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Marmaduke is a 2010 American live-action film adaptation of Brad Anderson's comic strip of the same name. The film centers on a rural Kansas family and their pets—a Great Dane named Marmaduke and a Balinese cat named Carlos—as the family relocates to California. The film was released on June 4, 2010 and was met with largely negative reviews.


  • BEEEE!
  • Hot cheese!
  • Try being a 200 pound teenage dog with a radar dish wrapped around your neck. Oh yeah. That will make me real popular.
  • Ejector seat. Never fails.
  • Lullaby, lullaby. All the humans are sleeping.
  • This grass is so green! And this by far, the nicest bathroom I've ever had. Speaking of which, little privacy, please.
  • Get this seaweed off me! It burns!


  • Hey, let me out of here! I am NOT an animal! [beat] Oh, yeah, I am.
  • Breaking into new cliques is tough, and breaking into birdcages is even tougher.
  • Hola. I recommend the guacamole. It's dynamite.
  • Ladies, please. Meow!
  • I was so shocked, I hacked that thing up!


  • PUMAS! They come out of nowhere.
  • It's raining cats and us!
  • Or, we can just go to the zoo and jump into the puma cage!


  • Payback's going to be a... BEE! BEEE! Ahhhh!!!!
  • What a gargantuan spaz!
  • See you later when there's not enough girls around to save you, mutt.
  • Hello, losers.


Marmaduke: This is my stepbro, Say hey, Carlos.
Carlos: Hey, Carlos.
Marmaduke: He's pretty cool for a cat. Which helps, since he's kinda my only friend...

Marmaduke: I'm Marmaduke, by the way.
Mazie: Yikes. Immediately moving on... Meet the gang. The egghead here is Raisin.
Raisin: "Marmaduke". A unique synthesis of Marma, the scientific name for the jumping spider family...
Giuseppe: Oh, oh! I hate spiders!
Raisin: ...and the Duke of Marlborough, a seventeenth-century English statesman.
Mazie: And the ultra-confident Chinese Crested over here is Giuseppe.
Giuseppe: Before you ask, yes, I'm a real dog. No, I'm not a chew dog. And I just get a little nervous sometimes because we live in California. This is the land of the Puma!
Raisin: There are no pumas in Southern California.
Giuseppe: Pumas! [whispering] They come out of nowhere.

Chupadogra: Listen, this bag of bones you're looking at used to be something special. I was the alpha dog. Left my home to go run the pack. And man, did I run it. Till they turned on me. Now I live out here alone dodging trains and dogcatchers. Rest assured, compadre, there ain't a day goes by when I don't think about waking up in a warm bed and spending the day with the folks who love me. The real me. Go home. Something tells me it ain't too late for the real you.
Marmaduke: Thank you, Buster.
Chupadogra: [he looks at his old bowl that reads Buster] Been a long time since anybody called me that. Thanks.

Marmaduke: [a well-groomed Mazie arrives] You... you look amazing.
Mazie: I feel like a fluffy monstrosity.


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