Masud Sa'd Salman

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Masud Sa'd Salman (1046—1121) was a Persian poet.


  • I am fallen person in a thousand sorrows
    In each breath my life's looking in end
    with no sin I am prisoner
    with no reason fallen in trouble
    stars have sworn to hurt me
    the sky has come to fight with me
    today in pains I'm higher than the yesterday
    this year my soul's lesser than last year
    I had many selected friends
    what has become no one's remain
    every night the sky's made sad
    with my painful sadness cryings
    I fell in jail, why? I don't know
    I just know: I'm not still nor wicked
    to much desires I had before
    oh alas! where is my lost desires [citation needed]
  • گردوں بہ رنج و درد مارا کشتہ بود اگر
    پیوند و عمر من نہ شدے نظم جان فضائے
    • Translation: Had this sky (fate) got me killed with grief and pain (in my imprisoned state)!
      This patch (of garment) of my life would not have yielded life giving poetry! [citation needed]

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