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Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse is an animated television show co-produced by Nelvana and Hong Guang Animation. It tells the stories of a young horse named Marvin who is part of a carnival. Among the executive producers are Michael Paraskevas and Betty Paraskevas, creators of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, who also created the book that the show is based on. The show first aired on PBS Kids in the United States as part of the PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch from 2000 to 2004. In Canada, it aired on Treehouse and Teletoon, and in the United Kingdom, the series also aired on Tiny Pop. In 2007, reruns of the show began airing on Qubo Channel in the US.

Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse

  • This is the Slime Carnival. They're weird around here.
  • Jack talks big sometimes and it usually gets him into trouble.
  • I bet no other carnival in the whole country has an all-penguin band.
  • Anyone who'd work for Lyman Slime has got to be desperate... or a clown.
  • Now, he may seem a little gruff, but don't let that bother you. He's really just a big pussy cat.

Diamonds the Elephant

  • [Stripes: A-ha!] We want to know what your little secret is! We have a right to know!

Stripes the Tiger

  • Oh, dry up, Elizabeth!
  • Mr. Grizzly! Oh, thank goodness!
  • Great Gorillas! Now what's the matter?!
  • There's only one way get to the bottom of all this. We'll just have to ask them.
  • What are you looking at? It's just my allergies acting up. I must be allergic to dogs...
  • According to our notes, you've been doing a lot of tapping and dancing in some infernal code that I just can't break! What are you doing, taking dance lessons or something?

Elizabeth the Emotional Pig

  • Oh, dear!
  • Oh, this is terrible!
  • Oh, you're so thoughtful.
  • I think I'm going to cry.
  • And I need my hankies for... for when I... cry!

Fast-Talking Jack

  • Yes, siree!
  • I'm the owner here. Jack's the name. Fast-Talking Jack.
  • Mr. P. Nutty, chief executive in charge of nut sales. All nutty, all the time!

Lyman Slime

  • Well, when you play for Lyman Slime, that's all you need to know.
  • You want anything done around here, you gotta do it yourself!


  • Edna: The fresher they are, the better they sting.
  • Mrs. Larue: I bang my cane for many different things.
  • Clyde: When we were little, you always won.
  • Boy with Glasses: My dad's scarier than that.
  • Andrew: Please get up!
  • Katie: Hey, Andrew, I scared the kitty cat.
  • Ice Cream Kid: I don't want any change. Mommy says I can ride the horsey as long as I want.
  • Squinty Pete: Step right up, folks! You haven't been to the carnival till you've whomped a weasel! They're fast, furry, and fun. And it doesn't hurt 'em a bit!
  • Abner: I can do lots of things, but I can't make people listen to me.
  • Pete: There goes one fine pizza pig.
  • Mayor: In light of the world class entertainment these folks provide, I'm happy to declare next Friday Carnival Day!


Stripes: We've got to find out for sure.
Elizabeth: How?
Stripes: We've got to spy on them.

[Benny was being found by Alice]
Alice: Thank you, Marvin and Eddy for finding my puppy Benny.
Eddy: You're welcome.
Marvin: No problem.

Stripes: [mumbling] I'm getting nowhere with that blasted code.
Elizabeth: Diamonds! Stripes!
Diamonds: What did you see, Elizabeth?

Stripes: Oh, don't let them fool you. I bet it's some kind of a code.
Elizabeth: Tapping in code.
Stripes: We just have to crack the code.

[The Penguin's Five are watching "All My Piglets" on TV]
Blair: [to Veronica] Oh, Veronica, won't you make me [off-screen] the happiest pig in the world?
Veronica: [off-screen] Oh, Blair!
[The three penguins begin laughing]

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