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Family isn't who you're born with, it's who you die for. - Lincoln Clay

Mafia III is an action-adventure video game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. It was released in October 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, and in May 2017 for macOS. It is the first main entry in the Mafia series since 2010's Mafia II. Set within the fictional city of New Bordeaux, based on New Orleans, the single-player story follows Lincoln Clay, a criminal who aims to build a new crime organization while seeking revenge on the Italian mob. The open world design lets players freely roam New Bordeaux's open landscape.

Lincoln Clay[edit]

  • Family isn't who you're born with, it's who you die for.
  • You are who you are, and there's no point arguing with yourself about it.

Father James Ballard[edit]

  • Lincoln once told me that he couldn't turn the other cheek, that "the world doesn't work that way." I spent the better part of 40 years trying to prove him wrong. But I was just lying to myself. Look at how we treat each other. Compassion is a sign of weakness, but greed is a virtue. The poor is considered morally corrupt, while every excess of the powerful is celebrated. We sent kids off to die, for what? So someone can make a few bucks? Lincoln was right. He was always right. There ain't never gonna be another Dr. King or Bobby Kennedy. But there's always gonna be another Sal Marcano. Another Sammy Robinson. Another Lincoln Clay. We are a cruel and wicked people.

Vito Scaletta[edit]

  • It means Joe's really dead. Good friend of mine. More like family. Me and him tried to do something big for this motherfucker named Leo Galante. Big shot with the Commission. Anyway, it all went south and we got fucked. What you get for following orders, right? Was a couple of years there. I didn't know if Joe was alive or... What.


Sal Marcano: You should be damn proud of that boy.
Sammy: I am, Sal. More than you'll ever know.
Sal Marcano: [Takes a drink and coughs] Jesus Christ, that's some down-home hooch right there! All right. Listen, I got a guy outside; you mind if he comes inside and packs up my cut?
Sammy: Not at all.
Sal Marcano: They all the same?
Sammy: Take the one on the end. It's your cut, plus what I owe you. Even put in a little extra for your trouble.
Sal Marcano: Couldn't have pulled it off without you, Sammy. Y'all done right by me tonight. Why don't you get us something off the top shelf? We need to celebrate!
Ellis: You ain't gotta tell me twice!
Danny: Hey, fill me up. Let's do this, boys!
Georgi Marcano: You know, Lincoln, you're possibly the baddest motherfucker I ever laid my eyes on. But you shouldn't have said no.

Senator Richard Blake: [Pointing to a picture on a poster board] Mr. Donovan, do you know this individual?
John Donovan: Sure. That's Sal Marcano.
Senator Blake: [Points to another picture] And how about this man?
John Donovan: That's his worthless piece of shit brother Lou. Look... enough of the dog-and-pony bullshit. What's your real question?
Senator Blake: Did you help Lincoln Clay murder Sal Marcano and all prominent members of his crime family?
John Donovan: [Smirks] You're goddamn right I did.

Charles Laveau: Since last year we have been working with a lawyer out of Washington D.C. against Sinclair Parish. Folks who run it still think Jim Crow is the law of the land. We lost one of our members in doing so, Ezekeil Dandridge. I was on the phone when it happened.
Flashback to Laveau being an earwitness
Ezekiel Dandridge{in phone booth}: I am getting ready to leave now. Yes, I know, OK.
Ezekeil is approached by Sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont
Slim Beaumont: Kinda late out, ain't it? You having car trouble?
Ezekeil Dandridge: No sir, everything is fine.
Slim Beaumont: Well, why don't you come on out and let me get a look at you? Ezekeil exits phone booth Whatcha doing 'round Sinclair this time of night?
Ezekeil Dandridge: Passing through, sir.
Slim Beaumont: Passing through, that's nice. It's a beautiful night for passing through, ain't it? Who's that on the phone?
Ezekeil Dandridge: My grandmother.
Slim Beaumont: Your grandmother?
Ezekeil Dandridge: She is worried sick about me. Just telling her when to expect me.
Slim Beaumont: That's mighty nice, I bet she appreciates that. stares at sky Yessir, it's a beautiful night. looks at Ezekeil Well, don't let me keep a man from his grandma. Especially with her waiting for you and all.
Ezekeil walks toward car; Slim unholsters a pistol and shoots Ezekeil Dandridge in the back of the head. Dandridge falls to ground instantly. Sheriff Beaumont holsters pistol, then opens car door and finds a folder containing pictures of police brutalities and documents
Slim Beaumont{talking to himself}: Shit.
Return to presen; a young woman with an Afro enters Laveau's headquarters
Woman: And another brother falls.
Charles Laveau: Lincoln, this is my daughter Roxy.
Roxy Laveau: Daddy, I already told you I don't need any help.
Charles Laveau: This is way too important. This man is Lincoln Clay; as I told you he helped me retake Delray Hollow.
Roxy Laveau{talking to Lincoln}: Then you listen. We do this my way.
Lincoln Clay: Yes, m'aam.
Roxy departs
Charles Laveau: She is headstrong, just like my ex-wife.
Lincoln Clay: Don't you worry, Laveau. We will recover that folder.
Lincoln follows Roxy out the door; Laveau pours himself a glass of bourbon
Charles Laveau{talking to himself}: Of that I have no doubt.

Sal Marcano: You know, a month or so after my brother Lucio died, I started having nightmares. I had this one where I was on a boat and a giant wave would come knock my ass overboard. I hit that water and sink like a goddamn rock. And there was another one where cottonmouths were bitin' me all to hell. But the one that really got to me? It was Georgi's funeral. He's laid out in that shitty little casket, neck cut same as Lucio's. Yeah, that one really got to me. It would come around every three or four days.
Lincoln Clay: I have one where I'm back in 'Nam. Sleepin' in a foxhole. All of a sudden these dark figures come out of my shadows. I try to fight 'em off, but they hold me down, tie my hands together, stuff a muddy rag in my mouth so I can't scream, can't warn the men sleeping next to me. Then I gotta listen as all those men die.
Sal Marcano: I imagine that's not gonna go away anytime soon.
Lincoln Clay: No. I imagine it won't.
Sal Marcano: And this... all this was to try keep mine from comin' true. Look how that turned out. I've buried a lot of people, Lincoln. More than I can count. But the one I never wanted to see go into that cold ground was my son.
Lincoln Clay: Yet here we are.
Marcano: Yes. Here we are. My son's dead and I'm havin' a drink with his killer. I'm not gonna apologize for what I did, you understand? If I did, I'd just be lyin'. I don't have it in me to feel shame for the things I've done to others. Never have.
Lincoln: Didn't come here for an apology.
Marcano: No, I know you didn't. Goddamn, I was right about you, wasn't I? I knew it the second I fucking saw you at the country club. Men like us, we were wired up wrong. There's only one thing we know. One thing we're good at. I'm gonna be waiting for you, Lincoln Clay. This won't be the last time we see each other.
Lincoln: I know.

Leo Galante: I take it you're Lincoln Clay.
Lincoln Clay: So they tell me.
Galante: [Gestures at the still-incomplete casino] I told Sal this fuckin' casino would be the end of him. I meant it figuratively... but shit has a way of turning on you, doesn't it?
Lincoln: Especially if you piss off the wrong person.
Galante: You know who I am, son?
Lincoln: I'm guessin' you're Leo Galante.
Galante: Let's take a little walk, you and me. Probably no surprise, but the rest of the Commission wants you dead. You and anyone else that had anything else to do with this.
Lincoln: What happened here was between me and Marcano.
Galante: Oh, I understand that, son. We all do. But this business makes you paranoid. Irrational. They see Sal eatin' a pile of shit, they start wondering if someone's gonna serve them a plate of their own.
Lincoln: So you're here to decide if you're comin' after me.
Galante: No, I'm here to deliver a message: You made your point, son. This all ends right here. Right now.
Lincoln: I got no quarrel with y'all.
[Galante pauses, glancing at his armed guards nearby, then offers his arm to Lincoln. Lincoln takes it and they resume walking.]
Galante: Once a month, Sal kicked up 20% of his net. Cash only. Same guy's been delivering it for, I don't know, twenty years or so. I see no need in deviating from that, do you?
Lincoln: No, sir.
Galante: In exchange, you run things as you see fit. Want to sell heroin, have a whorehouse on every other corner? Makes no fucking difference to me. Only thing that matters, is 20%.
Lincoln: What if I decide to walk away? Leave all this behind?
Galante: Then this will be the last time we see each other. Best of luck to you, son.

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