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Formatting guidelines[edit]

NOTE: these guidelines are adapted, in many cases word-for-word, from those created for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

To add a quote, find the episode it occurs in and copy the formatting of an existing quote to your own needs. If you don't know what episode your quote appeared in, place it in the Unknown episode section, and someone will move it as time permits.

The basic formatting guidelines are as follows, using this example:

:'''[[w:Shannon Rutherford|Shannon]]''': The ocean's full of fish.
:'''[[w:Boone Carlyle|Boone]]''': Hate to break it to you. The ocean's not gonna take your gold card.
  • The colon (:) indents the quote.
  • The triple apostrophes (''') surrounding the character name make the name bold.
  • The double brackets ([[,]]) make the character name a Wiki link, so you can click on the character for more information.
  • The expression "w:Character's FullName|" makes it a link to Wikipedia, where the major Lost characters have entries (see below for list of characters).
  • Don't put any blank lines between lines within a single dialog quote, but make sure there's a blank line between separate quotes.

When added to the page, the result looks like this:

Shannon: The ocean's full of fish.
Boone: Hate to break it to you. The ocean's not gonna take your gold card.

Only put Wiki links around the first occurrence of each character in an episode (to save time and headaches). If all this formatting is too much for your to bother with, just use a simplified version:

:'''Shannon''': The ocean's full of fish.
:'''Boone''': Hate to break it to you. The ocean's not gonna take your gold card.

Just try to remember the initial colon (:) and the blank line between different quotes. Sooner or later, someone will likely come along and pretty it up. --RPickman 05:26, 18 October 2005 (UTC)

Character list[edit]

Here is a set of preformatted character names that, if you paste it into your quotes, will provide full formatting and linking abilities, including disambiguation for common names.

Major Characters [i.e. characters who have their own wikipedia entries]
:'''[[w:Jack Shephard|Jack]]'''
:'''[[w:Kate Austen|Kate]]'''
:'''[[w:James "Sawyer" Ford|Sawyer]]'''
:'''[[w:Sayid Jarrah|Sayid]]'''
:'''[[w:John Locke (Lost)|Locke]]'''
:'''[[w:Charlie Pace|Charlie]]'''
:'''[[w:Michael Dawson (Lost)|Michael]]'''
:'''[[w:Walt Lloyd|Walt]]'''
:'''[[w:Boone Carlyle|Boone]]'''
:'''[[w:Shannon Rutherford|Shannon]]'''
:'''[[w:Jin-Soo Kwon|Jin]]'''
:'''[[w:Sun-Hwa Kwon|Sun]]'''
:'''[[w:Hugo "Hurley" Reyes|Hurley]]'''
:'''[[w:Claire Littleton|Claire]]'''
:'''[[w:Ana Lucia Cortez|Ana Lucia]]'''
:'''[[w:Mr. Eko|Mr. Eko]]'''
:'''[[w:Libby (Lost)|Libby]]'''
:'''[[w:Desmond Hume|Desmond]]'''
:'''[[w:Ben Linus|Ben]]'''
:'''[[w:Juliet Burke|Juliet]]'''
:'''[[w:Nikki and Paulo|Paulo]]'''
:'''[[w:Nikki and Paulo|Nikki]]'''
:'''[[w:Rose Henderson|Rose]]'''
:'''[[w:Bernard Nadler|Bernard]]'''
:'''[[w:Richard Alpert (Lost)|Richard]]'''
:'''[[w:Juliet Burke|Juliet]]'''
:'''[[w:Daniel Faraday|Faraday]]'''
:'''[[w:Ilana (Lost)|Ilana]]'''
:'''[[w:Charlotte Lewis (Lost)|Charlotte]]'''
:'''[[w:Miles Straume|Miles]]'''

Section breaks[edit]

A half-line is used to separate sections of dialogue; this is clearer than simply leaving one line blank, and distinct from the full-length line that marks the beginning of a new episode. It's done like so:

<hr width="50%"/>

The result looks like this: