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You know something, Carlo? For the last 10 years, all I done was kill. I killed for my country... I killed for my family... I killed anybody who got in my way. But this one... This one's for me.

Mafia II is a 2010 video game developed by 2K Czech. It is the sequel to Mafia. The game is set in the 1940-50s era Empire Bay, a fictional city based on New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit. The player assumes the role of Vito Scaletta, a small time criminal and World War II veteran who works his way up to become a made man in the mob. The game plays in a linear, highly cinematic fashion.

Written by Daniel Vávra and Jack Scalici.
"Mr. Angelo?"
"Uh... yes?"
"Mr. Salieri sends his regards."

Vito Scaletta[edit]

  • My name is Vito Scaletta. I was born in Sicily in 1925. That little guy is me, I’m standing there with my parents and my sister Francesca, in front of our old house. I don’t really remember too much about the old country, except that we were pretty hard up, and then one day my father decided it was time to move away. Away from Sicily, across the ocean to start a new life in America. Never in my life had I seen anything as fantastic as Empire Bay, it was beautiful. But on the other hand, I’d never seen anything more filthy and so disgusting as our new rathole of an apartment. The American dream was more like a nightmare. My father started working at the port for the guy who arranged our immigration, it was back-breaking work, and the little money he made mostly went toward booze. Eventually my parents sent me to school, I had to learn English. I sure as hell wasn’t going to do that in a neighbourhood full of Italians. That's where I met Joe. Over time Joe and I got to be best friends and since we were both poor and there wasn't much work around, we stared a little business of our own. (Cut to a scene showing Joe and Vito as juvenile delinquents stealing; Vito gets captured by a police officer) Well, that time, it didn't work out so good. The year was 1943 and America was at war and they needed guys who spoke the language to help out with the invasion of Sicily, I was 18 and anything seemed better than jail, who says you can’t go home again.
  • (Upon being imprisoned) Here it was, my happy home for the next ten years. It looked like crap like smelled like piss. Too bad I was out of the Army and the war had just ended; I would have preferred dodging bullets in Europe to this.

Crazy prisoner[edit]

  • (muttering to himself) The WAR... War is just beginning. All your base... ALL your base... Are belong to us... To US! Someone set us up... Yes, they set us up... The BOMB! You are on the path to destruction... With no chance to survive... Make your time! All of you, make your time. No chance, no chance to survive! All... Your base...

Black prisoner[edit]

  • You have about as much chance as knocking me out as one of our people has getting elected President!

Francesca Scaletta[edit]

  • (After Vito presents her with the money to retire their father’s debt) Vito! How on earth were you able to get the money? You haven’t done anything that you will be sorry for, did you?

Don Clemente[edit]

  • (A bomb explodes in a meeting room in order to kill Don Clemente and his capos. The bomb kills many men but not Clemente, who was in the bathroom and out of the bomb blast zone.) What the fuck was that? An earthquake? (He goes into the destroyed conference room and sees dead bodies, then Joe and Vito on a window washing platform.) You! You assholes, you're gonna die for this!

Don Vinci[edit]

  • Whatever you do, stay away from the dope, gentlemen. No dope, that is our policy.

Henry Tomasino[edit]

  • (Henry catches Vito and Leo Galante hiding from him in a closet.) C’mon, c’mon. Get out of there. It’s about damn time you came out of the closet.

Leo Galante[edit]

  • (The final scene of the game) Sorry kid. Joe wasn't the part of our deal.


Private Williams (reeling from disgust from the atrocities of the Italian fascists): Goddamn greaseballs! Uh, no offense Scaletta.
Vito (equally disgusted with Mussolini’s blackshirts): None taken.

(Vito kept a promise to his mother to see Mr. Pappalardo, his father’s old boss for work. However, he is annoyed at being made to load crates on a truck for meager pay.)
Steve: Hey, you done?
Vito: Yeah, I’m done and you can keep your ten bucks! When I said I needed a job, I didn’t mean slave labor.
Steve: Whatever, get the fuck out of here then. Don’t show your face around here again.
Vito: Yeah, don’t worry, I can make a hundred times more working for “Barbaro Incorporated”.
Steve: Wait!... You said Barbaro? Joe Barbaro?
Vito: Yeah, so what?
Steve: Shit! Nobody who works with Joe would carry crates around for ten bucks! What the hell are you doing? Come with me.
Steve escorts Vito to Derek's office
Derek: What now?
Steve: Well, this one don’t like manual labor.
Derek: What the fuck!
Steve: Said he works with Joe Barbaro.
Derek: Bullshit! Who’d want to load crates if he works with Joe? (To Vito) You’ll have to explain this one to me, sonny boy, what’s your story?
Vito: Well, my mother wanted me to come talk to you about an honest job, but I need real money, so this ain’t gonna cut it.
Derek: Hehehe, damn women. They’re all the same, right Steve?
Steve: Sure, Derek.
Derek: She doesn’t want you hangin’ around with Joe, right? Hehehe. My mother was the same way and look what become of me! Union Boss! I got the whole fucking waterfront under my thumb. So how’s Joe?
Vito: Pretty good, I guess.
Derek: So, how’d you meet up with him?
Vito: Uh, we go way back to the old neighborhood. I just came back from overseas and he’s puttin’ me up until I can get back up on my feet.
Derek: Listen, you gotta understand a person in my position’s gotta be careful.
Vito: Certainly.
Derek: So you won’t mind if I give Joe a call, right?
Vito: No, go ahead.
Derek: Now, where’d I put his number?... Oh, here it is.
(Derek produces his gun and places it on the desk, then phones Barbaro residence, intimidating Vito, as he seems ready to shoot Vito should he be fibbing about Joe.)

Vito: Good. I’d feel a lot better with some money in my pocket.
Joe: Hey, what’s the rush? Money don’t you buy happiness, you know?
Vito: Get the fuck out of here!
Joe: Aha! I’m just fucking with ya. Don't worry about the money.

Warden Stone: All right Scaletta, in the hole you go for fighting! Lights out! But just to prove I am not totally heartless, here is a letter for you. It might have something to do concerning your mother.
Warden Stone hands Vito the letter, then locks him in solitary confinement. The guard is about to shut off the lights, but the warden motions not yet in order to allow Vito to read the letter. Vito eventually reads the letter, seeing it indeed has to do with his mother, then the guard shuts off the light
Vito (screaming): No no no nooo!!! Fuck!!
Vito (as narrator): Mama passed away shortly after Frankie came to visit me. All the money I gave her went immediately to covering her funeral, which meant there was nothing left over to help Francesca in her new marriage.

Vito: Alright. So now can you tell me what this is all about?
Joe: We’re gonna drive there, pop some guy, and drive away. Should be a piece of cake.
Vito: Why?
Joe: Eddie says it’s a favor from some family from another city, unfinished business. He gave me this envelope with all the instructions, said it’s gotta be clean and it gotta be done today.
Vito: Why the hell does the other family just do it themselves?
Joe: Eddie said they’ve been looking for this guy for a while, and they just found him. They’re afraid that if it ain’t done right, the guy is going to disappear again. Here, here is a picture of him.

[Vito and Joe, doing a favor for another family, arrive at an aged Tommy Angelo's address]
Vito: Mr. Angelo?
Tommy Angelo: Uh... Yes?
Vito: Mr. Salieri sends his regards.
Joe shoots Tommy with his 12 gauge shotgun

[Vito has just learned that Derek had ordered Steve to kill his father]
Derek Pappalardo: They're just tryin' to get under your skin.
Vito: [pointing his shotgun at Derek] Derek?
Derek: Hey, stop pointin' that gun at me.
Old Dockworker: Why don't you ask him how your dad "drowned" that night?
Derek: Shut up!
Vinnie: We seen him take a walk with Steve, and then Steve come back alone, and all wet!
Derek: Stop pointin' that thing at me!
Vito: What the hell happened with my father, Derek?
Derek: Are you nuts or what? Who are you gonna trust, me, or these now-unemployed losers? We've known each other for a long time, Vito. Thing of all the things-
Vito: Why were you all wet, Steve? You dive in and try to save 'im?
Steve: Because he wouldn't stay underwater.
Derek: Keep your mouth shut! Vito, you swore an oath. I was there. Our loyalty to the Family is greater than to our own families.
Vito: Tell that to my mother.
Steve: Eh, should I kill him?
Derek: No, not here. We'll settle things with him later. [backing away] You disappoint me, Vito. You really do.
Vito: I'm gonna do a hell of a lot more than disappoint you, Derek.
[Derek and his men back out of the warehouse]
Old Dockworker: Your dad-
Vito: Not now. Gotta get that fuck before he runs away.
Vinnie: [taking out a pistol] Time to teach that fat fuck a lesson!

Vito: [after he and Joe kill Falcone's goons and wounding Falcone] You know something, Carlo? For the last 10 years, all I done was kill. I killed for my country...
[shoots Falcone in the leg]
Falcone: Ugh!
Vito: I killed for my family...
[shoots Falcone in the back]
Falcone: Ugh!
Vito: I killed anybody that got in my way.
[shoots Falcone again in the back]
Falcone: Ugh!
Vito: But this one... This one's for me.
Falcone: [gagging] Fuck... you...
[shoots Falcone in the head dead]
Vito: Fucking prick...
[walks away]


Following actors voiced the English version of the game:

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