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Martin Segon was a Serbian chronicler who lived in the 15th century and described the Macedonian ethnogeographic boundaries.


— "The Macedonians are a people closely related to the Serbs (...these prefer peaceful life, unlike the mountainous Vlachs)... Skopje is on the boundary between Dardania on the north and Macedonia on the south... And there flows the Vardar river... While the bridge of the Strymon river - near Gegligovo (the area between Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka), the valley of Konopnica and Velbuzd (Kyustendil) - separates the Macedonians from the Triballi or the Bulgars. ...The boundary between the Dardanians, Tribali and the Macedonians is actually the southern border of Rascia (Serbia)... The Drin river flows out of the lake near Ohrid, a city of the Macedonians, and it separates them from the Dardanians. ...The Dinaric Mountains range separates Macedonia from Epirus, Thessaly, Volos, Acarnania, Aetolia, Boeotia and Athos, and on the other (eastern) side, the Macedonians and the Besi tribe border with the Triballi, Skordisces and the Thracians at the Pirin Mountain which ends up at the Aegean Sea. ...Struma is boundary between the Thracians and the Macedonians. ...The Greek settlements are located around the Thessalonika Bay, south from Thessalonika - the most famous city of the Macedonians." [1]


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