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No weapon is as dangerous as an idea. A weapon will kill you in that moment. A bad idea can kill you for a lifetime. - Marcus Orelias
If opportunity doesn’t call, call opportunity and keep calling until someone answers. - Marcus Orelias

Marcus Orelias (born December 13, 1993) is an American rapper, game designer, writer, entrepreneur and actor.

Social Media Quotes[edit]

  • Anytime you travel through life, [emotional] baggage is apart of the journey. It’s not about not having baggage, it’s about learning to travel lighter and lighter.

  • Tightly clenched fist don’t catch blessings.

  • Hire someone looking to work, they’ll work for the next check. Hire someone who believes in the work and they’ll work for a lifetime.

  • You can burn the bridge with the intent of hurting the merchant but remember in the end only the village suffers.

  • No weapon is as dangerous as an idea. A weapon will kill you in that moment. A bad idea can kill you for a lifetime.

  • If opportunity doesn’t call, call opportunity and keep calling until someone answers.

  • Passion looks like anger to people who aren’t passionate about anything.

  • I have a gift. I am a human alarm clock. I wake people up to themselves. You can hit the snooze and ignore me but eventually, you’ll have to wake up.

  • The universe will never allow you to fail.

  • Accountability is mankind’s greatest obstacle. All our challenges stem from that.

  • The phrase “be realistic” used in any form is a micro-aggression.

  • Silent wars are fought on mental battlefields.

The KBD Zone Podcast (2018)

  • People will say "there's no money in music", that's not true, there's no money in music to people who aren't educated on how to make money.

Song Lyrics[edit]

Rebel of the Underground (2013)[edit]

  • My daddy was a thug; momma was a hippie. Now you got me, product of Bayview-HP

  • How you see me? Tell me how you see me. When mirrors only reflect what you want to see. Believe me.
    • Book II

  • When it all falls down, it’ll fall into place.
    • Book II

  • I’m hearing stop the violence but that can’t be. As long as we don’t look at ourselves, as a society
    • Exercise Control

  • Where are we going? Where are we headed? Because believe me, it isn’t always the police. There’s two sides to every story, three if the truth’s told. In the backseat, headed somewhere unknown. All alone, my innocence will soon be seized. No permanent friends, no permanent enemies just permanent interest. Its time to fight the powers that be; let em know, we can’t have peace until niggas get a piece too. We’re taught our only option’s to be deceased. Look, I’ll be what you need me to be just know. Where I’m headed could be a rocky road. Shit, this old world is crumbling fast, a new one coming slow but fsho, you better exercise control before THEY take control, ya dig? Rebel with a cause and THEY hate it…
    • Exercise Control

  • Rapping bout the hood, in the hills is blasphemy, rapping from the hills to the hood is luxury.
    • Roaring 20s

  • The only thing holding down my soul is my soles
    • Book VII

  • Fear only goes as far as belief.
    • Book VII

  • Knowing’s a blessing, relaying it is the curse.
    • Book VII

  • Marcus Orelias, come with me or get left.
    • We On

  • When I wake up, I gotta cake up and if you owe me a dollar I'm taking no pay cuts.
    • On My Way Up

Beach Chair (2014)[edit]

  • I pressed play then came a long way from the Mac Book / I heard Raginder on “A.D.H.D.” then scribbled him down in my black book / Thinking one day he’d collaborate with a no name, named Marcus O / with one goal, sign Violinder so then he’ll call my imprint home.
    • Beach Chair feat. Marcus Orelias

20s A Difficult Age (2017)[edit]

  • No harm done – don’t feel harmed, you won’t be. Moving towards living stoically, fought these feelings of inadequacy when I started on this path at eighteen. No looks didn’t vex me, looked within’ and everything that happened, suited me. Tailored all life is.
    • Elysium

  • I'm from the city rich desire to live in. Glass on the floor from breaking out of this prison / prism.
    • Blackouts

  • Officially I've been crowned as Hip-Hop's Historian.
    • Blackouts

  • Reservation's mandatory for them to keep out vultures. Portrayed images, makes it hard to get to know us. That's one reason why other cultures don't approve of us, in an ancient world made of star crossed love.
    • Atrium

  • As influences faces growth, some will want my buzz cut. Growing bolder in my vision but I often feel stuck.
    • Portraits

  • My closing statement to the senate and the council is...youth need art this truth is, not hard to swallow. I see many artistic people wallow in sorrow off belief. They aren't good enough to be. Give us a chance let us write our own histories. In a world conforming us instead of conforming for us. Kids ain't dumb just bored of the same old junk. Formulated highlight text, define learning. Is it confined to enclosed spaces eight hours a day? If it is I know why the caged bird sings.
    • Fate

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