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Marsupilami is a Disney animated series that was originally a segment series on Disney's Raw Toonage back in 1992. The show first aired on CBS. Marsupilami is a fast-talking marsupial who is like half monkey/half leopard with a long tail. His friend is Maurice the silent purple gorilla in a pink shirt. The format goes by the following:

  • A new Marsupilami short.
  • Ether Sebastian the Crab or Shookums and Meat short.
  • A Marsupilami short from Disney's Raw Toonage.


Working Class Mars[edit]

Norman: Who are you?
Marsupilami: I am Marsupilami. This is my gorilla pal, Maurice. A world fine PhD. That's short for Pretty Huge Dope.

Normzan of the Jungle[edit]

Marsupilami: Maurice, Snap out of it! Say something, Speak to me [Mind struck his head] Oh, He can't talk! Uh, How about a burp?
[Maurice squats Marsupilami down then Marsupilami uses his tail as a crane to push Maurice]
Marsupilami: MOVE IT, MAURICE!

Toucan Always Get What You Want[edit]

Marsupilami: [As they see the egg hatching] Look, Maurice. It's a baby.
Baby Toucan: Mama, mama, mama!
Marsupilami: I am not your mother, I am Marsupilami!

Royal Foil[edit]

Marsupilami: You almost cost me my nighthood, Bucky. Luckily those alarms aren't too touchy.

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