Martin Cecil, 7th Marquess of Exeter

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William Martin Alleyne Cecil (27 April 190912 January 1988) was a spiritual teacher, author and leader of Emissaries of Divine Light from 1954 to 1988. He was also a rancher who played a key role in the development of the Village of 100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada.

Martin Cecil was a descendant of William Cecil, chief advisor of Queen Elizabeth I. He inherited the title 7th Marquess of Exeter upon the passing of his elder brother.


As of a Trumpet
  • YOU ARE DIVINE. This is the truth for you, but it remains meaningless on earth until you know it. “Knowing” is the state of realized experience, and this occurs as your divine nature is given expression in thought, word and deed.
    • As of a Trumpet, 1968, p. 13
  • SUPREME VALUE CENTERS IN LOVE. All true values are differentiations of this supreme value. The means by which love is differentiated into the infinite variety of its divine nature may be called “truth.” Life is the evidence of the truth of love in action.
    • As of a Trumpet, 1968, p. 43
  • THE COMING OF YOUR DIVINE SELF on earth dissolves the unreal state as darkness is caused to vanish before the rising sun.
    • As of a Trumpet, 1968, p. 69
On Eagle's Wings
  • The transmutation is occurring all around us — the transmutation which is primarily taking place in the consciousness of human beings, in the de–structuring of the human consciousness. The structured forms are burned. The substance composing those structured forms is transmuted into spirit — a quality of substance within the scope of this world of space and time which may then take form according to the design inherent in the irresistible force, spiritual form.
    • On Eagle's Wings, 1977, p. 118
  • Nothing ever does happen in the future and nothing ever has happened in the past; the only happening is in the present moment. And yet people everywhere are so wrapped up in the past and future that the present moment tends to be overlooked. Yet this present moment is the only moment of reality; everything else is imagination. Now is the only time we can live. We can't live in the past, although some attempt it, and we can't live in the future. We live now or not at all.
    • On Eagle's Wings, 1977, p. 159
The Third Sacred School
  • Out of the nowhere of the dimensionless state comes the differentiation of the sound of the trumpet in the dimensional state, in the now here of the dimensional state. That sound is generated first in the mouthpiece of the trumpet, and the vibration is taken up by the air contained in the whole trumpet and by the trumpet itself. This portrayal indicates a oneness, first of all between the trumpeter and the trumpet; and then the oneness between the air (the substance in the trumpet), the trumpet itself, and the sound that is being propagated.
    • The Third Sacred School, Volume 2, Chapter 73
  • Never underestimate the power of spiritual expression. It is the power of fusion, bringing and holding all things together in the true design in the creative process.
    • The Third Sacred School, Volume 7, Chapter 80
Thus It Is
  • From age to age, Love's word rings forth, “The truth is true and all is well, Unconquerable life prevails.”
    • Thus It Is, 1989, p. 1
  • The body of the mother is the physical planet. The physical planet therefore symbolizes the mother. The body of the father is the sun. The sun symbolizes the father. Neither the sun nor the earth are the father and the mother, but they are forms representing them.
    • Thus It Is, 1989, p. 6
  • There is the necessity for the spiritual point of focus to be embodied on earth. This is the one thing that has been lacking.
    • Thus It Is, 1989, p. 110
  • I am incarnate—and we all may share this awareness, seeing that there is but one God and one identity—I am incarnate in the earth, in all the animate forms of the earth, and in my human form. My human form was created so that I might be consciously incarnate. Being consciously incarnate, I may be unrestricted in the expression of myself and in the fulfilment of my purposes according to my will.
    • Thus It Is, 1989, p. 151
  • The spirit of truth says, “Remember.” And you will, if you accept the spirit of truth, allow the spirit of truth to be your expression.
    • Thus It Is, 1989, p. 164
Prayer of Being

I am in heaven.
The revelation of myself is holy.
My kingdom comes because I am here.
My will is done in earth because my will is done in heaven.
I give the bread of life in each moment of my living on earth.
I forgive, and that forgiveness is received by those who share the spirit of forgiveness.
I led no one into tribulation, but deliver all evil into the creative cycle.
For mine is the kingdom present on earth because I am present on earth.
Mine is the creative power of the Word.
And mine is the glory which results, shining round about, to be reflected by the world which I create.