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Max Shachtman (September 10, 1904 – November 4, 1972) was an American politician.


  • . . . the Negro in Africa had reared mighty empires, and astonishingly advanced achievements are linked with his race in the annals of mankind.
    • Race and Revolution p. 44, 1933
  • . . . The imperialism of the bureaucratic-collectivist states is different from that of the capitalist states. But the economic motive forces behind the one are no less powerful than in the case of the other. Only ignoramuses – people who know nothing about history and nothing about Lenin's theory of imperialism – can conceive of imperialism as a phenomenon unique to capitalist society.
    • Socialist Policy and the War in New International p. 200, 1951


  • . . . Neither Washington nor Moscow but the Third Camp of Independent Socialism!

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