Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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Valor. Duty. Leadership. Sacrifice. Can one man truly make a difference?

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a 2002 first-person shooter video game developed by 2015, Inc. and the third game in the Medal of Honor series. The player takes on the role of Lt. Mike Powell of the United States Army Rangers who works for the Office of Strategic Services. Single-player missions include assaulting German bases in Algiers and Norway, storming Omaha Beach on D-Day, and rescuing comrades behind enemy lines in occupied France.

Written by Zied Rieke and Steven Spielberg (creator).

Col. Stanley Hargrove[edit]

  • [Mission One: Lighting the Torch] Lt. Powell, I'm Col. Hargrove from the Office of Strategic Services, the O.S.S. Our branch specializes in covert operations usually deep behind enemy lines. Espionage, Sabotage, Infiltration, that's the business we're in, Lieutenant. As you know, Germany's famed Afrika Corps has captured key locations along the southern coast of the Mediterranean and is now digging in. Our response in coordination with our British allies is an invasion of North Africa. The attack is codenamed, Operation Torch. This is it, Lieutenant! Our first large scale offensive of the war. While everything you hear in this room is classified and top secret, what I'm about to tell you is extremely sensitive, and only known by a select few. The German's have positioned artillery batteries along the coast, several of which overlooked our intended landing zone. Our British S.A.S. operative has penetrated enemy lines of the town of Arzew on the Algerian Coast. His mission was to sabotage these batteries, then give the all-clear signal to start the invasion. Yesterday however, all contact with that agent was lost. The enemie's artillery positions remain intact and the S.A.S. officer's capture, could compromise the entire operation. You and a small team of your fellow rangers will infiltrate Arzew under the cover of darkness. Your goal is to destroy the coastal batteries and rescue the captured agent. He'll receive specific details of the mission once you're in the field. The S.A.S. operative is Major Jack Grillo, a man I've known for years. He would never allow himself to give up what he knows to the Germans, so please just find him, before he has no choice but to take drastic measures. No doubt about it this is a critical mission, Lieutenant. Your team has trained hard, and I have every confidence you'll get the job done. Good luck!
  • [Mission Two: Scuttling The U-529] Outstanding work in all Afrika, Lieutenant! Operation Torch was a success. With our forces pressing Rommel from the west and Montgomery's British troops closing in from the east, it looks like the Afrika gulls days are numbered. Major Grillo was quite impressed with your actions and he specifically requested you for this next mission. Again, what I'm about to tell you is top secret. As you may know, our primary advantage against the German u-boat threat lies in our ability to detect them with ship an airborne radar. Unfortunately, we've learned that the Crees Marine has developed a new piece of equipment, a kind of radar detector called The Naxos, which will enable Wolfpack to find the blind spots in our patrol sweeps, and once again, attack Allied tomboys with impunity. This would give the enemy a tremendous advantage, shifting the balance of power in the Atlantic back to the Germans. The British are researching a way to neutralise this new technology, but I fear it won't be ready in time to prevent the carnage that could result from this Naxos detector being deployed by our enemy. Major Grillo has infiltrated a Kriegsmarine u-boat base in Trondheim, Norway, where the Naxos program has reached the prototype phase. Your mission is to rendezvous with the Major, assist in destroying the existing prototype unit, and steal whatever research documents you can find. This action should set the enemy back long enough to give the British time to develop an effective countermeasure. The allied convoys that traverse the North Atlantic are the lifeblood of the war effort, Lieutenant. Let me be clear, this Naxos prototype must be destroyed at any cost, no matter what may happen to you or Major Grillo. Your transport, New Region resistance departs at 04:00 tomorrow, so get some rest. You'll receive additional briefing material once you're established in the field. Good luck, Lieutenant. I expect to shortly see you and the Major back here in London.
  • [Mission Three: Operation Overlord] Excellent work in Norway, Lieutenant, under very difficult circumstances. Thanks to your efforts, the creeks main wolfpack's that once terrorized the North Landing have been decimated over the past year by naval and aerial patrols. With Allied shipping lanes secure, the door is now open for the invasion of Europe that we've been planning since the start of this bloody war. It's called Operation Overlord and we're breaching Hitler's Atlantic Wall through the Normandy coast. The German's know we're coming and coming soon, but we've got them thinking that the invasion will be at Calais well north of the actual landing beaches. This will be the largest amphibious invasion in history, Lieutenant, and you're going to be in the group that's leading the charge. Now, we may have numbers on our side, but we don't have the experience. Most of our troops are fresh out of basic training and they need true combat veterans like you to help lead the attack. That's why I've reassigned you to the 2nd Ranger Battalion. The landings will take place across five beaches codenamed Gold, Juno, Sword, Omaha and Utah. The British will land at Sword and Gold. The Canadians at Juno, and the Americans at Omaha and Utah. You'll be going ashore at Charlie Sector of Omaha Beach just west of the Dog one exit. Although the beaches are not as fortified as they are at Calais, the Germans have left no spot undefended. Every inch of beach is covered by machine guns on artillery and the place is surrounded by miles of barbed wire and countless minefields. One more thing, Lieutenant, try to keep in mind that this is the largest and most complicated operation that we've ever attempted and in my experience whenever things get complicated things go wrong. But no matter what happens, I believe that with soldiers like you leading the way, we will prevail with this Allied assault. Good luck at Omaha Beach, Lieutenant, and godspeed.
  • [Mission Four: Behind Enemy Lines] Good to see you're still with us, Lieutenant. The landings at Omaha especially dark green and Charlie sector were very very tough. We lost a lot of good men. While we've established a strong beachhead along the coast finding out what the Germans are planning next is key to the success of our Normandy campaign. The French Resistance has reported a shift of enemy troops south from the Calais region and right into the path of our advancing troops. Two formidable German units are assembling just outside Saint-Lo. We believe they're using a manor house as a command post to organize a counteroffensive. We need you to find that command post, infiltrate it, and obtain any tactical data you can regarding the enemy's battle plans. One of our most trusted agents in the resistance, a young woman named Manon Batiste will be there to lend you a hand. One more thing, Lieutenant. Intelligence reports indicate that the Germans have deployed a new tank into the field, a type bigger than anything we've seen before. This model has been appropriately designated the King Tiger, and we believe the Germans have transferred some of these new tanks to the command post. Your order to gather information on the capabilities and hopefully the weaknesses of this new threat. Good luck, Lieutenant, I know the mission is in capable hands.

Maj. Jack Grillo[edit]

  • [Powell has just rescued Major Grillo] Thanks. They would've killed me for certain. Stick close to me at all times.
  • Let's get going, Lieutenant.
  • Shoot them!
  • The documents and explosives I had were confiscated. We've got to recover them or this mission is lost. They're probably in the Commandant's office.
  • Shooting the spotlights will get their attention. It's best to just avoid them.
  • Stick close, Lieutenant, and I'll show you how to avoid detection.
  • Okay, we've found the documents. Now let's get the explosives.
  • Lieutenant, it sounds like they've got more Allied prisoners.
  • We'll have to blow that gate, set a charge.
  • We need to destroy these Flak 88's. I'll take care of this one, you get the other!
  • Look out!
  • The Afrika Corps Motor Paul is up ahead. Use the rest of the explosives and sabotage as much as you can. In the mean time, I'll get some transportation for us. Good luck, Lieutenant, and I'll see you soon.
  • Look alive, Powell, we're coming up on the outskirts of the airfield!
  • Hang on, we're taking a detour!
  • That sign points to the airfield!
  • Get ready. We're almost there. Remember, don't just take out the planes, we also want to get the fuel dump and any troops on the ground, and don't let any of those planes take off!
  • Look out, here comes the guards!
  • That got their attention.
  • Hurry, Powell! Get in the back of the truck!
  • Blue fox, this is white rock. I'm in the guard house near the gate. I'm now standing in front of the window. You should be able to see me through the scope. I'm going to take out the guards at the gate. When I open fire, give me sniper cover. Then watch the perimeter for any reinforcements.
  • [last words after being shot] Powell, go on without me.


  • [during the rescue mission at Arzew, Algeria]
Captain Richards: Powell, check the door.
[Powell checks the door]
Private Thomas: Squad regroup! What was that? I think I heard something.
Captain Richards: Ambush!

Captain Richards: Powell, man that machine gun!

Private Wilson: I've got you covered. Move!

Private Jury: [after being rescued by Lt. Powell and Major Grillo from two members of the Afrika Corps] You saved my life, sir.

  • [when Powell is disguised as a Nazi soldier]
German Officer: [in German] Sir, I need to see some identification.
[shows his papers]
German Officer: My apologies, sir.

  • [Powell is on a landing craft with a platoon of soldiers arriving at Omaha Beach]
Captain of Landing Craft: Clear the ramp! Thirty seconds!
Captain: All right, men, move fast, spread out and stay clear of open beach. Portside, you're with Powell. Starboard, you're with me. Head for cover and get to the shingle. I'll see you on the beach.

  • [during the Omaha Beach attack]
Captain: Go back down there and grab those bangalores!

Captain: Bring up the bagalores, Lieutenant! Get back here! Good job, Powell, let's get this stuff into position. Okay, guys! Bangers coming your way! Come on! Move it! Move it!
Soldier: Bangalores coming through!
Captain: Bangalores clear the shingle!
Soldier: Fire in the hole!
Captain: Get down!

Captain: Hold up right here, stay in cover. Two MG42's just away from that bunker! You've gotta find a way up the block! Gotta go up there! Take out that artillery! Jefferson! Webber! You're up! Get ready! Head for that trench over there! Covering fire! [they all fire] Go! Go! Go!

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