell?!!
[Sawyer keeps choking Cooper, who dies]

The Man Behind the Curtain [3.20][edit]

Roger Linus: [to Ben] It's your birthday. Sorry I forgot. Kinda hard to celebrate on the day you killed your mom. She was just seven months pregnant. We went for a hike, but you had to come early. Now, she's gone. And I'm stuck here on this island...with you. Happy birthday, Ben.

Richard Alpert: You should go home now, your people will be looking for you.
Ben Linus: I don't want to go back there! I hate it there! Take me with you.
Richard Alpert: Maybe that can happen, maybe. But if that's what you really want, Ben, if that's what you want, I want you to really think about that. And you're gonna have to be very, very patient.

Roger Linus: Listen...if it makes you feel any better, I will do my best to remember your birthday next year.
Ben Linus: I don't think that's going to happen, Dad. [starts to unzip bag]
Roger Linus: What do you mean?
Ben Linus: You know, I've missed her too. Maybe as much as you have. But the difference is, for as long as I can remember, I've had to put up with you. And doing that required a tremendous amount of patience. [pulling out a gas mask] Goodbye, Dad.

[Ben shows Locke the mass grave of DHARMA inhabitants]
Ben Linus: This is where I came from, John. These are my people. The DHARMA Initiative. They came here seeking harmony, but they couldn't even coexist with the Island's original inhabitants. And when it became clear that one side had to go, one side had to be purged, I did what I had to do. I was one of the people that was smart enough to make sure that I didn't end up in that ditch. Which makes me considerably smarter than you, John.

Greatest Hits [3.21][edit]

Jack Shephard: When Juliet told me they were coming, the first thing I thought was, "Where the hell are we gonna hide this time?" But hiding's pointless. They're just gonna keep coming back. So I went out and I found some help. And for the past few days she's been bringing dynamite back from the Black Rock. For the very first time we know exactly what they want, when they're coming to get it, and they have no idea that we're gonna be waiting for 'em. So Juliet's gonna mark the tents with the white rocks just like she was told to, but there's not going to be any pregnant women inside; there's gonna be plenty of what we just used on that tree. So tomorrow night, we stop hiding, we stop running, we stop living in fear of them, because when they show up, we're gonna blow 'em all to hell.

James "Sawyer" Ford: What the hell are you doing here, Karl?
Karl Martin: They're… coming… my people…
James "Sawyer" Ford: Sorry you came all this way for nothing, but we already know.
Karl Martin: Then why are you still here?
James "Sawyer" Ford: 'Cause when your people show up here tomorrow night, we're going to be ready for 'em.
Karl Martin: Tomorrow? No. No, they're coming tonight. They're coming right now!

Ryan Pryce: Well, if I take my ten best, we could set up to hit 'em by nightfall.
Ben Linus: Then you'd better get going.
Richard Alpert: No, no, Ben, wait, moving at this schedule, Juliet may not be ready. What if she hasn't had time to...
Ben Linus: Then we'll take all their women. And we'll sort out the ones we need later.
Ryan Pryce: And the men?
Ben Linus: If any of them are stupid enough to get in your way, kill 'em.

Karl Martin: [points at Juliet] She's a spy. [dramatically] She's supposed to mark the tents of the pregnant women with white rocks so they can take them.
Juliet Burke: They know, Karl, but thanks.

Jack Shephard: Better get going. Rousseau said it's about a day's walk up to the radio tower.
Sayid Jarrah: I'm not taking them up to the tower—you are.
Jack Shephard: Excuse me?
Sayid Jarrah: You're not staying behind.
Jack Shephard: This was my idea.
Sayid Jarrah: And I'm perfectly capable of executing it.
Jack Shephard: I owe them!
Sayid Jarrah: What are you more concerned about: killing the Others or getting our people off this island? This afternoon you said you were our leader. It's time for you to act like one. Lead them to the radio tower, Jack and then take us all home.

[Charlie's "greatest hits" written on a sheet of paper]:
5. The first time I heard myself on the radio.
4. Dad teaching me to swim at Butlins.
3. The Christmas Liam gave me the ring.
2. Woman outside Covent Garden calls me a hero.
1. The night I met you [Claire].

Through the Looking Glass Part 1 [3.22][edit]

Sayid Jarrah: [to Jack] Jack, no matter what happens here, I want you to keep moving; keep moving for that radio tower. Don't turn back for any reason. I'm willing to give my life if it means securing rescue, but I'm not giving it up for nothing. You understand?

Rose Henderson Nadler Say it, Bernard.
Bernard Nadler: I am a dentist. I am not Rambo.

Bonnie: [over the walkie-talkie] One of them's down here.
Ben Linus: I'm sorry, what?!
Bonnie: We have him tied up but he's here. One of them swam down here.
Ben Linus: Who? Which one?
Bonnie: He won't tell us.
Charlie Pace: [Overhearing] It's Charlie! Tell him I said hi!

Rose Henderson Nadler: [to Jack] If you say 'live together die alone' to me Jack, I'm gonna punch you in your face.

Richard Alpert: Now might not be the best time to go tromping off on your own.
Ben Linus: Oh really and why not?
Richard Alpert: Because people are asking questions, Ben. About leaving home, about what happened to Locke, about Jacob. Not to mention the rapidly spreading rumor that everyone that went down to the beach is dead.
Ben Linus: They're not all dead.

Through the Looking Glass Part 2 [3.23][edit]

Bonnie: We were following orders.
Mikhail Bakunin: And you never asked why?
Bonnie: No. Because I trust him. And I trust Jacob. And the minute I start questioning orders, this whole thing, everything that we're doing here falls apart.
Mikhail Bakunin: [To Greta] She makes an excellent point.
[Mikhail shoots Greta and attacks Bonnie]
Bonnie: No, please.
Mikhail Bakunin: I'm sorry, Bonnie, I too am following orders.

Ben Linus: Let me ask you something, Jack. Why do you wanna leave the Island? What is it that you so desperately want to get back to? You have no-one. Your father's dead, your wife left you, moved on with another man. Can you just not wait to get back to the hospital? Get back to fixing things? It's 20 seconds now. Just get me the phone, Jack.

Ryan Pryce: It was an order, Tom, we had to follow it.
Tom Friendly: Ben doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, he's lost it! I mean look at what they did to us. Instead of putting three bullets in the damned sand, we should have killed them for real.

Season Four[edit]

The Beginning of the End [4.01][edit]

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Did I ever tell you I won the lottery? I had like a hundred and fifty million dollars. Worst thing that ever happened to me.
Bernard Nadler: Oh yeah, who needs a hundred and fifty million dollars, right?

[Jack and Danielle are tracking Naomi with Ben]
Danielle Rousseau: The blood trail ends here.
Jack Shephard: What do you mean?
Danielle Rousseau: It ends.
Jack Shephard: You're telling me she stopped bleeding here?
Danielle Rousseau: No. I'm telling you that she fooled us. Doubled back.
Ben Linus: Better call the boat. Tell em she's getting a real big bundle of firewood.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I may be in a mental hospital, but I know you're dead and I'm not having an imaginary conversation with you.
Charlie Pace: I am dead. But I'm also here.

John Locke: I'm going to the Barracks. The Others abandoned them. Its the only place on the Island with any form of security right now, it'll have to do until I can think of something else. Until then, if you wanna live, you need to come with me.
Jack Shephard: No one's going anywhere with you, John. Because they're not crazy.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: He's not crazy. What about Charlie? Charlie went down to that place so we could all be rescued. And whatever he did down there, it worked. But then something must have happened. He must have heard something before he...I don't know why, but he changed his mind. Because the last thing he did was to warn us that the people on that boat are not who they said they were. So I'm not listening to you. I'm listening to my friend. I'm listening to Charlie.

Kate Austen: What are you doing?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Same thing I've always done, Kate: surviving.

Confirmed Dead [4.02][edit]

Daniel Faraday: [to Jack] Er, okay, see, erm, rescuing you and your people. Can't really say it's our primary objective.

Ben Linus: James. Look at yourself. Yes, on this Island you're brave, daring, handsome, you're someone, but if you left with them, back in the real-world a low-life scam artist like you could never compete with a first class surgeon. I think Kate was really upset when you made your choice to come with us. Thank god she has Jack there to comfort-
[Sawyer attacks Ben]
John Locke: James! Don't!
James "Sawyer" Ford: Don't what!? Anyone wanna tell me why we're keeping this guy alive?
John Locke: We're keeping him alive because he's been on this Island a lot longer than any of us. Because he has information we need. And because apart from his mouth, he's completely harmless.
James "Sawyer" Ford: His mouth put that hole in your gut?
John Locke: Okay, James. Let's execute him, right here, right now, in front of his daughter.
James "Sawyer" Ford: It's only a matter of time before he gets us, Johnny. And I bet he's already figured out how he's gonna do it.

Jack Shephard: Put the guns down.
Miles Straume: Now why would I do that?
Jack Shephard: Because our friends are out in the jungle right now holding a gun at your head, and his head. So I'm gonna forget about the misunderstanding. Just put the guns down.
Miles Straume: Come on, how stupid do you think I-
[gunshots are heard and Miles and Daniel duck. Sayid and Juliet emerge and Kate takes Daniel's gun]
Jack Shephard: I dunno, Miles. How stupid are ya?

Sayid Jarrah: What are your names?
Daniel Faraday: Er, I'm Daniel Faraday, and this is Miles...
Miles Straume: Don't tell him my last name.
Daniel Faraday: I guess it's just Miles.
Sayid Jarrah: What do you do for a living, Daniel?
Daniel Faraday: I'm a physicist. Well, I guess you could call me a physicist, I don't really like being pigeon-holed into one...
Miles Straume: Dan, I swear to God, you say one more word, I'm gonna break your fingers.
Sayid Jarrah: And what do you do, Miles?
Miles Straume: [sarcastically] I collect soil samples.
Sayid Jarrah: Oh, that's nice. Well, maybe you can help me. You say you're not here on a rescue mission, and the world at large believes us to be dead. But here we are alive and well, and you don't seem remotely surprised to see us.
Miles Straume: [sarcastically] Oh my God, you guys were on Oceanic Flight 815! Wow! [normally] That better?

James "Sawyer" Ford: Who are we to argue with taller ghost Walt?

The Economist [4.03][edit]

Sayid Jarrah: [to Jack about Locke] The last time you encountered him, you put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. That's not good diplomacy.

Kate Austen: Kinda sucks, huh?
Jack Shephard: What's that?
Kate Austen: Being told not to come along. (Jack chuckles) Now you know what it feels like to be me.
Jack Shephard: Does that mean I should wait twenty minutes and go anyway?
Kate Austen: Touché.

Jack Shephard: What's his story?
Frank Lapidus: Daniel?
Jack Shephard: Yeah.
Frank Lapidus: Couldn't tell ya. Half the stuff he says goes way over my head; the other half goes way, way over.

Miles Straume: Where the hell did they go, Tubby?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Oh, awesome. The ship sent us another Sawyer.

Sayid Jarrah: [about Ben, his future employer] Forgive me, but the day I start trusting him is the day I would have sold my soul.

Eggtown [4.04][edit]

Ben Linus: [to Locke] I feel for you, John. I really do. You keep hitting dead ends. You couldn't find the cabin, you can't make contact with Jacob — you're so desperate to figure out what to do next, you're even asking me for help. So here we are, just like old times. Except I'm locked in a different room, and you're more lost than you ever were.

John Locke: You may think this is a democracy, Kate, because of the way Jack ran things, but this is not a democracy.
Kate Austen: Then I guess that makes it a dictatorship.
John Locke: If I was a dictator, I would just shoot you, and go about my day. Dinner's at six if you're hungry.

Ben Linus: You've arranged this meeting so you could blackmail me?
Miles Straume: It's extortion if you want to get technical.

John Locke: [Locke has just put a live grenade in Miles' mouth] I realize that when I tied you up in here the other day, I made the mistake of failing to introduce myself. My name is John Locke, and I'm responsible for the well-being of this island. Eventually, Miles, you're going to tell me who you are, you're going to tell me about the people on the boat, and you're going to tell me why you're so interested in Ben. In the meantime, however, you're going to keep your mouth shut. I learned something yesterday. No use in having rules if there's no punishment for breaking them. You'll be fine if you bite down on the trigger. Enjoy your breakfast.

The Constant [4.05][edit]

Daniel Faraday: Why would I put you through the headache of time travel, you know? You know what I mean, it just seems a little... unnecessary.

Daniel Faraday: I think Eloise's brain short-circuited. The jumps between the present and the future eventually, she eventually, she couldn't tell which was which. She had no anchor.
Desmond Hume: What do you mean, "anchor"?
Daniel Faraday: Something familiar in both times. All this, see all this is all variables. It's random; it's chaotic. Every equation needs stability, something known. It's called a "constant." Desmond, you have no constant. When you go to the future nothing there is familiar. So if you want to stop this, then you need to find something there, something that you really, really care about, something that also exists back here in 1996.
Desmond Hume: This constant, can it be a person?
Daniel Faraday: Yeah, maybe. But you have to make contact. Didn't you say you were out on a boat in the middle of nowhere? [Desmond picks up a phone and begins dialing] Uh, who are you calling?
Desmond Hume: Calling my bloody constant.

George Minkowski: Two days ago, someone sabotaged all the equipment. We lost all communication with the mainland. I probably could have fixed it, but then...then I went nuts.

George Minkowski: I...can't....get....back!

[on the phone]
Desmond Hume: I love you, Penny. I've always loved you. I'm so sorry. I love you.
Penelope Widmore: I love you too.
Desmond Hume: I don't know where I am but,
Penelope Widmore: I'll find you, Des,
Desmond Hume: I promise,
Penelope Widmore: no matter what-
Desmond Hume: I'll come back to you.
Penelope Widmore: I won't give up.
Desmond Hume: I promise.
Penelope Widmore: I promise.
Both: I love you.

The Other Woman [4.06][edit]

Juliet Burke: [to Jack] It's very stressful being an Other, Jack.

Ben Linus: Rabbit today?
John Locke: We're running out of chickens.
Ben Linus: [poking at his food suspiciously] This didn't have a number on it, did it?

Ben Linus: I always have a plan.

Ben Linus: [to Locke] John, three months ago in Gainesville, Florida, the Virgin Mary seemed to appear in a patch of mold on the side of an old housing complex. When the word got out, over 5,000 people came to see her face for themselves. You've survived an airline crash on this island. One minute, you're in a wheelchair. The next minute, you're doing jumping jacks. If 5,000 people came out to see a piece of mold, how many people do you think would come here to see you? Charles Widmore wants to exploit this island, and he'll do everything in his power to possess it.

[Ben has shown Juliet Goodwin's body]
Juliet Burke: Why are you showing me this? Why did you bring me out here?
Ben Linus: What, you mean instead of his wife?
Juliet Burke: You knew this would happen. You sent him out here because you knew this would happen. You wanted this! You wanted him to die! Why?
Ben Linus: "Why"? You're asking me "why"? After everything I did to get you here, after everything I've done to keep you here, how can you possibly not understand... that you're mine! [beat, changes tone] Take as much time as you need.

Ji Yeon [4.07][edit]

[Bernard is fishing with Jin]
Bernard Nadler: You realize we're the only two married guys on the island? Married?
Jin Soo-Kwon: Married.
Bernard Nadler: Yeah, well, no, not to each other. No. You got it. It's not easy, is it? Oh, I mean, it's--it's wonderful, but... let's face it, every decision that you make takes twice as long. 'Cause you always gotta talk them into it. [beat[ Rose... has cancer. She's sick. Dying. Well, at least, she 'was' dying. She says she's better now. She says it's this place... the island. But when the camp split up, I was sure that she'd want to go with Locke. Why would she want to leave the island, and risk getting sick again?
Jin Soo-Kwon: Then why do you stay with Jack?
Bernard Nadler: Because it was the right thing to do. Locke... he's a murderer. See, it's all about karma, Jin. Do you know karma? You make bad choices, bad things happen to you. But you make good choices, and then good—
[A fish takes the bait on Jin's rod]
Bernard Nadler: Hey! Hey, hey, hey! You got one! Yeah. Here, pull it in.
[Jin pulls the fish in]
Bernard Nadler: Wow, look at that! You see? Now, that's karma. We must be the good guys, huh?

Gault: [to Desmond and Sayid] This black box comes from Oceanic Flight 815. A salvage vessel recovered it from the bottom of the ocean. It took a considerable amount of Mr. Widmore's resources to procure it. It was found with the wreckage of the plane, along with all 324 dead passengers. That's not the complete story, as you are well aware, Mr. Jarrah, given the fact that you're standing here, breathing... the wreckage was obviously staged. Now can you imagine what kind of resources and manpower go into pulling off a feat of that magnitude? Faking the recovery of a plane crash? Putting 324 families through a grieving process based on a lie? But what's even more disturbing... where exactly does one come across 324 dead bodies? And that, Mr. Jarrah, Mr. Hume, is just one of the many reasons we want Benjamin Linus.

Meet Kevin Johnson [4.08][edit]

John Locke: Miles offered his loyalty in exchange for the money. But as I haven't seen a bank on the island, I didn't think it worth mentioning.
[Miles chuckles]
James "Sawyer" Ford: Somethin' funny?
Miles Straume: Linus will find a way to get it.
James "Sawyer" Ford: And how will he do that?
Miles Straume: He wants to survive. And considering a week ago you had a gun to his head, and tonight he's eating pound cake... I'd say he's a guy who gets what he wants.

Mrs. Dawson: [to Michael] I thought you were dead! They said your plane crashed in the middle of the ocean, but you show up here fine and dandy, only I can't tell anybody about you or Walt, can't call you by your real names. He barely talks to me, but he does wake up screaming in the middle of the night, and I'm the one that's got to tell him it's gonna be okay. So until you can explain to me where you were for over two months and what happened... you gave up your rights.

Tom Friendly: [to Michael] Manhattan, huh? We let you leave one island, you just go to another one.

Michael Dawson: Why would I help the son of a bitch who kidnapped my son?
Tom Friendly: We gave him back to you in one piece, Mike, you're the one who lost him.

Tom Friendly: [to Michael] How was your trip? I figure flying can't be too much fun for you.

The Shape of Things to Come [4.09][edit]

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: We're all gonna die.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Calm down, Chicken Little. Sky ain't falling just yet.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: This is exactly what he wants. To fight amongst ourselves. You're making a big mistake, dude.
John Locke: It's his to make, Hugo. Let's get on with it.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Right. [pauses] I'm attacking Siberia.
[The camera zooms out revealing that they are playing Risk. Sawyer and Hurley roll the dice, and Sawyer wins.] Sorry.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Can't believe you're just giving him Australia. Australia's the key to the whole game.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Says you.

Bedouin: Surrender! Surrender!
Ben Linus: Oh, so you do speak English.

Martin Keamy: Mr. Linus, these are my terms. You're gonna step out the front door, put your hands above your head, and you're gonna walk straight to me. Once I have you in my custody, I promise that no one else in that house will be harmed.
Ben Linus: You and I both know that once you have me there's nothing to stop you from killing everybody else on this island.
Martin Keamy: What kind of guy do you think I am?
Ben Linus: Martin Christopher Keamy, former First Sergeant, United States Marine Corps. Served with distinction from 1996 to 2001, but since then you've worked with a number of mercenary organizations, specifically in Uganda. So I know exactly what kind of man you are, Mr. Keamy, and we can dispense with the formalities.
Martin Keamy: [beat] Okay, Ben. You got it.

Ben Linus: Alex... I have this under control. Everything's gonna be okay.
Alex Rousseau: Please, daddy! Just please, please...
Martin Keamy: You have 10 seconds, Ben.
Ben Linus: Okay, listen.
Martin Keamy: Nine...
Ben Linus: She's not my daughter.
Martin Keamy: Eight...
Ben Linus: I stole her as a baby from an insane woman. She's a pawn, nothing more. She means nothing to me. I'm not coming out of this house. So if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it—
[Keamy shoots Alex, leaving Ben in stunned silence]

[Ben has just broken into Charles Widmore's penthouse]
Charles Widmore: Why are you here?
Ben Linus: I'm here, Charles, because you murdered my daughter.
Charles Widmore: Don't stand there looking at me with those horrible eyes of yours, and lay the blame for the death of that poor girl on me, when we both know very well I didn't murder her at all, Benjamin. You did.
Ben Linus: No, that's not true.
Charles Widmore: Yes, Benjamin, it is. You creep into my bedroom in the dead of night, like a rat, and have the audacity to pretend that you're the victim? I know who you are, boy, what you are. I know that everything you have you took from me. [beat] So. Once again I ask you, why are you here?
Ben Linus: I'm here, Charles, to tell you that I'm going to kill your daughter. Penelope, is it? And once she's gone, once she's dead, then you'll understand how I feel, and you'll wish you hadn't changed the rules.
Charles Widmore: You'll never find her.
[Ben turns around and begins to walk away]
Charles Widmore: That island's mine, Benjamin. It always was. It will be again.
Ben Linus: [Turns around] But you'll never find it.
Charles Widmore: Then I suppose the hunt is on for both of us.
Ben Linus: I suppose it is. Sleep tight, Charles.

Something Nice Back Home [4.10][edit]

Jack Shephard: [reading to Aaron] "Alice took up the fan and gloves, and, as the hall was very hot, she kept fanning herself all the time she went on talking: Dear, dear! How queer everything is to-day! And yesterday things went on just as usual. I wonder if I've been changed in the night. Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? But if I'm not the same, the next question is, 'Who in the world am I?' Aha, that's the great puzzle."

Bernard Nadler: [to Jack] Wouldn't you rather be dreaming about something nice back home?

Juliet Burke: I'm sorry I yelled at you.
Kate Austen: Don't worry about it. You had enough going on.
Juliet Burke: You know, he kissed me.
Kate Austen: What?
Juliet Burke: The other day, when you came back from the other side of the Island, Jack kissed me.
Kate Austen: Oh.
Juliet Burke: It was nice... but it wasn't for me. It was for him. I'm pretty sure he was trying to prove something.
Kate Austen: Prove what?
Juliet Burke: That he doesn't love someone else.
Kate Austen: Thank you, Juliet. Thank you for saving his life.

Jack Shephard: [to Kate] I'm the one who came back. I'm the one who's here. I'm the one who saved you.

Cabin Fever [4.11][edit]

Ray: What did this to him?
Martin Keamy: A black pillar of smoke threw him 50 feet in the air... ripped his guts out.

Horace Goodspeed: I'm not making any sense, am I?
John Locke: No.
Horace Goodspeed: That's probably because I've been dead for 12 years.

John Locke: You ever wonder what happened to the Dharma Initiative, Hugo? There must have been at least a hundred of 'em living on this island. Manning the stations, building those homes, making all that ranch dressing that you like. And then, one day, they're all gone, they just disappear. You wanna know where we're going? [Walks over to the pit that contains the bodies of the Dharma Initiative] We're going to see them.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: What happened to them?
John Locke: [jerks his head at Ben] He did.

Gellert: I'm gonna tell you something--something I wish someone had told me at your age. You might not want to be that guy in the labs surrounded by test tubes and beakers, but that's who you are, John. You can't be the prom king. You can't be the quarterback. You can't be a superhero.
John Locke: Don't tell me what I can't do.

[Locke, Ben, and Hurley are looking for Jacob's cabin]
John Locke: It should be about two hundred yards this way.
Ben Linus: You sure it's gonna be there, John?
John Locke: I'm sorry?
Ben Linus: The cabin. What if its moved, again?
John Locke: It hasn't moved, because I was told this is where it would be.
Ben Linus: I was told a lot of things too. That I was chosen, that I was special. I end up with a tumor on my spine and my daughter's blood all over my hands.
John Locke: I'm sorry those things happened to you, Ben.
Ben Linus: [bitterly] Those things had to happen to me. That was my destiny. But you'll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen. Because destiny, John, is a fickle bitch.

There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 [4.12][edit]

Jack Shephard: We all know the story. If we get any questions that we don't wanna answer, or that we can't answer, let's just keep our mouths shut. It's okay. They'll--they'll think that we're in shock.
Sun Hwa-Kwon: We are in shock, Jack.
Jack Shephard: Well... then this should be easy.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [following Jack] Hold up! You don't get to die alone.

Ben Linus: [to Hurley, who's eating boxed crackers] You know, those are 15 years old.

Sun Hwa-Kwon: Is something wrong?
Woo-Jung Paik: Just some complications with the company. Nothing you'd understand. How is the pregnancy?
Sun Hwa-Kwon: Don't pretend to be interested in my baby. We both know you hated my husband.
Woo-Jung Paik: What did you say?
Sun Hwa-Kwon: You heard me. You hated Jin.
Woo-Jung Paik: Who do you think you are? I am your father. You will respect me!
Sun Hwa-Kwon: Oceanic paid us our settlement for the crash. It was very significant. This morning, I bought a controlling interest in your company. So you will now respect me.
Woo-Jung Paik: Why... would you do this?
Sun Hwa-Kwon: You ruined my husband's life. It is because of you we were on that plane. Two people are responsible for his death. You are one of them. I am going to have my baby. And then we shall discuss the plans for the future of the company. Our company.

John Locke: Okay, I'm sorry, Ben, but maybe I missed the part where you explained what I'm supposed to do about the armed men inside.
Ben Linus: I'm gonna take care of them.
John Locke: And how the hell are you gonna do that?
Ben Linus: How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan.

There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 [4.13][edit]

Kate Austen: "We have to go back"? "We have to go back"?
Jack Shephard: Now hold on—
Kate Austen: Who do you think you are?! You call me over and over again for two days straight, stoned on your pills! And then you show up here with an obituary for Jeremy Bentham. When he came to me and I heard what he had to say, I knew he was crazy. But you...you believed him.
Jack Shephard: Yes.
Kate Austen: Him, of all people.
Jack Shephard: Yes, Kate, I did, because he said that that was the only way that I could keep you safe — you and Aaron.
[Kate slaps him]
Kate Austen: Don't you say his name. I still have to explain to him why you are not there to read to him, so don't you say his name!
Jack Shephard: I'm sorry.
Kate Austen: I've spent the last three years trying to forget all the horrible things that happened on the day that we left. How dare you ask me to go back?

Martin Keamy: So tell me something, Ben. What is it that makes you so important, hmm? I'm curious. I'm curious as to why Mr. Widmore would pay me so much money just to come out here and capture you and bring you back alive.
Ben Linus: Charles Widmore tell you to kill my daughter?

John Locke: You're gonna have to lie.
Jack Shephard: Excuse me?
John Locke: If you have to go, then you have to lie about everything...everything that happened since we got to the island it's the only way to protect it.
Jack Shephard: It's an island, John. No one needs to protect it.
John Locke: It's not an island. It's a place where miracles happen. And--and--if you--if you don't believe that, Jack, if you can't believe that, just wait till you see what I'm about to do.

John Locke: [to Jack] Lie to them, Jack. If you do it half as well as you lie to yourself, they'll believe you.

Martin Keamy: I know you're down here, Ben. Crouching in the dark, just waiting to take a shot at me.
Pierre Chang: [as Dr. Edgar Halliwax, on video] This... is "the vault"...
Martin Keamy: Well, you better aim for the head, Ben! Not like your boyfriend who shot me in the back like a coward!
Pierre Chang: ...to avoid leaving inorganic materials inside...
Martin Keamy: This body armor's, um, been known to take a bullet or two in its time. But before you take your shot, Ben, let me tell you about this. [revealing a device strapped to his arm] See that? I took out a bit of a--a life insurance policy, Ben. It's a heart rate monitor, and it's connected to a radio transmitter. W--we call it a "dead man's trigger", Ben. If my heart stops beating...it sends a little signal to the 500 pounds of C-4 that I've got hardwired out there on the freighter that'd kill a lot of innocent people, Ben. If you think I'm bluffing, need I remind you of, uh... how your daughter looked as she bled out? Face-down in the grass?
[Keamy hears a noise and whirls around to face Locke]
Martin Keamy: Who the hell are you?
John Locke: My name is John Locke, and I have no... conflict with you. And neither do the people on that boat. So... why don't you put your knife down? We can talk about this.
Martin Keamy: Well, John Locke... I've never really been one for talk.
[Ben attacks Keamy from behind, knocking him to the ground with a baton and stabbing him multiple times in the neck]
Ben Linus: You killed my daughter. You killed my daughter!
John Locke: Ben! Ben! Ben, stop! No, no! Stop!
[Locke pulls Ben off Keamy]
John Locke: Ben, what did you do?
[Keamy's device starts beeping]
John Locke: You just killed everybody on that boat.
Ben Linus: [beat] So?

There's No Place Like Home, Part 3 [4.14][edit]

Martin Keamy: [dying] Wherever you go... Widmore... he'll find you.
Ben Linus: Not if I find him first.

Ben Linus: [to Locke] Good-bye, John. I'm sorry I made your life so miserable.

Ben Linus: [turning the donkey wheel] I hope you're happy now, Jacob.

Jack Shephard: We're gonna have to lie.
Sayid Jarrah: Lie about what?
Jack Shephard: Everything, all of it, every moment since we crashed on the island.
Frank Lapidus: Jack... now I know I'm new to this group and everything, but isn't this the place where everybody starts jumping up and down and hugging each other?
Jack Shephard: Your freighter... those men came to the island to kill us, all of us. You said that our plane was discovered on the bottom of the ocean. Well, someone put it there--someone who wants everyone to think that we're dead. So what do you think's gonna happen to us when we tell them that that wasn't our plane? What do you think's gonna happen to the people that we left behind?
Kate Austen: Jack, we can't. We can't pull it off.
Jack Shephard: Just let me do the talking.

Ben Linus: [to Jack] Yes, I heard that you've been flying on passenger planes... hoping that you'd crash. It's dark, Jack, very dark.

Season Five[edit]

Because You Left [5.01][edit]

Tony: Over here. We were cutting through the rock, right on your specs. That's when the drill melted.
Pierre Chang: The drill melted?
Tony: Yeah, yeah. 3 meters in. We went through six carbon drill bits, and the last one just fried. Then my operator starts grabbing his head and freaking out. We sonar-imaged the wall. There's an open chamber about 20 meters in, behind the rock. There's something in there. And the only way to get to it is to lay charges here and here and blast through it and take a look--
Pierre Chang: Under no circumstances! This station is being built here because of its proximity to what we believe to be an almost limitless energy. And that energy, once we can harness it correctly, it's going to allow us to manipulate time.
Tony: [Chuckles] Right. Okay, so, what? We're gonna go back and kill Hitler?
Pierre Chang: Don't be absurd. There are rules, rules that can't be broken.
Tony: So what do you want me to do?
Pierre Chang: You're gonna do nothing. If you drill even 1 centimeter further, you risk releasing that energy. If that were to happen...God help us all.

Daniel Faraday: The Island... think of the Island like a record spinning on a turntable... only now, that record is skipping. Whatever Ben Linus did down at the Orchid station... I think... it may have... dislodged us.
Miles Straume: Dislodged us from what?
Daniel Faraday: Time.

Daniel Faraday: Time--it's like a street, all right? We can move forward on that street, we can move in reverse, but we cannot ever create a new street. If we try to do anything different, we will fail every time. Whatever happened, happened.

John Locke: What is this?
Richard Alpert: It's a compass.
John Locke: What does it do?
Richard Alpert: It points north, John.

John Locke: Jack, Kate... The chopper was headed for the boat. The boat--
Richard Alpert: No, they're fine, John, and they're already home, so you have to convince them to come back.
John Locke: How--how am I supposed to do that?
Richard Alpert: You're gonna have to die, John.

The Lie [5.02][edit]

Carmen Reyes: Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?!

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: All of us--the Oceanic Six, we lied about what happened after the crash.
Carmen Reyes: And what did happen?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Okay. See, we did crash, but it was on this crazy island. And we waited for rescue, and there wasn't any rescue. And there was a smoke monster, and then there were other people on the island. We called them the Others, and they started attacking us. And we found some hatches, and there was a button you had to push every 108 minutes or... well, I was never really clear on that. But... the Others didn't have anything to do with the hatches. That was the DHARMA Initiative. The Others killed them, and now they're trying to kill us. And then we teamed up with the Others because some worse people were coming on a freighter. Desmond's girlfriend's father sent them to kill us. So we stole their helicopter and we flew it to their freighter, but it blew up. And we couldn't go back to the island because it disappeared, so then we crashed into the ocean, and we floated there for a while until a boat came and picked us up. And by then, there were six of us. That part was true. But the re...But the rest of the people... who were on the plane? They're still on that island.
Carmen Reyes: I believe you. I don't understand you, but I believe you.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: A lot of people died, ma. And now this bad stuff is happening because...well, um...we shouldn't have lied.

Ben Linus: I'm taking you to Sayid. He's with Jack. That's why I'm here, Hugo. Jack called me. How else would I know that they're together?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: No. You're--you're playing one of your mind games. They would never trust you.
Ben Linus: In their defense, I'm not an easy person to trust. But they came around when they realized that we all want the same thing.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: And what's that?
Ben Linus: To go back to the Island. Come with us, Hugo... and this'll be over. You can stop hiding. You can stop worrying about the stories and the deceptions. If you come with me, you won't ever have to lie again.

Charles Widmore: I want you to tell me everything or I'll cut off her other hand.
Juliet Burke: What?!
James "Sawyer" Ford: Other?
Charles Widmore: The first one isn't negotiable. It's just to illustrate how serious I am.

Jughead [5.03][edit]

Daniel Faraday: You need to listen to me. You have an unstable device that's capable of destroying this entire island, and it's broken. If you don't allow me to render it inert, all of us are gonna die. All of us.
Richard Alpert: How do I know you weren't sent here on some suicide mission? That I'll take you out to the bomb, and you'll just detonate it?
Daniel Faraday: Because... I'm in love with the woman sitting next to me. And I would never... I would never do anything to hurt her.
Richard Alpert: All right. Take care of your bomb. But you try anything else, and you will hurt her.

Richard Alpert: [to Faraday] Whatever your, uh, your superiors told you, I want you to know the truth. A month ago, we found 18 members of an Army battalion right here in our jungle here, setting up this camp. We gave them the opportunity to leave the island peacefully. They weren't willing to do that, so I was forced to kill 'em. All of 'em.

James "Sawyer" Ford: I hate to bust up the "I'm an Other, you're an Other" reunion, but Faraday — the guy that's actually gonna save us — is being death marched into the jungle right now.

The Little Prince [5.04][edit]

John Locke: You and I both know when we were before the flash, James. So who was it you saw? Charlie? Shannon? Yourself?
James "Sawyer" Ford: And how is it that you knew when we were, Johnny Boy? That light in the sky — it was from the Hatch, wasn't it?
John Locke: The night that Boone died... I went out there and started pounding on it as hard as I could. I was... confused... scared. Babbling like an idiot, asking, why was all this happening to me?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Did you get an answer?
John Locke: Light came on, shot up into the sky. At the time, I thought it meant something.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Did it?
John Locke: No. It was just a light.
James "Sawyer" Ford: So why'd you turn us around then? Don't you wanna go back there?
John Locke: Why would I wanna do that?
James "Sawyer" Ford: So you could tell yourself to do things different, save yourself a world of pain.
John Locke: No, I needed that pain — to get to where I am now.

James "Sawyer" Ford: I saw Kate.
Juliet Burke: What?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Last night, in the jungle. Before the last flash. She was delivering Claire's baby.
Juliet Burke: But that was two months ago.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Time travel's a bitch.

[Locke, Charlotte, Dan, Miles, Juliet, and Sawyer are in a longboat headed to the Orchid Station, being attacked by an unknown assailant. The sky lights up for a time shift]
James "Sawyer" Ford: Thank you, Lord!
[Time shift puts them in the middle of a thunderstorm]
James "Sawyer" Ford: I take that back!

This Place Is Death [5.05][edit]

Jin Soo-Kwon: Please, translate!
James "Sawyer" Ford: You heard the man, translate!
Miles Straume: Dude, he's Korean. I'm from Encino.

Daniel Faraday: So... you speak any other languages?
Charlotte Lewis: Just Klingon.

Charlotte Lewis: [to Faraday] This place is death!

[Ben is driving with Sun and Jack]
Sun Hwa-Kwon: Are you going to ask me not to kill Ben if he's lying about my husband?
Jack Shephard: After what just he did to Kate - if you don't do it, Sun, I will.
[Ben slams on the brakes and pulls overs]
Jack Shephard: What are you doing?!
Ben Linus: [turning to them] What I'm doing is helping you! And if you had any idea what I've had to do to keep you safe – to keep your friends safe – then you'd never stop thanking me! You wanna shoot me, then shoot me – but let's get on with it! What's it gonna be?

[Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin finally reached "The Orchid"]
John Locke: We're here.
Juliet Burke: Thank God. What are the odds that we would end up in the same time as this thing?
[Time shifts and "The Orchid" disappears]
James "Sawyer" Ford: You just had to say somethin'.

316 [5.06][edit]

Eloise Hawking: All right. I apologize if this is confusing, but... [to Jack] Let's pay attention, yes?

Ben Linus: Thomas the Apostle. When Jesus wanted to return to Judea, knowing that he would probably be murdered there, Thomas said to the others, "Let us also go, that we might die with him." But Thomas was not remembered for this bravery. His claim to fame came later... when he refused to acknowledge the resurrection. He just couldn't wrap his mind around it. The story goes... that he needed to touch Jesus' wounds to be convinced.
Jack Shephard: So was he?
Ben Linus: Of course he was. We're all convinced sooner or later, Jack.

[Jack looks into coach and sees other passengers]
Jack Shephard: And the other people on this plane--what's gonna happen to them?
Ben Linus: Who cares?

Frank Lapidus: [to Jack] We're not going to Guam, are we?

[Jack and Ben, in the 316 Ajira flight]
Jack Shephard: [Nervous] How can you read?
Ben Linus: [Keeps reading] My mother taught me. I can read, Jack, because it beats what you're doing.
Jack Shephard: What's that?
Ben Linus: Waiting for something to happen.
Jack Shephard: And what is gonna happen?
Ben Linus: You tell me, Jack, you're the one that got to stay after school with Ms. Hawking.
Jack Shephard: Did you know that Locke killed himself?
Ben Linus: No. No, I didn't.
Jack Shephard: [Takes out the suicide note Locke left for him] They found this stuffed in his pocket... and I've been trying to get rid of it but it's like it's... following me. I know it sounds crazy but... it feels like John needs me to read it.
Ben Linus: Why don't you then? Is it because you're afraid?
Jack Shephard: Afraid of what?
Ben Linus: Afraid that he blames you, that it's your fault he killed himself.
Jack Shephard: Was it my fault?
Ben Linus: No, Jack, it wasn't your fault. Let me give you some privacy.
[Ben changes his seat, and Jack reads the note: "Jack, I wish you had believed me. JL"]
[Turbulences and a flash like those from the Island start]

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham [5.07][edit]

John Locke: Why would you help me?
Charles Widmore: Because there's a war coming, John. And if you're not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.

John Locke: "Jeremy Bentham"?
Charles Widmore: He was a British philosopher. Your parents had a sense of humor when they named you, so why can't I? This should be money enough for now. The phone's international. If you need to reach me, for anything, just press 2-3. The folder contains your people's whereabouts, everyone that was on the Island that left.
John Locke: You've been watching them?
Charles Widmore: I'm deeply invested in the future of the Island, John. So, yes, I've been watching them. I wouldn't mention I'm involved in this. I can't imagine what they think of me, having listened to Benjamin's lies.
John Locke: How do I know that you're not the one who's lying?
Charles Widmore: I haven't tried to kill you. Would you say the same for him?

Matthew Abaddon: I help people get to where they need to get to, John. That's what I do for Mr. Widmore.

[Locke wakes up in a hospitel bed, with Jack staring darkly at him]
Jack Shephard: What are you doing here?
John Locke: Jack, how did you find me?
Jack Shephard: You were in a car accident and you were brought into my hospital. What are you doing here?
John Locke: We have to go back.
Jack Shephard: [laughs bitterly] Of course. Of course we do.
John Locke: Jack, the people I left behind need our help. We're supposed to go back--
Jack Shephard: --because it's our destiny? How many times are you gonna say that to me, John?
John Locke: How can you not see it? Of all the hospitals they could've brought me to, I end up here. You don't think that's fate?
Jack Shephard: Your car accident was on the west side of Los Angeles. You being brought into my hospital isn't fate, John. It's probability.
John Locke: You don't understand. It wasn't an accident. Someone is trying to kill me.
Jack Shephard: Why? Why would someone try to kill you?
John Locke: Because they don't want me to succeed. They wanna stop me. They don't want me to get back because I'm important.
Jack Shephard: [beat] Have you ever stopped to think that these delusions that you're special aren't real? That maybe there's nothing important about you at all? Maybe you are just a lonely old man that crashed on an Island. That's it. [standing] Good-bye, John.

Ben Linus: [after killing Locke] I'll miss you, John. I really will.

LaFleur [5.08][edit]

[1974 - Sawyer and Juliet step out of some foliage to find Daniel Faraday kneeling alone and crying in the jungle.]
Daniel Faraday: [muttering] Not gonna tell... I'm not gonna tell...
James "Sawyer" Ford: [whispering to Juliet] Where's Red?
Juliet Burke: I dont know.
[Juliet walks over to Faraday and stoops down to talk to him. Sawyer, Miles and Jin hang back.]
Daniel Faraday: [mutters indistinctly] No. I won't do it. I won't tell her. I won't do it. Won't...
Juliet Burke: Daniel? Are you okay?
Daniel Faraday: I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna tell her.
Juliet Burke: Daniel, where's Charlotte?
Daniel Faraday: [Voice breaking] She's not here. She... She's gone.
Juliet Burke: Where?
Daniel Faraday: She's... dead. She's dead. There was another flash, and... and she was... she was just gone.
[Juliet nods sympathetically.]
Daniel Faraday: Her... body just... [crying] disappeared. She moved on, and we stayed.
Juliet Burke: I'm so sorry.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Hold on. Wait a minute. We "stayed"? We're not traveling through time anymore? You saying it's over?
Daniel Faraday: Of course it's over. Wherever we are now... whenever we are now... we're here for good. :[To Juliet, or perhaps to himself] I won't do it.
Juliet Burke: Okay. Okay.
Daniel Faraday: I won't. I'm not gonna--I'm--I'm...
Juliet Burke: Okay.
Daniel Faraday: I'm not gonna--I w--I won't.
Juliet Burke: Okay. [pats Dan on head] Okay.
[Juliet stands up and goes back towards Sawyer]
Daniel Faraday: ...Tell...
James "Sawyer" Ford: Okay. Swell. Until Dan checks back in, I say we head back to the beach. When Locke gets back with everybody, that's where they'll be looking for us.
Miles Straume: The beach? What, you didn't get enough flaming arrows shot at you? And your camp is gone. Why bother?
Juliet Burke: Sawyer's right, Miles. We should go back to the beach. We survived there before. We can do it again.
Miles Straume: [To nobody in particular] Or maybe when we get there, you'll--you'll wanna go back to the Orchid again. And then when that gets boring, we can head back to the beach. It's the only two plans you people have.

Jin Soo-Kwon: Daniel... No more flash?
Daniel Faraday: No. No more flash. The record is spinning again. We're just not on the song we wanna be on.

James "Sawyer" Ford: I bought us two weeks. Horace said we can wait for the next sub. Any luck, Locke'll be back by then.
Juliet Burke: And then what?
James "Sawyer" Ford: What do you mean, "Then what"?
Juliet Burke: Locke said he was leaving to save us. The flashes have stopped. They're over. No more bloody noses. We're already saved. That sub behind you brought me here. I've been trying to get off of this island for more than three years, and now I've got my chance. I'm going to leave.
James "Sawyer" Ford: You do realize it's 1974, that whatever it is you think you're going back to... it don't exist yet.
Juliet Burke: It's not a reason not to go.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Well, what about me? You really gonna leave me here with the mad scientist and Mr. "I Speak to Dead People"? And Jin, who's a hell of a nice guy but not exactly the greatest conversationalist.
Juliet Burke: You'll be fine.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Maybe... but who's gonna get my back?
[Juliet looks up at him]
James "Sawyer" Ford: Come on. Just give me two weeks, that's all I'm asking. Two weeks.
Juliet Burke: All right. Two weeks.

James "Sawyer" Ford: I got good news and bad news. What you want first?
Horace Goodspeed: Good news.
James "Sawyer" Ford: You're a daddy. Bad news is you missed it.
Horace Goodspeed: Oh, gosh. Amy... She had the baby?
James "Sawyer" Ford: It's a boy.
Horace Goodspeed: A boy?
[Sawyer shakes his head "Yes"]
James "Sawyer" Ford: Now how about you tell me... why you're too busy drinking and blowing up trees to see him be born?
Horace Goodspeed: I was, uh... I was looking for a pair of socks, and all of mine were dirty, so I went to grab a pair of Amy's, and... I found this... In the back of her drawer.
[He shows Sawyer Paul's necklace]
Horace Goodspeed: It was Paul's.
James "Sawyer" Ford: You got in a fight over a necklace?
Horace Goodspeed: I know. But... It's only been three years, Jim. Just three years that he's been gone. Is that really long enough to get over someone?
James "Sawyer" Ford: I had a thing for a girl once. And I had a shot at her, but I didn't take it. For a little while, I'd lay in bed every night, wondering if it was a mistake. Wondering if... I'd ever stop thinking about her. And now I can barely remember what she looks like. I mean, her face... it's.. She's just gone, and she ain't never coming back. So... Is three years long enough to get over someone? Absolutely.

Namaste [5.09][edit]

Jack Shephard: So where do we go from here?
James "Sawyer" Ford: I'm working on it.
Jack Shephard: Really? Because it looked to me like you were reading a book.
James "Sawyer" Ford: I heard once Winston Churchill read a book every night, even during the Blitz. He said it made him think better. It's how I like to run things. I think. I'm sure that doesn't mean that much to you, 'cause back when you were calling the shots, you pretty much just reacted. See, you didn't think, Jack, and as I recall, a lot of people ended up dead.
Jack Shephard: I got us off the Island.
James "Sawyer" Ford: But here you are... [sighs] right back where you started. So I'm gonna go back to reading my book, and I'm gonna think, 'cause that's how I saved your ass today. And that's how I'm gonna save Sayid's tomorrow. All you gotta do is go home, get a good night's rest. Let me do what I do.

He's Our You [5.10][edit]

James "Sawyer" Ford: How you doin'?
Sayid Jarrah: A twelve-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?

Roger Linus: You know what I can't figure out? Is how the hell you got caught. You hostiles are supposed to be the kings of the jungle. And how dumb are you that you got captured by these idiots?
Sayid Jarrah: And yet you're the one who mops up after them.

Ben Linus: [to Sayid] Every choice you've made in your life, whether it was to murder or to torture, it hasn't really been a choice at all, has it? It's in your nature. It's what you are. You're a killer, Sayid.

Jack Shephard: What the hell happened?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Three years--no burning buses. Y'all are back for one day...

Whatever Happened, Happened [5.11][edit]

Miles Straume: What the hell are you doing, Tubby?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Checking to see if I'm disappearing.
Miles Straume: What?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: "Back to the Future", man. We came back in time to the island and changed stuff. So if little Ben dies, he'll never grow up to be big Ben, who's the one who made us come back here in the first place. Which means we can't be here. And therefore, dude? We don't exist.
Miles Straume: You're an idiot.

Roger Linus: I thought I was gonna be the greatest father ever. You know? I guess it didn't work out that way.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: So this conversation we're having right now...we already had it.
Miles Straume: Yes!
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Then what am I gonna say next?
Miles Straume: I don't know.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Ha! Then your theory is wrong!
Miles Straume: For the thousandth time, you dingbat, the conversation already happened, but not for you and me. For you and me, it's happening right now.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Okay, answer me this. If all this already happened to me, then...why don't I remember any of it?
Miles Straume: Because once Ben turned that wheel, time isn't a straight line for us anymore. Our experiences in the past and the future occurred before these experiences right now.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Say that again.
Miles Straume: Shoot me. Please. Please!
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Aha! I can't shoot you. Because if you die in 1977, then you'll never come back to the island on the freighter 30 years from now.
Miles Straume: I can die because I've already come to the island on the freighter. Any of us can die because this is our present.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: But you said Ben couldn't die because he still has to grow up and become the leader of the Others.
Miles Straume: Because this is his past.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: But when we first captured Ben, and Sayid, like, tortured him, then why wouldn't he remember getting shot by that same guy when he was a kid?
Miles Straume: [beat] Huh. I hadn't thought of that.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Huh.

The Man in Black: [as John Locke, to Ben] Hello, Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living.

Dead Is Dead [5.12][edit]

The Man in Black: [as Locke] We're going to your old house, aren't we?
Ben Linus: Yes. It's the only place I can summon it... the "monster." Once it arrives, I'll either be forgiven... or I won't.
The Man in Black: I think you're lying.
Ben Linus: Lying about what?
The Man in Black: That you want to be judged for leaving the Island and coming back because it's against the rules. I don't think you care about rules.
Ben Linus: Then what do I want to be judged for, John?
The Man in Black: For killing your daughter.

Frank Lapidus: As long as the dead guy says there's a reason, well, then I guess everything's gonna be just peachy.

Ben Linus: You left the Island regularly. You had a daughter with an outsider. You broke the rules, Charles.
Charles Widmore: And what makes you think you deserve to take what's mine?
Ben Linus: Because I won't be selfish. Because I'll sacrifice anything to protect this Island.
Charles Widmore: You wouldn't sacrifice Alex.
Ben Linus: You're the one who wanted her dead, Charles, not the Island.
Charles Widmore: I hope you're right, Benjamin, because if you aren't, and it is the Island that wants her dead, she'll be dead. And one day, you'll be standing where I'm standing now. You'll be the one being banished, and then you'll finally realize that you cannot fight the inevitable. I'll be seeing you, boy.

Ben Linus: I've seen this Island do miraculous things. I've seen it heal the sick, but never once has it done anything like this. Dead is dead. You don't get to come back from that, not even here. So the fact that John Locke is walking around this Island... scares the living hell out of me.

Ben Linus: [to the Man in Black, as Locke] When Charles Widmore's men came, they gave me a choice. Either leave the Island or let my daughter die. All I had to do was walk out of the house and go with them. But I didn't do it. So you were right. John, I did kill Alex. And now I have to answer for that. I appreciate you showing me the way, but I think I can take it from here.

Some Like It Hoth [5.13][edit]

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: [to Miles] Why don't we carpool? It'll help with global warming, which hasn't happened yet, so maybe we can prevent it.

Naomi Dorrit: This island has a number of deceased individuals... residing on it, and as this man is the one responsible for their being deceased, we believe they can supply invaluable information as to his whereabouts.
Miles Straume: As much as hunting down a mass murderer sounds really safe, uh, I'm--I'm gonna pass. Thanks for the audition.
Naomi Dorrit: My employer is willing to pay you $1.6 million.
Miles Straume: When do we leave?

Bram: You're playing for the wrong team!
Miles Straume: Yeah? What team are you on?
Bram: The one that's gonna win.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I used to hate my dad, too.
Miles Straume: Yeah?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: He left when I was 10. But the best thing I ever did was give him a second chance. We got to be the best of friends, and although I may never see him again, I miss him. And I know he feels the same.
Miles Straume: My dad didn't leave when I was 10. I--I was a baby. I never knew him. And I don't want to. It's not happening.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: That was Luke's attitude, too.
Miles Straume: What?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: In Empire, Luke found out Vader was his father, but instead of putting away his lightsaber and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off. I mean, they worked it out eventually, but at what cost? Another Death Star was destroyed, Boba Fett got eaten by the Sarlacc, and we got the Ewoks. It all could've been avoided if they'd just, you know, communicated. And let's face it. The Ewoks sucked, dude.

The Variable [5.14][edit]

Daniel Faraday: Who told you to get on a plane?
Jack Shephard: As a matter of fact, Dan, it was your mother.
Daniel Faraday: And how did she convince you, Jack? Did she tell you it was your destiny?
Jack Shephard: Yeah. That's exactly what she said.
Daniel Faraday: Well, I got some bad news for you, Jack. You don't belong here at all. She was wrong.

Charles Widmore: Daniel, the real Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on an island--a special island with unique scientific properties. I want to send you to the Island. It will further your research, show you things you'd never dream of. But more importantly, it will heal you, Daniel--your mind, your memory.
Daniel Faraday: H--heal me? W--why are you doing all this for me?
Charles Widmore: Because you're a man of tremendous gifts, and it would be a shame to see them go to waste.
Daniel Faraday: You sound like my mother.
Charles Widmore: That's because we're old friends.

Daniel Faraday: In about four hours, the DHARMA folks at the swan work site--they're gonna--gonna drill into the ground and accidentally tap into a massive pocket of energy. The result of the release of this energy would be catastrophic. So in order to contain it, they're gonna have to cement the entire area in, like Chernobyl. And this containment--the place they built over it--I believe you called it "the Hatch." The Swan hatch? Because of this one accident, these people are gonna spend the next 20 years keeping that energy at bay... by pressing a button... a button that your friend Desmond will one day fail to push, and that will cause your plane--Oceanic 815--to crash on this Island. And because your plane crashed, a freighter will be sent to this Island--a freighter I was on and Charlotte was on and so forth. This entire chain of events--it's gonna start happening this afternoon. But... we can change that. I studied relativistic physics my entire life. One thing emerged over and over--can't change the past. Can't do it. Whatever happened, happened. All right? But then I finally realized... I had been spending so much time focused on the constants, I forgot about the variables. Do you know what the variables in these equations are, Jack?
Jack Shephard: No.
Daniel Faraday: Us. We're the variables. People. We think. We reason. We make choices. We have free will. We can change our destiny. I think I can negate that energy under the Swan. I think I can destroy it. If I can, then that hatch will never be built, and your plane... your plane will land, just like it's supposed to, in Los Angeles.
Kate Austen: And just how exactly do you plan on destroying this energy?
Daniel Faraday: I'm gonna detonate a hydrogen bomb.

Eloise Hawking: Your daughter's in there. Why don't you go in and say hello?
Charles Widmore: Unfortunately, Eloise, my relationship with Penelope is one of the things I had to sacrifice.
Eloise Hawking: Sacrifice? Don't you talk to me about sacrifice, Charles. I had to send my son back to the Island, knowing full well that--
Charles Widmore: He was my son, too, Eloise.

Daniel Faraday: [dying] You knew. You always knew. You knew this was gonna happen. You sent me here anyway.
Eloise Hawking: Who are you?
Daniel Faraday: I... I'm your son.

Follow The Leader [5.15][edit]

Ben Linus: When I left the Island, John stepped in. He's the leader now.
Sun Hwa-Kwon: Who's that man he's talking to?
Ben Linus: His name is Richard Alpert. He's a kind of... adviser. And he has had that job for a very, very long time.

Pierre Chang: Your friend Faraday said that you were from the future. I need to know if he was telling the truth.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Dude, that's ridiculous.
Pierre Chang: What year were you born? What year?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Uh... 1931?
Pierre Chang: You're 46?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah. Yes, I am.
Pierre Chang: So you fought in the Korean War?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: [beat] There's... no such thing.
Pierre Chang: Who's the President of the United States?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: [beat] All right, dude, we're from the future. Sorry.

Kate Austen: Since when did shooting kids and blowing up hydrogen bombs become okay?

Jack Shephard: This is our destiny.
Kate Austen: Do you know who you sound like? Because he was crazy, too, Jack.

The Man in Black: [as John Locke] I'm not interested in being reunited with my people.
Ben Linus: What do you mean? You told Sun--
The Man in Black: I know what I told her, but that's not why we're going to Jacob.
Ben Linus: Then why are we going to Jacob?
The Man in Black: So I can kill him.

The Incident Part I [5.16][edit]

The Man in Black: Morning.
Jacob: Mornin'.
The Man in Black: Mind if I join you?
Jacob: Please. Want some fish?
The Man in Black: Thank you. I just ate.
Jacob: I take it you're here 'cause of the ship.
The Man in Black: I am. How did they find the Island?
Jacob: You'll have to ask 'em when they get here.
The Man in Black: I don't have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren't you?
Jacob: You are wrong.
The Man in Black: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.
Jacob: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.
The Man in Black: [beat] Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?
Jacob: Yes.
The Man in Black: One of these days, sooner or later... I'm going to find a loophole, my friend.
Jacob: Well, when you do, I'll be right here.
The Man in Black: Always nice talking to you, Jacob.
Jacob: Nice talking to you, too.

James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Kate] You just don't get it, Kate. We were happy in Dharmaville 'til y'all showed up. But now that's all over. So we're gonna drink our O.J. and take our chances in the real world. Jack wants to blow up the Island, good for Jack.

Stuart Radzinsky: I've been working on this project for six years. Designing a station that'll be able to manipulate electromagnetism in ways we only dreamed of.
Pierre Chang: Have you thought about the consequences of drilling into that pocket? We have no idea what we are gonna --
Stuart Radzinsky: If Edison was only worried about the consequences, we'd all still be sitting in the dark. I came to this Island to change the world, Pierre; that's exactly what I intend to do.

Richard Alpert: Over, uh, twenty years ago, a man named John Locke, he walked right into our camp. And he told me that he was going to be our leader. Now I've gone off the Island three times, to visit him. But he never seemed particularly special to me.
Jack Shephard: You said you had a question.
Richard Alpert: You know him? Locke?
Jack Shephard: Yeah. Yeah, I know him. And if I were you, I wouldn't give up on him.

The Man in Black: [as John Locke] Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Ben Linus: I'm a Pisces.
The Man in Black: What happened that day at the cabin? When you first took me to meet Jacob?
Ben Linus: Well, you clearly already know that I was talking to an empty chair, John. That I was pretending. Which is not to say that I wasn't as surprised as you were when things started flying around the room.
The Man in Black: But why would go to all the trouble to make something like that up?
Ben Linus: I was embarrassed. I didn't want you to know that I had never seen Jacob. So yes, I lied. That's what I do.
The Man in Black: Alright, then.
Ben Linus: Why do you want me to kill Jacob, John?
The Man in Black: Because, despite your loyal service to this Island, you got cancer. You had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you. And your reward for those sacrifices? You were banished. And you did all this in the name of a man you'd never even met. So the question is, Ben, why the hell wouldn't you want to kill Jacob?

The Incident Part II [5.17][edit]

Jacob: I wanna know why you won't go back to the Island.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: 'Cause I'm cursed.
Jacob: Is that so?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Uh-huh. That's why the plane crashed, my friends died--Libby, Charlie. Now they visit me, and I can't make it stop.
Jacob: Well, what if you weren't cursed? What if you were blessed?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: How do you mean "blessed?"
Jacob: Well, you get to talk to people you've lost... seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me.

[Ben and the Man in Black try to follow Richard into the statue]
Richard Alpert: W--what are you doing?
Ben Linus: John wants me to join him.
Richard Alpert: You can't bring him in.
The Man in Black: [as John Locke] Why not?
Richard Alpert: Because only our leader can request an audience with Jacob, and there can only be one leader on the Island at a time, John.
The Man in Black: I'm beginning to think you just make these rules up as you go along, Richard.

Miles Straume: [to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley, Jin and Sayid] Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy's actually gonna cause the thing he says he's trying to prevent? Perhaps that little nuke is the incident? So maybe the best thing to do... is nothing? [No-one responds] I'm glad you all thought this through.

Jacob: [about his tapestry] You like it? I did it myself. It takes a very long time when you're making the thread, but, uh... I suppose that's the point, isn't it?

Jacob: Benjamin... whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing. You have a choice.
Ben Linus: What "choice"?
Jacob: You can do what he asked, or you can go, leave us to discuss our... issues.
Ben Linus: Oh... so now, after all this time, you've decided to stop ignoring me. Thirty-five years I lived on this island, and all I ever heard was your name over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions--all those slips of paper, all those lists--and I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told, "You have to wait. You have to be patient." But when he asked to see you? He gets marched straight up here as if he was Moses. So... why him? Hmm? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?!
Jacob: [beat] What about you?
Ben Linus: [beat] Oh. Well...
[Ben stabs Jacob twice]

Season Six[edit]

LA X Part I [6.01][edit]

Sayid Jarrah: [dying] I've tortured more people than I can remember. I murdered. Wherever I'm going...it can't be very pleasant.

Boone Carlyle: You're not pulling my leg, are ya?
John Locke: Why would I pull your leg?
Boone Carlyle: [laughing] This thing goes down, I'm sticking with you.

The Man in Black: [To Ben, after transforming back from the Smoke Monster] I'm sorry you had to see me like that.

LA X Part II [6.02][edit]

Kate Austen: I need to go to the bathroom.
Edward Mars: Hold it.
Kate Austen: I can't hold it.
Edward Mars: Sure you can, kiddo. I believe in you.

Ben Linus: What are you?
The Man in Black: Wh.. I'm not a what Ben, I'm a who.
Ben Linus: You're the monster.
The Man in Black: Let's not resort to name calling.
Ben Linus: You used me... you couldn't kill him yourself, so you made me do it.
The Man in Black: I didn't make you do anything. You should know, he was very confused when you killed him.
Ben Linus: I seriously doubt that Jacob was ever confused.
The Man in Black: I'm not talking about Jacob. I'm talking about John Locke. Do you wanna know what he was thinking while you, choked the life outta him Benjamin? What the last thought that ran through his head was? [imitating Locke] "I don't understand". [smiles] Isn't that just the saddest thing you ever heard? But it's fitting in a way, because when John first came to the Island, he was a very sad man. A victim, shouting at the world for being told what he couldn't do, even though they were right. He was weak, and pathetic, and irreparably broken. But, despite all that, there was something admirable about him. He was the only one of them that didn't wanna leave. The only one, who realized how pitiful the life he'd left behind actually was.
Ben Linus: What do you want?
The Man in Black: Well that's the great irony here Ben because, I want the one thing that John Locke didn't. I want to go home.

What Kate Does [6.03][edit]

James "Sawyer" Ford: [about Sayid's revival] Of course he's fine.
Kate Austen: What's that mean?
James "Sawyer" Ford: He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go around.

Miles Straume: Uh, as you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position so that's...pretty great.

Miles Straume: So nothing? there wasn't anything? No white light? Angels singing? No dead relatives?
Sayid Jarrah: I remember being shot.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: You're not a zombie, right?
Sayid Jarrah: No. I'm not a zombie.

Kate Austen: Couple days ago, you asked me why I came back to the island... I need to find Claire. I thought, maybe if I could catch up to you, you could help me - and then, maybe if we could find her and bring her back to Aaron then maybe all of this wouldn't have been for nothing.

James "Sawyer" Ford: It's not your fault she's dead... It's mine. She was sittin' right there, right where you are now, tryin' to leave this place - and I convinced her to stay. I made her stay on this island because I didn't want to be alone. You understand that right? ... But, uh... But I think some of us are meant to be alone. [Sawyer glances down at ring he's holding] I was gonna ask her to marry me.

The Subsitute [6.04][edit]

James "Sawyer" Ford: What are you?
The Man in Black: What I am is trapped. And I've been trapped for so long that I don't even remember what it feels like to be free. Maybe you can understand that. But before I was trapped, I was a man, James. Just like you.
James "Sawyer" Ford: I'm havin' a hard time believin' that...
The Man in Black: You can believe whatever you want, that's the truth. I know what it's like to feel joy... to feel pain, anger, fear... to experience betrayal. I know what it's like to lose someone you love. So if you wanna shoot me, shoot me. But you're so close, James. It would be such a shame to turn back now.

[at Locke's funeral]
Ben Linus: John Locke was a...a believer, he was a man of faith, he was... a much better man than I will ever be. And I'm very sorry I murdered him.
Frank Lapidus: [under his breath] Weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to.

James "Sawyer" Ford: Why would he write my name on this wall? I never even met the guy.
The Man in Black: Oh no, I'm sure you did meet Jacob. At some point in your life, James, probably when you were young and miserable and vulnerable. He came to you, he manipulated you, pulled your strings like you were a puppet. And as a result, choices you thought were made, were never really choices at all. He was pushing you, James. Pushing you... to the Island.

Lighthouse [6.05][edit]

Jack Shephard: I'm not going anywhere, Hurley.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah, I told him you'd say that. That's why he told me to tell you...You have what it takes, Jack.
Jack Shephard: [Jack stands, shocked] What did you say?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I said "you have what it takes." He said you'd know what it means.
Jack Shephard: And Jacob he's at this Lighthouse?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah, I think?
Jack Shephard: Ok. Well, let's go see Jacob.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: This is cool, dude. Very old school.
Jack Shephard: What?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: You know, you and me trekking through the jungle, on our way to do something that we don't quite understand. Good times.

Jacob: Jack is here because he has to do something. He can't be told what that is, he's got to find it himself. Sometimes you can just hop in the back of someone's cab and tell them what they are supposed to do. Other times you have to let them look at the ocean for a while.

The Man In Black: [to Jin and Claire] I hope I'm not interrupting anything?
Jin Soo-Kwon: John?
Claire Littleton: That's not John, silly. That's my friend.
[The Man in Black smiles]

Sundown [6.06][edit]

The Man in Black: Dogen...the man who sent you out here, knew that you had no chance of killing me, and he believed that I would kill you if you tried. And this wasn't the first time that he tried to get someone else to do it for him was it?
Sayid Jarrah: No.
The Man in Black: Then shame on you, for being talked into it so easily.

Martin Keamy: Martin Keamy.
Sayid Jarrah: Sayid Jarrah. But you already know that.
Martin Keamy: Ah, that I do. Yeah. Alright...so, Sayid... how's your brother doin'? [to one of his henchmen] His brother got mugged right out front of his own store. It's just...terrible. But at least this way, you know, he's still around to take care of his family. You do want to take care of his family, don't you? Yes? You know, I can see that you're a very direct guy Sayid, so I'm just gonna get to the point. Your brother, he borrowed money from me. And just like anybody who borrows money or has a loan to pay, he has to make payments.
Sayid Jarrah: My brother told me he's paid you everything he owes. And that you still want more.
Martin Keamy: Sayid, that's a lie. Your brother does owe me, and somebody is gonna pay me that money.
Sayid Jarrah: Did you put my brother in the hospital?
Martin Keamy: What, you think it was me? I didn't do that. You know, it's a dangerous world, Sayid. And you know that because you're from Iraq. You never know when somebody's just gonna sneak up--
[Sayid suddenly attacks Keamy's henchmen]

Dogen: I was a business man once. In Osaka. I worked at a bank. I was good at my job. Very successful. And one Friday, I was promoted. My associates took me out to celebrate. I had too much to drink. Every Friday I picked my son up from baseball. He was twelve. The accident was very bad. I survived. But my son...And then, in the hospital, a man came to me. A man I had never met. And he told me that he could save my son's life, but I would have to come here... to this island... where I would have a new job. And I could never see my boy again.
Sayid Jarrah: Who was this man?
Dogen: His name was Jacob.
Sayid Jarrah: Jacob drives a hard bargain.

Ben Linus: Sayid? Come on. I know a way out of here. There's still time.
Sayid Jarrah: [smiling] Not for me.

Dr. Linus [6.07][edit]

Ilana Verdansky: This is what's left of Jacob's body. So tell me, Miles, how did he die?
Miles Straume: Linus killed him.
Ilana Verdansky: What?
Ben Linus: That's not true.
Ilana Verdansky: Are you sure?
Miles Straume: Well, he was standing over Jacob's dead body with a bloody dagger, so yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Roger Linus: This isn't the life I wanted for you, Ben. I wanted so much more.
Ben Linus: I know.
Roger Linus: That's why I signed up for that damn Dharma Initiative, and took you to the island, and they were decent people. Smarter than I'll ever be. Imagine how different our lives would've been If we'd stayed.
Ben Linus: Yes, we'd have both lived happily ever after.
Roger Linus: No, I'm serious, Ben. Who knows what you would've become.

Miles Straume: Why would I need your money when there are a couple of jabonies under there named Nikki and Paulo who got buried alive with $8 million in diamonds on top of them?
Ben Linus: I can't believe you're just gonna stand by and watch this happen. Ilana's gonna murder me for killing Jacob; A man who didn't even care about being killed!
Miles Straume: No, he cared.
Ben Linus: Excuse me?
Miles Straume: Right up until the second the knife went through his heart, he was hoping he was wrong about you. I guess he wasn't.

Richard Alpert: [to Jack] I devoted my life - longer than you can possibly imagine - in service of a man who told me that everything was happening for a reason, that he had a plan - a plan that I was a part of - and when the time was right that he'd share it with me. And now that man's gone. So why do I want to die? Because I just found out my entire life had no purpose.

Ilana Verdansky: What are you waiting for?
Ben Linus: I want to explain.
Ilana Verdansky: Explain what?
Ben Linus: I want to explain that I know what you're feeling.
Ilana Verdansky: You have no idea what I'm feeling.
Ben Linus: I watched my daughter, Alex, die in front of me. And it was my fault. I had a chance to save her, but I chose the island. Over her! All in the name of Jacob. I sacrificed everything for him. And he didn't even care. Yeah, I stabbed him. I was so angry. Confused. I-I was terrified that I was about to lose the only thing that had ever mattered to me: my power! But the thing that really mattered...was already gone. I'm sorry that I killed Jacob. I am. And I do not expect you to forgive me, because...I can never forgive myself.
Ilana Verdansky: Then what do you want?
Ben Linus: Just let me leave!
Ilana Verdansky: Where will you go?
Ben Linus: To Locke.
Ilana Verdansky: Why?
Ben Linus: [tearfully] Because he's the only one that'll have me!
Ilana Verdansky: I'll have you.

Recon [6.08][edit]

The Man in Black: I have to take responsibility for Claire's behaviour. I was the one who told her the Others had her baby.
Kate Austen: Why would you tell her that?
The Man in Black: Have you ever had an enemy? Someone that you needed to hate? Very powerful, isn't it? Claire was devastated without Aaron. She needed something to... something to keep her going. So, I gave her something to hate. And then... when you told her the truth... all those feelings, all that anger that she'd been holding on to for so long... it had to go somewhere.
Kate Austen: Very insighful... coming from a dead man.
The Man in Black: Well, nobody's perfect. I'm sorry that this happened. And I'm sure if you give her time, everything will be alright. I promised before that I would keep everyone safe. And that means you too, Kate.

The Man in Black: You referred to me as a dead man. I am not a dead man. I know what you're feeling, Kate. I know what you're going through.
Kate Austen: And how do you know that?
The Man in Black: Because... my mother was crazy. Long time ago, before I... looked like this... I had a mother, just like everyone. She was a very disturbed woman. And, as a result of that, I had some growing pains. Problems that I'm still trying to work my way through. Problems that could have been avoided had things been different.
Kate Austen: Why are you telling me this?
The Man in Black: Because now Aaron has a crazy mother too.

Charles Widmore: We didn't murder those people. But I don't expect you to believe that.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Good, I don't.

Ab Aeterno [6.09][edit]

The Man in Black: Got to get you on your feet. Gonna need your strength if we're going to escape.
Richard Alpert: Escape?
The Man in Black: That's right. I'm afraid there's only one way to escape from Hell. You're going to have to kill the Devil.

Richard Alpert: I am in Hell. I know that I am in Hell.
Jacob: You really think you're dead?
Richard Alpert: Where else would I be?

Jacob: Think of this wine as what you keep calling hell. There's many other names for it too: malevolence, evil, darkness. And here it is, swirling around in the bottle, unable to get out because if it did, it would spread. The cork [he corks the bottle] is this island...and it's the only thing keeping the darkness where it belongs. That man who sent you to kill me believes that everyone is corruptible because it's in their very nature to sin. I bring people here to prove him wrong. And when they get here, their past doesn't matter.
Richard Alpert: Before you brought my ship, there were others?
Jacob: Yes, many.
Richard Alpert: What happened to them?
Jacob: They're all dead.
Richard Alpert: But if you brought them here, why didn't you help them?
Jacob: Because I wanted them to help themselves. To know the difference between right and wrong without me having to tell them. It's all meaningless if I have to force them to do anything. Why should I have to step in?
Richard Alpert: If you don't, he will.

Richard Alpert: I want my wife back.
Jacob: Can't do that.
Richard Alpert: Can you absolve me of my sins so I don't go to Hell?
Jacob: I can't do that either.
Richard Alpert: I never want to die. I want to live forever.
Jacob: Now that...[touches Richard's shoulder]...I can do.

Jacob: I see you got my present.
The Man in Black: Don't gloat, Jacob. It doesn't become you.
Jacob: So you tried to kill me?
The Man in Black: You expect an apology?
Jacob: No. I guess I'm just wondering why you did it.
The Man in Black: Because I want to leave. Just let me leave, Jacob.
Jacob: As long as I'm alive, you're not going anywhere.
The Man in Black: Well then, now you know why I want to kill you. And I will kill you, Jacob.
Jacob: Even if you do so, somebody else will take my place.
The Man in Black: Then I'll kill them too.

The Package [6.10][edit]

Sayid Jarrah: I don't feel anything.
The Man in Black: Excuse me?
Sayid Jarrah: Anger. Happiness. Pain. I don't feel it anymore.
The Man in Black: Maybe that's best, Sayid. It'll help you get through what's coming.

James "Sawyer" Ford: What do you need a boat for? Can't you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over the water?
The Man in Black: Do you think if I could do that I would still be on this island?
James "Sawyer" Ford: No, 'cause that would be ridiculous...

Martin Keamy: [watching Sun and Jin converse in Korean] Stop it. I feel like I'm in a damn Godzilla movie.

Charles Widmore: Do you know who I am?
The Man in Black: Charles Widmore. Do you know who I am?
Charles Widmore: Obviously you're not John Locke. Everything else I know is a combination of myth, ghost stories, and jungle noises in the night.
The Man in Black: I think you know more than that judging by these pylons.
Charles Widmore: Why did you come here?
The Man in Black: You took one of my people, Jin Kwon.
Charles Widmore: I have no idea what you're talking about.
The Man in Black: [beat] A wise man once said that war was coming to this Island, I think it just got here.

Martin Keamy: I got this. You go get the Arab guy.
Omar: Hey...I'm an Arab.
Martin Keamy: Just go pick him up
[Omar leaves and Keamy starts to tend to Jin's wound while tying him up]
Martin Keamy: Sorry about that. Omar is loyal but he lacks attention to detail. You don't really understand a word I'm saying to you right now, do you? Nothing? Right. Just hold still okay. I'm gonna strap you in here just in case you figure out what's about to happen to you, I can't have you freaking out. I don't think you realise how unhappy Mr. Paik was when he found out that you were doing his little girl. That other twenty five that you were supposed to deliver, that was my fee for popping you. From what I hear, now anyone who works for Paik knows the cardinal rule - hands off the boss's daughter. But you, you couldn't resist her, could you? The heart wants what the heart wants.
Jin Soo-Kwon: Thank you.
Martin Keamy: I'm sorry. Some people just aren't meant to be together.

Happily Ever After [6.11][edit]

Desmond Hume: Sacrifice? What the bloody Hell do you know about sacrifice?
Charles Widmore: My son died here for the sake of this island. Your wife - my own daughter - hates me. And I've never even met my grandson. But if you won't help me, Desmond, all of it will be for nothing. Penny, your son, and everyone else, will be gone forever.

Charles Widmore: You heard of a band called Drive Shaft?
Desmond Hume: No, can't say I have.
Charles Widmore: Their bass guitarist overdosed and uh, got himself arrested. And now, if I don't get this junkie to my wife's event she will, simply put, destroy me.

Everybody Loves Hugo [6.12][edit]

Libby Smith: It's okay, it's okay. I'm crazy.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Yeah, probably, but we all got something, right? I mean it takes a lot of guts to go up to a total stranger and tell them that you know them from some bizarro alternate universe ... I'm scared just, saying hi to a girl.
Libby Smith: You're doin' fine.

Richard Alpert: A while back, Jacob told me what the Island was, and if he's really standing here right next to me, then just ask him.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I don't have to prove anything to you, Richard. You either come with me or you can keep trying to blow stuff up. Your call, dude.
Richard Alpert: He's lying. Jacob isn't telling us what to do. Because Jacob never tells us what to do. I'm going to make this simple. If that thing leaves the island, that's it. I-it's over.
Miles Straume: What's over?
Richard Alpert: Everything.

The Man in Black: Remind me, Desmond, how long were you pressing the button down in that hatch?
Desmond Hume: Three years.
The Man in Black: And here you are, back for more. If I didn't know better, I'd say the Island has it in for you.
Desmond Hume: Oh there's nothing special about me, brother.
The Man in Black: I'm sorry.
Desmond Hume: You're here too. If I didn't know better, I'd say the Island has it in for all of us.
The Man in Black: I couldn't agree more.
[The Man in Black is unsettled when he sees the ghostly boy he saw before staring at them]
Desmond Hume: Who is that?
The Man in Black: ...Just ignore him.
Desmond Hume: Do you know that boy?
The Man in Black: I said ignore him!
[Desmond sees the boy smile and run away]

The Man in Black: Why aren't you afraid?
Desmond Hume: Excuse me?
The Man in Black: You're out here in the jungle, alone, with me. No one else on earth knows you're here. So I wanna know, why aren't you afraid?
Desmond Hume: What's the point in being afraid?
[MIB looks slightly intimidated, before smiling and then throwing Desmond down the well they were standing beside]

The Last Recruit [6.13][edit]

[Jack and The Man in Black are meeting for the first time]
Jack Shephard: You look just like him.
The Man in Black: Does it bother you?
Jack Shephard: No, what bothers me is I have no idea what the hell you are.
The Man in Black: Sure you do.
Jack Shephard: Why John Locke?
The Man in Black: Because he was stupid enough to believe he had been brought here for a reason. Because he pursued that belief until it got him killed. And because you were kind enough to bring his body back here in a nice little wooden box.
Jack Shephard: And he had to be dead before you could look like him?
The Man in Black: That's right.
Jack Shephard: And who else have you looked like?
The Man in Black: Jack, what do you really want to ask me?
Jack Shephard: Our third day here, I chased my father through the jungle, my dead father. Was that you?
The Man in Black: Yes, that was me.
Jack Shephard: Why?
The Man in Black: You needed to find water. Jack, I know this must be hard for you to understand, but all I've ever tried to do is help you.
Jack Shephard: To "help me?" To do what?
The Man in Black: Leave! But because Jacob chose you, you were trapped on this Island, before you even got here. Now Jacob's dead, we don't need to be trapped here. We can get on a plane and fly away anytime we want.
Jack Shephard: If we could just get on a plane and fly away, why would you even still be here?
The Man in Black: Because it has to be all of us.
[Jack still looks uncertain]
The Man in Black: What?
Jack Shephard: John Locke was the only one of us who ever believed in this place. He did everything he could to keep us from leaving this Island.
The Man in Black: John Locke was not a believer, Jack. He was a sucker.

The Man in Black: Were you following us, Claire?
Claire Littleton: Yeah,
The Man in Black: Why?
Claire Littleton: [Looking at Jack] Because he's my brother.
The Man in Black: Looks like you two have a lot of catching up to do. I'll leave you to it.
Jack Shephard: Claire, I'm-- I'm sorry we--
Claire Littleton: Did he tell you? That he was the one pretending to be our father?
Jack Shephard: Yeah, he did.
Claire Littleton: You know I pretty much gave up hoping that any of you would come back. And now that you're here...it's good to see you, Jack.
Jack Shephard: Yeah, it's good to see you too.
Claire Littleton: Well, I've never had much in the way of family so it really means a lot that you're coming with us.
Jack Shephard: Actually, I haven't decided if I'm coming with you.
Claire Littleton: Yeah you have.
Jack Shephard: What do you mean?
Claire Littleton: You decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us. So, whether you like it or not, you're with him now.

[Zoe, Widmore's associate, enters The Man in Black's camp]
The Man in Black: What can I do for you?
Zoe: You took something from us. We want him back.
The Man in Black: I don't know what you're talking about.
[Zoe goes for her walkie, MIB's people take aim on her]
The Man in Black: No, no, it's okay.
Zoe:[On her walkie] Show them what we're capable of.
[A few seconds later, a mortar round lands behind The Man in Black, causing an explosion. He doesn't even twitch, unimtimidated. Zoe gives him a walkie]
Zoe: You can call us on that when you're ready to return what you took.
[Zoe leaves. The Man in Black drops the walkie and crushes it with his stick]
The Man in Black: Well, here we go.

[after Widmore attacks with mortars, The Man in Black carries a wounded Jack into the jungle]
The Man in Black: Don't worry, Jack. Everything's going to be okay. You're with me, now.

The Candidate [6.14][edit]

The Man in Black: I need for you to trust me.
Jack Shephard: Why should I trust you?
The Man in Black: Because I could kill you, Jack. Right here, right now. And I could kill every single one of your friends, and there is not a thing you could do to stop me. But instead of killing you, I saved your life, and now I want to save them too.

The Man in Black: Are you sure you won't reconsider, Jack?
Jack Shephard: Yeah, I'm sure.
The Man in Black: Well whoever told you that you need to stay had no idea what they were talking about.
Jack Shephard: John Locke told me that I needed to stay. [pushes the Man in Black in the water]

Jack Shephard: Wait. [stops Sayid from pulling the wires out of the C4]
James "Sawyer" Ford: What the hell are you doing Doc?
Jack Shephard: Nothing is going to happen.
James "Sawyer" Ford: What?
Jack Shephard: Don't pull those wires out. We're going to be OK. Nothing is going to happen.
James "Sawyer" Ford: If I don't pull these wires, Locke is going to blow us to kingdom come.
Jack Shephard: No he's not! Locke can't kill us.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Uhh, what?
Jack Shephard: This is what he wanted. This has been what he has been waiting for. Everything that he has done has been to get us here. He wanted to get us all at the same place at the same time in a nice enclosed space where we had no hopes of getting out.
Jin Kwon: I don't understand.
Jack Shephard: Locke said that he couldn't leave the Island without us. I think that he can't leave the Island unless we're all dead. He told me that he could kill any one of us whenever he wanted, so what if he hasn't because he's not allowed to? What if he's trying to get us to kill each other?
James "Sawyer" Ford: Stay out of my way Doc.
Jack Shephard: If he wanted that thing to blow up, why did he put a timer on it? Why not just throw it inside?
James "Sawyer" Ford: I don't care.
Jack Shephard: Nothing is going to happen.
James "Sawyer" Ford: It's not your decision to make.
Jack Shephard: He can't kill us!
James "Sawyer" Ford: I'm not going to stand here and do nothing!
Jack Shephard: James... We are going to be OK. You just have to trust me.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Sorry Doc, I don't.
[Sawyer pulls the wires from the C4 and the clock then speeds up]

Sayid Jarrah: Listen carefully. There's a well on the main Island a half mile south from where we were just left. Desmond is inside it. Locke wants him dead, which means you are going to need him. Do you understand me?
Jack Shephard: Now why are you telling me this?
Sayid Jarrah: Because it is going to be you Jack. [Takes the bomb and runs]
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Sayid!
[Sayid gets to the front of the sub, away from the others, and the bomb goes off, killing him.]

The Man in Black: [Looking out at sea] It sunk...
Claire Littleton: You mean the sub? But everyone was on board. What, they're all dead?
The Man in Black: Not all of them.
[MIB grabs a rifle and his pack and starts off into the night]
Claire Littleton: Wait, where are you going?
The Man in Black: To finish what I started.

Across The Sea [6.15][edit]

Mother: Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.

Mother: Jacob doesn't know how to lie. He's not like you.
Boy in Black: Why, what am I like?
Mother: You're...special.

Boy in Black: [as they play Senet] You can’t do that, Jacob.
Jacob: Why not?
Boy in Black: Because it’s against the rules.
Jacob: You made the rules.
Boy in Black: I found it. One day, you can make up your own game and everyone else will have to follow your rules.

Mother: May I join you?
Man In Black: [sheaths his dagger] Yes...how are you?
Mother: I’m worried.
Man In Black: Well, Mother, you should be. I spent 30 years searching for that place you brought me as a child--that...waterfall with that beautiful light. I’ve walked this island from end to end, not once coming close to finding it. But, then I began to think--what if the light underneath the island--what if I could get to it from someplace else? Figuring out how to reach it took a very long time.
Mother: The people with you, they saw this, too?
Man In Black: Yes, they have some very interesting ideas about what to do with it.
Mother: Do with it? You don’t have any idea wh--
Man In Black: I have no idea because you wouldn’t tell me, Mother!
[The Man In Black dislodges a stone, which allows light to filter in - Mother notices a large, wooden wheel leaning against the cavern wall]
Mother: What is that?
Man In Black: It’s a wheel...we're going to make an opening...one much bigger than this one; and, then I’m going to attach that wheel to a system we’re building. A system that channels the water and the light. And then I’m gonna turn it. And when I do...I’ll finally be able to leave this place.
Mother: How do you know all this? How do you know it will work?
Man In Black: I’m special...Mother.

[Mother has brought Jacob to the cave of light]
Mother: Do you recognize this place?
Jacob: Yes,
Mother: Do you remember what I showed you here?
Jacob: The light.
Mother: You're going to protect it now.
Jacob: What's down there?
Mother: Life. Death. Rebirth. It's the source. The Heart of the Island. Just promise me that no matter what you do, you won't ever go down there.
Jacob: Would I die?
Mother: It would be worse than dying, Jacob. Much worse. [She pulls out a jug of wine and pours some into a cup. She whispers a Latin incantation over it] Here, drink this.
Jacob: What happens if I do?
Mother: You will accept the responsibility that you will protect this place for as long as you can. And then you'll have to find your replacement.
Jacob: I don't want to protect this place.
Mother: Someone has to.
Jacob: I don't care.
Mother: My time is over.
Jacob: Why, why is your time over?
Mother: It has to be you, Jacob!
Jacob: No it doesn't, you wanted it to be him [The Man in Black]! But now I'm all you have.
Mother: It was always supposed to be you, Jacob. I see that now. And one day you'll see it too. But until then, you don't really have a choice. Now please, take the cup and drink.
[Jacob drinks from the cup]
Mother: Now you and I are the same.

What They Died For [6.16][edit]

Richard Alpert: I'm not interested in hiding. He's gonna find me sooner or later anyway. I'd rather have it over with.
Miles Straume: These are both great plans, but I'm gonna go with surviving. If you need us, we'll be running through the jungle.

Ben Linus: [after killing Widmore] He doesn't get to save his daughter.

Jacob: You call him "the monster." But I'm responsible for what happened to him. I made him that way. And ever since then, he's been trying to kill me. It was only a matter of time before he figured out how, and when he did, someone would have to replace me. And that's why I brought you all here.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Tell me something, Jacob. Why do I gotta be punished for your mistake? What made you think you can mess with my life? I was doin' just fine 'til you dragged my ass to this damn rock.
Jacob: No, you weren't. None of you were. I didn't pluck any of you out of a happy existence. You were all flawed. I chose you because you were like me. You were all alone. You were all looking for something that you couldn't find out there. I chose you because you needed this place as much as it needed you.

The End [6.17][edit]

Part 1[edit]

Jack Shephard: Jacob didn't say anything to me about Desmond.
James "Sawyer" Ford: Doesn't sound like he said anything about anything.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: IThat's kind of true, dude. He's worse than Yoda.
James "Sawyer" Ford: All right, ya'll head to your heart of the island and I'll go back and get the magic leprechaun out of that well.
Jack Shephard: If we leave a trail can you catch up with us?
James "Sawyer" Ford: [nods] Hell, yeah, I can.
Jack Shephard: Then be safe.
James "Sawyer" Ford: [to Kate] I'd ask you along, but that'd take all of the fun out of me telling you you can't come.
Kate Austen: [smiles] I guess I'll just have to resist the urge to follow you anyway.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I got a bad feeling about this.

Kate Austen: Who died?
Desmond Hume: A man named Christian Shephard.
Kate Austen: "Christian Shephard"? Seriously?

The Man in Black: I'm sorry, Jack. I think you're a little confused about what I came here to do.
Jack Shephard: No, I'm not. No, you're going to the far side of the bamboo forest to the place that I've sworn that I'll protect. And then you think you're gonna destroy the island.
The Man in Black: I "think"?
Jack Shephard: That's right, because that's not what's gonna happen.
The Man in Black: Then what's gonna happen, Jack?
Jack Shephard: I'm gonna kill you.
The Man in Black: How do you plan to do that?
Jack Shephard: It's a surprise.

The Man in Black: If there was a button down there to push, we could fight about whether or not to push it. It'd be just like old times.
Jack Shephard: You're not John Locke. You disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you're nothing like him. Turns out he was right about most everything. I just wish I could've told him that while he was still alive.
The Man in Black: He wasn't right about anything, Jack. And when this island drops into the ocean, and you drop with it, you're finally gonna realize that.

The Man in Black: [holding a knife to Jack's throat] I want you to know, Jack, you died for nothing!
Kate Austen: [shoots MIB in the back] I saved you a bullet!
[Jack gets to his feet; MIB looks out at the Island as it slowly crumbles]
The Man in Black: You're too late...
[Jack kicks the Man in Black over the cliffs, killing him]

Part 2[edit]

Ben Linus: [over the walkie-talkie to Frank] Frank, how's it going over there? What's your timetable?
Frank Lapidus: [shouting] Don't bother me!
[Frank tosses the walke-talkie away]
Ben Linus: Sounds like they're making progress.

Jack Shephard: Desmond, you've done enough. You want to do something, go home and be with your wife and son.
Desmond Hume: What about you, Jack?
Jack Shephard: I'll see you in another life, brother.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Jack's gone.
[Hurley begins to cry]
Ben Linus: He did his job, Hugo.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: But it's my job now! What the hell am I gonna do?
Ben Linus: I think you'll do what you do best: Take care of people. And you can start by helping Desmond go home.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: How? People can't leave the Island.
Ben Linus: That was how Jacob ran things. Maybe there's another way, a better way.
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Can you help me?
Ben Linus: I'm sorry?
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: I could sorta use someone with, like, experience. For a little while. So...will you help me, Ben?
Ben Linus: [emotional] I would be honored.

[Jack has entered the back of the church in the sideways world. He finds his father's coffin inside. Upon touching it the memories of his life on the Island come rushing back. He then opens the coffin and finds it is empty; he closes it disappointed]
Christian Shephard: Hey, kiddo.
Jack Shephard: [Shocked] Dad?
Christian Shephard: Hello, Jack.
Jack Shephard: ...I don't understand. You died.
Christian Shephard: Yeah, I did.
Jack Shephard: Then how are you here right now?
Christian Shephard: How are you here?
Jack Shephard: [beat] I died too.
Christian Shephard: [They hug as Jack becomes wracked with emotion] It's ok, it's ok, son. It's ok.
Jack Shephard: I love you, dad.
Christian Shephard: I love you too.
Jack Shephard: Are you...are you real?
Christian Shephard: [Laughs] I sure hope so. I'm real, you're real, everything that happened to you is real. The people in that church, they're real.
Jack Shephard: And everyone else, they're all dead too?
Christian Shephard: Everyone dies sometime, kiddo. Some before you, some long after you.
Jack Shephard: Are they all here now?
Christian Shephard: Well, there is no 'now' here.
Jack Shephard: Where are we, dad?
Christian Shephard: This is the place that you all made together so that you could find one another. The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people. That's why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone, Jack. You needed all of them and they needed you.
Jack Shephard: For what?
Christian Shephard: To remember and let go.
Jack Shephard: Kate. She said we were leaving.
Christian Shephard: Not leaving, no. Moving on.

John Locke: [to Jack] We've been waiting for you.



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About Lost (TV series)[edit]

  • Carlton Cuse: For us, The Stand has been a model. Lost is about a bunch of people stranded on an island. It’s compelling, but kind of tiny. But what sustains you are the characters. In The Stand, I was completely gripped by everyone you introduced in that story — how they come together, what their individual stories are, how they face the premise. That was such a good model for Lost.
Damon Lindelof: The first meeting I had with J.J. about Lost, we talked about The Stand, and it kept suggesting ideas throughout the process. The character of Charlie was always going to be a druggie rocker, but when Dominic Monaghan came in to audition we started saying, ”What if he was a one-hit wonder?” I said, ”Like the guy in The Stand! The guy with just this one song."
  • Lost: Why We're All Stuck on the Island, explains, "Lost performs a very necessary function: It gives a narrative (and a safety-distant context) to a real-felt sense of trauma. By giving these abstract ideas a tangible narrative with a beginning and ending each week, that sense of terror is contained by the show and this become something that might actually be manageable." Or, as Mikal Gilmore explains in a Rolling Stone piece barely longer than this quotation, Losts characters "are lost in their times-which is to say they are lost in our times, the uncertain reality of post-9/11. Planes hurtled from the sky that morning in 2001 and brought with them fear and irresolution; we now live with an unanticipated horror at our center. Like Losts survivors, we can't forecast the turns that horror will take, and we can't immediately fathom our own part in it." Finally, writing in Slates TV Club, Seth Stevenson echoes Gilmore: "When the show debuted in 2004, I think it was pretty clearly influenced by the post-9/11 context. An airplane no longer controlled by its pilots. A bewildering, catastrophic incident. Community forming in the wake of tragedy. Ben Linus, with his sinister methods and veiled motives, called to mind the paranoia of the anthrax-in-envelopes days."
  • Indeed, as Gilmore and Stevenson suggest, Lost's premise, imagery, sustained conflicts, and mysteries that bordered on conspiracies borrowed overtly from representations most frequently associated with 9/11: the premise of the plane crash itself, from the Pilot episode through the concluding overhead image of the last episode, The End, through the show's recurring conceits of Iraq, torture, air marshals, paranoia, the way in which people from different backgrounds alternately mistrust each other and band together, the presence of infiltrators and Others in our midst, and the tensions between faith reason, and coincidence. The airplane-for 9/11, and for Lost, came to symbolize the delicate, porous intersections between people the world over, perhaps a narrative convenience to bring disparate characters together, a contemporary version of John Ford's Stagecoach - or even Chaucer's pilgrimage in The Canterbury Tales.
    • Ibid, p.98.

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