Major League: Back to the Minors

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Major League: Back to the Minors is a 1998 movie, distributed by Warner Bros., directed and written by John Warren, with David S. Ward taking the co-writer duties. It is the third film in the Major League series.

The movie features a mostly new cast, with only Dennis Haysbert, Bob Uecker, Corbin Bernsen, Eric Bruskotter, Takaaki Ishibashi, and Steve Yeager reprising their roles from Major League II.


[Gus Cantrell is gaining consciousness after being knocked out with the ball]

Gus: God?
Pedro: No.
Gus: Moses?
Pedro: No, but you're getting warm.
Gus: Cerrano.
Pedro: [chuckles] Hello, Gus.
Gus: [laughs, then grabs the back of his head in pain] Oh, Jesus Christ.
Pedro: Be careful, now.
Gus: You scared me to death!
Pedro: Do you mean when you realized God is black?
Gus: Yeah... I thought she was white.
Pedro: [laughs]
Gus: I must've been out a long time if it's Halloween already.
Pedro: What's your point?

Hog: Hold it right there! This here is a hundred mile hout fast ball. One of the best pitches known to the man today. If it were to hit you, it would've knocked your head clean off. I can always miss, but I've been playing pretty good today. So you got to ask yourself one question.
Carlos: Do I feel lucky?
Hog: Well. Do you, Carlos?

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